both the character and the actor in this case


Supercorp AU Kara and Lena are two top actresses from tv show ‘Supergirl’. Kara plays the main character, Melissa, and Lena plays the fan favorite Katie McGrath. Fans have noticed Kara and Lena’s chermistry since the beginning, stimulated by cute pictures on the internet posted by the girls and curious interviews. So the audience moves to ship the characters to ship the actresses. In a lot of cases, we’ve seen actors/actresses not being into each other, but this is not the case. Kara and Lena are in love, but both girls’ agents think that a coming out could literally destroy their careers, so it is forbitten to say a word about their love story. Until the day they realize that they cannot go on with wrong stupid think anymore, and Kara posts a picture of her and Lena kissing. #lovewins.

i’m gonna be THAT person who says this...

but most of tumblr hates la la land for the same reason they love moonlight.

take a second and imagine if the roles were reversed. if la la land was a jazz musical featuring two poc’s as the love interests and justin timberlake as the token white boy. would you still hate it then? how about if moonlight was about the story of two gay white men? would you be dragging it through the mud instead?

i feel like most people hate la la and for being white the same reasons they love moonlight for being full of poc’s.

most of the people hate la la land haven’t seen the movie. they listened to the bullshit synopsis the internet gave about la la land that it’s about “white people saving jazz music” and it’s not that at all. or saw that the cast and immediately went naaaaah.

as a poc who had dreams of being an actress when she was younger and is working in this industry now, i cried at la la land cause it as a love story about the world i love so much. i’m a dreamer. and yeah…i’m a sucker for a good ass musical and love story. but in the same breath moonlight was a mesmerizing and important movie because of what it represents. how rare it is to see DARK men of color portrayed in such a vulnerable light. how it touched on the issues of homophobia that the black community avoids like the plague. how my mother was uncomfortable watching two black men kiss but still loved the movie and the conversation we had because of it.

representation is important. no one is denying that. but a movie isn’t automatically bad just because the cast is full of white characters. hate to break it to you internet but there are talent white actors in this industry. we SHOULD call out hollywood for it’s lack of inclusion in hollywood, but for once, this isn’t the case. moonlight vs. la la land isn’t black vs. white. it’s literally just two really good fucking movies and y’all turned this into some race war. they both deserved the recognition and accolades they received.

i wish the internet would fucking watch a movie objectively or at least watch the fucking moving in general instead of being so goddamn simple and seeing black/white and labeling it good/bad. this is the best oscars line up we’ve had in yeeeeaars in terms of diversity and quality of films. 

i’m so upset that moonlight’s win is overshadowed by the academy’s screw up and it hurts that la la land is being dragged and reduced to a meme. 


being hinata is suffering

people seemed to enjoy my actor au post so here’s another one! this time with Hinata feat. Ko™

[More Actor AU!]

Reasons To Watch: White Collar

I think I’m going to start doing these now, because there are so many shows that I love to the moon and back, and I feel as if not many people know about them? Or maybe know the names, but haven’t actually sat down to give the shows a try.

As said, I’ll probably end up doing more in the future, but we’re starting with White Collar, here we go.

Brief Summary: The show focuses on a con man named Neal Caffrey, and FBI agent Peter Burke. Prior to the show, Peter has been chasing Neal for years, and finally he has kept him in prison for a few years. In the pilot, Neal breaks out of prison, and when Peter finds him, Neal manages to talk his way to getting an anklet rather than being put back in prison. (This, because he helps out with a case, and Peter realizes that he could be useful for several more in the future, seeing as he is so extremely talented, we find out as the show continues.) This is how the show gets started, and just about every episode is the two of them working on a different case, with several subplots that reaches for several episodes.

While I do believe that this show could have a better representation, both when it comes to racial diversity and lgbt+ characters, it doesn’t completely fail as many other, and way more famous shows seem to. Not to mention the fact that I can’t necessarily recall a single time that a character of color, or lgbt+ character has gotten seriously injured, much less killed. This show treats its characters very well.

Other, smaller reasons to watch:

  • The main character is hilarious, and portrayed by gay actor Matt Bomer. 
  • In the beginning, Peter is simply annoyed by Neal’s presence (entertainingly so) but as the show continues, they build a very strong and touching friendship.
  • Black, Lesbian, FBI agent Diana Berrigan is a complete and total badass -  and stays alive throughout the entire series (Imagine that!)
  • Willie Garson. That’s it. (And beyond Willie being hilarious by himself, his character is well thought out and not only funny but smart in a way that makes him go way beyond the stereotypical ‘comical sidekick’.)
  • Peter and Elizabeth’s marriage is beautiful, as well as the friendship that she forms with Neal and Mozzie (Willie Garson) Elizabeth is just a really great character.
  • Diahann Carroll is amazing, and has a recurring character, all the way from the pilot to the series finale.

In conclusion, the entire show is just extremely well done and planned out. The series finale is absolutely mindblowing and so, so clever. This show doesn’t get nearly enough credit.

