both start off shy and awkward

NCT U & 127 reaction to their crush sneaking into their bed and cuddling with them


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Also, I’m going to start trying (note the word trying lol) to write my reactions a little shorter. I know I overwrite and really I shouldn’t so I hope by cutting the length of my reactions I might be able to get more content out!❤️


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I feel like if you wanted to cuddle with him at night, you’d first have to go through the tricky process of waking this boy up. Obviously I’m not 100% sure, but I honestly think Taeil is a deep sleeper and can easily sleep anywhere, anytime. Waking him up would be so hard and such a long process, that in the end, you wouldn’t even end up waking him up. Even if you tried shaking him or shouting at him, literally anything, Taeil would just groan and turn away from you, still stuck in his deep sleep. Eventually you’d give up but would still be so drained that you wouldn’t think you’d be able to walk back to your room without collapsing and going to sleep on the floor. So, after some debating, you’d climb into Taeil’s bed, his back towards you. His bed would be surprisingly cold and chilly, so you’d start to gravitate towards the heat of Taeil, until you were spooning him, your chest pressed tightly to his back; and like that, you’d peacefully fall asleep. In the morning, Taeil would still be half-asleep when he noticed your presence. He’d loosen your arms and lie on his side, so that he could now be the big spoon to you. You’d also be half-asleep when he changed the position, and you’d hear him whisper in your hair, “it feels better like this doesn’t it, Y/N?”


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Johnny wouldn’t even notice you sneaking into his bed, he’d be fast asleep but somehow still be able to notice your presence and wrap his arms around you affectionately. You would probably try talking to him, explaining why you were here and a thank you, just Johnny would only reply with incoherent mumbles and hums. It’d only be in the morning after waking up, that he’d realise what going on. Confused as to why there was some weight on his chest, he’d look down to find you sleeping peacefully on him, little sighs of content escaping your lips occasionally. He’d gawp down at you, immediately removing his hands and arms that tightly wrapped you. For a few minutes, he’d fidget and try to pull you off but this’d only wake you, pulling out of a state of serenity. It’d be awkward for sure, both of you blushing furiously and a lot of apologising and stuttering, until eventually Johnny would feel so awkward that when he tried to get up and out of bed, he’d accidentally end up getting tangled in the sheets and falling, face back, onto the floor. Only then would things feel less tense and you’d probably start giggling and teasing him about it, leading him to start laughing along with you.


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Out of all the members, Taeyong’s probably the least likely to feel awkward or shy about letting his crush come and cuddle with him in his bed. He’d actually be the complete opposite to his usually quiet and reserved self, instead being very affectionate and warm towards you. When he saw you waddle across the room towards his bed, complaining about how you couldn’t sleep, he’d usher you over lifting the covers lazily so you could crawl in. Instantly, his arms would snake around your waist, and he’d lean down to rest his head on your chest and no not in a sexual way okay lmfao just innocently u know like above ur boobs (if u have any). Signing happily, he’d snuggle into you, his warm breathe blowing on your skin. Honestly, you weren’t expecting him to even let you in, let alone be cuddling up to you. Falling asleep like this would be easy, and throughout the night you’d end up swapping positions so Taeyong was the one sleeping on his back, and you were tucked into his side. Taeyong would probably also take the opportunity, the next morning, to confess his feelings for you. It’d be the late hours of the morning, light streaming in through the flimsy curtains, when he told you his feelings, you still being hugged tightly by him in bed.


Originally posted by sour-satang

Yuta would most definitely be the most smug about his, out of all the members. Your relationship would kind of be an odd one, so you’d feel a bit apprehensive about asking him if it was okay if you could share a bed for the night. What I mean by “odd” is that sometimes Yuta would always be flirting with you and showing you a lot of affection, but then there’d be times where he could be quite cold or distant towards you. This’d be a time where his very flirty and affectionate side would come out. Seeing you in your pajamas late at night, standing at the side of his bed innocently, he’d tease you a little bit at first, saying you ”can’t come in”. Eventually, he would let you though, gently pulling back his covers so you could slip in. He’d smirk as you awkwardly tried to find a comfortable position, struggling to behaviour normally under his stare. Once he’d had enough enjoyment in watching you fail miserably, he’d simply pull you into his chest, so your face was nestled comfortably in the crook of his neck. He’d rub your back reassuringly, maybe hum a little, ignoring the butterflies in his stomach and the nervousness he was feeling of having you so near.


Originally posted by yonges

Although I initially thought that Doyoung wouldn’t like it and might try doing stuff to put you off of sleeping with him, I think he’d actually be very welcoming and excited that you wanted to join him. His enthusiasm would surprise you, how he literally jumped out of his bed, not embarrassed about being in only boxers and an old baggy t-shirt, and grabbed a load of extra pillows and blankets from his wardrobe, and throwing them clumsily on his bed. A smile evident and wide on his face, he’d hold your hand gently pulling you over to his bed, and letting you choose which side you wanted to sleep on. He’d climb in after you, lying on his side, hands clasped to his chest, as he smiles at you adoringly, asking you polite and genuine questions about your day and if you were feeling okay. Rather than sleeping you’d probably just chat and giggle for a few hours; over that time, the conversation would start subsiding until eventually you were tightly embraced in his arms and his fingers were playing with your hair, lulling you into a peaceful sleep, pecking your forehead affectionately.


Originally posted by 1aeyong

I think Ten would be the most surprised about you asking to join him, which might make the moment a little awkward. As I’ve said in my post about the pros and cons of dating him, he’d be oblivious to signs and hints, no matter how blunt or obvious they may be. He’d have the massive crush on you for sure; you were all he thought about and sometimes when he went to bed, he’d think about what it’d be like to be with you or be able to call you his. But, for some reason, he would always manage to miss your subtle signs and hints that you liked him; like how you always brought him extra snacks and drinks at practice or how you’d always be up at night to text him if he couldn’t get to sleep. So when you knocked on his door in the late hours of the night, you’d definitely be a surprise. Sitting upright in his bed, his eyes starting to flutter shut again after being woken, he’d look at you for a moment, confused by your question (and his heart beating rapidly too) He’d simply nod, giving you a shy smile and awkwardly playing with his fingers. He’d attentively watch you walk around the side and climb into his bed, thanking him for letting you stay. It’d be awkward and stuff to say the least; both of you not knowing what to say or do so just sitting upright in his bed, avoid each other’s eyes. Finally, he’d just turning off the light and going to bed, which you’d agree. Unsure of your next moves but still wanting that physical affection, you’d quietly move over to Ten and lean into his side, your head resting gently on his shoulder. He’d relax knowing you weren’t just somewhere else in his bed in the dark, somewhere he wasn’t sure you were. Playing with your hair and stroking your back gently, you’d fall asleep, in Ten’s bed, like that.


Originally posted by taeyounq

Jaehyun would probably be expecting you to come in the first place. Earlier that evening, you’d be quite worked up and stressed about something going on in your life, and although Jaehyun wouldn’t stop you (because he’d love the fact you trusted him so much to rant like this), he’d know that your moment of adrenaline would end up keeping you up at night. Already having prepared extra cushions and covers, he wouldn’t go to sleep straight away, just hiding and cuddling himself under his covers. I think he would also get a little nervous waiting for you; even though you wouldn’t know that he was waiting for you, for him, it’d be like waiting for you to arrive on a first date. He’d blush and giggle to himself thinking about you, hiding his face in his covers, but then wouldn’t hear you knocking on his bedroom door or even you coming in and standing at the end of his bed. An awkward cough from you, and Jaehyun would suddenly freeze, lifting his head to see you waiting patiently and smiling at him. His cheeks would flush and he’d clumsily sit up, opening up his bed covers to let you slip in with him. You wouldn’t have to say anything, which you were thankful for, but couldn’t help but notice the faint colour on his cheeks. It wouldn’t help that you instinctively moved towards his chest, buried your face in his shirt and wrapped your arms loosely around him - he’d only blush harder and end up nestling his face in your hair to try to cool down and sort himself out.


Originally posted by nctinfo

Sicheng would totally be so cute and adorable if you ever asked him if it was okay to share a bed for the night. I actually don’t think he’d be that shy or embarrassed about letting you in. To reach this point in your relationship/sorta-friendship-but-kinda-relationship, it’d take months and a lot of getting used to. You’d both have to know each other really well and be comfortable around each other for something like this to happen; so Sicheng wouldn’t feel shy because although you’d be his crush, you’d also be his best friend and someone he didn’t need to be awkward around. He’d find you absolutely adorable though, standing in the corner of his room in your pyjamas and dishevelled hair. Nodding excitedly, he’d usher you over and lie down beside you quietly. You wouldn’t go to sleep straight away. Since you’d be so close to him, you’d know a side to him that most people wouldn’t know. He could be excitable, talkative and full of energy and sarcasm, and this’d be a time where that side would come out. Eventually, it’d be WinWin who falls asleep first, feeling a little drained from his little burst of energy, and you’d giggle and watch him adoringly as he starts to drift off asleep. He’d be the type to hold onto something during his sleep, usually a pillow or smaller blanket; but this time it’d be you. He’d tightly wrap his arms around your smaller frame, humming into your hair and mumbling sounds of relief. It’d be a very good night sleep for you, having him hold you like that so openly.


Originally posted by neotechs

Mark would definitely be the most awkward out of all the members, his crush on you completely taking over all his basic human instincts and mechanisms. He’d freeze up as soon as he heard your knock and voice behind his door. He’d just be so consumed by his crush on you, immediately starting to worry about how messy his room was or if he looked okay or if had food in his teeth or something. Clumsily, he’d get up and out of his bed, opening the door shyly and smiling at you. Honestly, you’d be quite taken aback with how good he looked; your breathe would hitch looking up at this bare-faced guy looking back down at you with as much adoration in his eyes as you did. Actually you’d both be so incredibly awkward - not just Mark. Standing stiffly there, neither of you would say anything until eventually Mark would ask you if you wanted to come and share his bed for the night (knowing fully well why you were here) You’d both get into his bed and under the covers, leaving a considerable large gap between you. Neither of you would say or do anything, until Mark started to hear your light snoring and gentle breathing. He’d relax a little, lying down onto his side so that he could look at your sleeping face. For a moment he’d just stare at you, not in a creepy way, just admiring you. He’d reach to move a strand of hair out your face, and the sudden skin contact would cause you to subconsciously reach towards him and cuddle into his chest. He’d be startled and surprised, but would hug you back equally as tight.


