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Things Hamilton Doesn’t Tell You

Alexander and Eliza had 8 children. One of them was named Angelica.

Speaking of Angelica, she actually eloped with her husband to England. Maybe she did love him a little bit.

The Schuyler sisters were 3 of 14 Schuyler children, 8 who lived to adulthood. Angelica’s father did in fact have sons.

Maria Reynolds eventually divorced her husband. And get this, her attorney was Aaron Burr.

Angelica’s son Phillip worked for Alexander Hamilton as an aide-de-camp.

Once upon a time, a bunch of Tories and Native Americans broke into the Schuyler mansion, intending to seize the Schuyler sisters’ father. Everyone, including Angelica and Eliza, who were both pregnant, ran upstairs, but they forgot a baby downstairs, so Peggy went to get the baby and got confronted by the group. She scared off the group of Tories and Native Americans, but she did get a tomahawk thrown at her. 

Angelica’s son named a town after her. Best mother’s day gift ever.

Eliza and Alexander adopted a two-year-old girl whose mother had died and who lived with them until she was 12 and went to go live with her sister. 

Eliza lost both of her parents, Alexander, her son, and Angelica all within a 4 year period. She outlived all of her siblings except the youngest.

After Alexander died, Eliza made James Monroe apologize for his accusations of financial speculation against Alexander.


Whoniverse: Class - I’ll take you to the very end of this world.

Also, I hope Ginny and Mike’s respective family issues becomes another point of connection for them. I want them to open up to each other the way they can’t with anyone else. I want them to be each other’s rocks. 

so like apparently this thing happened  where some Tories broke into the Schuyler household and Angelica and Eliza who were both pregnant ran upstairs but forgot their baby sister and Peggy snuck back downstairs and saved her and someone threw a tomahawk at her but yeah basically moral of the story Margarita’s a f*cking bad ass

I’m gonna do both the pregnant and baby headcanons, best of both worlds! I’m also going to make the reader female based and I want wait to do Reinhardt’s part. I kinda wanna do a mini drabble with him only, we’ll see

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ROADTRIP, 2008 (8/16)

We both thought we were pregnant.
What are the odds? we laughed.

Her feet on the dashboard, windows

down, radio crying out for a lover.
Neither of us ready to be mothers yet.

What will we do? Raise them together

like a pack of wolves! Braid hemlock
into their hair! Or, light a hundred

candles and pour salt and pray

this world isn’t good enough for
them to want to stay. For a week,

we drove across state lines, cornfields

and billboards—I HAVE A HEART

NOT A CHOICE—and dreamt of leeches

nursing off the fat of our bodies.
It was early, light unsure of itself,

when I found blood in my underwear.

Red fingerprints made by anti-hands.
Fuck, she said when I told her. Fuck.

We bought a test at a drugstore, parked
at Dunkin’ Donuts. I waited in the car,

bent at the waist from my own body

spilling itself, betraying her wholeness.
I knew before she opened the door.

We’ll handle it, I said and the car

became a cave, my voice an echo
of the thousands of women across time

who have said those exact words.

- Sierra DeMulder


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Pairing: past Sam x Reader, Dean x friend!Reader
Word count: 800
Warnings: Angst, swearing

Alternate Part 17 of Can’t Forget You

The second that you heard that Sam had gotten you and Ruby both pregnant- within a week of each other, you almost fainted. Your eyes were staring at Sam, but you weren’t seeing him. Your heart was raising, and Dean held you up. “Get the fuck out.” He growled at Sam.

“No. I need to talk to Y/N.” He pointed out. “No matter how bad I fucked up, she’s pregnant with my kid.”

You didn’t say anything, simply turning and walking back upstairs. The commotion hit your ears, but you didn’t care about that. Did Mary and John know? How did this happen? He’d been with Ruby for years before this all happened. Would Sam had ever told you about this otherwise? So many questions were going through your head.

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Recently I’ve been thinking, about a fandom friend I’ve had for well over a decade.  This woman is close to a decade older than me, lives in a very different part of the country, and has two daughters.  I’m not even really sure how we became friends anymore, since we didn’t even ship the same ships.  Nonetheless, around the time I was finishing undergraduate school (and she was about the same age I am now) we were very close (the kind of thing where you chat daily while you are both and work) and we both ended up getting pregnant within six months of each other. 

It wasn’t a tough decision for me. Honestly it wasn’t even really a decision.  There was not a snowball’s chance in hell that I was continuing that pregnancy.  However, figuring out the logistics how to navigate ending it was overwhelming, as was the embarrassment built in to my head by society’s “only stupid girls get pregnant” narrative.  This friend I mentioned (who was already the single mother of a then elementary school aged child), talked me through the whole thing, looked up clinics, kept me sane while feeling alone during long days at the office.  She wasn’t the only person to support me and my choice, but she was an important one.

