Many Bothans Will Not Be Dying in Rogue One
The only Mon Mothma line anyone remembers in the original Star Wars trilogy is “Many Bothans died to bring us this information.” With Rogue One: A Star Wars Story being about the Rebellion stealing Death Star plans, everyone keeps making Bothan jokes. Please stop it. Because many Bothans did not die to bring us this specific information.
By Katharine Trendacosta

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I commented about bothans on the star wars trailer and four people corrected me instantly. I love life

Soon you see that baiting is power and you do it to see the mechanism going and revealing at least one truth in the universe

The last 20 minutes of Rogue One are the mad dash on the beach.

It starts with a landing of the team on the beach.

Here’s the team, getting ready, looking at Jyn, waiting for her to give them her speech…

She says her “May the Force be with us” line…

…and off they go!

Run, forest, run!

They even get inside the jungle…

Where it looks like they’re ambused…

…but Chirrut is “Bitch, you thought.”

However, this landing is not successful.

At the beach exactly, Chirrut is “Oh, shit…”


As the Rebels are fighting the Empire, they are ambushed again and this time it looks like it’s successful.

More Stormtrooopers are coming and they surround them. It even looks like they are on execution mode: many Rebels die at this point.

And their equipment is destroyed as well. No ammo, no ships…

Many Bothans Rebels we see before the landing die… the only members who manage to escape for some time are the team we know (plus some more Red Jackets).

Chirrut is like “Well, that sucked.”

Bodhi seems to be on their side at this point. Maybe, seeing their sacrificial landing, he got inspiration to stand up to the Empire as well.

Well, everyone looks down. They failed their landing and desperation is upon them. They failed and the terrifying Death Star is free to terrorise the galaxy into obedience to the Empire.

But Jyn ain’t having it.

“We failed the landing? Who cares, I’m not giving up! We gotta beam these plans!”

Cassian reluctantly agrees.

So, that’s what they do. A suicide dash towards the enemy lines to reach the place they want to reach.

On their way, surprise! 

The Empire expected them to come and brought some AT-ATs to welcome them!

It’s Baze’s time to say, “Bitch, you thought.”

It’s their last opportunity, we run and whoever falls, falls. If ONE reaches the destination, we win!

But, the question is, where are they going and why the suicide run?

Jyn has the Death Star plans:

…which she got by infiltrating it.

We know that Leia got the plans through beaming. Meaning, they need a damn good antenna to beam them to her ship. 

And that’s exactly where the Rebels are headed.

This antenna will provide Jyn with enough scope for the beam of the plans to reach Leia’s ship.

But, this is the most important part:

Jyn is alone.

No Cassian, no Chirrut, no Baze, no one. Only her.

Have they died in their run at this point? Did they sacrifice their lives one by one, so that she could reach this place? 

And even after the failed landing that took away most of the team…

Even after the mad dash towards the AT-ATs that most probably killed even more, even the named members we knew…

Even after Jyn is hurt, limbing towards the antenna…

The Empire is still stronger and send a TIE Fighter to prevent her from beaming the plans.

How on Earth Jyn faces off this? The pilot can and will shoot her. She’s on the open, alone.

We know that she does beam the plans. The question is “How?” and “Does she survive after that?”

Who knows. But that scene is where it’s all about Rogue One. 

One person made of flesh and blood against a spaceship with laser guns.

The Rebellion against the Empire. 

Everybody else is all excited about the Rogue One trailer dropping amd I’m over here salty af I haven’t seen a single bothan yet. I’m not usually a massive stickler for continuity, but dammit many Bothan spies died bringing the rebellion those plans!!
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This is the Clone Trooper / Stormtrooper debate all over again isn’t it.

So here we go again. 

  1. There are TWO Death Stars in the classic trilogy.
  2. Rogue One is about the FIRST Death Star. - Takes place before A New Hope.
  3. The Bothans died to bring the information on the SECOND Death Star. - Takes place before Return of the Jedi. 

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I really have to resist being the guy that says "actually the bothans were killed recovering the 2nd death star plans". I fucking know I'm being baited but I can't resist it goddamn it.

Look at how many people also said this on twitter to me