Originally posted by dovounq

Donghyuck would probably end up teasing you and joking with you a lot in order to hide up his shyness and embarrassment. Like Mark, he’d worry about how messy he room was or what he looks like, but you’d still find him so attractive and handsome at this time of night. Because neither of you were that tired, you’d just sit on his bed, talking about your day, asking him about his schedule, debating what to do the next day together. Somehow, the conversation would lead to having a pillow fight, both of you trying to keep the noise down but still laughing and screeching. Eventually, both of you would calm down, exhausted and panting from your play fight. In fact, Haechan would probably accidentally collapse on you, quickly pushing himself off though out of embarrassment and uttering a “sorry”. Quite quickly, both your breathing’s would start to slow down and eyes begin to shut, until eventually you were both lulled into a deep sleep. Throughout the night, both of you would manage to move closer to one another until your arms were wrapped tightly around each other. In the morning, Donghyuck would probably be apologising a lot for squeezing you so tightly during the night, and be very fluffy and cute around you.

All My Friends Are Heathens, Pt.8

Summary: In an alternate universe where monsters roam freely among humans, eight of these creatures group together under one roof. Their newest member, a dark vampire, comes to meet their reoccurring house guest who may be more than what she seems.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader
Word Count: 1601
Genre: AU
Warnings: Mentions of blood, sexual content.
A/N: This wraps up a very Heathens filled weekend, thank you lovely people for sticking with me! Not sure when I’ll be posting it but just a heads up that pt.9 is going to be the final installment for this series! The song Gold by Eurielle was definitely being played during the writing process for this part so thanks @gondorgirl01 for recommending it to me months ago! And of course, Heathens by Twenty One Pilots because always. (gif credit)

Click HERE for more character information

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[ previously ]

He was distracted from his thoughts when you shifted positions. The thin strap of your nightgown slid from your shoulder and exposed the curves of your breasts pushing against the silky material. Subconsciously, he ran his tongue over his fangs as he imagined biting into the soft mounds. A wicked thought crossed his mind and his eyes turned to coal as he slowly stepped forward. The only light in the room came from the moon shining through the windows and now the ominous glow emitting from his dark limb as he waved it as his side. He smirked when you started to react. I’ll start making it up to you, doll. You’re in for a long night.

[ Night of the full moon ]

It was almost midnight and the last glimmer of hope for seeing Bucky was flickering out. You wanted to scream into your pillow. Hell, you wanted to scream at Bucky for taunting you and leaving you alone all day. He had a taste of you but just the same, you had a taste of him. The feeling of having his teeth sunken into the flesh of your neck was intoxicating. He was gentle and feverish at the same time. Slow but hungry and aching for more yet still maintaining control. You wanted to feel it again. Craving the sensation just as much as he craved the blood.

You didn’t realize you had drifted to sleep, too exhausted from your frustrations and hoping to put this whole mess behind you. You woke when you felt it again; your skin was tingling and warming up until you couldn’t take it anymore and yanked the sheets away. Images started flashing through your mind as you tossed and turned. You could see yourself interacting with Clint, then Sam and Tony and the rest of your friends but the scenes were different somehow. Soon you realized that you were watching from someone else’s point of view. You could feel their internal struggle, their own frustrations and tensions building every time you came into view. Any doubts were laid to rest when the visions started showing a conversation with Steve. These were Bucky’s memories. You listened as he talked about his sensitivity towards you being somehow amplified all day. You could actually feel it and it was so much more intense than you could ever have imagined. Finally, you listened as Steve explained his foolish ‘plan’.

“I’m gonna kick his ass when I find him,” you muttered through gritted teeth at the thought of your innocent Steve lying to you.

Now you were awake and struggling to find any relief against the heat. Images from that night out on the balcony starting running through your mind, amping up the intensity. Your hands started to roam up and down the length of your body, pawing at the silk material that barely covered your figure. Cupping your breasts, you could feel your nipples hardening beneath your palms. The pleasure kept building as your hands traveled lower, reaching under the lace fabric that was now soaked through. A moan tore through you as your fingers started rubbing the aching bundle of nerves. Your breath was coming out in heavy shallow pants as you were getting closer and closer. Taking your last bit of composure before completely letting go, you called out for him desperately. “Bucky, haven’t you teased me enough! Where are you?”

An eerie glow appeared at the end of your bed, floating closer to you until you shivered with a familiar chill. Bucky was smiling wickedly as he continued to wave his left hand at his side. Your own fingers started rubbing more feverishly, in sync with his. His voice was so low that you almost couldn’t hear it over the sound of your heaving breaths but you felt it all around you. “I’m right here, doll. Let go.” You looked into his coal-black eyes as you felt your climax finally hit you.

Shaking and steadily floating back down to Earth again, you managed to prop yourself up on your elbows to get a better look at the vampire at the end of edge of your bed. “Oh, you’re a bad man.” You smirked, still trying to catch your breath.

His mouth hung open, fangs exposed as he inhaled the scent of your sweat and arousal. “You could have just talked to me, Bucky. You didn’t have to be all cryptic and dramatic all day.” You lifted yourself off of the mattress and crawled to the foot of the bed, closer to him.

A few seconds passed in silence before Bucky was able to reply, allowing the darkness time to dissipate and his eyes to turn back into that pale shade of blue. “I know. I’m sorry, doll. I’ve never really felt like this so I didn’t know what to do,” he admitted. “I took Steve’s advice and played it safe.” He looked sincere as he sat down in the spot beside you.

You scoffed at his answer but smiled anyways. “Bucky, when was the last time Steve got laid?”

He thought for a moment. Steve wasn’t exactly a lady’s man despite his charm and good looks. Half the time he was painfully shy, the other half he was awkward and fidgety and would shapeshift midway through the conversation because of his nerves.

“Now that you mention it, he probably wasn’t the best person to go to.” You both laughed and Bucky took your hands in his. He placed soft kisses on your knuckles. “Will you let me make it up to you?”

You rose to your knees and slowly started taking his ridiculous suit jacket off, flinging it off to the side. Your fingers played with the buttons of his shirt. “You’re off to a pretty good start but you’re still a little too dressed so can you do something about that?” You pulled away from him and started moving back up the bed, beckoning him to follow only after he finished what you started.

Before you could lie back against the pillows, Bucky was already crawling up after you; bare chested with only a dark pair of briefs keeping him covered. He intertwined his fingers with yours as his lean body hovered above you and started pressing faint kisses along your chest and neck. “You stopped calling me James,” he stated in between kisses.

“I like calling you Bucky,” you whispered. You could feel his lips smiling against your skin. He liked it too.

Nimble fingers made quick work of removing the last remaining articles of clothing until you were bare against each other. The difference in temperature between your bodies made shivers crawl up your spine. You twirled your fingers through his short chestnut hair and guided his lips to your neck, silently urging him on since he was taking his time.

Carefully, he dragged the sharp edges of his fangs along your neck and you whimpered in response. When his lips reached your ear, he whispered something familiar. “Do I have your consent?”

Trying to keep your voice even as you answered, “Bite me, Bucky.”

“As you wish,” he replied with a grin.

For the second time, Bucky sank his fangs into your neck, letting out a guttural growl as soon as he tasted your blood on his tongue again. You moaned and gripped onto his shoulders as he drank from you once more, listening to him hum as your blood coated his lips and rushed down his throat. Delirious from the sensation, you hiked your thighs over his hips and pulled him to you, grinding against him until he tore himself away from your neck with a feral look in his eyes. Your lips met in a hungry collision of need and desire, tasting your blood in his kiss. With one precise thrust, your bodies were connected and you screamed as the pleasure began to overwhelm you. You were on fire but his cold skin licked the flames calm. You were night and day. Silver and gold.

Your heart was racing and his hips matched the rhythm. Pumping into you like the blood pumping through your veins until you couldn’t see straight. Your mouth lay open in a silent scream as Bucky surged into you harder and faster, chasing down your orgasms like a hunter would its prey.

When the whimpers and moans fell silent, Bucky licked the puncture marks away and you laid in each other’s arms, bodies still pulsing from the ecstasy.

“That was incredible.” Bucky shifted beside you, letting his eyes rest as he held you close to him. His cold chest felt incredibly soothing against your flushed cheeks.

“Worth the wait?”

“Definitely.” He pressed a kiss to your forehead as you traced lazy circles over his pecs.

You smiled and buried your face into the crook of his neck, content and satiated. Only after your heartbeat had calmed did you realize how much time had passed. “I can’t believe the sun’s coming up already,” you mumbled.

“Sunrise is still another hour away, doll. You may be taking that post-sex glow a little too far,” he joked, pinching your side playfully until you giggled.

“Well, what’s that bright light then? I can barely keep my eyes open,” you complained as you sat upright.

“What are you talking about?” Bucky opened his eyes and looked over to the windows across the room but there was no light coming from them. However, through his peripheral vision, he could see that something really was starting to shine. When he turned to see, his eyes widened in shock. “Y/N…it’s you.”

The look of alarm on Bucky’s face sent a wave of fear through you but before you could say anything, the entire room started to shake violently. Your skin was glowing brighter, heating up to near-boiling temperatures and you started to scream. A high pitched whistling started echoing throughout not just the bedroom but the entire grounds of the manor. There was banging at the door followed by Steve’s worried cries as he tried to bust through from outside. Bucky tried to reach out to you as a blinding light engulfed your body and pulled you away. All he could do was cover his eyes and scream your name.

