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I Can’t Watch You Die | Barry Allen

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After visiting his father in prison Barry finally returned home. There was a soft glow coming from the area of his bed, a sign of him that Y/N was still asleep, which he was extremely glad about because she had been made to work late nights by her boss so she was lacking sleep.

He switched the power back on and finally realised there was someone sitting in his second favourite chair, Bruce Wayne. They exchanged conversation though Barry tried to keep their voices low so they didn’t wake his exhausted girlfriend. He tried to deny every one of Bruce’s claims of him being a meta, but after learning of Bruce’s alternate identity, Barry agreed to join the team, specifically because he needed friends, a fact that both his father and Y/N constantly reminded him of.

Bruce allowed Barry time to collect what he needed and went to wait for him outside, so Barry took the chance to get into his bed where Y/N was sleeping.

Y/N was woken from her dream at the feeling of familiar arms being wrapped around her, she turned and smiled seeing Barry.

“Hey sleepyhead, I have to go.”

“Go to save the world?”

He chuckled “yeah, to save the world.”

Y/N smiled and rested her hands on Barry’s chest, “Stop right there, I’m in.” She smiled and hopped out of the bed, already dressed in her casual clothes.

Making Barry sigh as he knew he wouldn’t be able to talk her out of this, “Babe, I don’t know if Mr Wayne wants this.”

“Doesn’t matter, wherever you’re going I’m going!” She yelled as she jumped around the room packing her things.

Bruce grew impatient and burst back into the warehouse, “Barry I’ve given you more than enough time, we need to go.”

Instead of the raven haired boy Bruce was shocked to face a girl.

“Um who are you?”

“Y/N, I’m Barry’s girlfriend. Daughter of Hades to be exact, therefore a demigod.”

He nodded and looked down to see her duffle bag “oh you’re coming with us?”

“Yes. Indeed. My powers can help you in your quest to save the world.”

Bruce sighed and looked Barry who held his hand together begging Bruce to allow his girlfriend to come.

“Alright, fine. Let’s just go already.”

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The moment Hajime’s mother got the call both, he and his father, were on high alert. Hajime watched his mother’s face twist into sadness the longer she was on the phone, only nodding here and there while she was listening to the person on the other line.

“Of course. We’ll be over soon.” With a few words of goodbye his mother finally lowered the phone from her ear and Hajime could see tears forming in the corners of her eyes. He was almost too afraid to ask.


Eyes, that were so similar to his own, stared into his and swallowed down the forming lump in his throat, not in the least being prepared for what his mother was about to say.

“That was…Tooru’s mother.” She said in a quiet voice. “You know, how her father has been in the hospital for a few days now. It’d looked like a common cold, but…”

Hajime didn’t need to hear anymore. Instead he lunged for his phone and unlocked it to see, that he had a few missed calls and message he hadn’t yet read, since he had only gotten up about half an hour ago.

All of them were from Tooru.

He briefly skimmed through the messages. It was the last one he had received, that got him to leave the house without any food in his system and with his pyjama pants and sweat shirt still on.

[‘Pls Hajime. I need you…’]

He ignored his parents calling after him.

“Hajime.” Tooru’s mother looked like she hadn’t slept at all, bags forming under her eyes and the area around them red from the crying. But she still tried to smile at him. “If you’re searching for Tooru. He’s in his room.”

He didn’t run upstairs immediately, but wrapped his arms around the fragile looking woman and held her tight. He could feel her shaking against him and how she was trying to hold herself together.

“I’m so sorry.” Hajime whispered in a hushed voice, rocking them from side to side slightly. Tooru’s mother had always felt like a second mother to him, ever since he had gotten to know her.

After a few moments she slowly pulled away and lifted her hands to cup his cheeks, smiling at Hajime with still watery eyes. “You’re such a wonderful boy, Hajime.” But before he could say anything, she gave him a light shove in the direction of the stairs. “Now go, I know you want to see him.”

