First Shots of Upcoming Lego Millennium Falcon Set 

It what looks to be an early reveal of the next Millennium Falcon set (#75105) a new character named Tasu Leech may have also been revealed from upcoming Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The images come via From Bricks to Bothans (which have since been taken down) who claim that they were emailed in. We see the BB-8 droid, Rey, Finn, an older Chewbacca & Han Solo, Tasu Leech & “Kanjiklub Gang Member”. This could be an elaborate hoax but we feel pretty safe in saying it is real. This set is due out in September of 2015.

So I was the GM for this Star Wars themed RPG, the party had just captured a bounty hunter and were turning him in for a bounty. Earlier, when I was giving some info on his background, I touched on the fact that he had a mechanical leg.

(the party successfully stuns him unconscious)

Wookie: does the speeder have a trunk?

GM(me): sure

Wookie medic: Ok, so we strip him of his armor, take his weapons, tie him up, and stuff him in the trunk

Bothan hacker: Wait! Didn’t you say he had a mechanical leg?

GM: Uh, yeah?

Bothan hacker: Ok, I detach his leg and THEN stuff him in the trunk. Also, how well is the craftmanship

GM: From your rudimentary appraisal? Pretty well, you’d say

Bothan hacker: Sweet! I can pawn this!!!


Nintendo Meets Lucasfilm in “Super Smash Wars: Return of the Hero”

Many Bothans died to bring you this animation.