both. both. both. both is good

So andrew garfield is the hot and sexy nerd ‘Id totally bang’ cause he fine af version of peter parker and tom holland is the cute and adorable nerd peter parker version you want to protect because he can cure cancer with his smile and is too precious for this world.

 I don’t see why I should be complaining about any of these reboots. im totally good. IM GOOD WITH BOTH.


Punta: Day 2 of Seoul fan meeting🇰🇷✨

We all went sighseeing together at noon 😘

Nibansenji: sighseeing guys

i’m binge watching jude and cody videos and i am a soft baby boy and it fills me with happiness to see comfortable and happy trans people whose entire identities aren’t about being trans and also their relationship is so loving and supportive so basically if ur a trans ball of sadness like me u should watch some jude and cody videos 2 cheer urself up !


Phichit might be the biggest Victuuri shipper, but there’s no way he’s going to let Victor whisk his best friend off to Russia before a few rounds of merciless teasing.

Phichit: And then he started crying! I can’t believe he felt threatened over that. It’s like he forgot he’s the one you’re choosing to marry!

Yuuri: Ha ha…Victor can be a bit extra sometimes.

Phichit: Yes, he is. You two are made for each other.

Yuuri: ?


will i ever stop making fanart for this fic????????? 

more gifts for @adreamingsongbird!! just think of this as me stuffing love letters in your shoe locker like in the animes 


zhanyi reunion ♡ boyfriends can’t live without each other
— “ain’t I back now?”
— “if you dare not come back, I will never forgive you.”