The beautiful/painful links between Rogue One and the Star Wars Saga

There´s a thing I´ve only noticed recently:that most famous line from Mon Mothma “Many Bothans died to bring us this information” she says it with so much pain in her voice. Then she takes a step back, tries to get herself together because she knows she needs to be strong right now.

And I just realized why. The story of A new hope happens only about a week max. after the events of ROGUE One. Only a few days ago she met Bodhi Rook, that brave soul who defied the empire, only a few days ago she met Chirrut Imwe and Baze Malbus who survived a long time alone against all odds, she has only recently seen K2-SO who would always been seen bantering around with R2-D2 and maybe she sometimes still hears Cassian Andors voice in the rebel base. She remembers Jyn Erso, that girl who talked about hope in the most hopeless of times. She thinks about the fact that the same day that she has met or , in Cassians and K2-SOs case seen, the lot was also the same day she has last seen them. The very same day that she lost them and a whole planet full of friends (Alderaan).

Does she blame herself? Does she blame the whole rebellion that no one was willing to help them on that suicide mission? Can she sleep at night? Does she ask herself what might have been if more rebels had helped on that mission?

yes. she does.

Could she have changed anything?

No. Only more rebels would have died that day, and she knows that. But she still blames herself.

And then. Then she meets Han Solo and Chewbacca, who remind her of K2-SO and Cassian, and she meets Luke Skywalker, who is here by accident like Jyn was. And she promises herself that she will help them. Whatever the price is, she is willing to pay; maybe also because she has known Padme and knows who Leia is and you can´t tell me that Mon Mothma didn´t visit the Organa family. And she owes them. she owes the whole Rogue One team for giving the galaxy another chance. She promises herself that she will not let them die, not repeating the mistake she made with not helping Jyn and Cassian and K2 and Chirrut and Baze and Bodhi. Because although next to no one remembers them, she always will. Aaand here I am again, thanks to one of my fellow Star Wars fans I have noticed that the “ Many bothans…“ line is from Episode VI and I feel ashamed af right now. Sorry for the wrong intel, but I really don’t want to erase this post, so you’ll have to bear with me. (I still think Mon Mothma was said after the death of the Rogue One crew).

luke: darth vader this is luke skywalker calling. im calling to let you know- Message Erased

luke: fuck.

luke: darth vader this is luke skywalker. im calling to let you know how disappointed i am in your story……how horrible you-

yoda: YOU LIED

luke: STOP 



luke, now crying: dar th vader thsi is l uke skwyalker calign……,,,im calling to let you know there were many thin gs i read in here that were FALSE. like yo u said i wo re six inch custom mad e bothan fur padded heels to bespin…,,, with my “pantone 448 colored poncho” when i wore a poly cotton twill fabric fall 2017 jacket se t….



“Many Bothans died bringing us this letter.”

“They were killed by the evil Empire?”

“No, they just got to the bit about R2-D1 and died laughing.”

Borsk Fey'lya was a male Bothan whose career spanned much of the history of the New Republic. A political activist from an early age, Fey'lya’s prodigious skill at manipulation and strategy enabled him to emerge as a leading figure in the Alliance to Restore the Republic and retain a base of political power throughout the various crises of the fledgling New Republic. Fey'lya’s ultimate ascension to power was secured in 23 ABY, and he led the government as its Chief of State during the Yuuzhan Vong’s invasion of the galaxy. In the waning days of the New Republic, as the aliens conquered Coruscant around him, Fey'lya committed suicide in his offices, taking over twenty five thousand Yuuzhan Vong warriors with him to his death and securing his place in history as a Bothan Martyr.

Wraith Squadron

My favorite books from the Star Wars: X-Wing series are the three books “Wraith Squadron”, “Iron Fist”, and “Solo Command”.  The basic gist of them is that Commander Wedge Antilles creates a specialty X-Wing Squadron that also doubles as commando/infiltrator unit.  Due to manpower shortages, Wedge is forced to recruit and reform a bunch of washouts and screwballs (your basic “Dirty Dozen” plot).  They end up becoming very effective unit, but they are natural pranksters and practical jokers.  Throughout the books they keep playing practical jokes on each other and Commander Antilles. My favorite is when their Bothan slicer (computer hacker) puts a creepy insect in the cockpit of another’s X-Wing before a routine mission.  In another joke they modify Wedge’s voice recorder to sound like an Ewok during a mission.

The problem is that in a later mission they are to infiltrate Imperial Forces under the command of Warlord Zinsj by posing as a pirate/mercenary force with Tie fighters, and the Imperials had previously listened in to their communications and question them on how it is they have an Ewok for a pilot.  So they invent the persona of Lt. Kettch who is an intelligent Ewok who escaped from a medical lab and uses leg and arm extensions to pilot a fighter. 

To complete the persona, Wedge Antilles pilots a Tie fighter in a mission while wearing an Ewok costume, just in case someone sees him in the cockpit.  I can just imagine Commander Wedge Antilles, winner of the Kalidor Crescent who did two death star runs, co-founder and leader of Rogue Squadron, and the best pilot of the New Republic, going into combat wearing an Ewok costume.

My favorite sexist comment about Rogue One is:
“I’m pretty sure a bunch of Bothans stole the Death Star plans and not a human girl.”

Why is this my favorite? because the Bothans stole the plans the Death Star II and not Death Star I. So in an attempt to be an elitist sexist asshole, they show utter and complete ignorance to actual Star Wars canon.

The best is watching Geek Girls call them out it too.


A Galaxy Far, Far Away Bothawui (requested by @cosmicjourney1995)

An asteroid-ringed temperate planet in the Mid-Rim that formed a two-planet system with the gas giant Golm – part of “Bothan Space.” Bothawui was considered a civilized planet with advanced flight technology and highly skilled pilots; Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin was taught to fly by citizens of Bothawui. During the Clone Wars, Bothawui was aligned with the Separatists; afterwards, it was besieged by the Empire for resources.