Blue Blood

“Prince Jimin was born with blue blood. His coronation is rapidly approaching, but there are two requirements he must fulfil before becoming a king. He must have the skills to fight in battle, and he must have a Queen with blood as blue as his. You, a member of the royal guard, are assigned to teach Jimin the ins and outs of combat. You are not scared of death, of blood, or of battle. What you are scared of however, is falling in love with Jimin, the one man your blood decrees you can never have.”

pairing: jimin x reader
genre: royalty ausmut, angst
wordcount: 26k

❀ 1 / 9 of my oneshot requests ❀

** warnings: this is angsty!, jimin is a light dom, slow burn, violence, mentions of blood, heavy themes, lots of drama, character death

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anonymous asked:

hi , could you do a yoongi smut where he is your best friend and you ask him to teach you how to give a bj? ( thanks and sorry for my bad english 🇦🇷)😘

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You sat there chewing on the stick of the sucker you had just finished devouring. Your eyes flickered from the screen, to Yoongi’s face, to the dials on the remote control back to Yoongi’s lips. His fingers, his slender frame lounging on the couch next to yours. You could feel the heat rising in your cheeks the more you looked at him. Sometimes you even played it off, acting like you were staring at the TV but you were really checking him out from the corner of your eye. You lifted an eyebrow noticing how he was huffing and puffing next to you a light scowl dancing on his lips as he combed through his blonde locks.

“Is something the matter?” You asked as the silence became too much, the tension in the room soon getting thick.

“Yes. I think you could help me solve it.” Yoongi replied smartly turning to face you. His dark eyes narrowed as your eyes met his and you could feel your heart drop into your stomach.

“Why do you keep staring at me?” Yoongi questioned and your eyes opened wide.


“I swear to god Y/N if you say you weren’t staring at me I’m going to leave.” Yoongi was being a bit stern but you could see under the facade of his tough boy act. Still, you didn’t want to upset him you guys were best friends after all and he scolded you like his other friends but his actions to make you apologize are sometimes a bit worse than what he does to the other six. Sighing, you nodded shifting to face him in your seat letting the sucker stick press against the inside of your jaw.

“I wanted to ask for your help with something.” You started slowly and when you could see it in his eyes that he was encouraging you to go on you sighed jutting out your lower lip. “Can you teach me how to blow you?” You asked softly and Yoongi furrowed his eyebrows.

“Blow me?” He repeated, and you nodded feeling your face become warm from embarrassment as you pressed on.

“Yes, blow you, like you know give you head? Suck your dick?” You stated and Yoongi frowned standing up.

“If you’re going to talk nonsense I’m going home.” He stated, and you rolled your eyes reaching for his wrist to pull him back down beside you. After a few minutes of lazy tug and war he let you win with a groan sitting back down beside you.

“I’m serious Yoongi. I really need your help with this.” You whined softly still tugging on his wrist.

“Why do you want to do that? And why me? Is it because you like me?” He teased wiggling his eyebrows and you slapped at his arm. Yes, you liked him as your best friend, but you wouldn’t dare let him feed into that too much.

“Shut up asshole. Here is the thing, lately whenever I give head it’s like I’m not pleasing my partner anymore. I mean he does cum but now it takes longer, and his eyes doesn’t roll the way it used to. I think I’m going soft and I know you’re a very picky person so if you could teach me then maybe it could work on him?” You mused rubbing up and down Yoongi’s arm trying to coax him.

“A dick is a dick.”

“A mouth is a mouth.” You countered as he paused and gave you an incredulous look.

“How do you know he will even like what I like?” Yoongi questioned you and that did stomp you.

“Well I don’t-“

“Okay well case closed.” Yoongi stated and you could feel your anger rising inside. Giving a light frustrated yell, you stood up grabbing at your belongings.

“Where are you going?” Yoongi asked grabbing on your pants leg as you tried to move away from the couch.

“If you’re not going to help me I’m going to ask Taehyung.” You lightly shook your leg to pry his fingers off, but his grip tightened at your words.

“How do you know Taehyung wouldn’t say the same thing?” Yoongi asked and you smiled.

“Taehyung likes oral as much as I do.” You chirped and Yoongi managed to wrestle you back down on the couch.

“You both need to calm down with that, sex is addicting.”

“A dick is a dick.” You repeated batting your eyelashes.

“I like oral too.” Yoongi said next almost pouting and you had to try your hardest to not laugh as you pushed at his chin lightly.

“But you didn’t want my oral so what’s the problem?” You asked and Yoongi tilted his head.

“I don’t want my best friend slobbering all over Taehyung. He would never shut up about it. Besides, I’m more experienced.” Yoongi gloated wiggling his eyebrows.

“Experienced and single.” You gave him a deadpan stare that he matched.

“If I had a girlfriend or if Taehyung did then what would that make you? You wouldn’t even be able to live out your little fantasy.” He pinched your nose pulling back which you followed with soft whimpers slapping at his hand.

“Are you going to help me or not?” You asked and Yoongi gave a mischievous smirk.

“Does your eyes roll back when he eats you out?” Yoongi asked and it took you a moment to think about it. But the more you did the more you felt confused.

“Not.. Lately.” You admitted and Yoongi hummed grabbing at your phone and things to put them back on your table.

“How about this. I’ll show you how to give head, a few tricks that should make any man come undone. Or at least the ones I know, because we talk about this. And in return you can show me how you liked to be eaten out.” Yoongi gave a sweet smile and your heart rate sped up as he watched you.

“But why me? I am fine with what he gives me!” You lied, it was horrible, but you couldn’t let your best friend eat you out.

“A mouth is a mouth?” He questioned, and you narrowed your eyes gritting your teeth at the shit eating grin plastered across his face.

“Fine asshole.” You mumbled and Yoongi chuckled sitting back down beside you, grabbing at your hand he tugged lightly.

“Good now on your knees.” He commanded softly. You didn’t expect this too move so quickly, you suddenly felt like a little lamb in a lion’s den, but you knew that it was too late for you to try to back down now. Once you provoke someone, especially Yoongi he expects you to keep your word. You slid down off the couch and stationed yourself on your knees as Yoongi opened his legs for you. He was staring at you with dark eyes, waiting for you as his legs softly rocked out and in. “Well?” He questioned, and you lifted an eyebrow questioning him. “Dammit, y/n. Do I have to do this as well too? I need you to pull my dick out. Get me hard, do something, if you can.” Yoongi taunted and you felt insulted slightly, but you couldn’t help but laugh because of his rude ass mouth. Biting on your lip, your moved your hands to trail up his jean cladded thighs, immediately you could feel his body become rigid, but he tried to appear relaxed.

