“Yes, of course we still love her, and we’re always thinking of her…”

“I know you both needed someone who knows what you’re going through…”


Emotional Steven Universe episodes come out so fast I can’t draw fanart of it quickly enough !!  This one though… Wow…. _(:‘3 」∠)_

Venge and Snape walk into a bar.

They don’t say a word. They sit at opposite sides of a creaky booth and share a bottle of REALLY nice Corelian Brandy, and a bottle of REALLY NICE Firewhiskey, they glare at the universe. When they stand up to leave ONE of them snarks “I’m so glad we had this chat.” And that’s it. They never speak or see each other again.

When Venge gets home, there’s a bottle of Firewhiskey waiting for him on the counter of his apartment. It’s unlabeled. 

When Snape gets back to his rooms, the day after the Fall of the Dark Lord (as the tabloid rags are calling it.) there’s a bottle of Corelian brandy there. There’s a note, but all it has is a smiley face on it. 


Cover by ThePandaTooth on YouTube

Been listening to this on repeat for hours as I draw

Today is the three year anniversary of its first episode and I can never be more thankful for a show. Steven Universe has helped me love myself, while making friends. I personally suffer from multiple learning and speech disorders, so it is been difficult to communicate with others and love myself when my peers tell me that I am dumb. This show teaches lessons that basically say no matter who you are, you deserve to be loved and appreciated. Plus, Steven Universe influenced me to cover songs in a chip-tune tone (8 bit, to be specific). Thank you Rebecca Sugar and everyone else who is a part of SU! Anyway, enjoy this cover that helped me relax for a bit  :)


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