august botm?

i haven’t done a botm in years so here we go


- be following me 

- reblog this post

- be a band blog? sometimes? i’m tryin to find some new friends

and that’s it!

i’ll pick 5 of ya and then you’ll go into a poll and you can have ur followers/friends/people vote for you and then that’s that!! whoever has the most votes will be my botm for august!

entries end tomorrow (7/28) sometime? the poll will be up shortly afterwards.

if chosen you’ll get:

- a spot in my description!! it’ll say “botm” and lead 2 ur blog! 

- my friendship if you want it! and a follow from me!

- i’ll reblog all ur edits and selfies and things!

{ before you read the rest of this post i’d like to ask you for a moment of silence for this pure and beautiful cinnamon roll okay thanks }


  • must be following me
  • reblog this post
  • this post must get at least 30 notes
  • you can enter until August 31st
  • one winner and two runner ups

W I N N E R 

  • receives a spot in my updates tab for a month
  • 2 gifset of their choice
  • unlimited promos

R U N N E R - U P S

  • receives a spot in my updates tab for two weeks
  • 1 gifset of their choice
  • 2 promos upon request
august botm

just reblog this post and make sure you’re following me and i’ll make a poll in a couple days! you’ll get a spot in my bio, promos whenever, a follow back, my friendship, etc



mbf me
must reblog this post by 12p. tonight.

everyone that reblogs & is following me will be put in a poll until august 1st

you will get ur followers / anyone to vote for u in that poll

whoever gets the most votes wins

there will be a runner up spot

silksocks’s august botm!!!!

hey petals! I just reached 18.1k and whoa I can’t believe there’s so many of u!!!! As a way of saying thanks I wanna do an August botm! I’ll also follow a bunch of ya ✨  so here are the rules:

perks of being chosen ✨ 

  • u will get a follow from me if I’m not following u already
  • you’ll be one of the links on my blog
  • you can ask for a promo whenever and I’ll try to help you reach your goals!!
  • I’ll queue from u (so this should be an idea of what kind of blog I’m looking for)
  • and you’ll have a new friend, me, if ya want!!!

ok I’ll choose on August 1 and announce the blog then!!! keep bein your lovely lil souls!!!

since August is my birth month, I figured I’d do a special BOTM to celebrate!


mbf the birthday girl

reblogs only, likes are for party poopers

ends July 23rd, winners posted August 1st 

must get 23 notes bc that’ll be my age (I’m old)


since this is a super special month, the winner gets extra cool stuff (compared to regular cool stuff)!


  • unlimited promos during August
  • spot in my updates tab all through August
  • spot on my winners page for until August 2015
  • assist me during my special BIRTHDAY BASH (more info to come)


  • one promo per week in August
  • my love and friendship

+ rules

  • mbf me
  • reblog this, likes don’t count
  • open throughout the entire month of dec.
  • optional- check out my dec. botm x
  • one winner, 2-3 runners-up
  • shall we say, 40 notes?

+ what i’m looking for

  • multifandom is fine, but i’ll mainly be looking for my main fandoms
  • clean, organized themes (a tagging system is cool)
  • nice blogger, quality posts
  • bonus points for orig. content

+ prizes

  • winner: unlimited promos throughout month of january, 4-6 custom icon requests, a gif/graphic request, hugs <3
  • runners-up: 4 promo requests throughout month of january, 2 custom icon requests, hugs <3

so i’ve seen other people do this & it’s time to jump on the train


  • mbf this soft bee
  • check out my sideblog
  • reblog this post, likes count as bookmark
  • must reach 50 notes
  • ends around august 31
  • 1 winner, 1-2 runners-up

looking for

  • blogs similar to mine, aesthetic & fandom
  • nice, active people
  • clean & organised blogs with a tagging system

prizes & additional info under the cut

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Hi there!!

As you can see I’m doing a blog of the month contest!!

Here’s how to enter:

  • Mbf me @suprised
  • Must reblog this post!! (You can like to bookmark)
  • Send me an ask *NOT A MESSAGE* with your zodiac sign!!

I will be posting all the messages i get and the message with the most notes (likes/reblogs) will be the blog of the month!! Depending on how many people participate i might have the runner ups as blog of the week!

Winners perks:

  • featured on my blog for 30 full days
  • Queues all month long!
  • Loads of new followers including one from me
  • Daily screenies/promos upon request
  • Permanent spot in the “faves” tab on my blog!


*this is my first ever anything so please don’t let this flop*

(i know its the middle of the month so when i say all month long i mean 30 days)

*please don’t delete the text or selfpromote*

Hey babes. I’m happy to announce my first BOTM! I found so many beautiful blogs and beautiful people and I think it would be a great idea to do this.


  • Must be following me (@adoirable)
  • Reblog this (at least once)
  • Likes count as bookmarking


  • Be featured in my blog one full month
  • A follow from me, If not already
  • Queue, queue, queue
  • Promos whenever you ask
  • You’ll gain tons of followers
  • A new friend, me yay



mbf this firecracker

reblog this post

ends June 30th

winners announced soon after

1 winner, 1 or 2 runner ups

must reach 46 notes because I said so


Winner gets:

  • a post announcing you won
  • a spot in my updates tab
  • a spot in my hall of fame
  • unlimited promos (you must request them though)
  • a follow from me (if not already)

Runner Ups get:

  • a post announcing you have won
  • a promo a week (per request)
  • a follow from me (if not already following)

Good luck!