And now they’re outside ready to bust
It looks like you might be one of us

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**Lyrics at the end from the song Heathens by twenty one pilots**


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pumpkin-pixie99  asked:


anon said:  Jamilton? For the ask thing. Thanks! & @daremeidareyou said: Jamilton

  • Who said “I love you” first: Thomas says it first on accident. It was basically a slip of the tonuge. He had known he loved Alex for a while but would never admit that. It was basically giving Alex ammunition to fuck with him. But Alex made him coffee one morning and it was actually terrible (it was bitter and exactly how Thomas thought Alex took his coffee) but Thomas had just woken up even though Alex had apparently been up for hours. So he just accepted the coffee with a quick peck on the lips and it felt so easy and domestic it only seemed natural to follow it up with an ‘I love you’.
  • Who would have the other’s picture as their phone background: Thomas has a picure of Alex as his backgroud. The picture is of Alex somehow managing to balance on a horse and writing on his laptop. Thomas is constantly amazing by Alex’s ability to literally never take a break. Even while on vacation. Alex doesn’t have a picture of Thomas as his background but that’s only to annoy Thomas. Also because he loves the pic of his and the squad that is his background.
  • Who leaves notes written in fog on the bathroom mirror: They both do. Alex leaves morning notes for when he rushed out the house early. His notes consist of ‘Have a good day, dickhead.’ and ‘Remember not to be an asshole.’. Thomas leaves notes for Alex at night. Sometimes Alex gets home late from work and Thomas isn’t always in the mood to wait up for him. So he takes a shower and leaves a note in the mirror before he goes to bed like ‘Make sure that you’ve eaten today.’ and ‘Take a shower before you climb in bed next to me, you little gremlin fuck.’
  • Who buys the other cheesy gifts: Thomas is a rich trust fund baby that blows his money on the most unneccessary things. He buys Alex really random things like a typewriter and a quill with authentic parchment. Then he buys them matching rings that say ‘To Infinity’ & ‘And Beyond’ which is almost too cheesy for Alex but he also loves it.
  • Who initiated the first kiss: Alex does. They aren’t dating yet and have yet to even admit their feelings for each other but one day they’re debating. Not arguing, which is weird, but just talking out an issue they disagree on. Maybe it’s because they’re both too tired to fight or neither can rationalize a reason to argue that day but they are getting along. They have an entire conversation and it’s intellectually stimulating without raising either man’s blood pressure. Then on their way out Thomas kinda stumbles into Alex and Alex nearly topples over but they somehow manage to stay upright. They do end up almost tangled together and their faces are very close to together so Alex just closes the distance and Thomas starts kissing back and they don’t stop till they pass what’s considered acceptable in public.
  • Who kisses the other awake in the morning: Alex kisses Thomas awake. Thomas hates it and loves it. He really can’t get enough of waking up with Alex in his arms, kissing him awake, being surrounded by him but he does not appreciate being woken before the sun comes up and having to feel the warmth of Alex’s body leave his arms.
  • Who starts tickle fights: Thomas does when he wants to distract Alex. Like sometimes Alex is sulking on the couch and Thomas doesn’t like seeing him sad so he starts to tickle him until he starts laughing out loud. Or during a thunder storm when Alex is not scared but upset and Thomas just goes in to tickle him. Alex comes to expect the tickling when he’s feeling down and can almost be cheered up at the thought of it.
  • Who asks who if they can join the other in the shower: Alex doesn’t ask, he just joins Thomas in the shower. This is on the weekends when neither have to go to work and they can actually spend time together outside of a professional setting. Thomas doesn’t mind. He prefers not to waste the water and Alex contends that they’re saving water taking a shower together but Thomas insist they spend more time in it together than they do apart.
  • Who surprises the other in the middle of the day at work with lunch: Thomas has to drag Alex to lunch in the middle of a work day. Thomas knows that Alex will not eat unless reminded and even when remided he will forgo eating in order to work.
  • Who was nervous and shy on the first date: Neither is shy but both are nervous. Thomas and Alex don’t know why they’re even on a date or where they are going. They had a one-night stand which led to a conversation which led Thomas to asking Alex out on a date. Thomas took Alex to a fancy french restaraunt. It starts off awkward until Alex brings up an upcoming vote in congress and neither can give up a good debate and they spend most of the dinner discussing various things they disagree on and finding things they do agree on.
  • Who kills/takes out the spiders: Alex kills all the spiders because Thomas is unabashidly afraid of them. Thomas yells for his ex-military, silver star holding boyfriend to come kill the spider and Alex is fine with killing them but it is annoying to have to get up from his desk to kill them,
  • Who loudly proclaims their love when they’re drunk: Alex is a rowdy drunk and hangs off Thomas just ranting about how much he loves Thomas and even though he talks a lot of shit about Thomas, he’s like the best boyfriend ever?? And how lucky he is to have Thomas??? Thomas records this.

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Boyfriend The8

Anon #2, that’s a good question ;;w;; I find it hard to pick just one but if I HAD to, either S.Coups or Woozi … or Minghao. I love Seungkwan so much too though … I love ALL of them, it’s so hard to pick >.<

And I hope that everyone reading this is having a good day! :)

His attempts of Skyping you always end up in shambles. It’s starts off cute, you both catch up and he tells you about the tour. Then the boys pile in one by one until there’s twelve loud boys screaming down the phone and Minghao’s pleading with his eyes for you to save him.

Originally posted by minghaon

Not overly affectionate at first. Skinship is shy and mostly in private, but as he grows more comfortable in the relationship and matures, he’s less awkward about publicly showing love. Although he would never do something like make out in front of well … anyone, he’ll definitely hold your hand on dates or kiss your forehead, even if the boys are around. He likes sweet gestures to show he cares.

Originally posted by kwontv

You can bet that Jun pushed him to ask you out. You were introduced to the boys through a mutual friend and although Minghao kept to himself at first, his dry wit and sense of humour made you try hard to befriend him. The more time you spent together, playing video games or laughing at his savagery, the more feelings grew between you.

It probably would have continued like this for months if Jun hadn’t played cupid and done that whole “invite you both to the cinema, pretends he’ll ill & leaves you both alone on what’s now a date” thing. It works, luckily for him. Minghao would have killed him for that move if it hadn’t.

Originally posted by gong-yoo

Facetiming works out more often, as he locks himself in the bathroom to do so. At first they thought he was doing “dirty things,” locked up for so much time in there but when they realise he’s talking to you, they stand outside the door and make animal noises. Well, the sunshine line do and 95 line try getting them to stop.

He gets frustrated but hearing you laugh melts that feeling away. It seems like one on one time with you is impossible, between living with 12 others and having a busy idol life. But he always tries to talk to you, through the power of the Internet, so you never drift apart.

Originally posted by taectless

You worry about him, that he’s working too hard and loosing too much weight. Jeonghan is your inside man, always filtering back info to you if Minghao’s in a bad mood that day or if a fan made a negative comment during a fansign. Those are the days you show up to their place randomly with enough take out to feed an army. Minghao doesn’t know how you know when to show up to pick his spirits up but he’s glad that you do.

“Thank you for coming today. Shall we eat?”

Originally posted by 7teans

Sometimes you feel like you’re the only one who remembers his martial arts background. He likes to show it off to you, leaving you in awe of his talent. He’s so smug and proud of this fact.

You also help him deal with his processed hair, with deep conditioning treatments and you both throw on face masks for a pampering sesh. He loves those times, not bc of how soft his skin and hair is afterwards, but bc of how chill and relaxing it is. You both cuddle up on the couch to a good movie, with those animal face masks on and take cute, funny pics.

Originally posted by dokyuml

He melts every time you do something cute.

Originally posted by japanaesi

Isn’t afraid of calling you out and that’s good. The spats between you two help you grow as people and to mature. They’re a healthy part of a relationship, as you both learn from them and grow stronger.

Originally posted by meowminghao

Not above getting silly with you. When you visit the dorm, only craziness ensues. He loves that you get on so well with them, since they’re basically his family. He has no worries about you, even if he’s not there, since the boys take such good care of you and you them.

Originally posted by s-lay-ing

Takes you as often as he can to his home in China. Watching you fish with his little cousins or seeing his mom try teaching you how to cook his fav dish leaves him with a soft smile on his face.

Originally posted by minghaeo

Brings you to the practice room so he can show off his b-boy skills and the choreo to their upcoming comeback. You even get to play with their crocodile toy, the loser having to buy the winner chocolate milk.

Originally posted by softsnuper

Your relationship is very strong and sweet. There’s enough trust to be able to point out each others flaws without worry. And that helps you both grow. There’s a lot of growing tbh, as he’s still young and learning. This only makes your bond stronger, as you’re there for him through thick and thin.

Sometimes he worries that the relationship isn’t “mature” enough it’s hard to do those things w so many protective boys around but don’t worry about that. You’re young and there’s time in the future to worry about “mature” stuff or starting a family and things of that nature.

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anonymous asked:

Could you please write something about taking a bath with BTS? Ty!💐💗

Aww, that is a cute idea. Thank you for requesting!

Jin: Okay he might be the one to suggest it in the first place. After cooking you a nice meal he’d bring you to the bathroom, where you’d see some candles and a bathtub full of hot water and pink bubbles. He’d have you sit between his legs, but facing him, while he’d gently wipe your arms with a washcloth and make it as relaxing as possible.

Originally posted by littlecandyqueen

Yoongi: He probably would think you’re joking. He loves you, of course, but he’s insecure and would rather take a nap with you. After he watches you preparing everything he would feel bad to say no so he joins you and you would sit face to face in the bathtub. He’d interlace your fingers and tell you how much you mean to him.

Originally posted by minsecretsoul

Hoseok: He’d agree immediately, most probably preparing everything with you and help you undress just like you helped him. You both would be in the bath, you sitting between his legs with your back leaning on his chest. He’d tell you about his day and he would want to know everything about yours.

Originally posted by j-cypher

Namjoon: He’d read books where couples took baths together and see movies with those scenes, so it definitely was on his list of things he wanted to do with you and once you brought it up he’d agree straight away. He’d want to help you set up everything but he’d be afraid of accidentally breaking something. After you were finished he’d get in the bathtub with you and started talking about something he recently read and you’d listen to everything he says with a smile on your face.

Originally posted by fyeahbangtaned

Jimin: He would love the idea but he’d blush and be a bit shy about it nonetheless. He’d probably prepare everything without you and surprise you like the cutie he is. He’d have some sweets like chocolate ready and would play some music in the background. He’d make you sit between his legs and would hold you softly, putting his head on your shoulder and listen to anything you’d tell him.

Originally posted by jiyoongis

Taehyung: Right after you suggested a bath together he’d disappear into the bathroom and turn on the hot water, not even giving you time to take in his following actions. He’d smile brightly and might even let some dirty comments slip. But after you (jokingly) smack his arm he’d be all cute and mushy again.

