both romantically and non romantically

When asked at the HeForShe London Eye event if her ‘partner’ was ‘helping her in doing this’ i.e are they supportive of her feminism, Gillian responded with a resounding ‘yes, definitely.’ So, if you believe that partner is in fact David Duchovny, then Peter Morgan should be no issue for you. If the partner she was referring to is Peter (and I’m pretty sure that the evidence suggests that it is), then I think Gillian has already answered those who seem hugely concerned that she is associating with a man who is anti-feminist. Her partner supports her. And that partner is very likely Peter Morgan.

in regards to relationships (both romantic and non-romantic) how can we look at them (a gift from God) as better than God Himself? we don’t do it on purpose. but it’s in the sting we feel when we see another engagement and in our incessant longing for more than what we have. it has a name- dissatisfaction. a good Creator made this gift of relationship for us so that the gospel might be better understood. and here we’ve (I’ve) twisted it into something greater than Him- the One who made it in the first place! silly us. silly me.