Does Supernatural Have a Problem with Representation and Diversity: A Mathematical Study

At the end of season 12, another fan favorite minority character, Eileen, was killed. This has come in a long line of favorite SPN characters who were people of color, women, lgbt+, and/or disabled being killed seemingly before their time. This, like other instances with such characters like Kevin and Charlie, sparked outrage from many fans. Some called the move sexist and ableist. Many said it was not inherently bad that Eileen died, but the way it was done was disgraceful and unworthy of such a beloved character. Other fans fought back against these claims, citing that everyone dies in supernatural and that no one should be immune. Besides, others said, with more representation, shouldn’t that mean more death?

But is there actually more representation? And is the death count equal? Are we being persuaded by biases and personal agendas?

After the season 12 finale, I’ve set out to see if there is a quantifiable difference in representation, huge differences that can be backed up by numbers and not just perception. Much of this is going to cover gender and race, as those are the easiest diversity angles to notice, but I will touch upon other areas. This information was not compiled to confirm any set of biases, but instead answer these questions at the heart of the debate and anger. Some of the information complied is quite obvious, but having set numbers is vital in these debates.

The rest, which is a lot, is under the cut:

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i expected to do a rundown of book reviews before school starts but i didn’t read anything during vacation. i half-blame kdramas. i half-blame the burnt out feeling i experienced when the semester concluded. there’s that, and i’m really sorry for my main blog because it has been neglected this holiday season even if i promised i wouldn’t put it aside anymore. i’m so bad at keeping up with it. 

nonetheless, i want to share some thoughts i have about some kdramas i watched (and finished) this holiday season because i loved a bunch of them and i just want to talk about them. 

Originally posted by nammminn

1. W: Two Worlds- the first one I decided to binge-watch. the chemistry between the characters of this drama was A++ also, i took interest in it because of the world it promised in its synopsis. nonetheless, it didn’t disappoint. everything in this drama was obviously so well-though of. although i’m not a fan of the female lead character, i loved kang chul’s character and that was enough to keep watching the drama till the end. i tackled this drama expecting a romantic love story but it isn’t much of that because it’s really action and suspense packed. anyway, i realized that too late to turn back from my interest in the world in this drama. 4.5/5 

Originally posted by asianfireflies

2. Cheese in the Trap- the setting of this drama is just so relatable because the characters are in college. kim go eun is an acting goddess. hats off for both park hae jin and lee sung kyung. nam joo hyuk is an adorable human once more. this drama had great acting and a great story rolled into one. it would only seem light at first but the story gradually becomes darker as it progresses. this drama gets your mind working because of how it drops its foreshadowing and all that so you know that this is a well thought out story. 7/5

Originally posted by irrational-obsessions-gottcha78

3. Oh My Ghostess- this one only started to hook me around the middle part. but i’ll say it was great to watch. i was sincerely rooting for park bo young’s character that i didn’t fancy the parts with kim seul gi’s character possessing her and seducing jo jung suk’s character– and that’s quite a lot of parts. that doesn’t mean i hated kim seul gi in this, it’s just that i really, really wanted to see things work for chef sun woo and bong sun. this show, nonetheless, challenged park bo young, obviously, because she was technically doing two roles in one drama. and she did a great job!! also, it’s impossible to not fall in love with jo jung suk who was every second lovable and adorable in this drama. i also discovered another favorite actor in this drama which is kwak si yang. 4.9/5

Originally posted by irrational-obsessions-gottcha78

(everyone needs a kwak si yang smile in their life. also, because the next kdrama i’m going to mention has si yang in it)

Originally posted by kdramastuff

4. Second to Last Love- adult romance and family drama. not a lot of people know about this drama but apparently, it aired the same time as scarlet heart ryeo and jealousy incarnate in SBS. i watched this just because of the promise that kwak si yang is in this drama. and he is!! kim seul gi being an amazing actress in this and sharing the screen with kwak si yang is a big bonus. i fell in love with him during oh my ghostess and i looked for dramas where he acts in and this is one of them. he’s the second lead in this drama and he did a terrific job in it. i’m a new fan!! anyways, this drama isn’t the usual thing to watch if you’re looking for oppas with hot bods to scream about. it’s a feel-good drama with plot twists so it’s not boring and not very light either. this is the quality and kind of drama that i hope filipino family dramas would achieve. even if it has a sad, dark back story, it is still relatable which makes it speak to audience. 3.8/5

Originally posted by dankkekk

4. Cinderella and the Four Knights- the title should be enough warning if you’re not into common and overused storylines. it already has cinderella on it so you already know what to expect right?? the story seriously reminded me of wattpad stories where a mistreated, poor, golden hearted girl’s life turns around 360 degrees because she meets this rich old man who lets her live with his super handsome and super bratty heirs. it just saddened me that it’s the case because jung il woo and park so dam who were both great actors. i think their acting was what really pulled me into finishing this series. eitherway, the other characters were too simple in a black and white way too so that didn’t impress me. i gave this drama a chance because i wanted to see if they’ll do something innovative with the cinderella concept but no. it wasn’t what i got. i continued watching it nonetheless because the acting was good, and i was looking forward to the happy ending of this drama that’s why i kept watching it. 2.5/5

some other stuff i’d like to mention: 

Originally posted by musingsofagirl1

-hwarang is still on going but i am loving it so far!! i can tell it will go down as a great story, especially with the interesting historical setting. on the leads, even if i love park seo joon being sun woo so much, i’m kind of rooting for park hyung sik’s character, sam maek jong. also, the other boys are adorable characters as well. 