Hajime was hesitant to do the first step, but then Tooru’s father stepped into the hallway and his hand was placed onto his shoulder. His eyes didn’t look any better than his boyfriend’s mother’s.

“I’m sorry for your loss.” He spoke with what he hoped was some sort of confidence in his voice, but he wasn’t sure.

“Thank you, son.” Tooru’s father hugged him shortly with one arm wrapped around his shoulders, which Hajime reciprocated without even thinking.

While he made his way upstairs, he could hear his parents arrive. But his mind was already fixated on the path ahead and it broke his heart to hear quiet sobs and whimpers erupt from behind the closed door to his boyfriend’s room.

He didn’t think about knocking, rather turned the knob in a quiet gesture and entered the room with soundless steps.

His eyes immediately fell onto the figure sitting on the bed. Wrapped up in a blanket. Knees drawn to the chest. Shoulders shaking due to the sobs wracking through the figure’s lean body.

No words were spoken when Hajime walked over and gently sat down on the bed. He reached out to the sobbing boy with a goal set in mind, wrapped his arms tightly around a body, that usually was the source of unstoppable strength but now felt small and fragile in his hold.

The moment his hands touched Tooru’s skin, the crying boy threw himself against his boyfriend. Fingers clutching onto his shirt like his life depended on it and heavy sobs erupting from his mouth.


Said boy didn’t say anything, but merely turned his head and kissed the top of Tooru’s head. Nuzzling his nose into the soft, brown locks. He could feel Tooru wanted to say something. So he kept quiet and gave him time.

“I…I should have visited him more often…” It finally broke out of Tooru. “I should have listened to his stories…Should-Should have told him more how much he means to me…I-I hadn’t even visited him since last week, because of exams and practice…I’m…I’m sure coach would have understood if I’d told him…I feel…feel like I just left him hanging…alone…especially after grandma…”

“That’s not true.” Hajime finally spoke up as he rubbed soothing circles into the lower back of his boyfriend. “Your grandfather knew how much you meant to him. He’d always light up every time we came over to visit.”

“But that-”

“Was always the highlight of his day. Just remember how he’d always make sure that we’d have everything we needed. How we ate ice cream together during summer. Or how we would walk with him and his dog back then. Tooru.” He gently lifted his boyfriend’s chin to make the other look at him. “Your grandfather loved you and I’m sure he knows how much you loved him. And if your tears don’t prove, that you cared and still care, then I don’t know what would.”

Tears were still swimming in Tooru’s eyes and Hajime made sure to gently wipe the ones on his cheeks away as he leaned forward, to press a gentle kiss against Tooru’s forehead.

“…Why do you always…always know what to say, Hajime?” Came the whispered question after moments of silence.

“That’s my job.” Hajime replied easily, carding his fingers through Tooru’s soft locks. “Making sure to dry your tears and put a smile back onto your beautiful features. I promised that not only to your parents, when we told them about us, but also to your grandfather.”


“While you were playing with Takeru that one summer 2 years ago, when we had just gotten together, your grandfather pulled me aside.” He remembered that moment very clearly. He’d never forget it:

“Promise me, you’ll make him happy, Hajime. Tooru’s a fragile kid even though he loves to play the tough one.”


“But I can see that you really care about him. Love him. You look at him just the way I’d always look at my beloved Mariko, when she was still alive.”


“Make sure to keep him smiling, even when I shouldn’t be here anymore one day.”

“I promise, sir.

He’s my everything!”

“And I tend to keep that promise.” Hajime directed his gaze back down, looking into shimmering galaxies of brown, while lifting his hand to brush his knuckles of Tooru’s red coloured cheeks. “For this lifetime. And beyond.”

A few heartbeats passed until the edges of Tooru’s lips started to rise, a smile forming on his features. Small, but genuine. And Hajime loved to see it.