Your hands gripped at his zipper and button, your eyes locked on his as you pressed the palm of your hand down against his soft bulge rubbing it up and down. Your eyes cast downward as you became nervous and almost too concentrated on his bulge, keeping your eyes stationed on it. Yoongi gave a soft chuckle leaning over to grip at your chin he looked in your eyes. “Baby it’s a dick, not a magic trick. Don’t be so quick, take your time. Feel me.” He stopped your hand rolling his hips up instead as he pressed his forehead against yours. “Try making out with him next time. Let him feel his tongue against yours, and those soft lips. He will become worked up thinking about what they will do to him.” Yoongi muttered softly pressing closer to you. The blood was rushing every where in your body, you felt light headed and you had both barely started. The smell of Yoongi’s hint of cologne hit your senses as he invaded your space. His lips pressed against yours in a soft kiss that you were eager to deepen. “Slow, down.” Yoongi groaned against your lips gripping tightly at your wrist. It was hard for you to be patient and take things slow, but letting him have his way, you let Yoongi take the lead moving your lips against his softer ones. He deepened the kiss molding your lips together starting to nibble and suck lightly on your top lip. You started to bite onto his plump lower lip flicking your tongue across the expanse of his flesh before pulling it in your mouth to suck on it. You could feel him twitch inside of his pants a soft groan leaving his lips as your fingers started to grope him through his pants. Yoongi removed his hand to instead cup your cheek to deepen the kiss. He asked you for entrance which you granted parting your lips to let his tongue dance against yours. The kiss was slow and sensual, his tongue taking the lead and dominating the kiss while your hand worked on stroking the outline of his hardening member through the confines of his pants. His breath was becoming quicker, his movements a bit rough as he explored your mouth. Yoongi tasted every inch of your warm cavern that he could, his fingers gripping at your hair before he pulled back to look down at your hand stroking the outline of his cock, your fingertips pressing into his clothed bulge.

“Good job, you’re half way there.” He taunted, and you wanted to push him back so bad, but you let him have his fun. Your hands moved back towards his button and you undid it, but he slapped at your hand once you grabbed for his zipper. “It won’t work all the time, but use your mouth. When you do it on a rare setting it will almost make him explode. Patience.” You leaned forward bracing yourself on your knees, looking up at him your teeth gripped onto the silver zipper pulling it down slowly. You felt sheepish under his gaze, so you tried to avoid it, but he once again gripped at your chin making you look up at him. “Eye contact. Don’t be afraid to look at him. He’s your lover, right? Let him know just how much he knows you. How exposed you are even on your knees. If he can find some pleasure in your eyes, he will love it even more.” You found it great and all but considering Yoongi wasn’t your lover and you realized for the first time that maybe this idea was not so good. Your hands grabbed at Yoongi’s hips and you pulled down his pants as well, not really surprised that he didn’t have on boxers underneath his pants.

Yoongi helped you kick off his pants, and he sat there waiting for you. Your eyes trailed over his naked lower half and back up towards his shaft. It was resting against his lower stomach, hard and red. You could see his veins popping out, the length was impressive you had to admit. He looked heavy, he looked hard and from the way it twitched and jumped your mouth couldn’t help but water at thinking about how it would feel. Yoongi wouldn’t say anything to you about it, but seeing how hungry you were for his cock made something stir inside of him. The more you stared the more he wanted to grip at your hair and face fuck you, but he had to be patient and let you take the lead. It felt like eternity but the moment you gripped onto his cock he released a soft sigh settling back against the seat. Your hand moved to grip at his thick girth. Pumping the expanse of his dick up and down, you darted your tongue out against your lower lip trying to follow his advice and take your time. Your hand was testing out how hard you should grip at his shaft, you leaned forward to swipe your tongue against the tip of his shaft, flicking it against the expanse of his head. You let it dance around the tip before sliding down the sides of his cock and back up. Coating him with light spit it made pumping him easier, your eyes trained on his pulsing cock, the soft oozing of his precum. Yoongi had dark eyes, nibbling on his own lips as his breath picked up he saw you about to take him into your mouth and he shook his head grabbing at your locks.

“Tease me. Play with me. Use your tongue before you bob your head. I want you to rile me up.” Yoongi let his fingers comb through your hair and you let your hand wrap around the base of his cock. Nodding your head, you let your tongue flick up and down against his flesh. You took your time trace over every vein you could find, letting your spit coat his whole member. Your lips pressed against different parts of his cock. You let your tongue roam around the bottom of his cock against the base of his shaft, your tongue drifting up against his tip again. You gave Yoongi one look and took his soft nod of his head, your mouth opened wide to wrap around the top sucking on his head, your tongue flicked roughly up and down his slit, flattening to lap up all his sweetness. Your mouth lowered onto his cock taking every inch of it until you couldn’t fit anymore comfortably. You were bobbing your head at a slow pace, letting your tongue flatten so that your mouth could wrap snugly around him. Making soft slurping noises to suck up the excess spit, your hand pumped what your mouth couldn’t reach. Yoongi let you take control and feel him out, his legs spreading wider, he was catching flickers of your gaze lingering on his face. He chuckled deeply as his fingers tightened into your locks and he coaxed you farther down his shaft.

“Go down, get that dick nice and wet princess.” He urged in a rough voice. You didn’t know what provoked you to do this, but you moaned, you moaned at how he commanded you. “Is that so?” Yoongi mused out loud pushing your head down more. “Someone likes dirty talking. Fuck- keep moaning on my dick. You like having it shoved in your mouth, don’t you? I wouldn’t be surprised if you fantasized that it was my dick instead of his in your fucking mouth you slut. I saw how you were staring at it, that weight feels really good against your tongue doesn’t it, y/n?” You were squeezing your legs together the more he talked, you moaned more around his shaft, hearing the suck of air he took as you moved to bob your head at a faster pace. Your eyes shut, and you tried to change your focus on something else so that you wouldn’t have a wet spot in your panties later. “Fucking look at me.” Yoongi ordered gripping tightly at your hair. Your eyes flew open and Yoongi saw all he needed to know. The submissiveness, the sheer want and need from your eyes. The hidden lust that was just begging for his attention. “Such a slut.” Yoongi slapped your hand away from his shaft and moved towards the end of the couch. You adjusted your body for him, but he held your head in place looking down at you with a cocky smirk. “You know why he can’t get satisfaction from you?” Yoongi asked as he started to thrust his hips up into your mouth, pushing himself down your throat as he watched you. His place slow and the grip on your head told you to stay still.  Your heart was pounding against your ears and chest, but you willed yourself to listen to him because fuck he was turning you on so bad right now. “He can’t get it because he’s letting you do all the fucking work. All you want is someone to take control and dominate you like the submissive girl you are. Isn’t that right? I bet if I called you kitten, you would cum in your panties untouched.” Yoongi started to watch your eyes flutter, he was loving this a bit more than he should have. He knew in the back of his mind there were going to be things you both needed to deal with but for right now, he was all for getting lost in his personal pleasure and dragging you down with him. His hips pushed up against your face as he roughly fucked it. His soft trimmed pubes brushing against your nose as he swirled his hips against your face causing choking sounds to erupt from your body. The more he snapped his hips up the more you choked but you loved every minute of it. Your hands stationed themselves on his ankles as you let Yoongi take over. “Look at me, kitten.” Yoongi demanded and you did as he asked. “Look at how fucking ruined you are. I think you can do better. I need to feel your tongue, fight back. Let me see how much you want my cock shoved down your throat.” Your tongue flicked up and down his shaft slowly, swirling when you could and trying to find his most sensitive spots. “That’s right, fuck- so good baby keep it up.” Yoongi encouraged you once or twice before falling back silent. You felt special in a way, knowing him you didn’t think Yoongi was ever the type to be vocal during sex. The few times you stay with him and he brought people over the only thing you heard was a grunt when he climaxed. Of course, you thought because you were his best friend he wanted to encourage you as much as he could.

