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it occurred to me tonight that…none of you know what I look like. which weirds me out a bit? I rant a lot on this blog and talk to quite a few of you and none of you have seen my face (except becca and jayne cause they’re stuck on this island with me) soooo here are two pictures of me awkwardly smiling after my cousins wedding. goodnight friends 🐢
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Only the first 5 tags show in the search?!?!??!??? That's life changing woah!

Yup. You can just Google info about the tagging system and it all comes up. I did a ton of research on it before I created my tagging system. Basic tagging info:

1) Tumblr only takes the first five tags of a post into account for its search. Tags only really apply to original posts, not reblogs. Tags on reblogs are for organizational purposes. Which takes us to the fact that…

2) Your own blog tracks the first fifteen tags in order to make all your posts searchable/organized. Here tags apply to both original posts and reblogs.

3) Tags have to be less than 30 characters in order to be tracked

That’s it. That’s basic Tumblr Tag info. So even if I wrote my enemies name after the 5th tag it shouldn’t show up on search or tracked tags. Sometimes it comes up on mobile but mobile is shit and I don’t claim it. That’s tumblr’s responsibility not mine.


Daiharu Week 2016 will be June 2nd - 8th.

We will be using the tags #daiharuweek and #daiharuweek2016 in addition to any other tags pertinent to your posts. Feel free to use these tags interchangeably both here on on twitter

Please contribute literally anything and everything dedicated to this glorious ship! Fanart, fanfiction, headcanons, drabbles, playlists, edits; the purpose of this week is to get our creative juices flowing and really create a community of artistic influences and content for a common interest!


Day 1: Vacation
Day 2: Memory
Day 3: Eyes
—–Alt Prompt: AU Vampires
Day 4: Memento
—–Alt Prompt: Festival
Day 5 (NSFW): Oblivious
Day 6: Regret
Day 7: Illusion

NSFW Disclaimer, contributors, and FAQ under the cut!

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“Lex gives him pain and he gives Lex everything, it’s more than worth it for not having to think.”

Fanart inspired by percybysshes‘s A regular decorated Emergency and endquestionmark‘s Gods and Monsters

Those fanfics are amazing! I hope you two like this :D