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name: addie
zodiac sign: pisces  orientation: lesbian 
nationality: american
favorite fruit: peaches !
favorite season: spring
favorite book: the secret place by tana french
favorite flower: roses
favorite scent: my gf’s bath and body works perfume (gay)
favorite color: pink!
favorite animals: cats n dogs and whales
coffee, tea or hot cocoa: coffee!!!!!!
average sleep hours: like 6 hours ?!
cat or dog person: both both bothhh
favorite fictional character: jesse pinkman is the love of my life
number of blankets you sleep with: one
dream trip: spain or france
blog created: 2014 goddamn
number of followers: a lil over 3k

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I have a question for the 3 of u guys. Do u like girlsss? Or boys? Or bothhh? I love your page btw!! ❤️

I like chicas
Mich is into bicycles
Char really like birds

get to know me tag :D

i was tagged by @winterbjorn thank you bb<3 (this took me so long oops)
were you named after anyone? yes! i was named after the villainess in one of my mom’s favorite books lmao
when was the last time you cried? yesterday 😶
do you have kids? lmfao no not yet but someday 
if you were another person, would you be a friend of yourself? ummmm i think yeah bc i think i’m a pretty good friend overall?? i take care of my friends better than i take care of myself lol i am v much a mom friend
do you use sarcasm a lot? yeah lol all the damn time i’m a v sarcastic person
what’s the first thing you notice about people? smile and if they talk with their hands
what is your eye color? hazel! they can look more blue or more green depending on lighting/what i’m wearing
scary movie or happy endings? bothhh i love scary movies so much but happy endings make me feel v warm and fuzzy
favorite smells? the smell in the air right before and right after a thunderstorm. and the ocean.
what’s the furthest you’ve ever been from home? when i went to germany :D
do you have any special talents? i can kinda sing?? and write?? and i’m also really good at finding really terrible horror movies
where were you born? pennsylvania
what are your hobbies? writing, reading, gaming, listening to music, finding new music (does that count as a hobby idk)
do you have any pets? 3 kitties 💕
do you have any siblings? a younger sister :D

what do you want to be when you grow up? i want to be an author and i’ve also recently discovered an interest in neuropsychology 

who is your first best friend? her name is elena and we’ve been friends since 7th grade and i love her more than anything 

how tall are you? 5′6" 

funniest moment throughout school? hmmmm okay well when i was in my senior year of high school (grade 12), we had just gotten a new principal and he was highkey a huge mess and one day he called the seniors into the auditorium for an assembly and it was just about his expectations for us and at one point he picked up a guitar and started singing bob marley??? it was so weird but hilarious.

how many countries have you visited? 3 (germany, austria, and switzerland) 

what was your favorite/worst subject in high school? my favorite subject was always always always english (except in 10th grade bc my teacher was a disaster and a half omg). i never really got the hang of math or science (except psychology but i didn’t take that until college bc i couldn’t fit it in my schedule in high school)
what is your favorite drink? animal? perfume? my favorite drink is probably peach tea. my favorite animal is a cat (i love them soo much). and my favorite perfume is called mad hatter i got it at hot topic and it smells so gooood.
what sports do you play/have you played? i was in color guard for all of high school and idc what anyone says that shit is a sport lol. but that’s it lol i’m not v athletic otherwise
who are some of your favorite YouTubers? yikes i don’t even know. i’m highkey obsessed with JennaMarbles and her bf (and their podcast). i don’t watch much else regularly? i used to love pewdiepie though omg

how many girlfriends/boyfriends have you had? ummm 5 boyfriends and 1 girlfriend
favorite memory from your childhood? hmmm. that’s hard. this isn’t really ~specific~ at all but after my bff and i started to get to know each other more we used to go to the community pool every single day in the summer. and we also used to go hang out and act like fuckin fools in my other bff at the time’s basement. it was so fun i miss that shit
how would you describe your fashion sense? skinny jeans, flannels, combat boots, high top converse, band/music related shirts, mismatched socks lol 
iOS vs android? iOS all the damn way lol

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((Re-Opening this trashcan while I re-read ES21 and drown in all my feelings about it also because I just really miss playing Hiruma))

Meet the blogger

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Name: Rosalie
Eye color: Blue
Hair color: Ginger
Height: 5′7 - 170 cm
Clothing style: it differs A LOT, just what fits my mood ;)


Your fears: losing people who mean the most to me, getting heartbroken, HUGE insects etc
Your guilty pleasure: spending hours and hours on the internet ^-^’
Ambitions for the future: To achieve something of which I can be proud


Your first thoughts waking up: I don’t waaaanna get uupppp
What you think about before bed: “I should actually go to sleep, but I can also read phanfiction till 2AM… Yup I’m gonna do that.” Oops


Single or group dates: Dunno
Beauty or brains: Brains
Dogs or cats: BOTHHH


Lie: Yes! Lets be honest everybody does.
Believe in yourself: Yes ^-^
Believe in love: Of course!
Want someone: Duh


Been on stage: Yes!
Done drugs: Never ever ever.
Changed who you were to fit in: Not really actually


Favorite colors: Burgundy and dark brown
Favorite animal: Tiger
Favorite movie: THIS IS HARD DON’T ASK ME THIS I think “Lord of the Rings”? Or “The Hungergames”! Idk.
Favorite game: Should I be ashamed if I said FNAF 2? I love jumpscares


Day your next birthday will be: March 22nd
How old will you be: 17
Does age matter: Not really

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