Originally posted by kimtaehyung11

Jungkook: He would be very shy at first. When the topic about taking a bath together would come up he’d be blushing and wouldn’t take it seriously but once you actually prepared a bath he was caught off guard. He was still shy once you both got into the bathtub but with some jokes, his awkward feeling subsided and he enjoyed the relaxing time with you. 

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Over My Dead Body

Originally posted by angstro

Summary: He was still shy around the other members and a lot more careful in public, but when the two of you were alone, he became super touchy and sappy. But there was one thing he had rarely (rarely) done, something you had always wanted to see.


Genre: Super fluff

Length: 983

A/N: A shortie, but it was super fun to write. Feel free to request scenarios/drabbles if you want~ I don’t bite! If you’re not sure who I write for/what I write just ask^^

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Love Triumphs Chapter 5: Awkward Conversations

Jared Padalecki x Reader

1050 Words

Story Summary:  AU (I love Gen, and love her with Jared.) Jared and Gen have split up, but are still friendly. You, the Reader have recently started acting on Supernatural, and have fallen in love with Jared. Both of you get hate due to the fact that you are much younger than he is.

Catch Up Here: Masterpost

Frozen to your spot, you watched the interaction unfold between Jared, his kids and his ex wife. Not wanting to intrude, you thought about heading to the kitchen, joining Jensen and trying to hide. Before you could make a move, Jared was calling you over, a kid hanging off of each arm.

Nervously, you walked over, hating this moment. Knowing that the woman he had first loved was sizing you up. She had a polite smile on, as she studied you closely. Stopping by Jared, you took a deep breath, before she held out her hand. “Hi, I’m Gen, but you probably already knew that by now. And you are?”

“Y/N.” You answered, shaking her manicured hand as the boys clambered all over their dad like he was a playground.

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pinkbtsme  asked:

Just a friendly reminder about the essay on: Reasons why I ship jikook. Thank you, very much appreciated ^^

Ooooh boy ok–

So to start off, as a gay fan, I find Jungkook and Jimin’s relationship (and how it evolved) to be really interesting and relatable to my own experiences as a gay person. I would honestly bet both of my hands and my future income that Jungkook and Jimin are More Than Friends (however they choose to personally define that for themselves.)

The big reason I think jikook is Real has more so to do with how their relationship has changed over time rather than any particular moment between them (although there are some defining moments for me.) That’s mainly what I wanted to explore when I wrote Riptide because so much of their relationship is dependent on their own growth, self-acceptance, and finding comfort both with themselves and each other.

Ok, so I’m going to start at the beginning now and go from there:


  • During this era, Jungkook and Jimin were both pretty shy. Honestly the shyness/awkwardness comes off as the type of shy you get when you have a crush on someone.
  • I don’t think this is something they realized at the time, being that they were only about 15 and 17 (I mean, I didn’t accept I was gay until I was almost 18), but there’s so many moments in old logs where they catch each others eyes and then turn away, or are just generally hesitant/awkward with each other even though they’re friends.
  • It just very much reads that there’s a romantic tension between them even at this point. I feel like when I was around this age, I only acted like that around people I had some sort of interest in.

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Pairing: Isaac Lahey X Reader

Word Count: 1300

Warnings: Implied do, we’re talking rated teen

Traveling the world and hunting monsters isn’t a half bad way to spend ones grief. In leaving with Chris, Isaac has experienced things he never even dared to dream of. Finding you was one of those things.

The biggest upside to traveling the world with Chris Argent was that he got to travel the freaking world! Never had Isaac dreamed to leave the tiny little town of Beacon Hills, not to walk on the Wall of China or stand in front of the Pyramids of Egypt, eating in Venice, sleeping in Bora Bora. Wherever they passed through to hunt monsters Chris indulged his every whim as long as it didn’t interfere with hunting. The man might try his hardest to be emotionally distant but he failed at it hard when Isaac started begging him, skipping around like a six foot tall puppy.

Isaac got stuck in Greece. The ancients sights and the cuisine were only half the wonder because the Mediterranean Sea called to him. Whenever they were on the outskirts Isaac would walk his way down to a lonely coast and just stand there, barefoot in the sands, wind brushing around his hair and the sea salt filling his lungs, the spectrum of vibrant colors glittering on a sapphire ocean as the sun slipped away.

A smooth voice caught his ear, “Beautiful isn’t it?” a sound that seemed to pull and warm him. When he snapped his head to you, he breath left on the wind. You were a vision to behold, the golden sunlight seeming to shimmer off your skin, dressed tantalizingly so for the warm weather.

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Life Swap Chapter 5

Hi guys hope everyone is doing well! I didn’t realize how much I wrote for this chapter, but I hope you all like it! Tell me what you think, I’d love to talk to you guys! Enjoy!

Chapter 5:

           I wake up to my new unfamiliar room. I don’t remember going to bed last night which is a bad sign. I remember Shawn making out with me, and from there on it’s a blur. I’m glad I didn’t forget that kiss, it was surprisingly enjoyable. I know it was just for show, so his friends would believe our relationship, but a girl can have fun once in a while.

           I snuggle up in my sheets, the bed is too comfy to move from but I know I should get going. I lean my hand over to the dresser to grab my phone. Usually Nicole leave’s a thousand messages for me to read in the morning.

I look through my social media before I get up. Usually I don’t have time during the day, it’s sort of relaxing to see what other people are doing. I exit out of my phone and throw it to the side of me. I take a deep and slowly get up from the bed. I don’t want to move but I know I’m going to have something to do today.

           I throw on some shorts, with my oversized tee-shirt and head out to the kitchen to make myself a cup of coffee. It feels so weird to be doing this in a different place, making a new routine, with a new roommate.

           When I walk into the kitchen I see a hunched over Shawn drinking a cup of coffee himself. The TV flashes on the counter and is playing a celebrity gossip show of course.

“You look a little hungover.” I say grabbing a coffee mug from the cabinet. I pour myself a cup and then sit on top of the counter.

“Did you see the news?” Shawn said not even responding to my judgement. I look over to see pictures on the TV of us two, kissing and holding hands. There were some group pictures of us at the party with his friends, and others of Shawn just drinking. My face feels a little flushed, and I start to get embarrassed. I thought we could forget that it happened but I guess not. I take a sip of my coffee so I don’t have to make eye contact with him.

“Could this be Shawn’s new girl, sources say he may be hiding a relationship from his fans.” The reporter stated. I looked at Shawn who surprisingly didn’t seem fazed. He just kept running his hand through his hair and leaning his head on the table.

“I bet you liked it! That’s why you aren’t saying anything.” He said trying to crack a joke.

“Yeah you fucking wish. Is it that hard to believe that I’m not obsessed with you?” I admit while rolling my eyes.

“All jokes set aside. News travels fast, so you better get used to it.” He says getting up from his chair and pushing it in. He grabs his guitar case that was set beside him and throws it over his shoulder.

I can only assume he is going to the studio or something, because of course he won’t tell me that.

I continue my morning as usual, doing my morning routine and getting dressed for my second job. I texted my boss when Nicole told me to cut my hours. He didn’t care, and scheduled me for afternoon shifts one day a week. Nicole let me have this day off, so it worked out for me.

I put my work uniform on and get ready to go. I have to drive from now on because the restaurant is no longer walking distance, which makes me upset. It was a good time to clear my mind before the restaurant’s crazy rush of people.

When I arrive at work, there seems to be about ten new waiters and waitresses. Maybe that’s why my boss was so lenient on cutting my hours.

I spot Trevor when I walk in, he was taking a table’s order. I’m surprised he managed to work today because he was trashed last night. He was living for all the celebrity encounters.

I walk back to the kitchen to log in my hours. I place my name tag on my shirt, wrap the apron around my waist, and now I’m ready to get to work. I look at the chart that’s on the wall, and where my assigned area is today. There’s no one currently seated in the bar area, so I get to relax before the craziness starts.

“Hey Y/N!” Trevor says sneaking up behind me. He punches his orders into the computer and continues talking.

“Last night I met so many people it was crazy. You’ll never believe who I ran into!” He says with excitement.

“I don’t know who?” I say clueless. I don’t remember much of the night only meeting that crazy girl and kissing Shawn.

“Niall, that guy from one direction. He must be close with Shawn or something. I was chillin with him and having some beers. It was insane.” He says enthusiastically. He probably met more celebrities than I did last night. The news said there was a lot of celebrities popping in and out. I don’t remember even meeting one.

“I’m jealous, but you’ll never guess what happened last night to me!” I say changing the subject.

“You were sucking Shawn’s face last night…. Yeah I saw in real life and on the news.” He blurts out. He can tell by my expression that I was shocked he knew what I was talking about.

“That shit is everywhere!” He laughed, like he was enjoying this.

“This isn’t funny!” I say slapping his arm. He grabs it making an ‘ouch’ noise but continues laughing anyways.

“It didn’t even faze Shawn that it was all over the place. Like doesn’t he want his privacy?” I complained. Trevor looks up and me when he is finished with punching orders into the machine.

“Y/N remember he is used to that bullshit. Just remember me when you are famous!” He says walking away to his table.

I take a deep breathe, and travel over to a table that was just seated in my section.

“Hi, I’m Y/N. I will be your server today. Can I start you guys off with some drinks?” I state in my peppy waitress voice. I always try to be super nice, so they give me a good tip. It’s also a big party which means a big check. It must be a family party because there’s a lot of little kids and teenagers with parents. The kids keep giving me weird looks and whispering like I have something in my hair. I get nervous so I start fixing it just to make sure.

The people start to give me their drink orders. I start off the adult side because they usually order alcoholic beverages, and then the kid’s side because they end up ordering the same things. When I get near the children the chattering stops and it gets oddly quiet.

“I’ll start off with you honey.” I say pointing to the teenage girl in front of me. She gets extremely awkward like any other teen would. The girl next to her, who seems about the same age, keeps whispering something in her ear. It sounds like “ask her, ask her”. But it’s probably something about the drink order.

“We will both have two cokes but can we ask you something.” They say in a shy tone.

“Okay two cokes. And of course, shoot.” I say in an outgoing tone.

“Are you Shawn Mendes’s girlfriend?” They say giggling.

