Adult CPR

I just got certified in CPR yesterday with the American Heart Association. I wanted to share this information with you, because a lot of what we see on TV is not at all accurate as to what you’re supposed to do to actually help someone. I will also post child and infant CPR at sometime! 

Adult CPR

  • Before starting CPR on somebody, look around and make sure that the scene is safe. You’re no help to anybody if you’re also hurt.
  • Kneel down on the side of the the person and hit their shoulders hard with both your hands. Shout: “Are you okay?”
    • If they’re responsive, call 911. Responsive means blinking, moving, moaning, etc.
  • If they’re unresponsive, check to see if they’re breathing. Scan their chest for only 10 seconds to watch for breath.
    • If they’re breathing normally and unresponsive, call 911.
  • If they’re unresponsive and not breathing or breathing irregularly, you will need to start CPR. Every minute that passes without CPR, the chance of their survival goes down by 7-10%.
  • Shout: “Help! I need help!”
  •  If someone comes to help you, have them call 911 and get an AED device.
    • If no one comes to help you, call 911 yourself and put the phone on speaker.
  • The person will need to be lying on a flat surface for you to be able to perform CPR on them. If you need to move them do so quickly and don’t worry about hurting them. Time is of the essence. 
  • Begin performing CPR on the person. Press down in the middle of their chest at a depth of two inches. 
    • The number one mistake that people make when performing CPR is not pressing hard/deep enough. You’re not strong enough to break bones, and if you do hear a crack you’re breaking their sternum, not bones. It’s better to have broken sternum than to be dead.
  • You want to do 30 compression reps, going at the rhythm of the song “Staying Alive” by the Bee Gees. I’m not kidding you, this is what the trained EMS tech actually told me. This is a rate of 110 to 120 compression reps per minute. Count each rep out loud.
    • Your hands should not be leaving the person’s chest in between the reps. 
    • The chest should be rising back to its original form in between reps.
  • After 30 compression reps, deliver 2 short breaths to the person.
  • Tilt their head back until their neck is hyper extended and open their mouth.
    • You should be able to watch the person’s chest rise with your breath. If it isn’t, you’re not breathing hard enough.
  • After the 2 breaths, resume the 30 compression reps.
  • Continue alternating 30 compressions with 2 breaths until an AED device arrives, or emergency services arrives. 
    • If someone is there with you who also knows CPR, they can switch with you after the 2 breaths. Compressions are exhausting to do.
    • If an AED device (pictured below) does arrive, open the box and turn the power on. The device will literally give you instructions as to how to use it. It essentially is an automated shock device that tries to restart the person’s heart.
to love someone broken [2]

Summary: Everyone finds out how you know the metal-armed assassain. || alpha!bucky barnes x omega!reader || multi-chapter

Warnings: Angst (?)

Notes: Thank god for @retroasgardian, I’m sorry this is late!!! 1.3k words


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is it just me or eskild's speech to linn was julie saying goodbye and somehow explaining herself to the fans? (noora=julie, linn=us, eskild= julie's spokesperson) like the whole thing about noora loving them even if she doesnt show it and noora dating william even if they dont like him could be a parallel to julie writing things we dont always like and julie loving us even if she doesnt always listen to us and our requests.. plus the whole "what we gonna do now without noora" (=without skam)1/2

(2/2) and the answer “we’ll be the there for each other”, the fans will be there for each other, it’s us against the world now bc now we know we all have something in common, we all have a “shame”

you both sent these the other day really close to each other and i forgot to answer.

i think (and hope) that you’re right. this season, i really felt that julie was mocking us the anti nopehelm folks and it made me really sad. but i felt that too watching that clip. the fact that eskild and linn don’t think noora should date dickhelm and that they don’t want the show (noora/kollektivet) to end but they’ll be there for each other…made me very emo

i hope this is julie wearing that “no hard feelings” top that sana wears.

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hi !! writing prompt for mccree/reaper/76 who's fem so is unhappy with their body and needs motivation to eat better and work out ? thanku <3 sorry this is v specific !!!


  • He will be your cheerleader, encouraging you whenever you start to get the idea to work out. He wants you to be happy and he can see this is they way to go with it.
  • He’ll swear off smoking to stumble through with you, the two of you making changes to be healthy.
  • The two of you grumble for a bit, unused to the changes, but quickly get into it. Eventually, you’re both happy as you begin to see the results of them.