Yoongi moved to grip at your nose, cutting of your air as he slid his hips all the way forward resting deep inside of your throat. Feeling your throat tighten and heave against him was too much. His eyes rolled a bit and his mouth fell open as you fought to get yourself air. Yoongi pulled back letting you breathe as your body fell forward slightly. “Don’t give up, you’re doing so good, I’m almost there.” Yoongi slide his cock back inside of your mouth holding it in place before he ground his hips against your mouth. Tears were falling from the corner of your eyelids; your throat was burning and there was spit falling from the sides of your mouth and down your chin getting onto your clothes. Yoongi was moaning softly, trying to control himself but you could see that he was on cloud nine. He pulled back and sat down against the couch releasing your nose. Grabbing at the base of his wet dick he tapped it over your face. “Finish me off.”

You moved forward to press your tongue against his cock once again, but one thing he didn’t teach you about was his balls, and you wanted to explore that unknown territory to see what would happen. Your mouth latched onto his ball sack as your hand focused on stroking his cock as at a fast pace. Yoongi growled softly as he watched your dark eyes focus on his body. Your lips wrapping around each of his balls sucking them eagerly. You could feel them tighten against your tongue and you smirked, pressing your thumb nail into the slit of his cock. Feeling his throbbing become more you pulled back slapping his cock against your tongue, flicking it eagerly against his sensitive spot.

“Come on Yoongi. Cum for me and paint my face with your cum. I know you would love to see me be a truly ruined slut with your cum on my face.” You moaned playfully watching him as your hand squeezed tighter and moved faster. Yoongi didn’t protest much, trying to narrow his eyes as he stared into your, but it didn’t work. He was rolling his head back, his hips bucking against your hand in an erratic manner and sure enough he was painting your face with his cum. Whining softly as the warm cum painted your face, your tongue darted out to lick up what you could. His was sweet, a hint of bitterness but you would taste him again in a heartbeat if he asked. You wished you could see how his body was trembling against the couch, how white his knuckles must have been from grabbing anything to calm himself down. Yoongi felt his hips tremble and buck lightly as you stroked him past his orgasm.

“Stop- “He warned weakly moving your hand so that he wouldn’t be overstimulated. Yoongi watched you clean your face of his cum, he watched as you took your shirt off to continue to clean your face.

Yoongi moved to pull his pants up. He situated himself in his pants, standing over you. Yoongi watched you before he gave you another smile, patting on the couch and you tilted your head trying to catch your breath.

“You don’t think I’ve forgotten, do you? It’s my turn.” Yoongi grabbed at your wrist and though you were nervous willingly you went. Yoongi sat you on your ass, his hands spread your legs wide, looking at the wet spot between your shorts. He chuckled leaning forward to give kisses to your center before he discarded your bottoms looking in your eyes. “I hope you’re ready to leave him, because when I’m done with this pussy, it won’t even know his name.”

Escapades [pt. 1]

warnings: FratBoy!Tom, oral (female receiving), protected sex !!

summary: going to a fraternity party which ended with you hooking up with Tom Holland for a night

word count: 2,019

A/N: my favorite one c: i loved writing this so much ngl

The evening was coming to a start as you were still laying on your bed, in your dorm deciding whether the invite from the fraternity was worthy of your time. The time was half past eight and the party started at eight — better late than never though right?

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The Secret Book Club Part 6

Pairing: Loki x Reader

Content/Warnings: Flirting, boners, filthy cocktails, bump n grind and a very naughty Loki

Words: 2995


Two updates in one day to celebrate 700 followers!! Thank you all so much, I love every one of you! 😘 I think you all know what’s coming in the next update 😜 @notthisthyme the kraken is on its way 😜

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Part one
Part two
Part three
Part four
Part five

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Not my Jacket - Part 2 - S.P

Originally posted by howtoamuseacoolperson


Part I , Part II

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“Lovely Y/n, how nice to see you again”

Penny peabody smiled at you, a wicked grin on her face. He blonde hair was straightened to perfection, as her navy blazer was crisp. The woman looked at her with wild eyes.

“You know the deal. Join the serpents, pay off your debts, and your boyfriend-”

“He’s not my boyfriend.”

“Sorry” She sneered, “your friend, won’t get hurt”

You sighed;

“What do I have to do?”

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The First Love Scene

Warnings: semi smut, Jared. 

  You kissed along Jensen’s chest, tasting the saltiness that came with the thin layer of sweat covering his body. His hands bruised against your arms as he threw his head back against the pillow. You smiled against his skin, knowing that he was looking forward to this scene with you. It was your first love scene together, and it helped you both insanely since you were best friends. This kind of thing was a lot more comfortable with someone you knew and worked well with. 

  You moved back up his chest, your lips meeting his in a passionate kiss. You tried your hardest not to graze your tongue over his as you did. Just like you tried your hardest to ignore the way his hands felt on your waist. 

  Jensen rolled you over, his body landing right on top of yours as he dipped his head down to pull your lips into a fiery kiss that took your breath away and kept you wanting more. He was pressed right between your legs, positioned right where your body needed him the most. 

  You chalked it up to the fact that you hadn’t had any action in months. 

  Nothing more

  “Ackles is getting it on!” Jared shouted, pulling you both from the obvious trance you were both in. Jensen’s chest pressed to your very exposed one in hopes of blocking it from Jared. 

  “CUT!” the director called out, frustration very apparent in his voice.

