My parents are Christians, so I made this discreet mini-altar to Aphrodite on my dressing table and they don’t even notice it! I got the rose candle and rose quartz today 💕🌹🐚✨ The jar in the right side is going to be an Aphrodite jar, I just need to get some stuff first, but I’ve decorated the lid already!


Hannigram edition ?? 

my first two faves hah, couldn’t decide which one’s better so ;u;

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My tarot decks as three generations of women in a family.

Wild Unknown: Sweet older sister. Smiles softly and winks at you when you meet eyes across a crowded room. Wears subtle winged eyeliner and nude lipstick every day. Crappy at boy advice and drama, but encourages you to be your best self all the time. Just GETS you. Always optimistic. Says nice things about you behind your back. Helped you dye your hair blue once.

Robin Wood: Doting mother. Always has sandwiches and snacks made when your friends come over. Insists you need to pack some food for any car ride over an hour. Has wine nights with her friends. Knew you/your best friend was gay before you/they came out. Leaves “made with mom’s love :)” notes in your lunch. Suggests naps after class everyday and somehow always wakes you up in time for you to feel refreshed instead of groggy. Favorite Harry Potter character is Molly Weasley. You’re her phone background.

Boticelli: Grandma who takes a Greyhound bus to Vegas once a month. Doesn’t buy you presents or cards on Christmas but gives you a blank envelope with money in it. Puts her cigarette out in other people’s drinks. Probably ran moonshine with your grandpa when they were teenagers. Has a Bloody Mary in hand at 9 am everyday. Curses everywhere; even church. Talks shit to your face and probably never hugged you, but pulled a switchblade on the kid who was bullying you in Junior year of high school. Got arrested on your birthday and used her one phone call on you to say happy birthday. Gave you your first taste of alcohol when you were twelve out of her martini glass. Tells you how it is. Snuck a large pizza into a movie theater once.