Venge and Snape walk into a bar.

They don’t say a word. They sit at opposite sides of a creaky booth and share a bottle of REALLY nice Corelian Brandy, and a bottle of REALLY NICE Firewhiskey, they glare at the universe. When they stand up to leave ONE of them snarks “I’m so glad we had this chat.” And that’s it. They never speak or see each other again.

When Venge gets home, there’s a bottle of Firewhiskey waiting for him on the counter of his apartment. It’s unlabeled. 

When Snape gets back to his rooms, the day after the Fall of the Dark Lord (as the tabloid rags are calling it.) there’s a bottle of Corelian brandy there. There’s a note, but all it has is a smiley face on it. 


Cover by ThePandaTooth on YouTube

Been listening to this on repeat for hours as I draw

Sometimes I randomly think about this post that had been in the un//charted tag like two weeks ago. This person said something along the line like Nate hates Elena in the games because she (always) held him back. 

And honestly, the next time I hate someone I just do it like Nate. I spend a good junk of my life with them as well. I’ll work with them. I’ll buy a house for us. We’ll get a dog. And to show the world how much I hate this person, we’ll get a child. 

I mean, if this doesn’t show how much I hate that person then I don’t know. 

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Name: Rebekah

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Straight

Star sign: Leo

Height: “5'2”

Hogwarts house: Hufflepuff

Favourite colour: Purple

Favourite animal: Dparrow

Current time: 11:27 am

Cats or dogs: Both

Favourite fictional characters: Thorin Oakenshield (the Hobbit), Shiro (Voltron), and Katara (ATLA).

Number of blankets I sleep under: 2-3, depending on the temperature.

Favorite singer/band: Switchfoot

Dream trip: England

Dream job: Fantasy author

When has this blog hit it’s peak: Not yet I suppose

Why did you decide to get Tumblr: I kept seeing screenshots of posts on Pinterest and I thought it would be fun to join

When was this blog created: a while back…..

Why did I pick my URL: Alice is one of my original characters and the word aviatrix sounds badass.


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