Originally posted by sassy-smolder

-pls go ahead and watch weightlifting fairy kim bok joo. it didn’t really get the rating it deserved during its run but it has a promising story and great characters and talented actors. this is a very light but very well thought of drama. i talked about it on this blog a couple of times already and you’re probably tired of me saying it but go anead and marvel at the beautiful lee sung kyung and nam joo hyuk.

Originally posted by kdramagif

-goblin is a huge hit because it has a stellar cast, a stellar concept and a stellar story. i think it rose to popularity because of the leads but it is so much more than that. i’m looking forward to seeing more of this drama. huge bonus if you like aesthetically pleasing shows. i know a lot of kdramas have pretty cinematography but this one is just one of the best i have ever seen. i will always give this one a 10/10. 

Richard Armitage Reveals The 'Breast' Kept Secret In 'The Hobbit'

The Arkenstone is the object in “The Hobbit” that Thorin is obsessed with retrieving. It’s supposed to be the “heart” of the Mountain, but now we’re learning it actually resembled a very different part of the body.

Actor Richard Armitage, who played Thorin in the trilogy, recently chatted with HuffPost about his new movie, “Pilgrimage,” which he stars in alongside Jon Bernthal and Spider-Man himself Tom Holland

Like “The Hobbit,” the movie deals with a a group of travelers (in this case, monks instead of dwarves) on a treacherous journey with a priceless and possibly powerful item at the center of it (in this case, a relic instead of the Arkenstone).

Though his respective roles are very different, the actor did discuss some parallels between Thorin and his “Pilgrimage” character, Raymond De Merville, citing that “ancestry” is a pivotal word for both.

“With Raymond, his father is in decline and probably going to bow out of the game soon, and it’ll be left to him to carry his family name to glory as it were. So that’s why he needs the relic to take to the king to keep an army to get to the next crusade. I suppose with Thorin it’s similar to extend the legacy of his father and the reclaiming of an iconic stone,” said Armitage.

After asking the actor if he got to take the actual Arkenstone home from the “Hobbit” set, Armitage said he barely even saw it. But the one time he did may be sobering for anyone who also caught Thorin’s madness for treasure.

“It looked like a breast implant,” the actor said with a laugh. “They added some special effects to it.”

Yep. The most coveted item in “The Hobbit,” which Thorin and his dwarves risked their lives for, simply looked like a fake boob.

So, with the new revelation: without further ado, ladies, gentlemen and hobbits, we present the Arkenstone! 

Behold all of its enhanced but natural-looking glory. 

You can see how Armitage’s character, Raymond, fares in his journey for the relic in “Pilgrimage,” which is in theaters and on VOD and Digital HD on Aug. 11.

As for the King Under the Mountain, well, he will always be the breast.

This article originally appeared on HuffPost.

anonymous asked:

Why do you think there is this accusation against Sam that's he is selfish in the fandom? I have so many people say this and I don't get it.

I’ve seen a fair bit of it, too, in certain corners of fandom, and even general fans have some ideas about Sam that aren’t really accurate.

It starts in the first episode, and it doesn’t get better from there—because, well… SPN is a show about hunting. It’s specifically a show about the Winchesters hunting together. (Understandably, anyone who resists the ~noble profession~ of hunting is viewed with suspicion.) More than that, it’s a show that, for a number of reasons (the foremost being the first two seasons’ need to keep Sam mysterious and emotionally distant from viewers to heighten the tension of “will he or won’t he turn evil because of these strange psychic powers?”) made sure viewers cared for Sam as much as they were cautious of him.

It was a masterful storytelling decision. The tension was high. But Sam’s emotions, because of that (and they were perfectly understandable emotional responses) were often cast as wrong or excessive.

So, even aside from all that, we have Dean… in the first episode, appealing to Sam to help him find their missing father. Sam is the skeptic while Dean is the emotional appeal. Unfortunately, many people tend to eat those emotional appeals right up. 

So while it’s canon that John preeeeeetty much disowned Sam for wanting to go to college and it’s also canon that Sam always felt impure (8.21) and spent a lot of time alone and out of the loop and wondering if his father and brother were dead (11.19)… People listen to Dean’s words to Sam in 1.11 and take them at face value. 

