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Hiii, if u don't mind, I'd like to hear your opinion/perspective about this-Do you think TV Shadowhunters will ever explore more of a romantic relationship with Jace and Alec? Like they are setting Malec up to be the endgame it seems (which is fine too bc I like them) but the Jace and Alec romantic storyline could have great imo!! Especially because of the chemistry between Matthew and Dom..

nah the shows never going to explore a romantic relationship between jace and alec past what they’ve already done. malec is endgame, both in the books and on the show, and tbh i’m glad it is, i love that relationship. but i love jalec too, just in a different way.

i’ve always stipulated the the biggest draw to jalec for me is their relationship as it is - as parabatai, as best friends, as soulmates, etc. the romantic side of it i barely think about tbh. is it interesting? yes. i will always love a good pining, unrequited love story with some forbidden romance (since parabatai are forbidden to become romantic by the clave). jalec in that sense has all the makings of an intense and angst filled story, but that won’t be explored on the show. which imo is perfectly fine, i don’t need nor necessarily want it to be. 

i enjoy what we got on the show tbh. alec pining, his real and canon romantic feelings for jace, the struggle he had with it and what he would do for jace versus what he wouldn’t. his reaction when confronted by everyone (bc magnus, izzy, clary, and jace himself were all aware of alec’s feelings towards jace) was at times funny (clary) and at all times absolutely heartbreaking (jace). he was struggling to come into his own as a gay shadowhunter and accept that about himself in this society. he struggled with his feelings for jace and jealousy of clary. he struggled with jace, at times, treating him like a “lap dog” (as simon once said). it’s a beautifully complex, albeit tragic, thing, unrequited love. i think we can all relate to alec in that sense - when you want someone you just can’t have and know you will never have. 

i honestly think one of the most underrated moments of the jalec relationship shown on the show are the flashbacks. everyone loves the ceremony flashback (as do i) but i think the scene between alec and izzy where we see that, even back then, alec was in love with jace is incredibly powerful. because even with the pain he knows bonding himself to jace will bring considering he’s in love with him, he goes through with the ceremony anyway. he choses to bind himself to jace, forever, despite his romantic feelings for jace. i think there’s something so powerful in that, in alec knowing how important jace is to him, without regards to the romantic feelings, and wanting jace with him always. he knows it will hurt, and he’s struggling to come to terms with himself still, but he pushes through it because he knows he loves jace, outside of romantic feelings. he loves him and he wants to be connected with him. alec doesn’t choose to go through with the ceremony in some weird twisted way to make his romantic feelings stronger or bind jace to him for that purpose, he does it in spite of his feelings and for himself and jace and to be connected for how they already are, not what alec might wish they could be. i just… really love that. and you see too jace’s absolute joy and excitement that they’ve passed their last trial and can become parabatai. jace wants alec tied to him, he wants that bond. he loves alec so intrinsically he wants alec to have a piece of him and for alec to be a part of him.

and that flashback with izzy i think is also the ultimate answer to your question. izzy tells alec that one day someone will love him but to not give up on his parabatai bond with jace. and that’s how the show is - jace and alec are bonded, but alec is falling in love with magnus and that is who he’s going to end up with. and i think that’s the furthest exploration of a romantic jalec you’re ever going to get, and i kind of, well, i like it. 

i do also appreciate that matt and dom though have researched this concept. as dom said, “ [Matthew and I] even looked back into kind of the origins of the word “parabatai,” where they come from, and this, that, and the other. And we ended up going back as far as the Greeks, and [them] moving and fighting alongside other soldiers in such an intimate sense, was very heavy through Greek mythology, folklore, and Greek history. So we looked quite heavily into that and developed our own modern take on that. ” and they would’ve looked into that, the physical romances that did happen there, and the bonds shared. and i think they work to bring a bond and level of intimacy and tactile-ness to jalec. i think this is a large part of why dom plays jace looking so broken every time he fights with alec, and alec in 109 we see the pain it causes him to say no to jace. i think matt and dom do a good job of bringing that intensity, and absolute heartbreak when the fight, to jalec. you can feel their bond at times and how much they truly rely on each other/need each other. you heard it in the way jace didn’t care what happened to him in 203 as long as he could help alec, in the broken way he whispered “please don’t leave me, alec.” and then the look jace gives alec when he sees he’s alive and the look alec gives jace when he sees him in front of him - that is beautiful. matt and dom truly do bring a level of intimacy and profound love to them. you can see, feel, how important they are too each other, the way that they love each other deeper than any human bond.

