bother wheatley

“Look at us, eh? Like old times. Completing test chambers together… and uh… doing other things together. Yes, sir, the old band back together. Back on the road, playing the hits. Talking to the groupies and uhh… you know… uh, well, just talking to them.”

Lego Dimensions Portal 2 omg yessss babies~~ I just had to draw them again.

Okay man can we stop acting like the fact that Wheatley realized he was wrong and sincerely repented of his wrongdoing means nothing?

I mean, no, that doesn’t make everything he did A-OK, nor does it make him innocent, nor does it mean Chell should instantly forgive him or anything like that.

But it DOES mean that he has the ability to turn around and redeem himself.

You do not have to like Wheatley, but for the love of Science stop demonizing his character.


[GLaDOS!!! The prototype gun worked! IT WORKED!! :D]

Calm down, Mun. Remember, that Dimensional Portal Handheld gun is a work in progress. Now to see were it goes to- Oh god no.

Hello! :D Look Mun, another Wheatley! This must be another dimension!

[Oh, pardon us… Wheatley, is it? I’m Mun, this is Boxy and you should know her. >->]


Why are you two looking at me like that? D; I’ve improved, I really have!

[ >-> Sure. Let’s go with that.]

Sorry for bothering you, Paradox Wheatley, hope you don’t mind the unexpected company! :D

Oh I don’t mind the company at all!

Just workin’ on an invention over here!

Welcome to Space~!

This is Space Core, and who is that being holding onto you called?