If Ben & Sophie did a car commercial together

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Imagine Steve and Bruce being best friends and the team is like "Huh???"

“Little early for calisthenics, isn’t it Cap?”  Tony smiled over the rim of his coffee mug.   

Steve looked down at his yoga pants and t-shirt and smiled, stepping away towards the elevator.   

“…JARVIS, where is Capsicle off to? He never misses a chance to have the last sassy word.”  

“Captain Rogers is en route to Doctor Banner’s floor, Sir.”



By the time Tony arrives, Bruce is partway through a yoga routine, Steve following along faithfully.

“Wait, how come Cap gets to be your yoga buddy?  I asked you and you said no.” Tony was trying to sound petulant, but. Science Bros.  

Bruce let out a measured breath and sat back into child’s pose, not bothering to look up.  “Because Steve and I both have a lot of anger to work through, Tony.”

“And also because you almost never stop talking.” Came Steve’s muffled response from his position.

Tony nudged him with a toe to knock him off balance.  

just luv it how ppl write off carlnid as toxic and ooc and shit bc they had a grand total of 2 “fights” but ppl ignore tht rick literally stuck his fingers in michonne’s gunshot wounds to harm her and daryl called carol a stupid bitch & look where they are now…two of the most popular ships in the fandom, one of them (finally) canon!!  wow its almost like relationships can develop and grow into something lovely!! who knew!!

You guys know what?

I’d actually pick Yo over Wook and Yeon Hwa as the main villain of the drama because at least Yo is the I-love-to-hate kind of character but Wook and Yeon Hwa are the bITCHES-I’D-LOVE-TO-SLAP VILLAINS