  “Seriously Jared,” Jensen called out, trying to refrain from laughing. “You okay?” he whispered down to you, concern laced in his expression.

  “Yeah. Thanks to you,” you giggled. “Hey Jared, you know porn is a thing too right? A normal person watches porn, not his two best friends getting it on.”

  Jensen burst into laughter, burying his head in the crook of your neck. Jared’s jaw dropped, going completely speechless. You couldn’t help but laugh yourself, partially because Jensen’s laugh was so contagious. 

  “Jared, off the set. Go get your perv on somewhere else,” the director pointed at him.

  “What! I wasn’t even-” he chuckled, pointing over to the two of you on the bed.

  “Jared, if you wanted to see my boobs all you had to do was ask!” 

Mist (Sweet Pea X Reader)

Requested: “Hi can I get an imagine where you’re really tiny but SP is tall and it’s really cold and raining one day at the quarry. He gives you his jacket and you refuse, but he insists and Toni, Jug and Fangs tease you guys about it. He eventually drops you home and you guys end up watching the thunderstorm together. Thank you”


“Hey, I love your blog. Please keep up the masterpieces! And could I please request Sweet Pea dating a short girl?”

You sat next to Toni on a log along with Fangs. Sweet Pea sat in a lawn chair on the other side of you and Jughead across from you in a lawn chair as well. You had a can of non-alcoholic beer in your hand which Toni brought a 6-pack of for you. Your grandfather died from his abuse of alcohol so you did your best to stay away from it but the taste of it was still good, and your friend knew that.

All of you sat together by yourselves but there were others there at the Quarry. Everyone having their own fun and hanging out, away from the city. Fangs was telling a story of the dumb things that him and Sweet Pea did when they were young.

Light rain fell upon all the Serpents, almost like a mist. It was getting late and some people started leaving especially because of the rain. But you guys stayed put, not letting rain ruin a good time.

A slight shiver fell down your back because you had a ripped short-sleeved band shirt on. Exposing more skin for the rain. Sweet Pea saw the shiver in the corner of his eye and whispered, “Do you need my jacket?”

You looked over with a smile and shook your head, “I’ll be fine, thanks Pea.” and another shiver fell down your back which caused Sweet Pea to take off his Serpent jacket and put it on your shoulders. Toni noticed what was going on and quickly got Jughead and Fangs to look at the two of you.

Before you could say thank you to Sweet Pea, a whistle came from Fangs. Your eyes widen at the noise and then you looked at Sweet Pea, then back at the others.

“She was cold so I gave her my jacket, calm down alright?” Sweet Pea said trying to stop the three from doing anything.

Too late.

“I KNEW IT!” Toni yelled out while Jughead began to sing Can You Feel The Love Tonight softly while Fangs sang back up, who has a lovely falsetto. Toni began going on and on about the all the things she saw that showed any signs of “love” between the two of you.

You couldn’t stop them so you laughed while your cheeks were turning pink. Sweet Pea’s anger grew until he saw your reaction and his tension quickly softened and he began to laugh.

“Alright, I think it’s time for us to go.” Sweet Pea spike up. When he said “us” you thought he was talking about him and Fangs since you came with Toni. He stood up and held out his hand for you. You took it with a smile and stood up, seeing how tall this boy is. You always knew he was taller, but when you stood so close to him, you felt so small, but also protected.

You waved goodbye to the gang as you walked next to Sweet Pea. Sweet Pea put his arm around your back and softly pulled you closer to him as you passed other Serpents.

“Where are we going?” You softly ask him. He smiles and replys, “I am just gonna take you home, you need a nice warm bath to warm you up so you don’t get a cold.” He wraps his jacket closer on to you which looks like a dress on you. “God, how do you make a leather jacket look so adorable?” He asks.

You are riding on his motorcycle to your house until you decide you don’t wanna leave Sweet Pea. “Let’s go to your house.” You yell out to him. He made the quickest turn around and headed toward his trailer. “Eager are we?” You say to which he responds by revving his engine.

Once you get there, he’s like mother to a sick baby. “Okay, I have some warmer clothes. Here is a blue long sleeve and black sweatpants. What are you doing standing? Come on, lay down.” He sits you down on the couch and pulls two blankets over you.

“Um…how am I supposed to change?” You ask with a giggle and his eyes widen. “Oh right!” He sets the clothes on the table. “I’ll be in my room.” He walks off and closes the door and you begin to dress into his clothes which smell like heaven and surprisingly, vanilla. You look into the reflection of the mirror and see that clothes look absolutely gigantic on you which caused you to laugh.

Sweet Pea peaks his head out, “What’s so funny?” He walks out and his eyes lighten when he sees you. He can put into words the how happy you are making him feel right now, so he shows it by pulling your hips to him and giving the most loving and softest kiss you’ve ever received.

He finally pulls away and picks you up bridal style and spins you around. “Alright, Y/N what would you like to do this fine evening?” Your eyes sparkle in his eyes and you giggle. “I just wanna be with you.”

The rest of the night you spend talking to each other while listening to the rain, that became a thunderstorm, crash on to the trailer. A calming sound that brings the both of you to a sound sleep in each other’s arms.

Those Three Little Words (Steve Harringon)

Steve Harrington x Reader

I wrote this because I don’t have any requests to fill and I thought I was maybe a good concept, so idk enjoy!!!

It was six months after the gate was closed, it was six months after Bob Newby got eaten by demodogs, it was six months after Steve almost got killed at the hands of Billy and the nightmares still hadn’t gotten any better. Through the whole world saving adventure you fell in love with Steve Harrington, though he really didn’t know that yet. Yes, you had gotten together at some points after closing the gate, but you had never said those three little words. You knew that it would be hard for Steve, so you never pushed. You were always content with the unspoken agreement of love that had existed between you two.

One weekend you had the unfortunate job of watching your little brother, Dustin, while your mom was out of town on a business trip. Well watch wasn’t the right word, since your mom wasn’t exactly in on the whole upside down thing she wanted to make sure that Dustin didn’t go missing the way his friend Will did all that time ago. One of the only positives of this job was that Steve and Dustin were close, like brotherly bond close. It was really adorable, it was seeing this sort of thing that made you think about the future a lot. How if you and Steve were together forever there would be no unhappiness in your family as your mother loved Steve because of how happy he made you and how he gave Steve a male role model.

Dustin was sat on the floor of the living room when the doorbell rang, even though he was less than 10 feet from the door he shouted at the top of his lungs, “Y/N! Could you get the door?”

“Yes, anything else sir,” you replied in a sarcastic tone as you made your way over to the door.

“An orange soda would be divine,” He replied, not detecting the sarcasm as he was engrossed in his game.