He leaned down to press a gentle kiss onto those soft lips, that still felt a bit shaky. Hajime knew, that the hurt wouldn’t be gone by tomorrow or the day of the funeral. But he would remain by Tooru’s side, until the sadness would pass into fondness over the memories that remained.

Yes, he would keep his word.

Just like he had promised Tooru’s grandfather that one summer two years ago.

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This is for the not losers! It's like a question about the whole fandom thing? Where did the thing about Richie haven't a bad home life come from? In the book it seems his dad was okay with him but I've only read a little bit? Idk sorry


So, in the book Richie’s parents aren’t terrible, but they very much do not understand him. His dad wants to him to be more still and doesn’t really bond with him (very unlike Mike and Stan, who in the book are both super close to their fathers) and his mom even states in the book that she wishes she had a daughter instead of Richie.

As for the fandom and the movie, I can’t remember where he said it, but Finn did comment that while it isn’t seen very much in the movie, it was written in that in the movie version, Richie’s parents are drunks. 

I think that, mostly, the fandom has kind of morphed these together into the common idea that there is now that Richie comes from an abusive household. 

Also, just in general the 2017 movie, as much as I love it, did DESTROY all the good parental relationships that the Losers did have. Like, they killed Mike’s parents completely and in the book Stan is actually really close to his dad, and Ben is close with his mom (she is a little over protective but not really as much as Eddie’s and is shown to be very lovely)… like,  the only kid/parent relationships that really remain similar in the move and in the book is that Bev very clearly comes from an abusive house, Bill’s mom shuts down after Georgie dies and his dad is kind of distant, and Eddie’s mom is very emotional abusive.

I hope this helped a little, and any of the other not losers can join in if they like. I’m sure one of them could explain this better than me, anyway. 

- not eddie

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do you think stiles is a coffee person and lydia is a tea person?

I think Lydia is a coffee person who will drink tea when she wants to relax, and Stiles isn’t allowed to drink coffee (by both his father and by Lydia) but he stops listening to them once he hits college (and does so most of high school) and becomes a full-on addict who truly never sleeps for a solid two years until Lydia moves in with him after MIT and switches him to half-caf without him noticing. 


Off to Ayston.

Rosalind Clarke, your father has just died and all you can think of is money?

I suppose you and Samuel are quite a match.

As you may remember, Samuel somewhat tricked Rosalind into being forced to marry him.

He then flattered and fawned to both her and her father to get her to the altar, and ultimately she capitulated to save her reputation mainly.

Theirs is a tolerably happy marriage, but Rosalind has rolled a want to get pregnant - presumably to produce an heir so she can quit her husband’s bed.


So I saw that there’s a trophy for dying 10 times in the story mode of FFXV : A King’s Tale, so I went for it and purposely died 10 times…

Actually, make that 20+ times because I struck a dialogue gold mine with this game. Let me tell you, there’s like over 20 different dialogues for dying and for other instances so it’s hard to get the same thing twice.

And if you think Noctis is a little smartass twink, GUESS WHERE IT CAME FROM??

Noct was savage straight from the womb, but Regis isn’t taking it easy either lmao

I have more dialogues that I’ll post later!

【TRANS】 170921 [From. CHEN]

Hello~ It’s Chen~!
It’s already my birthdayㅎㅎㅎ
Time is so fast~
Is everyone having a good 2017~? I’m uploading a birthday greeting after a long time♡

I want to dig myself up today~!
So let’s begin.

I think my eyes are passed down from my mom. 
Both my mother and father have double eyelids 
But I think I look like my mom when I laughㅎㅎㅎㅎ 

Next is my nose~! I think my thick nose is from my dad. 
I recently saw a photo of my dad when he was younger
I think as I grow up, I look more like my dadㅎㅎㅎ 

Lastly my lips!!!!!!!!! 
It’s really dry lately…. Our Eris have to make sure to apply lip balm~!!! 