I give them a really big smile because I really don’t know if I should confirm it. I think they can tell because they get really excited and turn around to talk to each other. They are probably one of his super fans who know a lot about him because we were only seen together last night. News does really travel fast I guess. I move on though because the girls just are giggling and staring in excitement. I get the other kids orders and leave the area as fast as I can.

“Trev! Trevor!” I say whispering but trying to get his attention. I wave my hand so he knows to come over here.

“What! What’s wrong?”  He asks concerned.

“I have officially been noticed.” I say letting out a little laugh in disbelief.

“By who?” He asks, sounding intrigued.

“The teenage girls at my table over there must be fans of Shawn. They asked if I was dating him.” I explained.

“And did you say yes?” He asks. That would have been the obvious answer to say but of course I didn’t say it. I made an awkward face, and scratched my head trying to avoid the question. He gave me a look, the kind that’s like ‘what the hell you are crazy’.

“Okay! I got nervous! I didn’t know if Shawn was going to confirm it or not.” I say trying to cover myself.

“You give me stress. We will talk about this later.” Trevor walks away laughing. I go back to the table and get everyone’s orders.

As the night went on, the crowds of people grew larger. No one else noticed me throughout the night which was good. I got some strange looks but no one said anything to me. I rather it be that way because then I won’t have to respond to any questions.

“Hey look what I found on twitter.” Trevor says running up to me. Our shifts were over so we both are going to clock out and walk back to Shannon’s apartment.

“What is all that?” I questioned. He showed me a bunch of tweets but I couldn’t see what they said. I was multitasking, while taking my apron off and clocking out.

“I typed in Shawn Mendes girlfriend on twitter and this is what came up.” He said showing me his phone. These tweets were all his fans talking about me. Some were nice and some were sad because some of them want to really date him themselves. Some were hateful but Trevor skipped over them. As he was scrolling there was a video that came across that had over 12,000 likes.

“Oh my god is that us!” I shout silently to Trevor. I look at him, and we both are shocked.

“That was us talking earlier!” He said laughing.

“What does the caption say?” I ask as we start walking toward the door. Our co-workers say their goodbyes as we pass through. We just wave because we are too distracted by the video.

“It says ‘a fan videotaping Shawn’s new mystery girl’. Some of the comments say ‘She is a waitress’, ‘She is so normal’, blah blah blah.” Trevor states while swiping through his twitter.

“I bet it was those girls who I was waitressing.” I say trying to find out who started this.

“I can’t believe I’m in the video. This is hysterical.” Of course Trevor is just excited that he is trending on something.

“Do you think I should be concerned?” I ask him in all honesty.

“Y/N, I’m way to famous now to even care.” He jokes as we link arms and head to Shannon’s apartment.

It’s so weird not walking back and forth to work from this apartment anymore. I feel like a stranger to it, even though it’s been a day.

We knock on the door because I have no need to carry around the key anymore. Maybe I should because techniquely I still have it and this can be my safe zone.

“Yay! My friends are here.” Shannon said giving us a hug. We walk into the apartment, and head straight for the kitchen where we all have a beer. No small talk we go straight to talking about last night.

“So Miss Y/N, are we going to talk about your super stardom or?” Shannon says while taking a sip of her drink.

“What’s there to talk about?” I question like there’s nothing to talk about.

“Okay I guess you don’t make out and tell?” She jokingly remarks.

“I’m not that kind of girl.” I sarcastically say. But in all honesty I’m over it. It happened once, and probably never again.

“Oh come on, was it good? You both looked like you were enjoying it.” She says.

“I mean it was really good. And he looked really good last night but like his personality still sucks. So don’t take what I’m saying in the wrong way.” I joke to Shannon. Trevor chokes on his drink when I was explaining the kiss.

“Hey I don’t blame you girl. If I wasn’t dating brad, and Shawn Mendes was pretend dating me. Oh man that boy would have to hide from me.” Shannon says confessing her love for Shawn.

“Not to start anything. But Shawn is cool. I don’t see what’s wrong!” Trevor states.

“I don’t know we just get under each other’s skin. You never had to work with the guy.” I snap a little.

“Listen, I’m going to need a little more to drink if we are going to talk about last night.” I say.

A couple shots later, Shannon, Trevor and I are dancing around her apartment. Trevor threw up and got right back to it three seconds later. Shannon is just lying on the floor gazing at the ceiling.

“Oh man I should get going.” I say stumbling to the table to get my keys.

“Not this intoxicated, you are staying here.” Trevor says fumbling to me. We both let out a laugh because we both are being silly right now.

“OH! I know! Give me your phone.” Trevor says with a sneaky glance. I didn’t realize he was looking through my contacts, that’s how drunk I am. I barely can see straight. The floor looks like it’s moving but I’m standing in one place. I see Trevor click a number and put the phone to his ear. He looks up at me and runs away to the couch where he falls. I tackle him trying to get my phone back.

“Hello? HELLO?” He shouts.

“Who are you talking to?” I say getting frustrated but letting go of his hand.

“Is this Shawn?” Trevor says laughing. My eyes grow wide as I mouth to him, ‘hang up the phone’.

“Oh cool. I’m Trevor, Y/N’s friend.” He says shortly.

“I’m good, how are you?” He says getting excited. He puts his phone over my phone’s speaker and mouth’s to me, “he is so chill.” I just roll my eyes.

“I just wanted to ask you, if you can pick Y/N up from Shannon’s apartment. We are all very drunk, and she has no way home.” He explains to him.

“Thanks dude. I’ll text you the address.” He said pressing the end button. He looks at me but doesn’t say a word.

“Soooo…” I say waiting for him to tell me something.

“Oh yeah. That was Shawn he’s coming to pick you up.” He tells me.

“Oh great. Thanks for letting me know.” I say throwing a pillow at his face. He just lets out a laugh. We look over to see why Shannon was being so quiet, turns out she was snuggling with a wine bottle.

“I’m taking a picture of this.” I say putting it on my snapchat story.

Twenty minutes pasted and it’s already two in the morning. We raided Shannon’s pantry and fridge, so I’m not sure if she is going to have anything left.

We hear the doorbell ring. I press the intercom system to see who it is.

“Who is it?” I question.

“Shawn.” He says unenthusiastically.

I let him into the building, He knocks on the apartment door, for us to let him in. Trevor answers as I gather my things.

“Hey dude, come on in.” Trevor says while doing that hand shack all guys seem to know.

“Hey how’s it going?” Shawn asks him. He is dressed in a tee-shirt and joggers. He looks super tall and cute. He looks around the room with his hands tucked into his pockets. It makes me hate him because I want to snuggle with him and I don’t want to feel that way.  His hair is all messed up but I think he just came from a different party because there was a hickey on his neck.

“Y/N, you almost ready?” Shawn questions.

“Yeah I just can’t find my phone.” I say getting dizzy and stumbling everywhere.

“Y/N, umm I have it.” Trevor says lifting it up. We both hysterically laugh. I begin walking near him but I lose my balance. Shawn ran over and held me up. He threw my arm over his shoulder, trying to help me walk.

“Here you go! I’m going to help you.” He said. I think he noticed that I’m more intoxicated then he thought, so he was genuinely trying to be nice for once.

“Nice seeing you Trevor.” Shawn said while walking us toward the door.

“Bye Trev Trev.” I say with my puppy dog talk.

“Alright let’s get you back because you are so drunk right now.” He laughs while walking me down the steps. I keep slipping because the steps just keep going and going and I don’t know when to stop.

“Why are you this drunk anyways?” He asks while holding me up, and pressing the unlock button to his jeep.

“No reason! People recognized me today though. I didn’t say anything.” I say while he helped me into his car.

He casually walked over to the other side and start the car. He looks to see if he can go before pulling out of the parallel spot he was in.

“So that’s why you are drunk. Because you are overwhelmed.” He states while resting his elbow on the arm rest. His eyes look deep into mine before he turns and looks to the road again. It’s like he noticed something in me that he didn’t before which made me snap out of my trance.

“No, my friends wanted to drink, so we did.” I say becoming defense.

“Alright that’s the last time, I’ll ever pick you up then.” He says giving it right back to me.

“I’m sorry. I don’t know why but I’m so mean when I’m around you. You bring out the worst in me Shawn Mendes.” I tell him in all honesty. I look at the road because I didn’t want to make that confession to his face.

“Me too. But we have to be civil. So I’ll be nice to you, if you’ll be nice to me.” He said. He stuck his pinky out.

“Pinky promise.” He joked. I went with it anyways.

“Pinky promise.” I say wrapping my pinky around his. We both smiled and continued on.

“I think we just had a moment.” I say trying to break the silence.

He looked at me, smiled, and nodded his head before turning into the parking garage.

He comes over to my side once he parked the car. He opens the door like a gentlemen which has me surprised. I say thank you and jump out. Which wasn’t the best idea cause I barely land on my feet.

“Here get on my back. I’ll give you a piggy back ride.” He said, gesturing me to jump on. When he bends over, his white shirt framed his back muscles. I jumped on scared that I was going to be too heavy but he lifted me with no problem. I wrapped my arms around his neck and he started walking downward the lobby. I really felt like I was in middle school again.

As we approach the door we saw something in the bushes moving around.

“Is that someone?” I asked him. We both glance over at the bush and we her a click noise.

“It’s just paparazzi.” He said continuing with me on his back.

We walk in silently. The door man doesn’t work this early in the morning so no one was there to greet us. We take the elevator up and soon enough we are back in the apartment. All of the sudden I feel very dizzy once Shawn gently put me down.

“Y/N are you alright.” He said rubbing his thumb against my cheek. His eyes inspecting my face.

“I need the bathroom.” I say running away and sliding into the bathroom. I find the toilet, and barely making it, I start to vomit.

Footsteps sound behind me.

“You okay?” Shawn questions as my head rest on the toilet seat. He crouches down and sits by me. He tucks my hair behind my ear, and grabs toilet paper to whip my forehead rid of sweat.

I look at him still leaning my head on the toilet with my hands rested around the rim.

“Thank you.” I say shutting my eyes.

All of the sudden I feel soft lips press against my forehead. The smell of his cologne drifts near me. His big hand rests on my neck, as he finishes his quick peck on my forehead.

“If you need me, I’ll be watching TV.” He said while leaving and closing the door behind him. His eyes slowly disappeared through the crack of the door.

