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Idk what to do I'm lonely, my sister and brother moved out, I'm so lonely I used to think I liked being alone but I hate it I wish I was the person they want me to be, instead all I am is a bother of a sister I mean I'm the reason my dad left maybe I should leave to, I can't kill my self I can't. I'm to weak, I just wish I wasn't here to bother anyone, but the one person I knew would miss me-my grandma-is dead and that's the sad truth I could leave and no one will stop me now Sorry for this mess

I’m so sorry you’re feeling this way, you deserve so much better.

It’s really hard when a sibling moves out. I had an international student who lived with me for 4 years and I now consider my sister that moved out in July. Even though I was an only child for the first 12 years of my life I never knew how hard being alone is.

But your brother and sister still love you, even if they don’t live with you anymore. And you are absolutely not the reason your dad left. No matter what. Your dad is the reason your dad left and you cannot think anything otherwise.

I’m so glad you’re alive, you’re a beautiful and important person. So many people would be devastated if you died, myself included.

I’m always here for you okay? Please be safe, be strong, and be kind to your beautiful self xx

{fic} Sing Down the Skies ch 1/?

Part 1 of the ‘Elain comes to the Spring Court post-acomaf’ + fake dating, sort of + extreme angst elucien fic! 1.5k. rated T for being really sad. ao3

“I’m going to pretend to fall in love with you.”

All the air goes out of the room. Lucien is so uncomprehending he’s sure he must have misheard her. “What?”


The negotiations have ended such that only one of Feyre’s sisters will be released to the Spring Court. Lucien is not sure of the particulars as to why. All of the conflict, all of the plotting, all of Tamlin’s rage and Feyre’s simpering smiles and Rhysand’s dramatic demands have faded into a dull buzzing he no longer bothers to parse.

The sister they send will be Elain, Tamlin tells them. He sounds proud, like this is some kind of gift that he’s giving them both, though it is presumably what Rhysand and Feyre decided upon beforehand and then manipulated Tamlin into thinking he accomplished.

Feyre’s fake concern is almost insufferable. She bites her lip, puts a hand on her heart, leans into Tamlin for support as her eyelashes flutter in an imitation of feeble strength. “Oh, of course I wish you could have got them both, but it will be such a relief to have Elain away from them. Nesta’s always been so strong, I’m sure—“ here she falters, so that Tamlin can wrap an arm around her waist and murmur concernedly, and she can give him a weak smile of gratitude, “—I’m sure she can bear it for a little longer.”

It’s almost insulting, the levels of Tamlin’s stupidity her charade is revealing. There is no negotiation in the world that would have stopped Feyre—the real Feyre—from demanding both of them back, from crossing Prythian and personally dismantling the Night Court brick by brick to get them back, if she thought they were really in even the slightest amount of danger. And Tamlin, who just smiles dotingly and kisses her on the forehead, should know that. Tamlin should know that better than anyone.

“You should be excited, Lucien,” It takes Lucien a moment to even register that Tamlin’s speaking to him, voice laced with a tense expectation: Feyre is performing her gratitude, why aren’t you?

“I am excited,” Lucien says smoothly, giving Tamlin the barest of acceptable smiles. “Of course I am. I’m sorry, please excuse me.”

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in another universe

there are five different universes and one gets it right. [slightly inspired by igyts and this quote]

In another universe, Dipper chooses Wendy over Waddles. He doesn’t say anything when Mabel bangs her head against the pole repeatedly. He just takes her hand and drags her back inside the Shack.

She’s quiet for days. Mabel doesn’t speak or do anything productive; she just lies on her bed, every ticking second passing by without a single word. She doesn’t go outside or design sweaters or work on her scrapbook. She’s quiet and numb and she feels like she just lost her soulmate.

Dipper doesn’t notice any of this. He’s too busy with Wendy, too busy caring about a girl who will never see him anything more than a friend, and too busy trying to be cool and something he’s not. He sleeps with a content smile every night and doesn’t bother to ask his sister how her day went. He’s too high up in the clouds to notice how low on the ground he’s left his sister.

Days pass and not a single word breaks their silence and Dipper is too happy and Mabel is too sad. As much as it pains her, she tells herself to suck it up because her brother deserves to be happy. She’s always wanted him to be happy, right? But why did it have to come with such a huge price?

It hits her one night. A plan formulates itself in her mind and part of her feels guilty for doing it. Maybe Dipper will be happier if she does it. Maybe he’ll realize that him and Wendy aren’t really going anywhere. Waddles can make him happy, right? She wants to be happy. She deserves to be happy, too, doesn’t she?

With newfound determination, Mabel grabs the time measuring tape and goes back to the day he didn’t pick Waddles.