Thank you to my mom and dad for raising me well and healthily~ I love you~♡ 
And our EXO-L~!!! Thank you for wishing me a happy birthday 
I think 2017 was fun because of our Eris!! 
Let’s spend the rest of 2017 well too~ 
Be careful of catching a cold because it’s cold at night~♡ 


trans: andie @ fychen ϟ please take out with full credit!

People who still illogically prize Beth as the “faultless parent” to Summer and Morty after this episode really need to…. like, I don’t know, recognize that her priorities aren’t her children but herself and maintaining a relationship with her father — both at the expense of her (now ex) husband and kid’s wellbeing.

And yet people dislike Jerry because what? Rick does? Beth does? Because he’s not as intelligent as Rick, because he’s sensitive and emotional? Knows he has problems, that his family has problems, and chooses to confront them instead of pretend they don’t exist? 

People dislike Jerry because he basically does/is all the things that was straight up said to be seen as weakness by Rick and Beth in this episode? 

Rick/Beth stans will cite the Pluto episode as evidence for Jerry being a bad person/parent, but here’s the glaring difference we learned about Jerry to Beth and Rick: Jerry is capable of owning up to his mistakes, to his mistreatment (conscious or not) of others. He’s capable of apologizing, of taking responsibility for them, and of working to make things better.

But more then that Jerry is not just capable of humbling himself, (bc arguably Rick and Beth are, too, they just don’t if they don’t gain from it) he’s willing.

Jerry tries to be a good parent to his children, which is more then Beth or Rick can say for themselves — especially in light of this recent episode.


modern au halloween shenanigans 

viola dresses up as a vampire and gascoigne just puts on his priest garb. he won’t stop doing the crucifix thing. 

Five Times Gabriel Agreste Caught Ladybug in His Son’s Bedroom (and the One Time He Caught Chat Noir)

Title: Five Times Gabriel Agreste Caught Ladybug in His Son’s Bedroom (and the One Time He Caught Chat Noir)
Fandom: Miraculous Ladybug
Pairings/Characters: Gabriel, Adrien/Ladybug
Rating: Teen
Notes: mentions of sex

“Adrien, your photoshoot has been moved.” Gabriel pushes open the door to his son’s bedroom, eyes scanning the tablet in front of him. “Nathalie will send you your new schedule for—”

His gaze flickers up, locking on the blonde sitting on the edge of his bed as well as the red- and black-spotted heroine crouched in front of him. Her hands on his knees, spreading his legs wide, face mere inches from his crotch, her blue eyes are wide with fright. A bright red has stained Adrien’s face, from the tops of his ears to the nape of his neck. Neither make an effort to correct their precarious positions.

There’s a stillness that follows his arrival, and all occupants freeze as they realize the predicament they’ve found themselves in. Gabriel’s mouth drops open, questions he’s not sure he even wants answers to on the tip of his tongue, but he still feels the need to ask.

“Adrien,” he begins, “Why is there a superhero in your room?”

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Headcanon: Ask teenaged Damian about Batman Inc. and Brucie Wayne’s relationship with Batman and you’ll always receive a different answer.


“What is your father’s relationship with Batman?“
"They’re lovers.”

“Unrequited love. Father adores him, but Batman has only one passion: JUSTICE.“

"Childhood friends. Met at summer camp. My father stumbled into the woods and noticed a rather fat bat in the tree. Back then he was a little overweight, and also known as Batboy.”

“I am here to deliver the truth, and the truth shall set this city free. X-Men are real. He’s a mutant! They’re all mutants!”

“Total weebs. They were really into Inuyasha in high school. You know that one episode with the bat demons? Huge inspiration.”

“My father cares a great deal about animals, as I’m sure you are aware. Batman is half bat. That’s why he covers his face. He has bat eyes.“

"It’s a torrid affair. Batman’s secret headquarters are under Gotham harbor. My father has always had a thing about romance surrounded by fish. Sometimes he’ll get Batman to sing sea shanties.”


“Here’s the thing: Batman is actually not a man. The figure is made up of small cobbler elves. That’s why the Kevlar fits so tight.”