I take a deep breath and lay down on the cold tile floor. My eyes slowly shut, hoping to forget how embarrassing I was tonight.

Followers Celebration #4.

Here we go, @smilescar. Don’t worry about if it’s cliche or not, it’s what you want to read and it’s what I’m giving you darling.

Other thing, is the first time I wrote SMUT so sorry if it’s not what you expected but I was turnt on while writing it.

Prompt 12: Did he fuck you against the wall yet?

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There it was again, chuckles. But not just someone’s random chuckles, they belong to (Y/N).

Bucky’s grip around the mug was so hard it broke in pieces, only the handle was left in his fingers. Bucky couldn’t take his eyes off of her, it amazed him how out of the blue (Y/N) started to hang with Sam Wilson.

It’s not that he was jealous, well, he was. (Y/N) was always a shy and private person or as she called it “socially awkward” so her interactions with the rest of the team were cut to when it was necessary and little more.

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domesticity meme - sugakookie for you too ^^

Was there any doubt I would get them xD?

Who cooks normally?
I think it depends on what it is. Both of them will cook certain things. I think if it comes to who cooks the most? Maybe Jungkook. That boy is always eating cup ramen all through out the day. (Hey. Microwaving shit counts as cooking dammit. Don’t fight me on this.)

How often do they fight?
I actually don’t think they would fight too often. They get along fairly well and know each other’s limits on things in order to avoid a fight, but of course, I’m sure they’ll happen from time to time.

What do they do when they’re away from each other?
Jungkook will go bowling or play video games with 95z and Yoongi will coop himself up in his room or studio and work on his music and lyrics. Sometimes they do these things together, but normally this is their away from each other activity.

Nicknames for each other?
Jungkook would just use the typical couple name, like ‘Babe’, but mainly he would just stick to ‘Hyung’. Yoongi would use various versions of Jungkook’s name. Jungkookie, Jeon Jungkookie, Kookie, and we cant forget that slurred way he likes to pronounce Jungkook’s name: Jumkooga. They are simple boys.

Who is more likely to pay for dinner?
Yoongi is. He just likes to make sure Jungkook is well fed, and Jungkook likes food so he wont say no. Specially when it’s food from his boyfriend.

Who steals the covers at night?
Yoongi does. Poor little baby hates the cold, and he’ll curl up into a small little cocoon with all the covers while still snuggling into Jungkook’s side for extra heat. Jungkook doesn’t really mind though. Normally he pushes the overs off a bit and will sleep with it just covering his legs since he gets hot easy.

What would they get each other for gifts?
Yoongi would try and get something that he knows Jungkook is super interested in. Like something from and anime or video game. Probably one of those really nice figuarts statues to put in his room. Jungkook doesn’t spend too much time on gifts, but when he does get something it’s usually personally made, like a card or video. Sometimes he might go out of his way to buy a nice shirt or jacket that he may have seen and thought Yoongi would like it, but normally it’s something he made himself.

Who remembers things?
Depending on what it is. Yoongi remembers important events and special days. Jungkook remembers where every health kit spawns on a map and that one guy’s screen name from 2 months ago who charged him off a cliff after he waved at him. He’ll never forget. Jungkook holds grudges.

Who cusses more?
Both of them cuss pretty equally. It’s what happens when you are around each other for so long.

What would they so if the other one was hurt?
I’m assuming this is emotional hurt? I’ll just take it as emotional, because if it was physical I’m sure they would both have the same reaction. Which is to rush to their side immediately, see whats wrong, and take the proper steps to getting help. Emotionally hurt though, Yoongi would quietly hug and hold Jungkook as silent support to say that I’m here for you, until Jungkook would be ready to talk about what is wrong. Jungkook would hang around, always watching, and occasionally hold Yoongi’s hand or rub and hold his back, and tell Yoongi that he is there for him and Yoongi would reply “I know. Thank you.” until he is ready to talk about what is wrong. And sometimes the other will tell the other that they want to be alone, which they understand because they would feel the same way if it were them, and leave them alone until the other comes to them.

Who kissed who first?
I think it was Jungkook. Jungkook would have been super shy when they first got together and didn’t want to make the wrong move, but Yoongi looks so beautiful and cute and it was eating him up to just lean over and do it. After finally giving himself his 500th pep talk Juungkook quickly darted forward, his eyes squeezed shut, and planted a quick soft peck to the corner of Yoongi’s mouth. Yoongi was super surprised, but shy and smiley at the same time, and leaned over to give a really nervous Jungkook a peck on the lips.

Who made the first move?
Yoongi did. Jungkook was too nervous to take things a step further, even though he thought about it constantly, and it didn’t help that unbeknownst to him Yoongi really wanted Jungkook to take that step and kept doing things intentionally to give Jungkook a sign to make the go ahead. Such as Yoongi’s hand travling a bit to close to Jungkook’s crotch, or rubbing his ass on Jungkook’s dick when he would ‘innocently’ sit in his lap. Eventually Yoongi got fed up, and pushed Jungkook down onto the bed so he could climb into his lap, slowly grinding his hips and ass down onto Jungkook’s crotch, telling him that he wanted him. Now.

Who started the relationship?
Yoongi did. Jungkook doesn’t know how to control his face from showing his emotions and it was so obvious he had a crush on Yoongi. Luckily for him, Yoongi also had some feelings for the maknae, and brought it up to him. Both of them were shy and awkward, but started dating and really enjoyed each other’s company as a couple, and it just took off from there.

I hope you guys like my answers~~ For the last three I was imagining them when  they were younger. Maybe around War of Hormone era hehe

VIXX (gif) reaction: Love at first sight



As soon as this  low key love-bug sees you he’ll be so shook; to the point of just standing there and staring at you as he spaces out. He’ll get super shy and not know whether he should approach you or not, but maybe with a little push from his group members he’ll stutter a little something, and soon a natural conversation will come with ease.

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N will be so ecstatic once he sees you. He’ll get butterflies in his stomach and just head over to you with confidence. He will get a little flustered at your beauty, however, and might switch between being confident and being a shy little bean. Soon the two of you will break any awkward atmosphere, and it’ll be like you’ve always known each other.

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Confidence. Ken will just walk right up to you without any type of game-plan. This poor bean’s brain will be so scrambled with emotion. He’ll try to win you over with his humour, and it’ll obviously work.

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I see Ravi being a mix of both Leo and Ken, he’ll be nervous around you, but he’ll still try to emit some form of charm. Ravi will start off with a heartfelt compliment, and go from there. Even if he’s super flustered inside he’ll still act chill and smooth on the outside.

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oh lord pray for this child He’ll be so conflicted. Hongbin will start to approach you, but then retreat a couple times before he actually makes progress. Once he actually gets close to you he’ll forget how to speak, and you might even have to start the conversation, but after a couple minutes he’ll relax a little. He will be incredibly sweet.

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Hyuk will just stare at you in awe for a good five minutes before actually doing anything. He’ll shuffle over to you, feeling a little nervous but still a little confident, and soon he’d ask a simple question. The question would build into a full fledged conversation, and soon the two of you will be giggling like mad men on the sidewalk.

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What do you think INTP(female) X ENTP(male) relationship would be like?

**Keep in mind that I’ve never dated in my entire life, so this will be funny/sarcastic. It you want a more serious answer, you should probably ask other blogs, look it up, etc.

How they might start dating:

It would begin with the INTP being sleep deprived (and therefore, more outwardly confident) and cracking a really witty joke/pun in class. This would spike ENTP’s curiosity, considering that INTP’s usually the quiet one. ENTP, of course, makes like five jokes/puns going off of INTP’s. After class, ENTP goes and chats with the INTP. INTP is shy and awkward at first, but they end up exchanging numbers.

They end up becoming friends by sending each other memes and interesting articles. They both eventually develop feelings for each other. ENTP starts flirting with INTP when they see each other in person, but INTP is completely oblivious to it. INTP hides their feelings because they have no idea whether ENTP likes them back.

One day, an ENFP friend is talking with them. After ENTP flirts for a while to no avail, ENFP finally exclaims, “CAN’T YOU SEE THAT ENTP IS FLIRTING WITH YOU!?!?” at INTP. INTP doesn’t really know how to respond and uncomfortably mutters something like, “Okay, sure,” and zones out from shock.

After that conversation awkwardly disbands, INTP texts ENTP asking if they really have feelings for them. Being the flirt they are, ENTP would reply with a “…maybe,”. Because INTP is more confident over text, they say something like, “Well, I like you too, so we should date or something,” and immediately regrets hitting send, because they’re worried that ENTP actually doesn’t like them and that ENFP was just joking or something. ENTP’s response is something like, “That would be lit!” (or some other kind of weird, meme-ish phrase). They set up a date, and both happen to arrive at the date’s destination at the same time: 15 minutes after the time they were supposed to meet. They go on more dates, and eventually become a couple.

This was a lot longer than I thought it would be, considering that I just came up with this right now. Hopefully this is actually somewhat decent because I literally just used stereotype stuff from my brain to write this.

Thanks for asking! If anyone has any questions, please feel free to ask me. My ask box is always (metaphorically) open!

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more sugar daddy au T^T

Sugar daddy Jikook au with sugar daddy!Jungkook is here! I hope this isn’t terrible~ @gottalove95z @cutiepiebts because I’m pretty sure you both told me you like this au :)

+ Jeon Jungkook is a wealthy business man who owns his own luxury cruise and yacht line.

+ He has been single for a while but has been longing for a relationship and someone to settle down with.

+ On night at a gala that many other wealthy business owners attended, Jungkook was making his way over to the bar when a waiter accidentally spills champaign on his Armani suit.

+ Jungkook almost screamed at the main who was carrying the tray but stopped as soon as his eyes landed on them.

+ This waiter was a man more beautiful than Jungkook had ever seen. He was enthralled by his neatly parted silver hair, entrancing dark eyes, and a body that could make a grown man cry.

+ In the midst of the cute waiter profusely apologizing, Jungkook had stuttered out response trying to ask the man to just help him clean up instead, but it came out more like: “Me, help? Bathro-om?” He couldn’t believe he had tripped over his words, especially with the weird look he got from the other man.