She changes his past, like how he changed her future.

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saying “ichigo should get with his own species.”

is like saying Isshin x Masaki was a mistake, and thus ichigo and his sisters are a huge mistake.

not to mention this “argument” is pretty shallow.

I just need to get this all of my chest, it’s not a positive post so please ignore me if you want:

When we got all the news about this reunion I was thrilled, I was excited, and I thought I would be jumping up and down after watching it, even planing a party to celebrate their love for each other. But that was not the case. Though, if you think this episode showed me that this ship is over and that their are just really good friends, or bother ans sister or whatever, you couldn’t be more wrong. It proved to me how deep is their feelings, and how important they are to each other. So I couldn’t really understand why I was feeling gutted and with this urge to bawl my eyes out after the episode, until I saw all these gifsets paralleling their reunion hugs from S5 and now.

As much as their second hug on New Best Friends made me sense a real desire between them, like they coudn’t live without each other, that they were just trying to breath each other in, and this makes me see them as a real romantic couple more than ever and more clearly than anything else in this show, their hug on No Sanctuary is still my favorite one, because to see the sadness in their eyes during that whole encounter made me completly miserable, you could see that they were both heart broken even though they were glad to finally see each other again. I was not able to let myself feel happy seeing that they weren’t happy. The main reason why I ship them it’s because they have a healthy relationship, they are good for each other, they can make each other feel/say/do things nobody else in that show can. And I’m tired of seeing them miserable like that, I’m tired that even a thing that it was suposed to be a good think for them (like, for example, Carol getting a romantic interest, Tobin) did not make them happy at all. And God, they deserve so much to be happy. I’m just emotional exhausted to watch them getting emotionally beaten up over and over again.

So, as much as that second hug made me happy as a shipper, made it very clear to me that they are in love and are endgame, it made me completly miserable as a fan of both characters (and a human being with emotions and compassion tbh). It’s sickening to see what both of them have been trought, it’s exhausting and emotionally draining. I just wish Gimple and whoever else is responsable for this could see that emotional abuse it’s not something to be proud of, that make someone emotional invested on a show and/or it’s characthers and then abuse them emotionally over and over it’s not doing a good job as a writer. And that’s not something that affects shippers, but anyone who loves and admire these characthers.

Anyway, Caryl on, guys! Let’s hope they get to be happy once again.

i’m actually so happy right now and it has everything to do with the fact that i am awake. that i’m not laying in my bed sleepy and bored. i’m reading sanvers fic, cross legged on my desk chair, listening to dua lipa and just… chill. it’s warm and i’m happy.

For me they are the most introverted out of the six so i think they could totally get along out of “you dont annoy me as much as your siblings” cause they know how to mind their own business. Dont really see it as romantic, but if they were i dont think it would last long, in my opinion they are not as complementary as Bubbles/Brick.  But i love the idea of them interacting, understanding each other when they are done with their bothers/sisters and talking about cars, of course.

remember when the x:wp writers forgot entirely that they’d given xena a second brother named toris (s1e23), never mentioning or showing or including him again in any lines or episodes, even the ones where she visited her mother again? his last part left off with him going to spend a little time with their mother, and then presumably keep traveling/go home. he just kept traveling until he fell off the face of the world, I guess, lol

So I met STEPH THE BAE LABBE today at a restaurant and I was so awkward OH MY GOD.

My sister had to introduce me to her lol cause I am TOO AWKS. Also I didn’t say a lot cause I was literally SHAKING from the nerves.

my sister: hi sorry to bother you but my sister is a huge fan
Stephs friend: oh my god *starts dying of laughter cause steph got recognized*
Steph: Oh hii
Me: uh hiii!
*some awkwardness probably IDK? Maybe I blacked out idk, STEPH was 1 foot away from me.*

Steph: So do you play soccer?
Me: Yeah I played for a few years
Steph: Oh that’s awesome!
Me: but I started watching women’s soccer a few years ago And I tried to go to a canwnt game for the wwc but could only go to a US game
Steph: oh booo *thumbs down*
Me: yeah I know right
Her: Sorry what was your name
Me: Oh it’s Kelly
Her: Haha well I’m Stephanie

Lol that dork introduced herself like I DIDNT KNOW WHO SHE WAS. ANYWAY. IM DYINg. And then I had to leave cause my parents lol but I am. In shock.


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So exactly how handsome is Alex?

Handsome enough to startle the sense out of somebody. Story beneath the cut.

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The scene where Bacchus takes Cana’s top as a “trophy” while she’s unconscious makes me so uncomfortable. I could never ship them after he did that to her, and I get really disturbed when I see people that do…


fruit girls -part II