my only… annoyance with the romantic jalec portrayal is that they’ve started to completely ignored it now. yes, we saw it again in the flashback, but the showrunners have doubled down on using the word brother every other sentence to try to distance it now (not that i will ever deny that jace is alec’s family. and also part of the lightwoods), and alec seems to be completely over his feelings for jace and is solely focused on magnus. would i like the show to explore that sometimes? yes. but not in a make jalec canon way. in a conversation maybe between alec and jace about those feelings, about alec pushing forward and moving on, and about jace being happy for him. something that was so beautiful to me was the way jace knew about alec’s feelings, but nothing changed. he still loved alec, he still hugged alec, he still wanted to be bonded to alec, he still told alec he loved him. they were still tactile. jace still rushed to make sure alec was okay after he was attacked by the forsaken. jace still couldn’t live without alec. jace still looked completely broken when alec said no to him and didn’t come with him. and i think there’s something so beautiful about jace, a straight man (i do believe he is canonically outright said to be straight in the books), knowing that his best friend is in love with him but not letting it change a single thing.

i think in a lot of ways i actually consider jalec a romantic friendship. they love each other unconditionally, they’re tactile with each other, they’ve sworn their lives - their souls - to each other, they’d die for each other, they are, quite literally, soulmates, etc. and romantic friendships are so important imo, and they’re neither below nor above a romantic physical relationship (i.e. malec) imo - they exist on an equal plane of importance. i think people underestimate, constantly, and society enforces this, the uniqueness of friendships and romantic friendships versus relationships. and i love the essence of who jalec already are to each other in that sense. there’s no denying that they’ve dedicated their lives to one another, that they’d lose a piece of themselves without each other, that one dying would inexplicably and forever change the other and kill a part of them. the parabatai vows are strikingly similar to marriage vows and i think that’s important - in both senses you are choosing to bind yourself to this one person and dedicate a life to one another. that’s what parabatai’s are. it’s a friendship but it’s also so much deeper than that. it’s pure love and the power of choosing your soulmate.

so if anything, i want that explored more. i want this romantic friendship explored and their bond explored. i’m in love with the idea that your soulmate does not have to be your romantic partner, it can be your friend. alec and jace stood together and bound themselves together, knitted their souls together in a way that forever changed them. alec is jace’s soulmate and jace is alec’s soulmate. that’s an indisputable fact. now in my head and in fic and with my friends to i explore the nature of that being romantic beyond friendship at times? yes. but i don’t need it to be, i don’t want it to be on the show, and the show is never going to go that route. and i think that’s fine. matt and dom do have good chemistry together, and what i want to see is their parabatai bond, them being soulmates but not romantic, explored. but we all know that this is not the best show, especially writing wise, so i work with what we have. 

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1. coke or pepsi: I don’t like soda.
2. disney or dreamworks: Both are good, but Disney.
3. coffee or tea: Tea.
4. books or movies: Both! But the book is always better than the movie.
5. windows or mac: Windows.
6. dc or marvel: Both, but much more Marvel.
7. x-box or playstation: PlayStation 3 cause I’m lame.
8. dragon age or mass effect: I’ve never played either.
9. night owl or early riser: Depends on the current work cycle, I’m working nights, so night owl.
10. cards or chess: Ehh, cards I guess.
11. chocolate or vanilla: Chocolate-vanilla swirl
12. vans or converse: Converse.
13. lavellan, trevelyan, cadash, or adaar: Are those… ships? I have no idea.
14. fluff or angst: Angsty fluff!
15. beach or forest: I live in the forest but I love the beach, too.
16. dogs or cats: I’m a cat person.
17. clear skies or rain: Partly cloudy with a chance of rain. I love that smell in the air.
18. cooking or eating out: Cooking, cause I’m broke.
19. spicy food or mild food: Ah! Milld, I’m a wuss about spicy stuff.
20. halloween/samhain or solstice/yule/christmas: Oh, both are awesome holidays that are so fun to decorate for!
21. would you rather forever be a little too cold or a little too hot: A little too hot, I hate being cold, and it’s just a little.
22. if you could have any superpower, what would it be?: Teleportation and an ability to learn the language of wherever I was.
23. animation or live action: I love animated things, but live action is so amazing.
24. paragon or renegade: I’m not sure wtf this is but paragon?
25. baths or showers: Usually a shower, but I do enjoy a nice hot bubble bath.
26. team cap or team ironman: Team, why can’t we just get along? (teamcap)
27: fantasy or sci-fi: Space fantasy!
28. do you have three or four favorite quotes, if so what are they: Damn, “Sometimes people are beautiful. Not in looks. Not in what they say. Just is what they are.” “Come along, Pond.”
29. netflix or youtube: I don’t have Netflix but I am seriously considering dropping cable for it. Also YouTube is awesome.
30. Harry Potter or Percy Jackson: Harry Potter!
31. when you feel accomplished: When my house is all clean clean.
32. star wars or star trek: Star Wars, (she says as Episode VII plays in the background.)
33. paperback or hardback: I love hardcover books.
34. horror or rom-com: RomCom, I don't like most horror, I get to into it all and get legit scared.
35: Tv shows or movies: Either, both, all of it. I love a good story.
36. spotify or pandora: Pandora
37. zootopia or inside out: Oooo… The Secret Life of Pets.
38. favorite book: The Mortal Instruments Series, including The Infernal Devices and The Dark Artifices.
39. favourite flower: Lilies.
40. what field of study are you in (or aspire to be in): In June I will complete my associates degree in Early Childhood Education. 
41. song lyric you really love? "Wear me like a locket around your throat, I’ll weigh you down, I’ll watch you choke. You look so good in blue, you look so good in blue.“ "We found Wonderland, you are I got lost in it, and life was never worse, but never better.” “And I slept in last night’s clothes, and tomorrow’s dreams, but they’re not quite what they seem.” Really all the Taylor Swifts, Fall Out Boys, and Ed Sheerans.
42. what’s your MBTI type? infp
43. what is your zodiac sign? Virgo, on the cusp of Libra.
44. what is your favourite place to go? I haven’t found it yet, I like the journey pretty well so far.
45. favorite stuff animal as a kid? Keenine, a bear with a red bow tie that my parents brought home from their weekend in Keen, NH.
46. Favourite season? Spring! It’s almost here!
47. What’s your favorite animal? Flamingos! I love me a good pink flamingo. In fact, from where I’m sitting in my living room I can see dozens of flamingos. Granted they’re all on one blanket, but still.