+ They had gone to the bathroom and the waiter took out a handkerchief, wetting it and dabbing it lightly on Jungkook’s clothes. Jungkook flushed at the close proximity, and the waiter noticed him staring

+ “What…” the waiter had said with wide eyes. Jungkook held up his chin with his index to get a better look at him. Jungkook smiles. “Nothing. Your eyes are just very…beautiful.” The waiter’s eyes widen even further if possible

+ They had felt some sort of pull and let their lips touch heatedly. Their kiss had deepened and eventually Jungkook couldn’t take it anymore, asking if the man would come home with him. He didn’t say no. “By the way, what’s your name?”

+ “Jimin, Park Jimin.”

+ After a night full of much needed fun. Jimin woke up in a large bed, a little confused as to where he was until he saw the man laying down next to him.

+ Jungkook woke up to the smaller man freaking out. “Oh my god, what am I going to do, I just left in the middle of my job. I’m going to get fired, how am I going to pay for rent—” “I’ll take care of it.” “What?” Jimin looks at him in shock. “Only if you stay.”

+ Jimin tried refusing the offer but Jungkook was so sweet and kind he couldn’t say no. They set up some sort of unspoken deal, but it worked for both of them.

+ It started off a little weird. Jimin never thought he’d be moving in with a wealthy man after just meeting him, but they figured since he was going to be there often there was no point paying for his shitty apartment.

+ Jungkook only had one requirement, and that was that Jimin gave him his companionship (kissing be involved or not)

+ Jungkook was a little shy, waking up to a beautiful god every morning, not really knowing what to say to him because he could be a little awkward with his words.

+ Jimin was very thankful to Jungkook so he cooked him nice meals in the mornings.

+ Sometimes Jungkook timidly leaves a kiss on Jimin’s cheek making them both blush.

+ One day Jungkook comes home with an arm full a new and expensive clothing for Jimin. “Jungkook are you crazy? You didn’t have to!” He shrugs. “I wanted to.”

+ Jungkook takes Jimin to expensive galas, not as a waiter, but now as his date. He’s breathless every time he sees Jimin dressed up in the clothes he’s bought him.

+ He takes a notice to Jimin taking Jungkook’s hands and admiring his rings, so he goes out and buy’s Jimin 3 rings, all made from the finest metals. Jimin nearly combusts, and Jungkook also nearly combusts when Jimin throws his arms around him and kisses the corner of his mouth.

+ Sometimes they find themselves accidentally cuddling in the middle of the night, shyly pulling apart in the mornings

+ One day Jungkook decides to take Jimin on one of his yachts, and he had never seen the older man so excited.

+ Jungkook would sometimes take Jimin to work with him in the afternoons, letting him keep him company in his office.

+ Jimin had looked so beautiful with the ocean wind blowing his hair and pricy champaign sitting in his hand. Jungkook thinks in that moment is when he realizes his deep feelings for Park Jimin.

+ Jungkook and Jimin end up getting really drunk one night at another event and end up sleeping together. They don’t talk about it at all the next morning.

+ Jimin never asked for much, but Jungkook always gave him everything, and now he wanted to give him his heart. But he was too scared. So he distanced himself

+ Jungkook could feel something tense between them and it went on for a week. It all blew up at the last gala of the year when Jungkook denied he was in a relationship when a beautiful woman had asked. Jimin had stormed out of the ballroom without a word, taking a taxi home

+ When Jungkook couldn’t find him, he rushed home to see Jimin bundled on the couch with a plain expression on his face.

+ “Hyung, what did I do?” Jimin shakes his head in anger. “Don’t you get it Jeon Jungkook? When will you admit that there is something between us? Are you embarrassed of me? Or is it that all I am to you is a cute piece of arm candy?” “That’s not true!” “Oh really?” “You’re crazy to think I’m not in love with you Park Jimin.”

+ Jimin shuts up at that, and he also shuts up to the lips emotionally pressing to his mouth.

+ They end up calling it a relationship officially. Jimin staying with Jungkook. And it wasn’t really Jungkook taking care of Jimin. No, they took care of each other ♡

The Little Things

The Beginning

How BTS will fall in love.

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It’ll be innocent, but it’ll be with a secret adrenaline rush girl. He’d be stood at the craft table backstage, or at a street vendor, or in a cafe of some sort, and she’ll be stood next to him already waiting for her food. He’d be openly staring  at her as it registers in his mind just how pretty she was, but he wouldn’t realise he was staring until she turned to look at him and she quirked an eyebrow at him to silently ask what he was staring at. He’d blush heavily and his heart would be crashing in his chest, and as he’d go to reach for a sachet of sauce to go with his food, she’d do so too, the awkwardly cliche moment making them both laugh quietly to themselves before he’d politely offer a sachet to her and she’d take it with a nervous smile. They’d each go to their seperate tables to eat after that, but for the next few days following they’d each turn up at the same point, at the same time, each hoping to see the other and each getting stupidly happy when they saw one another. 
The first date would be in the park, with Jin planning a picnic, and the girl planning rollerblading, and so when he turned up to see her speeding up and down the pathway, he’d immediately get worried knowing he was no good at the sport. But as soon as she promised to help him, and he’d fell over a few times, he’d never want to stop, wanting his heart to always race as fast as it did when she was around him, because she was the only one that could do that to him, and for him, it felt amazing.

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It would be a surprise. He wouldn’t be looking to fall in love, simply too focused on work to realise that time was passing by him and he was still alone. It would only be when he met that one girl at an intimate underground music show, or sat at a bus station with headphones on, too lost in the music to register the rest of the world that he’d want to show her all his favourite songs and see if she got just as happy as she was in that moment- in her bubble. He’d be very timid about approaching her at first, but as soon as he saw his chance slipping away from him- whether the show was ending, or the bus was approaching- he’d quickly make himself known, talking with rushed words, and blushing when she raises her eyebrows in surprise at his forwardness, asking him to repeat what he’d said. She’d then blush when she realises he was asking her for her number, but wouldn’t give it to him straight away, instead asking for his, and leaving him guessing as she’d hop on her bus, or get taken away by the crowd.
The first date would be in a cinema, with Yoongi being unable to think of anything better after he’d been surprised by the messaged he’d received from her a few hours earlier asking to see him. However, they’d both sit at the back, more excited about seeing each other than the film, and so when Yoongi turned to her half an hour in and asked if she had heard of a song he’d recently fell in love with, he’d instantly offer her a headphone when she said she hadn’t. And that would be how they’d spend the rest of the film, heads bent towards each other as they interchanged songs, hushed laughter, and shy smiles being exchanged between each other as they fell into each others worlds.

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It would be fiesty, and the most fun he’d ever had. Hoseok would be hanging out with his friends either normally or backstage at a music show, and she’d be with her own group of friends. He’d notice her and she’d notice him, but neither of them would approach one another, simply making their actions or speech more exaggerated than normal, trying to get the other to pay attention. It would be stolen glances across the room, and excited smiles to themselves that would clue each of them in that the other like them. But still neither of them would approach the other until someone else in one of their groups of friends would approach the other group, causing the two groups to merge and for the girl and Hoseok to finally come face to face. This would be when they’d each become a little more shy, the two of them slowly drifting into a quiet corner as they discuss their groups of friends, with the conversation slowly moving onto themselves, beginning by trying to one up one another, until they each became so entranced by childhood stories and awkward teenage encounters that they simply found themselves laughing for a solid 5 minutes.
The first date wouldn’t be a date. Since neither of them were conscious of the fact that the sexual attraction was there, Hoseok would simply invite her around to the dorm to hang out or watch a movie. It would be when they were sat on his bed giggling at a ‘best animal fails’ video on Youtube and Taehyung walked in to get something from the bedroom, eyeing them up oddly as they whisper to one another before loudly asking; ‘Is this your girlfriend, hyung?’. Hoseok would become overly embarrassed and chase his dongsaeng out the room, shuffling back over to the bed shyly when they were alone again, before 
she’d turn to him and say, ‘well…what if i was?’.

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It would be coincidental, but so utterly unavoidable. He’d be sat in his usual cafe, about to walk over to his booth with the coffee he’d just collected, when he’d accidentally walk into the wrong booth, about to slide into what he thought was his seat before he catches sight of the girl staring at him, her legs crossed on the seat, a book in her hands and her glasses pushed right up on her face, proving that they were actually reading glasses. He’d quickly apologise, feeling his face heat up in embarrassment, before catching sight of the book she was reading- which happened to be one from his favourite series. ‘Is that the new ____ book?’ he’d ask, forgetting his manners in his excitement, and waiting eagerly for her to answer. ‘Uh…yeah…yeah it came out this morning, but i couldn’t wait to read it so I bought it straight away.’ she’d explain, blushing deeply at her own admittance, but the shyness in her expression would instantly peak his interest and he’d end up sitting opposite her, discussing theories, contexts, and favourite characters for the next two hours before he remembers he has practise and he quickly gets to his feet, apologising profusely to her for keeping her time, before she stops him with a shy giggle and says, ‘hopefully i’ll see you again…’
The first date would be after they’d accidentally bumped into each other as they’d each gone to walk into the cafe at the same time the next day, groaning at the pain before both giggling as they realise who they’d crashed into. Namjoon would invite her into his booth, since she had forgotten to pre-book one, and although they start the first few minutes off with awkward exchanges of common curiosity, they’d soon each have their hands spread on the table, leaning eagerly towards the other as they discussed their favourite writers and philosophers, as well as musicians and comedians. Closing time would be the only thing that would bring them out of the world they’d created on the coffee table, but from then on they’d both continue to return to that same place almost everyday neither wanting to loose the little piece of familiarity and safety they’d found.