Dean’s words, just in case anyone needs a refresher: You’re a selfish bastard, you know that? You just do whatever you want. Don’t care what anybody thinks. (But people don’t remember the conversation they both had later… or any of the “after-conversations” when Dean has cooled down from his emotional high and recognizes and verbally acknowledges that his accusations were unfair. Admittedly, that happened more often in the early seasons… the later seasons have almost none of it, which leaves the story kinda skewed.)

Dean is a fascinating character and Jensen is a talented actor, and it’s easy for viewers to take the events of the show at face value and to not do the necessary legwork it takes to realize that, while Dean’s feelings are entirely understandable and it’s more than okay for him to feel angry and betrayed…it doesn’t make his feelings true. It feels to him like Sam betrayed him and left the family, but the facts are that the separation was only permanent because Sam was told never to come back if he left.

And that’s only one case of many.

It doesn’t help that the show often displays a narrative bias that exalts and affirms Dean’s perspective. (Dean’s response to Sam “not looking for him,” Dean’s response to Sam’s reaction to the forced Gadreel possession, Dean’s response to Sam’s visions in s11—and on and on and on it goes. Those are only examples from recent seasons, but I could cite a number of examples before and after them.) 

Dean often makes assumptions based on faulty or shaky information (or simple gut instinct or bias) but the narrative supports his skepticism and condemns Sam’s faith, making Sam look at best foolish and naive and at worst selfish and unfeeling.

In short: Sam is perceived as selfish by a number of fans because it takes more effort to understand his story since, while it’s there, it’s rarely the focus, and his reasonable appeals simply don’t have the emotional weight of Dean’s impassioned speeches.

As an introvert and someone who strongly connects with Sam’s ways of expressing himself, I find Sam’s story and perspective to be extremely obvious. Through conversations with a number of fans of the show, though, I’ve come to realize that it’s not universally the case.

Daddarios live chat honestly made me feel a little better, he took some weight off my chest about the whole thing and hearing that Magnus and Alec will talk and develop even more and hearing him say that they are a healthy relationship which they are. That stupid fucking scene was just cut and edited all wrong. Sigh. But time to move forward and hope for the very best in the last 3 episodes. I think people think we’re complaining just to complain and that is not the case at all. We’re just passionate and protective over both Magnus & Alec separately and together and we want them to be treated fairly. These characters are very personal to A LOT of us. But above anything else though at least we know that we have actors who genuinely care and put their heart into it, and it’s fucking felt.


Flowers from fans for DRRR!! Seiyuu Event「DRRRash!!」6.18 -  Kamiya Hiroshi and Ono Daisuke interjecting a fight between Izaya and Shizuo 

Among the many flowers for Izaya, Shizuo, and other casts, there’s this huge flower stand that depicts an illustration of Kamiya Hiroshi (Izaya’s voice actor) and Ono Daisuke (Shizuo’s voice actor) trying to stop the fight between their characters.

FYI just in case: Izaya and Shizuo’s seiyuu are known among their colleague, and even among fans as very close partners. In the industry, they are professionally regarded as each other’s strongest counterpart, or otherwise known in Japan as the the “Golden Duo” for anything these two touch is guaranteed success. I believe the popularity of both Izaya and Shizuo as characters (and themselves, together), is in no small contribution, thanks to their seiyuu.

Images posted here courtesy of @hakotaee.


Fan reports of the DRRRash!! seiyuu event: 

Right now im anxious for BD/DVD announcement, lol.

anonymous asked:

Have you ever considered that all those looks shared between Jonsa in S6 was purely accidental between Kit/Sophie and then overlooked by the director? I think about this all the time. I was never a Jonsa fan before S6, even if I thought R+L=J to be true, thus not making them siblings. Then S6 Jonsa just came out of nowhere and I thought this chemistry can't be coincidental or accidental. I've been playing devil's advocate so I won't get disappointed in the end and I'm wondering if you are too?

I was!! Because I thought for awhile too that there was no chance Jonsa could be canon, but the longer I stay in this fandom and the more metas I read, the more convinced I am that they will be. But with that said, I do try to remind myself that Jon3erys is a very real possibility too, and I used to ship them, so I tell myself to keep an open mind and not fall into a pit of despair if JOn3rys happens. Whether I listen to my own advice or not remains to be seen ;P 

Still though, back to your first question, I want to say no. I just don’t see how a multimillion dollar production could overlook something like that. Depending on the director, actors are generally quite limited in their control over a scene. Of course they have leeway in how they portray their characters, but the directors are often there to steer them towards their vision of the scene. Have you ever watched a movie/show with great actors and thought ‘wow why the hell is this so awful? I thought they were good actors!’? They probably are but the director was probably shit and told them to act out a scene in a very dumb way. Either that or the dialogue is shit (or in the most unfortunate of cases, it’s both). 

Game of Thrones, on the other hand, has D&D at the helm, as well as a plethora of other people who will have some control over the production of each episode. They will have scrutinised each and every scene. I don’t see how so many people could watch the Jonsa scenes and not have noticed the not-so-familial chemistry between the two characters. Admittedly, not everyone sees it, but there are enough of us that do to suggest that at least a percentage of those people in charge of GoT would have picked up on it too, especially if it’s their job to notice these things. Unless, of course, the scenes were portrayed exactly as they wanted it to be portrayed. 

