both snake and ring


On the left, an Ancient Greek gold and carnelian finger ring with an intaglio of a bull, dated to the 4th century BCE. On the right, a gold Hellenistic snake ring, dated to the first century BCE. Both images were found on Christie’s.

holocreature  asked:

Could you please do a Grass Snake / Slytherin analysis! Please and thank you!

This request also goes out to @nununkasmile, who shares your house and Patronus!


Snakes in general are symbolic of fertility, healing, energy, change, and the duality of good and evil. Grass snakes (otherwise known as both ringed snakes and water snakes) are especially interesting because they are not as dangerous as they look. They are often confused for deadly adders, but grass snakes are not only much less aggressive, but they are completely non-venomous. This doesn’t stop a grass snake from sometimes puffing itself up and making itself look more intimidating than it actually is. Other times it will produce a foul smell from its anal glands or even play dead. Grass snakes tend to live around water, which as an element can also represent sensitivity and healing.

Having a Grass Snake as your Patronus means you find comfort in escape. This fits very comfortably with Slytherin’s love of self-preservation, but even with this, you are notably less likely to start a fight than many of your housemates. You are sensitive and flexible and will work hard to avoid direct confrontation. It’s not that you’re a doormat – far from it. You still have the pride native to our house and you will defend it by any means necessary…but you are never the one to jump head-first into a battle, since you prefer to avoid unnecessary drama. In short, you do not start fights, but you can finish them. Should you ever end up in trouble, trapped inside your worst nightmares, your Patronus will slither from your wand, distracting your opponent just long enough for you to get away. Then it’ll wrap itself tightly around your wand hand, infusing you with its healing, invigorating strength, and the light will ripple out of the two of you like a wave and beat back the darkness.


Patronus Analysis / Patronus Masterpost

I have tried, both hands trident, to ring you out, stop the slow snake of sex from wrapping around me in a black gold band. You drove a wedge in me between heartbeats. In quiet moments I hear you there. Moon comes up and there the press of your fingers, that wild riled voice, the smirk, the ready bolt. Constantly you split me. Holy pain. Sacred bone. Ready to eat me alive. I press sinewed lips against your neck and remind you.
—  Stimie