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It would be smooth, and sickeningly sweet despite its slow progress. Jimin naturally seems liks an all in kind of guy, so as soon as he’d see her working hard- whether it be behind the counter at his closest convenience store, or on the street painting, or dancing passionately - simply for fun- he’d be completely consumed by her. However, he wouldn’t make a move up front, simply admiring her from afar, before moving on to do the other jobs he had to do. If he were then to pass by her again on a following day, he’d see it as a sign, pausing as she continued doing her job, or walking on down the street, before jogging over to her and getting her attention. He’d wouldn’t know what to say at first, simply staring at her dumbly as she waited for him to say something, before stuttering over his words as he explains that he’d seen how hard she’d been working/dancing and that he really admired her for it, somehow managing to slip out in the process that she looked very beautiful as she did it. She’d grin up at him with that, sunshine practically pouring out of her eyes as he took in the expression, before she replied in a soft voice that she’d seen him too- on the television- and that she could tell how he too worked hard. After that, he’d spend some time talking to her before they awkwardly exchanged numbers and parted ways, each looking over their shoulder as they grew further apart.
The first date would be heavily planned out by Jimin, his worry over every detail being proved to the girl in the way she’d arrive at the destination he’d given her, to find out he’d set up a corner of a secluded cafe just for them- since he was a local at the shop and the owner wanted to help him since he was always so polite. He’d have decorated it with a few blankets, some flowers and some fairy lights, and he’d have ordered her food so that each dish would be an exciting surprise- although even though she ended up greatly enjoying each, she’d be utterly fixated on Jimin himself. He’d be nervous throughout the first 20 minutes of the meal, before he realised just how much they each had in common with one another, and he’d slip back into his saatori as he became more comfortable with her, not realising till the end of the evening that the girl too had an accent and that was why he’d felt so at ease. Jimin wouldn’t be able to resist kissing her cheek at the end of the night, after having sat through most of the dinner thinking about it as he’d listened to her tell him all about her passions and life. However, what he wouldn’t be prepared for was for her to kiss his cheek first, becoming shy and embarrassed as soon as she’d done it, but not before he’d giggled in happiness and gifted her a kiss back, wishing her a goodnight after he’d walked her home, before walking home giddily, with a burning cheek and a light heart, knowing he wanted to feel that way all day every day.

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It’ll be swift and comfortable, and as oddly easy as you can imagine. He’ll be bored at an airport, or in the office building, and he’ll go for a walk to find something to do, only to be walking for 10 minutes before he sees a girl bent over a card game, sat on the floor with her legs crossed with not a care in the world for the people bustling past all around her. He’d tilt his head as he inspected her, smiling as he walked closer to to see what game she was playing, ending up stood by her for a solid two minutes before she registers he’s there and she looks up at him. ‘What are you doing?’ he’d ask when they lock eyes, grinning as she went back to her game whilst he knelt down next to her. ‘Trying to distract myself from the fact that im hungry, and my food order wont be ready for 12 minutes- but i haven’t got a single clue how to play cards, so its not working very well.’ His grin would only grow wider as she spoke, her words fast but clear as day, and the way she’d tilt her head from side to side as she placed cards down in piles in front of her, despite having just told him she had no idea what she was doing, causing him to sit on the floor properly beside her, the thought that the others were probably waiting for him fleeing his mind as he took a pile of cards and proceeded to start building a card house. ‘What are you doing that for?’ she’d ask, and he’d just grin and reply; ‘I dont know how to play cards either, and my foods not ready for another 15 minutes…wanna hang out?’
The first date would involve them both stood at the meeting place for a solid half-hour waiting for each other, before Taehyung calls her and they realise they’d each been stood on either side of  the river, giggling and hugging one another out of giddiness when they finally meet in the middle of the bridge. Taehyung wouldn’t have planned anything so they’d just walk around the market streets staring at the bright lights, and messing around with little trinkets they’d find, buying food at every other stall because they each kept getting distracted by the prospect of food, before Taehyung tried to put his foot down, confessing to her that he’d ran out of money. She would also admit to running out of cash, but would state how much she wanted some ice cream in the same breath as she points to a nearby vendor being manned by a little ahjumma, and with this Taehyung would make it his mission to get it for her, trying to impress her as he sang and danced for the ahjumma until she gave him a free serving which he thankfully accepted, taking a lick before looking at the girl innocently. ‘What? This is my ice-cream.’ he’d joke, about to hand it over before she begins to dance for him, showing him how much she wanted the ice cream, and she’d make him laugh so hard that he wouldn’t be able to resist giving her the ice cream and hugging her, to which she’d grin before taking his hand and continuing to pull him down the street, allowing him to smile as he feels his heart running after her faster than his feet could carry him.

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It will be intense, but exciting- too tempting for Kookie to let go by. The image we see of the awkward cookie would be exchanged for business Jungkook as he talks to the director of the music video about how he wants him to play out the scene, his attention being taken halfway through the conversation by a girl scurrying around behind the cameras, the possibility that she was a crazy fangirl making him quickly alert the director. ‘She’s not a fangirl- she’s the actress.’ he’d explain, his explanation catching the girls attention and making her look up at the two of them, the look making Jungkook blush and bow in apology. When they actually came to filming the scene, he’d be pretty quiet, trying to avoid talking to the girl in fear of offending her again, whilst not being able to keep his thoughts focused as he thinks about how pretty the girl is. ‘How come you thought i was a crazy fan earlier?’ she’d suddenly ask him as she reached up to hold the back of his neck, smirking at him as he stares open-mouthed at her, forgetting that they were filming for a split second, before swallowing thickly and trying to calm his racing heart as he puts a shaky hand on her waist. ‘I-uh…It was just-’, ‘I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to make you feel uncomfortable.’ she’d quickly blurt, confusing him, until he realised she too looked flustered at the position she was in, with barely a breath of space between them, her expression making him grin excitedly as he thinks of how cute she was despite how feisty she came across.
The first date would be a huge mountain of nerves for both of them, despite how much Jungkook may have messaged her beforehand. He wouldn’t be particularly inventive, wanting to take her out for a meal before deciding on going to a pet cafe and immediately regretting the decision when she started sneezing at the cat hair. But she’d quickly reassure him, continue to sneeze until Jungkook quickly offered her his scarf to help cover her nose, and once they’d both assessed that it had worked- with Jungkook trying not to focus on how amazing it felt for this cute girl to be wearing his scarf- they’d go back to happily playing with the pets. Later when Jungkook would walk her home, she’d try to offer him back the scarf, but he’d shyly tell her to keep it, not explaining his reasons, but grinning at her the whole time anyway, seeing her update her SNS later that evening with a picture of her wearig the scarf and finally finding the courage to message her and tell her she looked really cute wearing it, which would ultimately lead to the two shy, yet happy, beans making plans to see one another again so that Jungkook could continue admiring his scarf on her, once, twice and so many more times.


Love, Lust, and Little Angels

Pairing: Cas/reader

Warnings: SMUT

Summary: You and Cas are hit with a lust spell after Cas gets his grace back. Relationship already established, though the last time you did the nasty was when he was human. Fluff (? I think ?) later

Fic Masterlist

A/N: I don’t even know anymore.. just.. here’s some smut, with plot thrown in your face at the end

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So I met this guy on Tinder ages ago. He seemed pretty funny and sweet from his bio (plus he’s super cute). We matched and started talking. We’re both really shy and awkward so the conversations ended up tapering off pretty quickly. Well, we ended up matching on another app, so we started talking about that and how funny it was. After a lot of talking, we spent a weekend together and it was absolutely wonderful. He’s now my boyfriend and I can’t believe how lucky I am.

--- bts as roommates ⍣

requested: can you please do all the bts members as roommate pls! thank you i love your blog!

Originally posted by h5sh

seokjin ;; Jin would be that one roommate who’d make food all the time but never let you have any. You’d eventually end up stealing one of his sweatshirts and not giving it back until he agreed to share. Expect a lot of cute cooking lessons and food fights that end up with both of you covered in flour in your hair and egg yolks on your shirts.

“Y/N, did you catch the kitchen on fire?”

  • cuddles and watching movies when you’re sick
  • childhood photos
  • watching cooking shows.
  • and him mothering you
  • Eskimo kisses

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yoongi ;; Yoongi would be the type of guy who you would get in petty arguments over, but still be really cool with. Almost resembling an older type figure, you can expect him to throw innocent insults and vice versa. Living with him would be fun and overall amazing as he keeps on top of his shit.

“But what if we just stayed in and talked?”

  • napping
  • lazy days filled with you casually resting against him
  • drunk nights
  • teasing
  • accidentally making out

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hoseok ;; Days with Hobi would be filled with memories of both of you dancing and him trying to teach you hard moves, and lots of affection. You and Hobi would be pals that some may consider too close, but it doesn’t stop you from being inseparable. You become “one of the boys,” almost immediately and you both would support each other daily.

“I swear, we are going to buy all the blankets.”

  • forts
  • dance parties
  • playing with each other’s hair
  • lots of hugs
  • romantic friendship with smooches

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namjoon ;; Living with Namjoon would be a beautiful disaster. He, with his naturally messy nature, would bring you all types of mischief. Though he might try to play cool, in the beginning, he ends up coming off as the sweetest dork and you both spend your days talking and getting to know each other. Expect him to bring cute gifts.

“Look, don’t we seem good together?”

  • artsy pictures.
  • deep talks
  • him tutoring you if you ever need the help
  • “platonic” coffee dates
  • casual sex

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jimin ;; LISTEN…Living with Jimin would start off kind of awkward at first. I can see Jimin being not so comfortable with living with you at the beginning but trust me after a while you guys get close. From cute sticky notes around the apartment and daily reminders that the other is great, to warm embraces and tiny gifts, Jimin is going to be a sweetheart. Trust me.

“Hey, you’re important, remember that.”

  • compliments. a lot of them
  • cuddles and hot chocolate
  • talking about your families
  • intimate moments
  • chaste kisses

Originally posted by jeonsshi

taehyung ;; Taehyung would automatically open up to you, catching you off by surprise. He would always try to get your attention and always try to make you laugh. Always. Eventually, both of you would be so comfortable with each other and end up being silly together, enjoying the other’s company and leaving corny puns around the house.

“It’s me and you from now on, Y/N.”

  • flirting
  • innocent pranks
  • him buying you stuffed animals
  • sneaking pets into your apartment
  • friendly make out sessions

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jungkook ;; Life with Jungkook would start off with shy glances in the morning and embarrassing/awkward interactions. It would be quiet at first, but as the months went by and he began to let loose, both of you would find yourselves joking all the time and he would let you hear him sing. Expect lots of late night together and leaning your head against his shoulder. Lazily holding hands and flustered faces.

“I want to give you a hug but, I don’t know.”

  • “accidental” spooning
  • singing for you
  • shy glances/embarrassed faces
  • lazily tracing hands over each other
  • lowkey friends with benefits ?? who knows