Again, I could be wrong, and I’ll be the first to admit I don’t know shit, but that’s just my opinion, you know? I really just don’t logically believe it could have gone unnoticed on a production as big as Game of Thrones. Maybe in other shows or movies. 

Unpopular Opinion

But as a brown person…I’m glad Naomi Scott is playing Jasmine. I completely get that the West has an issue with equating all brown people as the same, but Aladdin is a story that combines influences from both India and the Middle East (Agrabah is literally a mashup of Agra (in India) and Baghdad (in Iraq)), not to mention in the time period Aladdin takes place, both the Middle East and India frequently traded and incorporated aspects of each others cultures into their own. 

Also, if we’re going to attack Hollywood for not being more culturally sensitive when hiring POC for roles, then why do we say nothing when an African American plays an Afro-Caribbean character? Or when someone who grew up in Spain plays a Mexican or Brazilian character? Or more still, when a British actor plays an Italian character? 

Don’t get me wrong, Hollywood NEEDS to do better with its portrayal of POC with both actually getting actors of color AND being culturally aware, but I feel like in this case, it’s just anger for the sake of anger and not really a desire to address the real issue. 

anonymous asked:

Would you say the dceu treat their poc right? (Apparently justice league is going to prove they are treated 'badly')

As far as how the actors feel I can mostly only speculate, but I assume you mean characters of color, in which case I’d say the track record is not stellar.

As excited as everyone was about Man of Steel includng General Swanwick and Perry White as positive black male authority figures, I really expected more progress in BvS because Man of Steel was still very white.  The casting in both MoS and BvS is a problem because it treats non-white characters as a backdrop. Including these characters and casting this way increases the realism of the film, but without allowing those individual characters to be much more than set peices that revolve around the white heroes of the peice. We need to fix that. 

  • For example, the crowd shots during the Black Zero event were pretty diverse compared to what we’ve come to expect from both the disaster movie and the superhero genre, but those characters don’t have names, and while I think the film is directed toward the audience sympathizing with them, they’re disposable backdrop at the end of the day.
  • BvS one-ups MoS with the Nairomi incident, offering a large number of jobs to underemployed black actors in roles where the characters are slaughtered as a ploy to harm Superman. It seems like General Amajagh is a truly fascinating character, and he has some really iconic lines, but we never even know what becomes of him. Viola Davis’ husband Julius Tennon appears in that scene, too, and then never again.
  • These roles need to expand past their utility to white characters, but some of the roles listed with actors of color on imdb are “Inmate thug,” “ Nairomian Crying Woman,” “Hostage Girl,” and “Island Diver.”
  • Even when the characters of color in these films are pushed toward the center we have problems. In the theatrical cut, Kahina Ziri merely disappears once she’s served as a mouthpeice for Lex and for the film’s major themes, but in the Ultimate Edition, she’s pushed infront of a subway train. Racebending Mercy Graves was one of my favorite decisions that this film made before they decided to give her two scenes and then blow her up to show how pitiless Luthor is. The man in the Gotham tenement who delivers the “there’s a new kind of mean in him” line isn’t even listed on the imdb page.

All of this, if you ask me, is a little more disturbing given that the most hiring they did for actors of color was for a film composed almost entirely of villains. I thought Suicide Squad was really fun, and I think a lot of the criticism it gets is bullshit, but I also think that Croc, El Diablo, Slipknot, and Katana deserved better than they got from that film. At least SS seemed to propose the idea that these characters stories were worth telling and that they were just as capable of heroism as our white centerpeices.

I do think that there are reasons to be hopeful, going forward, though, and I think that arguing that Justice League will “prove” that characters of color are treated badly in the dceu is pretty foolish, considering the fact that there’s no good reason Cyborg shouldn’t be the center of that narrative, and that Aquamomoa looks like he might even pull MY focus from casting a dewy eye to the horizon for red capes.

In particular, I’d like to see much more of Deadshot, Waller, and Katana, especially using Waller as a connective fiber for the universe. I still scream a little watching her after-credits scene with Bruce. I am pretty sure Wonder Woman is not as white as it seems from the trailers, but I have a feeling it’s still not gonna be progress. They need to do a lot more racebending and include more characters of color in these stories, which is why I think fancasts that don’t go for the obvious white fave and campaigns like #keepirisblack are really significant work that fandom can do. I hope the naysayers aren’t right. I want the dceu to welcome everyone.

Hwarang and my expectations

I wish I could enjoy watching the concluding episodes of this show… Now I just want it to end so that the character I’ve been rooting for can be free of the weak depiction he has been given by the writer of this show.

I though we would get a story about a king fighting for his rightful place, with the help of the friends he made during his stay at Hwarang. Friends that would become his comrades, and in Sun Woo’s case, a brother who could help him be all he can be and aid him to establish a just and harmonious rule for everyone…

What we got is something entirely different.

