both so perf

Aniseed is an asshole and TK doesn’t seem impressed.

TK doesn’t seem to appreciate the reminder of his shortness…

I’ve wanted to draw this for some time but always found myself distracted or drawing something else…

Anyway, enjoy my weekly draw, I did it instead of studying.

Got the idea from real life because I do this to my little sisters all the time.

Aniseed belongs to me

TKSans and quantumtale belong to the wonderful and talented @perfectshadow06

“Omo thank you! We love you too, babe <3”

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Jungkook: “If I could dedicate a song for Jiminie… It would be “Don’t touch me” by Ailee.”

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Jimin: “You little shit.”

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Jungkook: “Just joking. I think I would choose “Wherever you are” by One ok rock.”

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Jimin: “Cute. I will choose “All about you” by McFly. That song fits well what I feel for Jungkookie.”

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Jungkook: “I’ll sing for you right now.”

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Jimin: “Stop [laughs].”

- Jikook.

tao and wang yuan giving each other a hi-5 (ᶿ̴͈᷇ॢ௰ᶿ̴͈᷆ॢ)

The Lost Boys - Chapter 34

Summary: He’s the charming, out of control frontman of one of the most successful bands in the world. She’s a hard-working rising actress. Sometimes it’s hard to find out what’s real and what’s make-believe when fame’s in the game. Inspired by this photoset.

Rating: M

Word Count: 358,748


this is late but whatever, you love me anyways, right, yun? i mean, i got mikey to tweet you. just saying. happy belated birthday and ily and here, have a stellar guest that i’m sure you’ll be delighted to see. 

so, here it is. the final chapter. the end. it’s the end of an era! right?!

i’m sorry i’m getting quite emotional here. it’s been a little longer than a year since i posted the first chapter of this story and now it’s… done. it feels like letting go of a really cool group of friends at this point. 

(well, there’s still the epilogue to go, i guess, but that’ll be it)

Love always, nini.

So Zuko states he doesn’t understand what happiness means for his sister.

I wonder why.