>> Don’t delete the text or self promote! <<

So, this is my first ever botm I will be doing since i’ve been on Tumblr. I’ve seen a lot of great, and awesome blogs out there so far. So I’ve decide why not and host a botm for the month of August. 


  • Must be following me
  • Reblog this post 
  • Likes only count as bookmarks
  • Don’t self promote or delete the text


  • Featured on my blog for a whole month
  • Promos of your choice 
  • Follow from me (if not following already)
  • Queue for queue
  • You’ll gain more followers
  • Earn a new friend, me ^_^

H I G H E R  C H A N C E S

  • Message me why you want to be my botm 
  • Reblog the post a lot
  • Reblog some of my uploads 
  • Follow some of my Summer faves, and message who you followed


  • Banner was created by me
  • Choosing next Friday 5/8/16
  • If this flops, pretend this never happened :*(

Good luck, Chloe x

surprise surprise im late for my first botm but it’s okay we don’t have to mention it shhh

☆ mbf this gay
☆ maybe check out my sideblog?
☆ reblog this, likes only count as bookmarks
ends july 31!
☆ 1 winner, 2-3 runners-up / maybe some honorable mentions because i can’t control myself

what i’m looking for!!
☆ multifandom/fandom/aesthetic
☆ a nice clean theme, organized blog,
☆ good tagging system, the works
☆ active and friendly bloggers!
☆ great posts :^)

☆ +f from me (amazing prize i know im just a Quality Blogger™)
☆ spot in my updates tab / my links page for a month
☆ winner: unlimited promos upon request for the entire month, a moodboard, a playlist upon request, a fic drabble when u want one, idk anything u want sorry i dont have much to give but i can give all my friendship :^)          
                ☆ runner-up(s): 3 promos throughout the month upon request, a playlist/moodboard upon request + my love n friendship forever!!

☆ good luck friends!!! ☆

okay so these seem fun and I love finding new blogs or rediscovering ones that I haven’t seen in a while so here we go


❀ gotta be following this Nerd™
reblog this post 
❀ tell someone you love them today
✿ Ends July 22


✿ as many promos as you want
❀ as many icons as you want (my icons
✿ a graphic request (my edits)
❀ 2nd and 3rd place winners get an icon pack of 5 and three promos 

have a lovely day  ❤ ❤ ❤

gfx credit // **do not delete the text, source or image credit**

Hello!! Yotaka aka vernons here! Recently I’ve changed my blog style quite a bit and have become more pastel and I finally am really happy with my blog! I’ve also gained quite a few followers in a short amount of time and I’m so so thankful for that, so i decided I should do a BOTM! That term is really lenient though because I’ll probably promote the winner(s) for more than a month tbh!!!

okay!! here we go ^-^


  • must be following me 
  • reblog this post (like are not counted, but can be used as bookmarks) 
  • if you’re reblogging to a sideblog please state your main blog in the tags 
  • this post must reach at least 60 notes or we’ll pretend it never happened
  • there will be one winner, two runner ups, && three honorable mentions

what i’m looking for  

  • a nice, clean organized theme !!!
  • someone who’s ACTIVE && FRIENDLY
  • really nice posts

prizes / perks

  • a follow from me (wow who wouldn’t want that!!1!)
  • a new friend (me again) 
  • WINNER PRIZE: two moodboards based on your blog/request/bias of yours on request!!; a promo whenever you want; a spot in my updates tab forever!!; a CUSTOME THEME made by me!!!
  • RUNNER UPS: one moodboard based on your blog/request/bias of yours on request!!; a promo whenever you want for a month; a spot in my updates tab for a month; a CUSTOME THEME made by me!!!
  • HONORABLE MENTIONS:  one moodboard based on your blog/request/bias of yours on request!!; a promo whenever you want for a month; a spot in my updates tab for a month!!!!

this ends on August 14th at 12AM (US Central Time)

that’s it!!! I can’t wait to see all your beautiful blogs and I hope y’all have a great day ^-^

this is the “whoops it’s September and I never did a BOTM” BOTM

literally too lazy to even put text on that image so here it goes (let’s keep it short and simple

  • mbf me
  • reblog this
  • also reblog this

winner gets:

  • unlimited promos for the rest of the month
  • my love

runner ups get:

  • 2 promos in September
  • my love as well

ends September 7th


mbf me (I’ll check!)
reblog this post (likes don’t count)
must reach 30 notes
ends on july 31 + winners on august 2
one winner + two/three runner-ups
check my july botm @carterrogers + runner-ups ( x x x ) (optional)

what I’m looking for

fandom or multifandom blog
nice and cool blogger (!!!)
rad posts, great theme, cool url, etc.


w i n n e r : 

+ follow from me
spot on my updates tab + unlimited promos during the month
an url graphic upon request
permanent spot in the hall of fame
a place in one of my networks ( x x x x )

r u n n e r - u p s :

+ follow from me
spot on my updates tab + five promos during the month
permanent spot in the hall of fame
a place in one of my networks ( x x x x )