Now not that long after that, she ended up conceiving her second child (with someone she’d just been casually hooking up with).  For her it wasn’t a difficult decision either, even though it was a different one than I made.   I listened to her pregnancy woes sympathetically, helped her decide on a name, talked her through decisions as her relationship with the father progressed. 

We were both there for each other, supporting our very different decisions. That’s what it means to be pro-choice.  That’s what it means to believe in someone’s right to a different opinion and choice from yours. That’s the real divide, not between reactions to pregnancy but between supporting someone’s choices and trying to control them. 

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how does gladion react when his s/o tells him they're pregnant? especially when all the precautions were taken.

* He would be shocked when you told him you were pregnant. The both of you made sure you were careful to avoid this happening.

* He is very anxious about the situation. There was a reason you two went to such lengths to prevent this, neither of you felt ready for this yet.

* Despite this though, he’s not going to drop the ball on this. He’ll find a way to help you both in this situation. In a way, he is happy this happened because you two have talked about starting a family, just not so soon.

Everybody must learn this lesson somewhere – that it cost something to be what you are.
—  Ingrid Bergman

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A/N:- I got a little carried away…
Imagine Lucifer is your father and he is protective of you…

A deal with the devil, that was the start.

She wanted a child, someone to care for, something to live for. All the memories that were to be made, something she could cherish forever.

He wanted a release, no strings attached. That was the deal. He would get his release and she would have hope she would fall pregnant. They both agreed that he wouldn’t have to be involved with the child.

She fell pregnant, a child she named Y/N. Throughout the pregnancy, he was surprisingly supportive and happy for her. He made sure everything was alright with baby and mother, for as long as he could use her place as a hideout.

That was until the child was born. Then he was gone.

He didn’t want to get attached, he swore to himself he wanted nothing to do with you… but that didn’t stop him, watching from afar, invisible to all around him. Making sure no harm came to you.

He was there when a nightmare invaded your dreams, protecting you from the darkness. The times when you were left alone in the room for few moments and you felt scared, you were able to feel his invisible presence, and it calmed you. When you were in danger; whether it be from a falling object from the unit that you accidentally crashed into, or you falling from the couch, he used his grace to protect you.

As he found himself visiting more often, seeing your first steps, hearing your first words, he found himself loving you, feeling proud of every little thing. He wanted to protect you more, wanted to be a reason you smiled, he wanted to be your father.

A few years starting to go by, and you were already starting kindergarten. He wanted to celebrate your small achievements, comfort you when upset, he wanted you to know he was there. He wanted you to see him.

On your 5th birthday he had made his decision.

You were watching TV when the doorbell rang. Your mother opened it up to the one face, she was so sure she would never see again.

He was the Devil after all. Lucifer.

He seemed a little different, almost seemed as if he was nervous. The small gift wrapped box in his hand, made it clear why he was here. Not having the strength to turn him away - she had no reason to - she let him in.

You were too engrossed in the cartoon show, to notice the stranger take a seat next to you. The small chuckle he gave at the show, seemed to earn your interest, facing the man beside you. There was something about his presence that seemed so familiar, you felt safe, home.

“Y/N, honey, this is your father…” Your mother trailed off, try to gauge your reaction. You sat there, staring at the man in awe.

“I believe it is your birthday, little one.” He handed you the small box, inside was the anti-possession symbol necklace. Immediately you thrusted the necklace into his hands, turning around and scooting closer to him, so he was able to put the necklace on. Lucifer gave a small chuckle amused at your reaction.

“Lucifer… I need to head out…would you mind…” your mother trailed off “Just for an hour or so…” Lucifer agreed, letting your mother escape you for a bit.

In the house it was just you and him, you showed him all your toys, all your favorite books, everything. You asked him many a question, ranging from where he’s been to his favorite story. You even asked about the wings coming from his back.

Lucifer had forgotten. You were his child, of course you’d be able to see them. He knew he would have to explain things to you. Things your mother wouldn’t understand.

Lucifer had stayed late, and was able to tuck you in bed, reading ‘The Three Pigs’ to you, before you fell asleep. Before he left, he had talked to your mother. They both agreed, that he would be in your life, but mother had custody. 

The years went by as you grew up, Lucifer got to cherish the moments with your mother, he was able to protect you a whole lot more, he comforted you. He visited when he could, and there was the odd time you were aloud to stay with your father. 

However, soon the teenage years had came around, and you took a liking to the rebellious side of things. The powers that you held, started to become more stronger, and you were aware of the supernatural. Hence your life was a little bit more than just dangerous. 

There was times you would go out, and wouldn’t return till late, sometimes you were out the whole weekend with friends. However this time your mother got s truancy call from your school. It was not like you to miss school, so of course your mother was a little worried, but put it down to you being a teenager and ditching a class you didn’t like, but when you didn’t return home on the school night it panicked her and she prayed to Lucifer, telling him the situation.

It had been a few days, and you still hadn’t shown up at school, nor home, your friends and classmates didn’t even know of your whereabouts. So Lucifer was in search of you, worried you were in danger.