  • He adores you and if you want to get healthy he’ll do anything to help you achieve that. Even if it means dragging himself out of bed at six to go running with you, he’ll do it.
  • He doesn’t need food the same way you do but he’ll do his best to keep you healthy, gently reminding you whenever you’re about to eat something unhealthy.
  • He does know you’re an adult and will keep that in mind, you have the choice to give up. But he’s so proud of you when you keep with it, your chest growing warm as he praises you.

Soldier 76

  • He gets a little too enthusiastic, planning a training regime for you. He eventually tones it down when he figures out that you can’t keep up with a super soldier.
  • He gruffly encourages you, reminding you that you need to change to see change. Whenever he sees you get down he’ll pull you aside, reminding you that he’s there for you.
  • When you start to see progress, you excitedly paddling towards him to show how much weight you lost, he tells you that he’s proud of you. The conviction to carry through your word takes a lot.

Imagine becoming best friends with Luke. You’ve been working together for months, and every day that passes, you become closer and have more fun together. The rest of the cast even mentions that doing a scene with both of you immediately becomes more lively and fun. Even on your days off, you send each other silly texts and videos.

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baby-were-the-aromantics replied to your post: I didn’t really enjoy the episode. In fact, it…

The though that its all a fake out and shes going to be okay is the ONLY THING keeping me sane at this point

You and me both, you and me both. I’m about 95% certain, but the 5% are killing me. And even then, that kind of violence better have a big pay-off for her character.


Grace: Archie…

Archie: This child is going to ruin both of our lives, Grace! You can’t…we can’t have a child running around. You need to get rid of it!

Grace: I can’t…you can’t expect me to do that…

Archie: Then I want nothing to do with you or that thing!

Grace: I can’t believe I’m hearing this…I want you to leave. Now!

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DUDE I JUST GOT MARRIED!!! I married my wife two weeks ago!!!! We both wore our mothers' dresses and we chose each other's veils. I'm usually pretty stoic, and she tends to be very emotional, but I was the one who started sobbing like a damn fool during her vows and halfway through mine. I've never been happier, I'm so glad I get to be with my best friend forever. I just love her so much I'm gay as fuck okay bye

aaaaah I’m so weak to marriage-stories, I’ll probably never get married myself but I wish all the best for those who decide to do so and CAN do so ! I hope the years will be kind to you both, say hi to your wife for me ! \o/

Imagine walking down the street when you see Chris coming towards you. You hear a screeching metallic noise coming from the building above you - glancing up, you can see someone’s window air conditioner is about to fall. You call out to Chris, but he can’t hear you - he’s on the phone. You run towards him, shoving him out of the way as the a/c unit smashes into the ground he was just standing on. You both lay on the ground in each other’s arms, shocked by what just happened. The first thing he says is thank you, and that he’ll never forget the woman who saved his life.

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My relationship isn't anything special! (Big space convo!)

So, it just occurred to me… That really, the way daddy and I are towards and with each other isn’t anything special.

Like, it’s just how you act when you care about someone, right? You talk and listen. You grow and change. You remind each other every day that you’re both loved, and that you’re both good people who deserve to be loved. We love spending time together and just genuinely enjoy each other overall. When we argue, we say sorry and both mean it.

And we never stop trying to give each other butterflies, which really only takes an, “I love you so much I’d…” Haha…

Anyway, like… This is how love is supposed to be.

This isn’t anything special or magical; it’s the way things are supposed to be, and we’ve just both had such shit relationships in the past, to us this feels like fucking sorcery, haha, which is sad, but true. Doesn’t make it any less amazing in my opinion though.

Did we both come from abusive relationships that have warped our standards so much that an okay relationship is one where we don’t get into screaming matches where someone may or may not get it hit? Yes. Sad. But true.

Does that make our relationship any less amazing? Fuck no. Like… It’s not just a shit relationship that seems okay because of our past, it’s something amazing.

What sucks is that we aren’t the norm, you know? All my friends are having major relationship issues and are just overall not with people that treasure them the way you should your lover. And I know they aren’t as happy as I am, and that makes me feel so fucking sad and guilty because this is how things SHOULD be.

TLDR; “At least the don’t hit me” is not the standard of a relationship. “They make me laugh more than they make me cry” is not the base starting point of being a good relationship. “They make me feel safe/loved/wanted/needed” is the standard. And not just one of those, all of them. I didn’t just write this to brag about how awesome my daddy is. I wrote this because this needs to be said more. Do not accept mediocrity. Just because it’s the norm doesn’t make oh okay. You deserve the world.