Maybe I watch too many sageuk, but for me this one just failed to deliver. Specially because rendering the main character as ‘perfect’ is very detrimental to the development of the second lead -the actual important historical figure- and that is hard to watch. Maybe I should have lowered my expectations… And it is true that I knew beforehand that the king was not the main character, but still. It could have been done better. Like in Goblin, in which Wang Yeo both was the second lead and the king. I never once felt that Kim Shin’s arc negated Wang Yeo’s… Which is not the case in Hwarang.

On the bright side I got to discover new actors that I look forward to seeing in other dramas, special mentions to Park Hyung Shik. I thought he was just a pretty face and a singer, but damn the boy can act!! With the very little he was given by the writing of the drama, he managed to convey a very complex and layered character.

This drama really was a total disservice to this actor, but thankfully this very same week we’ll get to watch him perform a different role in Strong Woman Do Bong Soon :).

I’ll refrain from commenting further till tomorrow, but honestly, it’s been a while since I have been so let down by a show…

anonymous asked:

Whats say you about the Bromance between Shiro and Keith? Is their relationship familial (blood or bond), mentor/student or more?

Whooo I am so heavily biased about this for reasons but I’ll try to answer you straight. This is going to be long. (Voltron Legendary Defender Spoilers Ahead)

Originally posted by gaytakashishirogane

Keith’s very first dialogue in the entire show is Shiro’s name. It’s not said like someone who just recognizes someone and is surprised, it’s meaningful. Keith’s eyes do the shaky animation thing where the person is highly emotional. He knows him, as most of us can tell, and you are right that the question is how?

Look at his face. Anyway, moving on. 

Sorry. Not done. Shiro is dead weight here and like twice Keith’s size, how does he even manage this? Keith is also, understandably, very concerned for the changes Shiro has undergone. 

So how does Shiro react to Keith? (Who, by the way, states later that he’s not much of a hug person, doesn’t really touch the other Paladins except in emergencies, and yet initiates contact here.)

Again, it’s familiar. There’s no scene where Keith introduces himself, like the other Paladins do, and Shiro genuinely wishes he could answer Keith’s broken question of where he’d been. This isn’t just a case of hero worship like Lance, they are mutually familiar with each other from the start. 

EDIT: A nice anon reminded me of another couple of things here in this scene. 

First, Shiro’s statement here:

Sounds an awful lot like they had some kind of relationship where it would be expected for Keith to come save Shiro, if only in the way it’s said. 

Secondly, the others rescued Shiro while he was still dressed in his prisoner’s outfit:

And then later, after hiding out at Keith’s shack, Shiro has clothing that fits:

It wouldn’t have been hard for the writers to leave him in the prisoner garb and then just give him new clothes when they get to the castle, but hey, if Keith’s got some clothing for him, that works too. They’re also nowhere near the same size, meaning it could have been Shiro’s to start with. Shiro probably had to wear a vest because of his dang arms.


They also continue to be super protective of each other throughout the season:

Shiro saves his butt here, and at other times acts as Keith’s anchor and encouragement. As for Keith: 

Also, in the scene when they are training for the first time, as well as others, Keith does something reckless to defend him. (Mysteriously, no one else responds to Shiro’s absence here, nor do they say they want to help.)

Concerning your specific questions: 

  • Familial?
    • Blood?: I don’t think so. Keith is stated to be an orphan, so even if they messed up the ages enough where it was physically possible, Shiro’s not his dad. I don’t think he’d be a blood brother either, for the reasons outlined in the next point.
    • Bond?: Family is a running theme in this show, Pidge’s and Lance’s being key points to who they are as people. If there were a brotherly bond between these two, in the case that they were raised together, there’s plenty of opportunities for this to have been mentioned. None of the other pilots (looking at you, Lance, Mr. “Shiro is my hero” and “Keith is my rival”) mention anything about Shiro having a brother, and as famous as he is, you’d think someone would know. There’s also how they refer to each other, not a single ‘bro’ or referring to each other as ‘brother’ in sight. 
    • Possibility: At the outset of their friendship (or perhaps a bit later, since Keith can be prickly) Keith latched onto Shiro as someone he could actually depend on, and their interactions became deeper than friendship, like a familial bond. 
  • Mentor/Student?
    • This one holds a lot of water, the only issue being age. Dreamworks’ ‘canon’ says they are all teenagers, putting Shiro at a max of 19. For this ‘canon’ interpretation, I really can’t see Keith as younger than 17 or 18, else when he was kicked from the Garrison, he would have gone back into foster care, not given free reign to go to the desert and live in a shack. Shiro at most could have been an upperclassman (especially if Keith got held back a year for something) that helped him along. It’s a cute idea, and does explain why Keith is so ready to follow him. 
    • Ignoring Dreamworks’ current canon as as bull as making Allura’s strength stat significantly lower than Hunk’s, we’ve got a bit more wiggle room for this one. If Keith was 19 or 20, and Shiro is sitting pretty at 23 or 24, the Mentor/Student between an Undergrad and a Grad makes a lot more sense. Also the whole Kerberos deal. Just saying.
      • Quite honestly, first watching it I thought the Garrison was a trade school you went to after high school, which makes sense as they were fighting for a spot in a designation, such as fighter or cargo pilot. This would put them at early college ages, and yes, college students look like that. You remember High School Musical? Those people were played by college age people. Our perception of age is warped. (Still not over Hunk saying give it the old college try, so I’m just going with this headcanon/au/whatever.) 
  • More?
    • I’m going to be honest, I ship them. Hard. But I really don’t think, as cute as the idea is, that they were romantically involved before Kerberos. Not canonically, anyway. If they were supposed to be, neither of them (really mainly just Shiro) have acted like it. There’s the idea that that is something Shiro forgot, on top of everything else, so it’s possible, but I hesitate to think that’s the route the writers are going (also, OW WHY DO THIS TO ME?). It seems more like crushing right now, if they are putting anything in. (Doesn’t mean we can’t dream.)
    • A lot of the writers and voice actors ship Sheith. I’m not making this up: see here
    • I respect that due to some people’s headcanons about the characters, the ship squicks them out. That’s cool, we all have our own preferences. I tag things both so I can find them later and so people don’t get too uncomfortable. Please just be respectful, though, is that so hard?
    • Also, this screenshot is part of what won me over:

In any case, these two are close, and I can’t wait to see more.

The Archive Project - Complete

Editor’s Note:   Six months ago I set out to make this blog both a news blog and a fandom resource by putting all the old press, pictures, and videos into an easily searchable and navigable form.  The last marketing image posted signifies the end of the bulk of that project.  I’m sure I’ve missed some old article or picture and if I have please feel free to send me a source link so I can add it but for now the posting of old material is largely done.

So how do I use this?

Well first of all you can navigate by the search box on the blog and the blogs tags.  I’ve tried to tag everything as consistently and intuitively as possible.  I wouldn’t recommend trying to navigate by the character name tags for the main cast… “emma swan” for example would give you almost 200 pages of results.  But say “the blue fairy” or “princess abigail” are much more manageable.

For this reason there are sub tags.  You can find the interviews of a particular actor by searching their name + interview (for example “robert carlyle interview”) and it will give you both video and text interviews.  Similarly name + convention panel (i.e. “lana parrilla convention panel”) will give you just videos of the actor at conventions.  The writers are not split up so you can find A&E plus Jane all under “writer interview”.

Social media posts are just broken down by cast, writer, and crew, so “cast instagram” will give you actor instagram posts while “writer twitter” will give you a member of the writing staff (mostly Adam Horowitz or Jane Espenson, and Brigitte Hales).  You can also find all the social media for a given actor, crew, or writer by searching by their name + social media (i.e. “rebecca mader social media”) which would include all their twitter, instagram, facebook, snapchat and tumblr posts.

Pictures, both in and out of character are tagged by name + picture (i.e. “ginnifer goodwin picture”).  Please note that red carpet events only go as far back as the beginning of Once Upon a Time so you wont find pre-once material.  For reasons of consistency set spotter pictures are NOT included in the actor picture tags in case someone wishes not to see those spoilers.

Other potentially useful tags:  the casts dogs are tagged (i.e. ”lola”, “bella”, “ava”, “buckley”), as are the cars by character name plus the type of car (”emma volkswagen beetle” “regina mercedes benz”, “gold cadillac”) and if you are looking for images of Storybrooke’s signs and shops search by “storybrooke signage” for those of you interested in fan fic reference.  Hook’s ship can be found under two tags “the jolly roger” for the fictional vessel and “the lady washington” for the real vessel that plays her.  Both “the dark swan” and season 6′s split “the evil queen” have their own tags just for those breakout personas of Emma Swan and Regina Mills.

Filming notices for shooting are under “filming notice” and all set reports and the pictures from them are tagged “set report”.  The regular journalists that cover the show are tagged by their name (i.e. “natalie abrams”, “leanne aguilera”)

And of course you can search by episode name (i.e. “3.11 going home”).  Once Upon a Time in Wonderland episodes are tagged with a w in front of the title (i.e. “w1.03 forget me not”) and all material from that series is tagged “ouatiw”.

Is there another way to search this material?

Yes, I’m glad you asked.  There are also a list of what those in the historical archive world call “finding aids” that is posts that list everything for a given episode or convention or season.  Because tumblr will only let you put so many links in a given post they’ve had to be broken up in parts.  You can find them all below.  Season 6 is listed with most recent material first.  The most recent season finding aids are linked in the side bar while all of them are linked at the bottom of each finding aid.

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Once Upon a Time in Wonderland

But what if I just want to know what spoilers are happening?

Why you can look at our spoiler summary page!  It is also listed with most recent material first.  Because it’s a summary of many many different and often conflicting sources it is the only page on this site you’ll find with no source links.

