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Christmas & Chill

Bucky Barnes x Female Reader

Warnings/Contains: swearing, the defiling of the sanctity of christmas, fingering, a handjob, mutual masturbation, no actual penetration, dirty talk, cumming on the butt 

Word Count: 1707

based on the request:  Please do a Bucky x Reader NSFW Where Bucky and the reader decorating for christmas and since she’s shorter than him she has to jump or stand on her tip toes and her skirt hikes up while decorating the tree and that turns Bucky on and SMUT happens

kind of adapted it slightly and also added some ariana grande cause i love her and why tf not??

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Title: Captains of Light and Shadow (1/?)
Word Count: 2000
Rating: Teen

Author’s Notes: This was completely inspired by the beautiful sketch by eatencrow, which I pictured below. I’ve been meaning to write something for this picture for a looooong while now. Thank you to scheherezade06 for the beta and to eatencrow for allowing me to use your work as my inspiration. (I know that there is another fic out there based on this work, but I haven’t read it and hopefully, our stories are different enough but still serve the artwork well.)

She hasn’t seen Killian Jones in years.

Once upon a time, they were friends in the Naval academy. He was the only person that knew she was from royalty, which was her carefully hidden secret in order to attend Naval training in the first place. She had to attend in a different kingdom, Princess Emma was too recognizable for her to attend in her own kingdom.

Swan, he called her affectionately in public, instead of anything remotely that had to do with her true title.

Jones, she always responded with an eye-roll at his attention, secretly enjoying it, but never knowing how to proceed. The inexperience of youth and a new life making her hesitant to return his affections.

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