Side bar: As I’m typing this, my king is sending me messages talking about how he can’t wait to get home and hear my voice. Telling me I’m his goddess. That he loves me more than anything. And we can do whatever I want tonight. I’m totally not tearing up, lol. And I feel the exact same way. There’s balance and peace and a level of understanding I never thought possible. THIS. This is love. This is how things are supposed to be.

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I totally get Katara being mad at Zuko when he joined them, but did you think it was kinda unfair, because Zuko never said he was joining them back in Ba Sing Se, she just assumed he would, but still I get it, her being mad, however I do think her blaming Zuko for the death of her mother was unfair, because that had nothing to do with Zuko, she just connected and threw all her anger at him, and I just loved how Zuko took it, all of it, her attitude and her anger and tried his best to fix it.

I mean, it’s no secret that I don’t think highly of the writing in Season 3.

I don’t think it was unfair at all. At least not the way it was presented in “The Western Air Temple”.

Here’s what Katara says at the end of the episode, when she threatens him:

“You might have everyone else here buying your … transformation, but you and I both know you’ve struggled with doing the right thing in the past. So let me tell you something, right now. You make one step backward, one slip-up, give me one reason to think you might hurt Aang, and you won’t have to worry about your destiny anymore. Because I’ll make sure your destiny ends … right then and there. Permanently.”

Katara had been Mama Bear-ing Aang ever since she metaphorically gave birth to him in the very first episode.

She wasn’t angry because he didn’t join them, Katara was angry because Zuko’s choice in “The Crossroads Of Destiny” got Aang killed. Not injured, not hurt, actually killed. And if she hadn’t had that Spirit Water, the one she offered to heal Zuko with, Aang would be dead. Forever.

So, no I don’t think her anger at Zuko in “The Western Air Temple” is unfair.

The problem is that this never gets mentioned again. Probably because it would’ve made her feelings towards Aang even more explicitly motherly.

The very next episode she lets Zuko take Aang on a field trip? Like, literally, right after threatening him, the very next episode, she lets Zuko whisk Aang of to fuck-knows-where, for fuck-knows-how-long?

But, lol, this is Season 3, where the good writers get their scripts revised a hundred times because they’re “too shippy” and the bad ones get to write ¾ of the series finale.

The thing about the way Katara got angry at Zuko in “The Southern Raiders” is that it had a very clear trigger: the fact that she had to see her dad walk away. Again. Because of the Fire Nation. Again. And why is the Fire Nation there at all?

Zuko: “Go ahead! I’ll hold them off. I think this is a family visit.”

So, I think that, in Katara’s head, even though Zuko says that he’s cut ties with his homeland and family, he still manages to bring their evil to them, to her, personally.

So, yeah, I agree with you, she was projecting.

And it is really interesting, isn’t it? Zuko is, aside from Hakoda, the only character shown actually addressing Katara’s anger. Aang goes all ‘kicked puppy,’ so she swallows it up, Toph escalates the situation to a point, then one of them walks away until they calm down, Sokka, I think though years of practice, simply ignores her until she works it out on her own, and Suki hasn’t been around enough for us to see anything of her on this point.

Zuko is the only one who actively works, both on his own, and with her, until they reach the root of the problem, and solve it.

No one has, at any point during the show, put that much effort into Katara’s mental health and emotional well-being. No one but Zuko.

But, lmao, bryke said: ““Zutara” never would have lasted! It was just dark and intriguing.” So we clearly gotta take a known liars’ word above our own eyes and ears, and completely disregard the themes of the show, the personalities of the characters involved, and the way the narrative was set up.

You know, like they did.

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hey so ive found that ask with that anon saying they were bi and catholic and as someone who was both let me bring you in on a little secret: Dont come out to your parents. Move away, stop practicing Catholicism in a church if youre openly bi. Your family can make your life hell if you tell them, and its not even a sin to be gay. The saying "God prefers good people over bad christians" applies to Catholicism, and as long as youre good person gods not gonna care that you suck dick


i kinda like ! being a femme boy ! i used to think other boys wouldn’t wanna date me (and that other femme boys wouldn’t be interested !) if i was femme ! i’m not totally femme (which is fine if i was) but i’m def not masc and it’s weird like learning which side you’re on (or both if you navigate thru both !) but now that i can kinda see where i am i think i can have more fun with myself !! and to be comfortable being a bisexual femme boy at that !