“You do have legs you know,” You said just as you opened the door to uncover Steve, “Steveie!!” You shouted, jumping to hug him.

As Steve spun you around you heard a quiet “Barf” come from behind you.

“Shut up Dustin” You said.

“Hey babe,” Steve said flashing an adorable grin, “I’ve missed you.”

“I’ve missed you too.” You replied.

“You saw each other 3 hours ago.” Dustin interjected. “Shit shit shit shit shit, I lost, your couplely grossness made me lose. Thanks a lot.”

“You say that now,” Steve stated, walking in an settling on the floor next to Dustin, “but once you get Jessica, you’ll change your mind.”

“Who’s Jessica?” You questioned in a teasing tone.

“No one.” Dustin replied curtly, shooting a dangerous look a Steve. Steve just laughed.


As the night went on many movies were watched and many rounds of monopoly were played. You won of course, but not without argument from Steve. It was nearing midnight and Dustin was practically asleep on the couch.

“Alight come on Dusty get up,” He made a small noise of protest, but eventually stood. You lead him to his room, “Night Dustin”

You shut the door and heard a groan that could be deciphered as “Night Y/N”.

You walked back out to the living room to see Steve sitting on the couch, you walked over and sat down next to him. His arm wrapping around your shoulders. “He’s a good kid,” He said as you leaned against his shoulder, closing your eyes.

“Yeah, He’s something” you mumbled, honestly too tired to muster a full response.

“Ooh looks like someone’s tired, come on, let’s go” Steve urged, trying to stand. You only wrapped your arms around his neck and said, “nooooooooo”

“Come on I’ll see you tomorrow, the sooner you go to sleep, the sooner I get to see you again,” Steve said, standing up, dragging you with him.

He walked you to your room, dislike your protests, you climbed into your bed and Steve began,”Okay, I’ll see you tomorrow?”

“Yeah,” you answered, falling into the clutches of sleep. Steve nodded and began to walk away from your bed slowly. You grabbed his hand and said, “stay.”

The boy smilies and said, “Anything for you princess.”


You were cold, Steve had just been knocked out, the demodogs we’re coming. There was no chance of survival. You had to leave Steve behind or risk everyone’s lives. You tried to get him up. He wasn’t knocked out he was dead. You were sobbing and screaming. “Please don’t leave me, I need you” you cried. “I love you, I’ll love you so much, please!” You screams turned to whispers as you were awoken from your slumber.

When you opened your eyes, you could feel tears trailing down your face, and felt a pair of arms wrapped around you. “Shhhhhhhh, it’s okay, I’m here it’s okay” you heard, coming from the figure next to you. “Shhhhhh, we’re okay, everything’s fine” the voice continued.

You looked at Steve and just hugged him, so tight. “I thought you were dead, I thought you left me, and there wasn’t anything I could do.” You explained, your sobs retiring at the thought of the dream.

Steve pushed back and looked you straight in your eyes, “I would never leave you.”

Involuntarily your blurted, “I love you.” You we’re immediacy hit with a pang of fear. What if he didn’t love you back, what if you’d scared him off. What if you had just made a huge mistake.

Moments later he placed a hand on the side of your face and kissed you. You returned the kiss, pushing your hands back into his perfect hair. It was quick, but it left you breathless. When you pulled away he said, “I love you too.”


The rest of the night, if you could even call it that, consisted of cuddling and little naps that were interrupted by stolen kisses.

When you both walked out of your room to go to the kitchen, Dustin was carrying a bowl of cereal to the table. When he saw you both walk out and almost spilled milk all over the floor.

You gasped and looked back at Steve, who was no help, as he was laughing his ass off. “Please don’t tell mom, I can explain” you rushed to say.

“Nope, I won’t, I don’t wanna know,” he said cringing, “leave my presence.”

“Thanks Dusty, but if you say a word I’ll tell mom about Jessica!” You threatened and you grabbed Steve’s hand and dragged him to the living room, in the best mood you’d been in in a while.

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Wolf! Exo reaction to being in heat and horny for their s/o? If you do nsfw


★never likes to voice how needy he is 

★so he’ll just mope around 

★until you take control 

★and pull him into the bedroom

★you’ll have to take charge for the first few rounds

★but once his being relieved enough

★he’ll be frantic

★his hips will pound into yours

★while his fingers grip the skin of your hips

★he wouldn’t moan

★just let out grunts of your name

★burries his face in your neck when he cums

★knows you have limits though

★so he’ll stop after round 5

★he’ll hold you close

★and stroke your hair

★he’ll make sure you’re fully recovered

★before pleasuring the both of you again 


★knows when he gets in heat 

★so he has everything arranged for it

★fresh sheets on the bed

★plenty of snacks in for when you’re done

★bath oils ready to relax you

★and your pyjamas on standby 

★no matter how needy he is 

★he’ll make it all about you

★he’ll be able to keep it slow and loving

★until you give him the okay to be as rough as he needs

★then boi 

★you’re going to be unable to do anything but moan his name

★the noises you make make him go faster

★when you can’t moan anymore

★he’ll stop 

★go get the bath filled

★and relax with you

★you’ll end up having sex in the bath

★several times


★he won’t touch you until you want him to 

★even though you hold the key to his release 

★he’ll still respect you greatly 

★and try his best to make it about you

★he’ll probably masturbate alot

★so he can control himself around you

★he’s a loud

★so you’ll know

★and you’ll offer

★which he slowly agrees to 

★he’ll be v slow

★and soft

★but at your command

★he’ll do what he needs to to get some relief 


★he ain’t playing around 

★he needs release 

★and you’re going to give it to him 

★all signs of playful baek are gone



★’don’t what me’

★his tone would be low

★letting you know exactly what he wants

★you turning to see him with his erection pressing against his pants make you laugh

★’do you think this is funny?’

★he’ll push you back onto the sofa

★pull your clothes off as fast as possible

★and fuck you raw

★he isn’t stopping

★not until he’s had enough 


★he’d be clingy  

★but also a huge tease 

★he’d come behind you and rub himself on you 

★’do you feel that? all for you’

★sex with him would be so playful

★he’d make sure you’re both smiling and enjoying it

★’i think you better call in sick’   

★’sick of you’

★he’d giggle alot

★and press kisses all over your skin


★masturbates alot 

★but it doesn’t do the job right 

★and he also gives it away 

★bc he’s loud

★’why don’t you just come to me?’