Off-Model with Ian & Kyle #32: Listener Questions! [and DuckTales 2017 “Woo-oo!” Bonus Chat!]

After an accidental half-year hiatus a Movie Rat podcast is made! Namely, the long-awaited and forgotten about NEXT EPISODE of the Movie Rat Ian’s spin-off show with his co-host Kyle the Ferret: OFF-MODEL! In this episode we return with a full episode of questions asked by you, the listeners, and give our opinions on different cartoon-type topics like “are there any good crossovers?” or “who’s the best second-banana duck?”

Then, just to make up for being gone so long….and because we hadn’t talked about it–we recorded a full-length bonus show to review and discuss the pilot to the DuckTales Reboot!

….There, that should tide you over for eight more months!

Show Notes (with two answer revisions) After The Jump!

Keep reading


As a future showrunner, I’m a bit conflicted about the view Tumblr has about whether an actor has to be the exact ethnicity as the character they play.

It seems like they care most about this in the case of Asians. I certainly understand not wanting people to assume ethnicities are interchangeable (like automatically assuming Asian = Chinese, know what I mean?), but as someone pointed out, that could lead to fewer roles for Asian actors. Such as, if John Cho can only take Korean roles, that might severely limit how many roles he can play.

Plus, not only does the actor have to be the same race/ethnic group as the character, but they have to be believable as the character both in looks and in how they play them (because you could have an actor who’s absolutely wonderful but just doesn’t fit that particular part). And it gets harder to match it up depending on how mixed the character’s race is.

For instance, in the (rather ethnically diverse) show I’m currently writing, one character is fully Vietnamese. Obviously I’m going to have an Asian actor play him; if the right actor is also of Vietnamese heritage, that’d be great, but there’s no guarantee that the guy who not only fits my idea of what this guy looks like and can best portray his character will be Vietnamese.

I have several characters (a family) who are Bolivian, Potawatomi, and French, which is a very specific and uncommon mix. Obviously I’m going to search for actors of Latino and/or (preferably and) Native heritage, but here’s no way in hell I’m going to find several actors of that exact ethnic mix, who fit the parts and also look related. Oh, and one of them is also a trans woman, so I’ll be looking for a Latina and/or Native trans actress.

Do you see my dilemma here?

That’s not my only “unique” mixture, either. Finding an Indian actress for an Indian character, a Jewish actor for a Jewish character, or a Nigerian actress for a Nigerian character is one thing (although it’s not foolproof that that will happen). Finding a Thai/African American actress for a Thai/African American character or a Pakistani/Colombian actress for a Pakistani/Colombian character is another. And then, circling back, they actually have to have talent and fit the part.

I can try to get it as close as I can and definitely be within the right race (I’ve always been confused at, like, half-Mexican Marisol Nichols playing a Pakistani woman, but okay), but the chances  of getting the exact ethnicities for every character are slim to none at all.

(Note: I am absolutely open to relative unknowns playing my characters, so my pool is bigger than just famous people, but still.)

And somehow I doubt Tumblr will give a shit if my half-Italian, fully white protagonist is played by a Greek actress (submission).


I actually think Drake Bell does a good job at voicing Peter Parker/Spider-Man

Arguably one of the most controversial statements I’m making, but I actually do like Bell’s performance as Peter.

Now I know a lot of people do prefer Josh Keaton (from Spectacular Spider-Man) over Bell but I do think that, considering the material the actor was giving, I think he pulled it off quite well. (If I’m being totally honest, I actually think Keaton does a better job at voicing Shiro in Voltron then Peter, but this might be due to the fact that I’m more familiar with the former series then the latter.)

Some of you might disagree with me, and that’s fine. More power to ya. However, I will admit that do get a bit unsettled when people say that Bell is “horrible” and “can’t act”.

Okay, let me stop you right there. Drake can act. It’s just that the scripts he’s handed aren’t exactly utilising his talents. How do I know this?

Well for starters I’m currently working on an animated series myself, and I watch a lot of anime shows (plus it’s my minor after film) so I have my foot placed pretty well in this particular field. I only mention this because if you pay attention to both forms of entertainment there’s one thing that both of them have in common.

Voice direction.

Any actor, be it a beginner or a veteran, needs voice direction for the characters in a series to come to life. It’s not just the way a person sounds and how it fits a character, it’s about how they can emote and make the character feel real.

In Peter’s (or in this case Bell’s) situation, his voice direction, for the most part, doesn’t do him any justice in order to let the character emote. Bell has a lot of potential as a voice actor and I do think he can pull off a serious role if given the opportunity.

Still don’t believe me?

Go back and watch the Sinister Six Parts one and two in season 4. Bell’s performance in both episodes are SPOT. ON. Especially when it comes to the dramatic scenes at the beginning of part two.

So no. I don’t think that people should be harbouring all hate on him, because this is the fault of bad direction and choppy writing.

Do I think he’s perfect? No. But I do think he has a lot of potential for future roles if given the right direction.