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  • Quentin: wow the stars are beautiful tonight
  • Eliot: yeah they are
  • Quentin: you know who else is beautiful though?
  • Eliot: *blushes* who
  • Quentin: Fillory.

ok but hear me out. the amount of strength percy’s arms have is enormous considering the fact that he could hold both HIS and ANNABETH’S weight with ONE HAND.,….,,, what I mean with this is that percy is ripped as fuck

wow the only two canon couples on the show right now are malec and lucelyn, two amazing healthy interracial relationships, built on trust and support and being there for each other and not giving up on each other no matter what happens. cassandra clare is shaking.

kuwei yul-bo

  • let’s talk about how this KID….
  • who was captured and forced to be a prisoner in a foreign place. 
  • who had no idea what the hell he was doing, spent his days locked up trying to recreate a drug that he had never created in the first place. 
  • a drug that his father, who he probably didn’t even get a chance to grieve, made for him. 
  • do you think he ever felt guilty that the drug originated as a way to protect him and conceal his power?? bc i do. his father made a mistake and instead gave him a death sentence. kuwei knew no matter what he did it wouldn’t be a happy ending. 
    • if he succeeded making the drug he would be expendable, but also people were dying bc of it and many more would if he replicated it. the amount of stress this knowledge must have caused him omg. 
  • he stalled as long as he could and pretty much accepted that someone would eventually come to kill him. 
  • he didn’t even flinch when nina looked like she was going to do it. and that’s heartbreaking. imagine him sitting there with his journals just waiting for death bc he didn’t know what else to do.
  • he delivered one of the saddest lines in CK when he was asked what he was good at and he replied “i never had a chance to find out.” bc think about it…this teenager probably had no idea who he was yet and thought he’d never live to see the day he’d find out. not even when those murder nerds swooped in and saved him.
  • they probably seemed so…different from him?? sure they were around his age but each of them had a strong sense of identity and they had each other, and that was way more than he had. imagine him trying to piece bits of himself together based on who they were
  • and he still didn’t know if he could trust them, but once again he had no choice but to??? his fate was in someone else’s hands again. bc they were just kids too so why couldn’t be tough like kaz, smart like wylan, etc etc.
  • also think about how he could hardly understand them and they weren’t even always on the same page as each other, yet he had to depend on them wow???
  • plus his crush on jesper might have been him discovering his sexuality. we don’t know?? imagine the whirlwind it must’ve been for him to finally feel safe to figure himself out and develop attachment to things 
    • drawing, boys, pranks, whatever idk
  • he just wanted to be free and validated and get a ship to ravka. 
  • and he knew something could go wrong and he could be handed over to someone else and forced to make parem, so when he saw that window of opportunity to finally kiss the cute sharpshooter, he took it!!
    • it was his one shot!!! and that was i c o n i c
  • nina’s perspective captured him perfectly. “a boy not much younger than she was, caught up in a war he hadn’t chosen for himself. a survivor.” 
  • she and matthias determined kuwei was just a kid and one of them and y’all still leave him out………okay.
Auguste preferred women. He told me I would grow into it. I told him that he could get heirs and I would read books. I was . . . nine? Ten? I thought I was already grown up. The hazards of overconfidence.
—  Laurent // Prince’s Gambit, chapter 15

get to know me (2/10} favorite animated films ☰ the last unicorn (1982)

I am a little afraid to go home. I have been mortal, and some part of me is mortal yet. I am no longer like the others, for no unicorn was ever born who could regret, but I now I do. I regret.