★’because it’s embarrasing’ 

★’it’s not embarassing’ 

★he’ll slowly relax

★and have v sweet sex with you

★he’d be heart eyes at you the entire time

★he’d also hold your hand

★asks if you’re okay every other minute


★like baek 

★he needs relief from the agonising boner in his pants 

★and you’re going to give it to him 

★he won’t fuss with your normal foreplay

★straight to bending you over the counter and fucking you

★he’d actually be vocal

★grunting words of praise in your ear

★’you’re making me feel so good’

★’you’re doing such a good job’

★he’ll even grumble your name when he cums


★he’d be whiny  

★he’ll stick close to you 

★he’ll snap when you ignore him 

★and pull you away from what you’re doing

★’get in the bedroom’

★’i’m trying to do something’

★’i’m tring to do something too!’

★he’ll be v clumsy

★it’ll take him longer than usual to get you both undressed

★but once he’s got his act together

★he’ll give you the most mindblowing sex 

★he’ll growl

★bite you

★moan your name

★his face would be screwed up in pleasure


★whines alot  

★’make love to me’  

★’i’m busy’  

★’why are you rejecting your baby boy?’

★he’d rub himself against you

★while his whines get louder

★’it hurts, y/n’

★he’ll end up getting himself off by rubing on you

★when you’re done with your task

★and finally ride him

★he’ll be so happy

★his hands will rest on your hips

★while watching your face

★calls your name when he cums 

★’thank you for this. i love you so much’

Imagine working out with Tom

  • You asking tom to help you stretch your hips
  • Wearing itty bitty shorts that come up when he pushes on your leg
  • Making a soft moan when your hip stretches and tom can’t help it
  • Tom watching you from behind as you do squats
  • Watching him do pull ups without a shirt and him watching you the whole time.
  • Being the only ones at the gym late at night
  • Tom coming up behind you and grabbing your hands, playfully telling you to break free.
  • Moving and pushing against Tom’s body to get free before giving up and purposely grinding against him
  • Listening to him groan how that’s not getting free
  • Being lifted up over his shoulder and being taken to the gymnastic mats.
  • Tom pinning you down and play fighting with you.
  • Putting your legs around his hip and moving up into him.
  • Tom grabbing your ass with one hand while you continue to grind into him
  • When toms distracted you flip him over and pin him down. Laughing and smiling at his shocked face.
  • Tom going from laughing to silent before taking your face in his hands and kissing you hard.
  • His tongue is in your mouth, his hands are already pulling off your tank top and sports bra
  • Rubbing yourself on Toms hard bulge
  • Tom groaning and ready to pull off your shirt and bra before stopping.
  • Tom looking up at the security camera that’s focused on the mats.
  • Tom pinning you down and telling you he can’t let any one else see his girl like this, before picking you up onto your feet and throwing you over his shoulder.
  • The whole ride home his hands are in your lap, brushing your clit over your shorts
  • Tom getting you home and carrying you up into the room before tossing you on the bed and pulling off his clothes.
  • Pinning you down fully clothed, Tom kissing you while you play fight for dominance.
  • Managing to push tom on his back and stripping off your top and bra, taking toms hands to your chests.
  • His fingers brushing your nipples, earning a groan from you
  • Tom groaning for more
  • Losing yourself in the feeling and not realizing you lost control of him
  • Grabbing your hips hard and being pushed into the mattress, Tom pulls off your shorts and panties and quickly positions himself between your folds
  • Moaning as he teases your clit with the tip of his cock
  • Begging tom to take you, to fuck you hard
  • Tom groans and pushes in hard and deep, not giving you time to adjust to his cock inside you before he pulls out and flips you over so your ass is in the air but your face is pressed into the bed.
  • Getting fucked from behind while tom spanks your ass hard and grips your hips.
  • Tom rubbing your clit as he fucks you, telling you things like :
  • “Fuck, darling, you feel so good” or “c'mon on angel, cum for me. Cum on my cock”
  • Cumming hard on Toms cock and feeling him pull out and cum on your ass
  • Taking a hot shower where tom holds you the entire time and rubs out your sore muscles
  • Tom kissing your neck as he dries you off, telling you what a great work out partner you are.
  • Joking with him and asking him if this is what his workout routine is like with Harrison
  • Tom not getting the joke and seriously answering that he and Harrison are much harder in the gym together
  • bursting out laughing and asking tom if he cums on Harrison’s ass to
  • Tom mimicing you before taking your towel away and refusing to let you get dressed.
  • Naked wrestling with tom for your underwear
  • Ending up under tom, both of you naked, making out lazily while he fingers you.
  • Stroking his cock slowly while you make out like teenagers in high school
  • Tom building your second orgasm and cooing you to cum for him
  • Tom kissing down your body, licking your clit and making you cum, his tongue still inside of you
  • Tom laying next to you afterwards, your head on his chest while you tease the tip of his cock. His eyes closed but hearing silent groans of pleasure.
  • Tom taking your hand and kissing it before placing it under his own on his chest and telling you to stay with him for the night.
  • Kissing toms face, whispering that you couldn’t be anywhere else right now.
  • Watching tom Holland fall asleep, happy and sated from being with you
  • Falling asleep to his heart beat.
Castaway {ACOTAR/Chapter 12}

Word Count: 3,534

Summary:  A modern-day University AU, from the A Court of Thorns and Roses universe. All characters belong to Sarah J. Maas. The idea for this fanfic hailed from prompts sent in by Anonymous, and @queen-archeron. You can read previous chapters here.

Author’s Note: Y’all’s comments give me life. Thank you for reading, and I hope you continue to enjoy. :)

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Three weeks ago.

He was on the edge, his heart racing, his body covered in sweat as it slid lovingly along hers. He hadn’t felt that way in a long time, hadn’t felt the rush, the adrenaline, the bliss from making love to a beautiful woman that he truly cared about.

His hips thrust into hers a final time, as she called out his name, as a broken moan tumbled out of his own lips.

Something didn’t feel right, though. In a panic, he pulled out.

But he was too late.

It had broken.

“What happened?” she asked, her drunken eyes becoming clearer with every minute.

He shook his head, as realization shone in her eyes.

“Shit,” she mumbled.

“Sorry,” he whispered, although it wasn’t his fault, with a curse of his own.

The two stared at each other for a few seconds in tense silence before she grabbed him by his face, and shoved her lips against his, again.

Damn the whiskey.



It had been three weeks. It had been three weeks since they had slept together for the first time, had been three weeks since Azriel had confessed his love to Elain.

He didn’t feel like it was real.

He felt like he was living in a dream.

Even now, as they lied together in his apartment, her eyes still closed, her breathing even. She was beautiful. In every sense of the word.

She was exhausted. She had a long week at the boutique, and although he had come to help after work when he could, she was doing most of the work herself.

He admired her for that. And for a hundred other things.

Careful not to wake her, Azriel swung his legs over the side of his mattress and strutted toward the bathroom. After a scolding shower, he tied his towel around his waist and made way to the kitchen.

