So this darkest timeline AU thing. I guess a tally should be kept of all the things that are different cause there’s already buttloads of it in only two drabbles.

Shedu Maad has fallen, the Jedi Order is in utter shambles.

Rhia and Ilian are together but childless.

Tari and Callan survived the Order’s destruction.

Cortana and Nereus got married on Mandalore.

Seras has mastered her necromancy under Tristan’s guidance.

Hadrian is still a part of the Renegades?

In the quest, to revive Tristan’s lover on Naboo, the warehouse they were in was destroyed in a bombardment by the Feds.

Xion, Seras, Nereus, and Anaria are all killed in the blast.

Cortana falls to the dark side and apprentices under Tristan. She eventually falls for him.

Avery Marin is assassinated by the pair in his refresher, and so is the rest of the high council of Dolomar, except for one.

Am I missing anything? Does the Rumi-Fletcher stuff go in there too? Is it bad that I want to see more of this darkest timeline?

This is a bit like night blogging, because I haven’t slept in 24 hours.

Insert something random here, I guess.

My autocorrect is keeping me coherent.

on rps, new players, and tuna
  • Rocket:I'm pretty okay with this situation. I don't feel like we need more people.
  • Rocket:But then, I'm totally picky now.
  • Indy:I want people already there to get more active.
  • Rocket:Agreed.
  • Jazz:Yeah. Slackers.
  • Indy:But that's hypocritical since I'm not active there right now either.
  • Indy:But if more people get more engaged we look more attractive to new members and we can actually maybe probably have some less incestuous RPing going on.
  • Jazz:Hey, hey, Xion never laid a finger on Corky the whole time they were bunking together.
  • Jazz:Okay, he tried to hug her a couple times, but she always pushed him away.
  • Indy:I meant in the sense that we're all RPing within our group and never welcoming in fresh blood.
  • Indy:So soon we'll have these bucktoothed threads that are terrible because we're mixing all the same genes together.
  • Indy:But that's a bad simile, really.
  • Indy:Maybe like vegetables. We're all like, tuna. We're great alone, but you can get bored if you eat too much of us.
  • Indy:Add in onion and it's just so delicious and fresh and you feel enthusiastic about tuna again.
  • Jazz:Think it'll be awhile til I'm sick of eating you, Inds.
  • Jazz:Er...
  • Rocket:This is the best analogy.
  • Indy:When Jazz went to TUR he stopped being tuna and became onion.
  • Indy:And the tuna sought him out.
  • Indy:So really refreshment isn't limited to new people.
  • Indy:I just really fucking love tuna and onion, guys.
  • Jazz:See? I did everyone a favor by being a shifty, restless, disloyal prick.
  • AND LATER...
  • Indy:I think that tuna/onion analogy is the best I've thought of in a while.
  • Jazz:I'm probably gonna have a nightmare about giant fish chasing me around the internet tonight.
  • Jazz:While papery layers peel off of me or something
  • Rocket:Good. Maybe you won't run and trigger our predatory tuna instincts.
  • Jazz is a helpless little oniony rabbitfish.
  • Rocket:I'm gonna wanna draw this.
  • Indy:I meant more like canned tuna, not actual live tuna.
  • Indy:And chopped onions.
  • Indy:Diced.
  • Jazz:I think I'd be more terrified of being chased by cans.
  • Jazz:And I definitely don't want to be diced.

damnitjohn asked dinosaursplayingtimecrisis: Mourn Me: I’ll write a drabble about my character mourning your character’s death. Rhia mourning John.

“No dar'manda is getting into the storage block, not without the aliit'alor’s permission and definitely not without a guard.”

Rhia huffed. “I have the aliit'alor’s permissio—”

“The real aliit'alor.”

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 asked you: Celebration — Our characters celebrate together. Or have a party. Algy & Doc.

Unease set in before he was even marched through the door of the Ice Tap. The pilot’s lounge wasn’t exactly on the physician’s list of favorite social hotspots, much preferring a quiet glass of wine in the barracks with one or two squadron companions than overpriced drinks with random Confederates. That he had been coerced here by a superior officer did very little to brighten his outlook. Algernon really hadn’t given him any say in the matter, all but pulling rank in the end after one too many polite declines. In explanation he’d offered nothing beyond a vague “Tell you when we get there.”

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  • sfumatoSorceress:the call still makes me cry though.
  • sfumatoSorceress:for me it's such a mando song.
  • Captain:The Call doesn't sound sad?
  • Captain:It sounds more hopeful to me.
  • sfumatoSorceress:i think of it in context of our mandos.
  • sfumatoSorceress:them going off to battle n' stuff.
  • Captain:Ooh you mean them dying and the whole marching away thing oh god now I'm crying what have you done
  • sfumatoSorceress:yes!
  • sfumatoSorceress:not gone, merely marching far away.
  • sfumatoSorceress:fuck that saying
  • sfumatoSorceress:seriously.
  • Captain:It took a span of five seconds of me going "Oh this isn't to bad" to "OH GOD NO WHAT HAVE YOU DONE"
  • sfumatoSorceress:Right!?
  • sfumatoSorceress:right in the feels.
  • Captain:I keened like a wounded animal and I'm hoping none of my roomies heard.
  • sfumatoSorceress:hhnnghg
  • sfumatoSorceress:and she says 'i'll come back when you call me'
  • sfumatoSorceress:and some people
  • sfumatoSorceress:they don't fuckin' come back.
  • sfumatoSorceress:when they come back from the war, it's only bittersweet in the compound
  • sfumatoSorceress:because some people DIDN'T COME BACK like they SAID THEY WOULD
  • Captain:This is so depressinng.