He had managed to track you down. And he was fuming. You were safe, healthy, nothing was wrong. He discovered that you were on a hunt.

It was late at night and you were in your motel room, with a few fellow hunters, trying to track down what you were hunting, when you heard the sound of wings. 

“Oh, I should have known you three would be involved somehow” Lucifer growled. Immediately the three men were on their feet. 

“Lucifer” they growled at the same time, he ignored them and faced you, raising a finger to point at you.

“You!” he hissed “little one, are in so very much big trouble”

“Leave her alone Lucifer!” Dean growled at him.

“Do. Not. Tell Me. What. To Do. With My Own Child!” He yelled. “Do you know, how upset your mother is right now! She is worried sick! Not only have you skipped school, these past couple of days, but you have not once called her to let her know you are OK! You told no one that you were heading out of town! We were thinking the worst had happened, and yet I find you here! For some stupid, pathetic little hunt!” 

Your father never yelled at you, nor did he every get upset with you. So you knew you had crossed the line this time. Feeling small and slightly scared for the first time in his presence, you bowed your head down, trying to cower away from him. 

The room was suddenly quiet, and Lucifer’s words were settling. The Winchester’s and Castiel looked at you with slight disappointment on their faces.

“If you want to hunt, I will arrange some training for you. All you had to do was say, but because of your recent actions, that will not be happening anytime soon… I will let your mother decide on your punishment, and I think it’s best you leave this hunt to them.” Lucifer had calmed down, guilt taking him for shouting at you. Parenting was hard.

“OK, I’m sorry dad, I didn’t think about what I was doing… are you serious about me hunting?”

“…Yes, and when you do hunt, it wont be with them either… they tried to kill me” He playfully pouted. “Now c’mon, let’s get you home.” and with that you were back home, and being engulfed in your mother’s arms.




“That’s his kid?” Sam asked

“Can’t be, the kid is too kind, nothing like him” Dean replied

“Lucifer does seem to care profoundly for them.” Cas stated, as they returned to their research.

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W.P. #23, #53, & #55 x Soda

Requested by @sunsetsandcancersticks, @audrabrochu13, & an anon

23. “Just pretend to be my date.”

53. “I’m flirting with you.”

55. “I fell in love with my best friend.”

Soda and you had been best friends since birth and debatably, before that. Your mothers were best friends as well and coincidentally both became pregnant at the same time(whether they planned it or not, the world may never know.) Thankfully, the two of you never grew apart because the two of you never really changed. Soda was always bubbly and full of life, you were almost the same, except you were slightly more relaxed and always the one to suggest, ‘maybe we shouldn’t be doing this Pepsipop…!’

Almost two decades later and you were still inseparable. Though you worked different jobs, both of you made an effort to hang out or go visit the other at work. Recently, it had been tough because of Soda’s girlfriend, Sandy, she just didn’t understand the dynamics of your relationship with Soda and couldn’t wrap her head around the idea that you were just friends. To please Sandy, the two of you started hanging out less so instead Soda could hang with Sandy. It seemed like the only time you saw him was at his house that you were always over at, seeing as how you lived right across the street.

“Hey Pepsipop!” you greeted your friend as he walked into the store you worked at.

“Hi, (Y/N). Listen, I need a favor from you…,” he trailed off, his face not holding the usual bright smile it had.


“Just pretend to be my date.”

“What?! But aren’t you-”

“(Y/N), we broke up, and I already agreed to go to this party this weekend n’ Sandy’s gonna be there,” Soda desperately pleaded, trying to convince you.

You sighed and firstly calmed Soda down while you agreed. You didn’t know exactly how all this came about and why Soda would come to you of all girls for a date but you did agree. That weekend you dolled yourself up and stood by Darry’s truck while you waited for Soda to walk out of the house. Finally he strutted out and whistled when he laid eyes on you. Shaking your head and laughing you climbed into the truck.

“You look, really, really good, (Y/N)”

You smirked and slightly scoffed, “mhm, yeah, thanks.”

“I’m flirting with you,” he stated seriously and stopped the truck on the side of the road.

“Soda, don’t you think you’re moving a bit too fast?” you rationalized while looking over at him.

Soda sighed and looked at you as well, “I broke up with Sandy because I realized I liked someone else. And I couldn’t stand how she was treating you, like you were just another broad. And there’s no party tonight. I lied to you to get you to go out with me.”

“Sodapop Patrick, how could you?! Then where in the world are we going?!”

“On a date?” he half questioned with a smile on his face.

You simply stared at him and with no reply from you, Soda sighed, putting his hands back on the steering wheel and staring out the window of the stopped truck.

“I fell in love with my best friend. I don’t know when I realized it but,” he looked back over at you,” (Y/N), I love you, and I want you to be my girlfriend.”

Of course you agreed and hugged him tightly. That night you two went out to dinner and when you returned home, he walked you up to your door step and stopped you before you went into your house. He pulled you close and for the first time, you felt what it was like to kiss your best friend.