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Cravings//H.S. Imagine//

Hello! Sorry I haven’t posted in a bit, I’ve had a hectic week. But anyway, here’s Baby Fever part two! You can read this on it’s own, but if you would like you can read part one here. I hope you guys enjoy it!

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“Harry? Wake up, baby!” You whispered, gently shaking your sleeping husband to try and wake him.

“Mmm,” Harry replied in a mumble. You tried shaking him a bit harder, his eyes fluttered. After a few seconds, he poked one eye open, exposing his tired eyes, “Yes?”

“I’m craving some fries, and maybe some nuggets too…I’m not really sure yet.” You rubbed your pregnant belly in thought, trying to convince your growing child to decide what she wanted. You were almost five months along now, and the cravings were only getting stronger. Harry rubbed his eyes, wiping away some sleep, and gave you his full attention.

“Yeah? What time is it, love?”

“About two.”

“Hmm, okay,” Harry squinted his eyes in thought, “Is McDonalds alright?”

“More than alright.” Harry pushed the baby blue duvet from his body and stretched his arms high over his head. He swung his legs over his side of the bed and took a few heavy steps to the bedroom light. He was used to waking up in the middle of the night by now. Sometimes to cuddle you back to sleep, other times to get you some ice cream, or in this case, to satisfy a craving of yours. The sudden brightness of the light flickering on startled your eyes, but they soon adjusted. Harry came to your side of the bed and placed his hand over yours, rubbing your belly.

“How’s my baby girl?” He asked your baby bump, kissing over his shirt that covered your belly.

“She’s good,” you smiled, “She’s been pretty active lately.” Harry gave you a loving stare, then broke into a huge smile. He stayed like that for a few seconds, you noticed his emerald eyes were fairly bright for it being two o’clock in the morning.

“What?” You asked, a smile hidden behind your words.

“Nothing, I just never thought I would be so happy driving to McDonalds at two am,” Harry laughed. You felt your stomach move under your hand, and you were pretty sure Harry felt it too, “Maybe we should feed you before my little angel gets too restless.” Harry was over the moon the first time he felt your baby move. He never got tired of feeling it either, he liked to know that your baby got excited when he would sing to her, or just that she was having fun moving around in there.

“Good idea,” You yawned, “When you get up can you get me those fluffy socks with the reindeers on them? They keep my feet warm.” Harry stood up from the bed and made his way to the closet. He grabbed a black hoodie and draped it over his body, enjoying the sudden warmth radiating through his body. Harry wrapped his hands around the handle of a cabinet sat in your shared closet and pulled it toward himself. Inside was a neat row of Christmas socks that you had collected since you and Harry moved in together. A few weeks ago, your hormones were a little off and you had organized everything you could find, including all your clothes. Harry snatched up the reindeer socks and closed the open cabinet with his hip. He took the liberty of grabbing you a pair of sweatpants to wear on the drive to McDonalds.

“Here you go, Petal,” Harry said, handing you your socks and gray sweatpants.

“Thank you. Do we have ice-cream, baby? I think we should get that as well,” You pondered.

“I just bought some yesterday, promise.” Harry kissed you lightly on the lips and grasped you hand, helping you stand up. You pulled the sweatpants over your legs and let them sit just under your baby bump. Harry, being the best husband ever, put the socks on your feet for you. Sighing contently, you wiggled your toes back and forth, enjoying the warmth making its way to them. Harry silently laced his fingers with yours and made his way through the house to the front door. He took your brown coat from the coat stand and held it by your arms. Threading your arms through the holes, you heard your stomach give a low grumble.

“Alright, let’s go get you some fries, my love,” Harry lovingly whispered, “Or maybe nuggets as well, the baby hasn’t decided yet, right?”

“Right,” You giggled.

“Maybe next we can figure out why she loves pickles dipped in peanut butter so much!” Harry latched onto your hand once more and lead you to the car. You heard leaves crunching under both you and Harry’s feet, every breath you took made a little cloud in the air.

Once you reached the car Harry opened the door for you and you slid into your seat, Harry closed the door behind you, leaving you in silence for a second. It was quite cold in the car, you thought, you couldn’t wait to get the heat on. And fries oh my gosh you wanted fries, well, your baby girl wanted fries. You felt a breeze of cool air enter the car when Harry opened his door. He jumped into the car and put the key into the ignition. He rubbed his hands together to try and generate some heat, then put the car in drive.

The ride to McDonald’s was filled with a comfortable silence (aside from your stomach growling every once and awhile) and the low rumble of the car. Harry moved his hand from the gear shift to yours and laced his fingers with your fingers, his thumb rubbing over yours gently. The big M signifying McDonald’s came into view.

“So, what will it be? Are we gonna go with nuggets or no?” Harry asked, turning into the drive through.

“I think I’ll go with-,” You started to say.

“I was asking the baby, gorgeous.”

You let out a small sigh, giving Harry an amused look, “She will have nuggets, Haz.”

“I figured as much.” The drive through was mostly empty due to how late it was, so Harry quickly made it to the first window. There was an older lady with short gray hair standing behind the glass. She pulled the barrier back and asked for Harry’s order, “Um, medium fries and six nuggets please.” Harry payed for the order, and took the bag that came through the window in his hands. He thanked the lady and pulled off toward the exit, handing you the warm bag.

“Oh my goodness, thank you,” You thankfully told Harry. You opened the bag and plucked out a fry, popping it into your mouth. A satisfied moan left your lips as you tasted it. You don’t think you’ve ever enjoyed salt so much in your life.

Harry smiled at your contentment, “Enjoying yourself over there?”

“Yes, yes we are.”

“May I have one?” Harry reached his hand towards your bag, only for you to hastily pull the bag away from him and slap his hand, “Hey!”

“No, Harry, you may not have one! Only people who appreciate pickles dipped in peanut butter can.” Harry figured there was not use in arguing with you, he didn’t think you would let up any. On the way home, Harry enjoyed the sight of your contentment in his peripheral vision, he’s never seen anyone look at nuggets with so much love before.

You reached home in just a few minutes thankfully, you wanted to be back in the warmth of your house. You walked back through the leaves to get to your door, and hung your coat back up onto the rack once you got inside. Instead of going upstairs to your bedroom, you walked towards the living room and plopped down onto the couch. You cuddled a pillow close to your belly and scanned the room for the remote.

“Whatcha doin’, love? Don’t you want to go to bed?” Harry asked, plopping down on the couch next to you.

“Eventually,” You paused in thought, “But right now I kinda want some ice cream. The one with the chocolate chips in it…yeah, that one.”