damnitjohn asked:

7, 11, 19, 26, & 34. :D

7. My favorite book — This one is hard cause I love to read and I used to do a lot of it but it’s actually been a really, really long time since I’ve read most of what I would consider my “favorites.”  Sword of Shannara is up there mostly for nostalgic reasons and the fact that that book’s the whole reason I write.  I, Jedi is also really awesome and quite frankly any and all of the X-wing novels.

11. Someone I miss — I miss Manda like crazy right now. Heck, I’m missing all my Sithspawn pals. The fact that none of us have really properly talked in a while bugs the heck out of me. I gotta stop being lazy and absent. :(

19. All the pets I’ve ever had — A bunch of fish over the years.  A budgie named Pistachio. A fox terrier/shih tzu mix named Jasmine.  And cats by the names of Symphony, Ashton, and Pocky.  All are dead and gone and that’s actually really sad. XD  My parents have a cat named Seadog, but she’s kind of evil and my in-laws have a chocolate lab named Koda who is great.  We also went through a pair of fish recently, one named Ponyo and the other Toki, but they got flushed.

26. An internal conflict I have with myself — WHAT IS THERE THAT I DON’T HAVE? Haha.  I fight my inherent laziness all the time. Knowing I should do something but putting it off, even when I know life would be so much easier if I just got it done. Wanting to do something and still not doing it, like writing. Or knowing something won’t kill me but feeling like it will anyways, like making a phone call. I’m my own worst enemy, period.

34. My biggest pet peeves — People trying to tell me what to do, especially when I was already planning on it. Or telling me I’m not doing enough whilst ignoring what I AM doing.  Overabounding political correctness bugs the heck out of me. Hypocrisy.  Needless conflict.  People who are rude for the sake of being rude.

P.S. Ilu Captain, and I miss your faaaaace.


It was the curse of being infantry in the black. When your weapons were the gun in your own two hands and your body, there wasn’t much you could do when fleets collided in the void. You could wait, keep your head down, listen to energy blasts fizzle across the shield and hull, listen to the alarms blaring, and pray, really pray, that your ship wasn’t the one that broke first.

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There are characters, and then there are characters.

You know the type, the ones that you spend time obsessing over and perfecting over, hours upon hours of putting them in situations.

The kind that make you stay up until 5 AM with another person, watching them react and live and breathe and make you hurt inside.

The kind that you have invested so much of your soul into that you can’t help but feel as they feel.

The kind that are so close to your heart and mind that they aren’t distinct entities so much as pure expressions of yourself that think and act differently.

The kind that become friends and companions in a way that you never expected, or that stick around long after you thought they’d be gone.

The kind that get surprising evolutions and leaps in personality from situations you never expected to happen.

The kind that form relationships with other characters that are so strong it almost scares you.

The kind that makes you sad when they make mistakes, not because they did, but because you know that they had to.

The kind that tears out your heartstrings and stomps on your soul and makes you feel a sadness you thought you never could, but at the same time, it makes you feel so alive.

The kind that you know are heading directly towards a tragic and unhappy ending, but that you can’t possibly change because you know this is the way it has to be.

It’s those characters that end up taking the most out of you, but after you write with them, you feel more complete than you ever have before.

Apparently I'm feeling particularly asexual tonight.

I was doing fine, making jokes in our usual “Sithspawn After Dark” manner.

And then Rocket started talking about french kissing.

And I just totally lost it.  Because ew.

And now the idea of John “Steel Magnolia” Ischoron having sexy funtimes with Chaya (neither of which character is mine) is freaking me out.

Normally I just roll with it when these conversations come up but apparently tonight is all about the ‘auuuuuuuuuuuugh no whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. whyy would you dooo thatttttt.’

It may or may not be a good idea to go to bed right now.

                              Sometimes it takes being put into cages
                                        to realize one has Ƈ L A Ɯ S αη∂ Ƭ Ɛ Ɛ Ƭ H.

Private & Exclusive Guy of Gisborne, loosely based
on the BBC’s Robin Hood and drawing from various
literary sources. Written by Amy. Est. February 2014.

damnitjohn replied to your post: damnitjohn replied to your post: tofferton replied…

Anniversary isn’t the best to base your H:CE impressions on though. You sort of have to transport yourself back to 2001 and play it then. No airlocks, it’s personal preference. However, your opinion on Dredd might lead to that. :|

But I’m sure that if Dredd is as great as you say it is, we shan’t have a problem.

Whenever I get around to seeing it. D: