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What would be bons reaction to his s/o wanting to drink/ get drunk with him

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He’d be pretty taken back at first, he was kinda surprised you asked him. He asked why you wanted too and once you explained he said, “Sure, but not to much okay?” He agrees because he has always wanted to get drunk, just to see what its like, but doesn’t wanna get really drunk and have a hangover. What better way to experience something then with the person you love?

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He also doesn’t know how he’ll be when he’s drunk so he doesn’t want to get smashed and risk being a bad drunk, and be a prick to you. Since it’s illegal to drink underage and neither of you have fake ID’s, you both wait outside a shop for and hour asking passing locals to go in the shop for you, all of them refuse and tell you to go to the park like kids should. Until Mephisto happens to be walking by, and legit buys you the entire liquor isle, you didn’t even ask him but he just winked and said to have fun.

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He was initially nervous about it, but he didn’t know why, you had drunk before so you were fine. Bon may be a bad ass but he’s a light weight.He starts slurring his words and talking shit, and of course theres those all over the place, drunken kisses and touches that normally wouldn’t be quite as adventures sober. Theres also a lot of hilarious snapchats and drunked messages involved. He’s mortal by time he leaves your dorm, he stumbles home to his dorm, gets lost and sleeps in a bush. Koneko and Renzo find him the next morning and ofc Shima finds it hilarious, especially when he takes picture and sends it to Suguro’s mom.

Headcanons for Syo and Nagi as bros~
Woot there’s only two days left until your birthday! Yay(≧∇≦)/

-The one thing that they agree on is style, so they both go shopping together often.

- Nagi complains to Syo when Heavens steals his candy.

- Syo has dealt with a lot of torment from Nagi also, but I feel like the proof that Nagi cares about you is if you’ve been tormented

- They would fight over little things, but that’s how they’d bond.

- They also bond over their height

- Syo makes fun of Nagi’s little obsessions but then goes and obsesses over manliness and the like.

- At the end of the day, they watch out for each other and come to small agreements.

- still definitely frenemies

Ahh so I just want you to know shadowed, that I’m very thankful for you being my friend. People have come and gone in the last few months, but you’ve stayed. I know you’ll be able to make your dreams come true! Never give up, stay happy and smiling everyday!


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{PART 9} I Won’t Stop You // Jeon Jungkook, Vampire!AU

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Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Vampire!AU, Fantasy, Angst, Smut

Summary; Jungkook takes you shopping and you inadvertently give him a lesson on just how cruel humans can be to each other.

{Part 1} // {Part 8} {Part 9} {Part 10}

I update this series every Tuesday evening, 9pm-10pm (UK Time)

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After @maverick-ornithography remarked on the unusual appearance of the shopping cart I saw the other day, I decided to check at various stores to understand whether this was an isolated phenomenon. Here are the results.

Tesco : has both regular shopping carts (large, low basket, with a child seat) and “leggy” ones (small basket, long and strangely balanced legs, no child seat). Pictures of both varieties below.

In the background of both pictures, you can see a vehicle carrying exclusively “leggy” carts (I didn’t take a closer picture because I wasn’t sure I was allowed to).

Lidl : same situation, with both regular and “leggy” carts, except that here, the relation between cart types is clearer (the regular type still looks strangely balanced to me, and the leg structure is similar). Pictures :

Dealz : only leggy carts ! The variety is yet a different one, and the only cart type with a drawer system for coins I saw today (the others have a slit system). Here is a picture :

This allows me to confirm that the overturned cart in the ditch thing is indeed a Lidl “leggy” cart, like the one I saw on the road close to it (notice the shape of the legs) :

To conclude this long post, I saw the heron and the egret again !

(A grey heron and a little egret standing in some kind of evergreen, 1 m or less from each other, the heron facing the camera and the egret facing right.)

This is the tree where I saw the heron the other day ; I was already surprised to see the egret in it, and I didn’t expect the heron to be that close, so I completely missed it until it moved its head.

(Same image, but with the heron facing right and the egret running its beak under its wing.)

The egret started preening, so I assumed it wasn’t particularly uncomfortable despite the proximity of the heron, but it might not mean that at all (I would be interested if anyone knows what might have been going on, I was surprised because most grey herons I have seen seemed very territorial).

Living With The Outlaws Would Include...

A/N ~ I really liked this… maybe I should do a part two?

  • Okay bro
  • You do realize who these guys are???
  • You should already know the disasters that are about to go downnn
  • You guys have fire extinguishers everywhere in the apartment
  • It’s either for Roy’s cooking, Roy’s failed creations, Roy baking, Roy using the bathroom you get the gist
  • The dishes would pile up cause no one wants to do them
  • “It’s your turn to wash them Jason!”
  • “You lazy piece of shit I did them yesterday!”
  • The only ones who don’t cause (much) disaster is you and Kori
  • When the boys start doing crazy crap you both going on a shopping spree or go get icecream cause you both are not gonna deal with that
  • Jason blasting music in the morning
  • He doesn’t even clean but he still turns on the vacuum cleaner to annoy the fuck out all of you
  • Having to constantly help patch up Roy and Jason
  • Waking up in the middle of the night and almost having a heart attack because Kori is up too but you only were able to see her glowing eyes which still freaks you out
  • You and Kori try to keep the apartment clean and cute but the boys somehow always manage to break things and make a mess in a matter of seconds
  • Jason doesn’t even use the door, he always uses the window, does he have something against doors???
  • You know how girls find bobby pins almost everywhere? In the most unusual places?
  • Well you can find bullets and arrows in the most unusual places
  • If you can’t find your jacket you can use Jason’s leather jacket cause he has a bunch and he leave them around everywhere geeez they smell good
  • On that note you guys have to buy a lot of brushes since Kori always manages to break them
  • Kori on so many occasions has brought in stray animals
  • It’s not that you hate animals it’s just you got two of your own animals named Jason and Roy and you can’t even deal with them
  • One time Roy tried to make you and Kori bath bombs
  • “Yeah I really love bath bombs, they really refresh me.”
  • “I have used the bombs for baths before, they are delightful!”
  • Well Roy clearly doesn’t know what a bath bomb is
  • And that’s how you guys blew up the bathroom
  • You and Jason have a secret place in the apartment where you hide books
  • You both don’t trust people with paperback books because they are yalls babies and they can’t be harmed, you are proud parents
  • You guys had a goldfish once
  • Kori named it Glub
  • Roy and Jason decided it would be cool to play with the fish
  • Any whoo that was the end of Glub
  • Besides all the disasters you love them
  • They are your family and they would literally die for you
  • The boys are over protective and are the reason you are single
  • Kori is like your sister and she’s the best person to talk to when you need to let out pent up emotions
  • Jason loves spending time with you, you’re one of the few people he opens up to and you help him through his break downs and he can’t be more grateful to have you
  • Roy might be a sassy motherfucker who thinks he got everything handled but he can be a big softy who needs babying
  • Being with the outlaws is something you wouldn’t change for the world, sure you guys fight but at the end you guys love each other

Imagine your friend Queenie introducing you to Newt. He’d surprisingly come to visit them in New York when you and Queenie were about to go for a shopping trip. Both, you and Newt, would be instantly smitten around the other one, with Queenie not really making it less awkward.
“Oh, Y/N, don’t you blush darling. Newt thinks you’re beautiful too!”

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Hello lovely brown queen~ I'm a slim mulatto girl looking for a rough jealous Jackson smut. Can I count on you?❤❤

“Hey! OFF of me!” You yelled as you and Jackson fell to the floor hands tangled in each other’s hair. He growled biting down harshly on your shoulder sliding between your legs holding you down towards the floor.

“Fucking make me you dirty little slut.” He barked out with rage flipping you over on your stomach. His hands gripping at your hips and pinning you down to the brown carpet on your living room floor. The fight steamed from you both being grocery shopping. Males were looking at you left and right and you didn’t have on much simple spandex shorts and a T-shirt. So, you didn’t know why they were watching you but of course you were one to tease back and flirt because you were a tease and you loved to get under everyone’s skin. Especially Jackson. He was so fucking hot when he was pissed in your opinion. His neck veins would pop out when he was scolding you and if he pointed or used his arms (especially when he took off his shirt) you just had to admit his muscles looked good. He was a sexy beast and yes you liked fucking with him. Once he had gotten you home and put the groceries up, he asked you about the male’s and you denied doing anything wrong. That caused him to growl and walk off. You were the first to shove him and run off causing him to chase you and tackle you to the ground. Now here you were his hands on your hips sliding around to the front to grab at your crotch through your shorts. He pressed his hips against yours grinding against you as he tried to get you still but you could help but moan out. Jackson paused for a few seconds before a growl slipped past his throats and he licking your earlobe.

“You fucking like this. You’re such a fucking cock slut.” He tsked spreading your legs wide rolling his hips down against yours.

“Get! OFF!” You struggled to not let your body betray you, Jackson grabbed at your arms moving them behind your back with one hand the other gripped at your neck as he pulled you back against him grinding his hips harshly against your pussy that was dripping wet in your panties.

“Want me to get off? Hmm want daddy to get off?” He questioned again snapping his hips forward. “Or do you want me to get you off?” He teased cutting off the air from your throat as he snapped his hips forward. “My dirty little whore.” He rasped pushing you down on your stomach, moving to pin you down with his arm against your lower back he let his large hands grab at your shorts pulling them down quickly and tearing your panties off pulling the shreds to the side so that he could spread your legs wide. He moved to push your legs up opening you up a little more. “Look at that! Fucking dripping!” He growled slapping at your pussy causing you to squirm. He slipped two fingers inside of you pounding them in and out hard and fast curling them he bit on your ass cheeks watching the flesh jiggle. The wetness from your pussy sliding down onto his fingers and wrist. “That’s my pretty pussy! Mine. Say it!” He ordered and when you didn’t do it he pulled his fingers back to slap at your clit over and over again until you were crying out.

“FUCK IT’S YOURS JACKSON ALL YOURS!” You cried out feeling the pain from him slapping at your clit. Your hands grabbed at the carpet as you tried to move but instead your body was rocked with pleasure from feeling the wet pink tongue against your pussy. Flicking at your slit over and over before he was licking on your clit sucking on the pink pert bud. He moaned against your pussy, his hands moved to lock around your waist as he devoured you. He soon rolled over grabbing you, and when you got up to a straddling position you tried to move but he only grabbed you and put you in the position to straddle his face his tongue diving back deep into your pussy. Crying out your hands gripped at his hair. You rode his face hard and fast, bringing his face as close to your pussy as you rolled your hips back and forward. Pulling harder at his hair you watched as he groaned and his head disappeared between your legs. His hands slapping on your ass and digging his nails into your flesh he helped you fuck his face. Your body convulsed on top of him his tongue diving deep flicking across your walls fucking you tightly as he felt your pussy tighten up around his tongue. You tried to pull his head back after some time riding it you rolled your head back crying out his name.

“Jackson! Daddy fuck yes!” You shouted out as he stopped his tongue midway through you trying to build up your orgasm. “JACKSON!” You cried out glaring down at him feeling your body become red as you grabbed harder at his hair.

“That’s how I feel when I see someone wanting what’s mine.” Jackson spoke deeply his eyes baring into yours. “Do we have an agreement?” He asked you slapping your ass harder, nodding your head you pouted slightly. “Good fucking girl.” Jackson flipped you onto your slide, slipping up your leg he pulled back to pull down his pants with one hand. He aligned back up behind you and slammed inside of you starting to pound deeply inside of you, he kept your leg up pounding deep inside of you right against your spot. He made sure to fuck you hard and fast, sliding your body up and down against him and his shaft, the carpet was rough on your skin and you sure you were bruised but you didn’t care honestly it felt so good. Your head rolled back and your lips was parted wide breathing deeply as you cried out for him. Your breast was hard and your body was starting to catch on fire. He leaned his hand up to grab at your breast rolling the nipple between his fingers as he snapped his hips against your reddened ass. You were so close, your hips pushing back against his, your pussy was throbbing and you could feel him inside of you as well. Neither of you would last long. Jackson slipped his finger down to rub harshly against your clit aiding in your high and in no time, you were meeting your end cumming on his shaft. He followed suit instantly cumming inside of you burying himself to the brim over and over again. He pulled out of you to slowly watch the cum trickle out of your wet pussy smirking to himself he slapped your pussy again causing you to jolt at the sensitivity.

“Hurry up and clean this shit up. Round two will be in the room.” He commanded walking away from you leaving you stunned and feeling blissful at the same time.

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Fang/Paws, fluffy coffeeshop AU??

HAHAHA My babies ! Saps, the lot of them. Fang is @marloviandevil OC, Worst is @gallusrostromegalus​ ‘ and Paws is mine.

“Just in time, Fang, Hot-and-Tall just arrived.” smirks Comet, dodging under the swipe Fang aims at him.

“Would you stop it.” growls Fang as he puts on his name-tag.

Fang bites back the swearing he was about to submit his colleague to, because his favorite customer just stepped in front of him.
He’s tall, true, that’s probably the first thing anyone would notice and he is ridiculously hot, but it’s his eyes, warm and kind, that Fang lov… likes the most.

“Hi, Paws.” he says, several months of writing the man’s name on cups a very good excuse to use it, even if he had memorized it the first time. “Tall Coffee, double shot of expresso ?”
“Thank you, Fang,” Paws answers, his eyes crinkling. “Add…”
“A chocolate chip scone, already done.”

Paws pays, and chats with him in the near-empty coffee shop as Fang makes his order, before going back to his table, where a man already sits, sipping tea while typing on a computer.

“Did you write your number on the cup ?” asks Comet once Paws is barely out of hearing range.
NO,” growls Fang. “Would you cut it ? I did it the first time, on your stupid advice, and nothing happened. He’s kind enough not to mention it, but he’s clearly not interested.”
“Well, he wasn’t.” nags Comet. “But since then, he always comes when you’re on shift, the only times he doesn’t are on your days off, and honestly, man, you’re adding sugar to every drink in the shop with the gooey eyes you make at each other.”

Fang growls and slings an arm around Comet’s neck, giving him a noogie.

“I swear you’re worse than a dog with a bone ! He’s here almost every time with someone.”
“Ow ow ow, let go!”

Comet steps away, putting back his hair in place. He lasts a whole five seconds before going back at it.

“He’s probably a friend.”
Oh my god, I hate you.”
“Look, there only sitting there, no kiss, not even holding hands !”
“He’s making Paws blush. You know a lot of friends that make each other goes that red ?”
I make you go that beet red.”
“Well, you’re not a friend, you’re a pest. Beside, they share drinks, you don’t drink into a friend’s cup, Comet.”
“… I’m sure there is an explanation.”
“Comet, shut up.”


Paws groans. “Worst, don’t start.”
“I have to, this is like the worst romcom ever. Paws, we’ve been coming here for three months, when are you going to tell him that very first order was for me and that you hate coffee ?”

Paws shrugs.

“There’s no need, he took the time to memorize it, it’s just as easy taking it and having you order my tea.”
“You’re so far gone it’s ridiculous.” mutters Worst. “And what’s your excuse for the days you come alone ?”
“… You get free, delivered coffee on those days, why do you care.” Paws mutters, feeling his cheeks heat up.
“Hopeless.” groans Worst. “TALK to him.”
“You make chitchat about the weather, Paws, for fuckssake. Why do you turn into a blushing maid every time we pass the threshold, I have no idea. As your straight friend, I have to inform you : you’re acting like a teenage girl in love.”

With the strong denial and the sulking included. Worst sighs.

“Look, just… be an adult, ask his number. He won’t get offended you did not took him up on it the first time, this isn’t… what ?”
Paws is staring at him. “What do you mean, the first time ?”
“The… number ? He wrote on that first cup you brought me ?”

Worst looks at his best friend and swears.

“Oh for the love of… you did not notice ??”
“No, I didn’t.” growls Paws.

He gets up and walks through the coffee shop with determined steps and Worst gets what is going to happen a second before Paws grabs the tattooed barista by the tie of his uniform to bring him in for a kiss.
For fuckssake.
Worst is living in a romcom.

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