“Of course you do.” Harry kissed you on the cheek, leaving a feeling of warmth behind. He pushed himself up from the couch and walked towards the kitchen. His bare feet made faint pitter patter noises as he walked to the freezer. Scanning its contents with his eyes, he spotted your ice cream and pulled it from the fridge, “How many scoops?!”

“Two! No wait, three!” You grabbed a blanket from beside Harry’s spot and draped it over your legs, “Now we just have to find that dang remote.”  



You and Shawn are out of hand(s). (smut)

Shower foreplay. That’s all I have to say.
Oh, and it rhymes
! Enjoy!! Xxx

You were deep in your sleep, completely unaware of the fact that you were sweating uncontrollably. You had this thing, since you were little, to heat up during your sleep, but it was worse whenever you slept at Shawn’s.

Shawn had this habit of piling up the bed with a thousand duvets, trying to make the bed more comfortable, which, honestly, was the only way you could have a nice sleep in Canada during winter time, but you always got really warm. It was something you both knew happened a lot but Shawn insisted on a ‘cozy sleepover’ like the ones you had in the beginning of your relationship. Although you didn’t notice it, the warmth of your body, that night, was exaggeratedly impossible for Shawn to handle.

He had been awake for several minutes by that moment, trying to shift and shrug on the bed to see if he could go back to his comforting and bearable sleep. Although you were still sleeping like a rock, you felt him shrugging next to you but you were so sleepy and so lazy, you decided not to move and just let yourself fall in a deep sleep again.

Shawn was already shirtless. He had woken up several times before to remove some clothes and fell back asleep instantly, but by that time, he had literally nothing else to strip and it was driving him nuts. He was laying with his back to you. You had your head against his bare back, almost glued with it due to the sweat running down his spine and the one running down your forehead, simultaneously. Your arm was still wrapped around his torso as he tried to move under your hold.

“Christ.” He cursed under his breath, moving his legs to remove the duvets with his feet, or at least push them further down to freshen up a little.

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miserable together

pairing: steve harrington x reader
warning:  none

request: okay i’ve got one for stranger things! what about steve showing up at the readers house all depressed after the breakup with nancy looking for comfort, but also ends up comforting the reader during a bad storm because she’s terrified? basically some fluff where they’re both comforting each other all night. thank you! 💖
requested by: anonymous

Originally posted by kings-of-my-heart

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Roommate Tom Holland Smut
  • Your roommate Tom, was very attractive, but you didn’t make it known that you had a huge crush on him
  • He often walked around shirtless and you would have to make sure that you didn’t stare at him too long
  • One night when Tom was supposed to be working late, you were lounging around in your underwear and a t shirt with no bra on, taking advantage of the fact that Tom wasn’t around
  • You were currently in the kitchen pulling out the pizza that you had just baked when the front door opened and closed
  • “Y/N?” Tom calls out, “Please tell me there is still some pizza left over!”
  • You hear him walk towards his room and emerge a moment later before walking into the kitchen
  • He stands in the doorway, his arms crossed over his bare chest, his gray sweatpants hanging loosely off his hips
  • Your eyes lock with his brown ones as you both scan over each others bodies
  • The small kitchen is filled with unspoken sexual tension
  • He takes a step towards you, waiting to see how you react before closing the space between the two of you
  • His lips linger next to yours before placing them against yours
  • He hesitates at first but when he realizes you aren’t going to pull away, his lips begin to move with yours
  • You feel his hands grip your waist, pulling you against him
  • The kiss deepens as your hands explore his upper body
  • Tom’s hands move along the sides of your body before coming to a stop on your waist
  • Slowly he slides his fingers underneath and up along your stomach, leaving goosebumps in their wake
  • When he gets to your chest, he hesitates a moment before, gently squeezing your breasts
  • His finger’s play with your nipples, making them hard
  • Satisfied, he pulls his hands out from under your shirt
  • Meanwhile, your hands move over his gray sweatpants, palming his erection
  • Tom slowly pulls his pants down, his erection springing free
  • You are shocked at his size but don’t say anything, instead moving to your knees
  • Your hand wrapped his length, as your brought your lips to it
  • Your lips wrap around the tip, as you move your tongue over it
  • Tom moans as you pull it out of your mouth and run your tongue along the base before placing it inside your mouth
  • Tom’s fingers curl into your hair as you move your mouth along him
  • He lets out soft moans gently tugging on your hair
  • “I’m close Y/N,” he moans as you pull your mouth away from him
  • You stand up as he reaches down towards your throbbing core
  • He pushes aside your underwear, running his fingers along your wet folds
  • His fingers rub against your sensitive spot and you let out a loud moan
  • Tom’s hands move to the back of your thighs and he picks you up and places you on the counter
  • Moving aside your underwear he lines his length up with your core
  • Slowly he pushes his length in
  • A loud moan escapes your lips as he fills up you
  • You wrap your legs around his waist as he begins to gently thrust
  • Your nails dig into his bare shoulders, leaving half moon crescents littered across his skin
  • Tom’s head is buried in your neck and his warm breath hits your skin with every breath
  • He reaches down and moves his fingers along your sensitive spot, bringing you closer to your high
  • “Tom I’m close,” you tell him
  • Tom nods as his thrust become quicker and more sloppy
  • Your walls clench around him as he releases into you
  • Heavy breathing fills the room as the two of you try to catch your breath
  • Your legs are like jello and you stay sitting on the counter as Tom pulls his pants up and hops up next to you
  • He wraps an arm around your shoulders and pulls you closer to him
  • “That was amazing,” he says
  • “Please tell me we can do it again,” you reply
  • He lets out a laugh, “Of course!”
Fireproof // Part 7

Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Part Five | Part Six

Summary: Supernatural Half Blood Boarding School AU where students are paired with a human counterpart to help them adapt to the human world outside their supernatural communities.

Shawn shakes your shoulder, knowing you were already waking up. It’s the day you would drive back to school and you don’t want to get up yet. The last two days had been the best you think you’d ever had. Shawn was playful, loving and attentive to you. For two whole days both of you laid in his room and lazily made out, explored each other with clothes on, and watched movies while talking about your lives. Sometimes things almost going too far when his hands would slide down your sweatpants and he’d make you melt under his touch.

The clock on his nightstand says it’s 4:45am. Way too early for you to even consider getting up. But Shawn’s hand on your side is persistent. It’s dark in his bedroom save for the dim ambient light from the moon shining through the large windows and patio doors on the far wall.  You roll over to face him as he shakes your shoulder persistently. “What is it?” you groan and he pulls the blanket it off your body.

“Get up with me. I want to show you something,” he whispers, holding your blanket hostage so you can’t turn over and go back to sleep.

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