both of you make bday today


“He seems everything with his scarlet eyes, and hiding his true dream he acts in a play in which truth and lies are mixed together…” - Masashi Kishimoto

Happy Birthday husbando for husbando, my lovely Nat.

until we go down

So, the loml, @jeremykonx has her bday today and she loves Kevineil and coffeshop!au’s. So why not combine both?

I apologize in advance because this should’ve been just a one shot and I think it’s gonna be a multi-chaptered fic, thus making this chapter one. I still hope you like it! <33

Also shoutout @gangseyys who is the best beta in the world. <3

Dawn already settles outside and yet the queue doesn’t seem to get any shorter. Kevin feels himself getting grumpier, slacking slightly whilst writing names on the coffee cups and ignoring rants about how some people want a unicorn frappuccino, or whatever they call it.

He longs for his bed at home.

“Welcome to Starbucks, what’s your order?” he says, repeating this sentence for what must be the four hundredth time that day. He doesn’t get an immediate answer and lifts his head with a frown, examining the boy in front of him closer.

He’s not very tall, perhaps reaching Kevin’s chest. His hair is a dark shade of brown, uncannily similar to that of his eyes. He looks slightly nervous, constantly checking the door.

Kevin clears his throat impatiently. The guy snaps his head back to him and blinks a few times. “Um, just a coffee, please.”

“Which size?”

With that he stares at Kevin like a deer caught in the headlights.


With a sigh Kevin takes a cup. “To-go, right?”

He nods silently, glancing back to the doors again.

“Your name?”

“What?” the small boy asks, unnerved.

Kevin’s patience is clearly declining radically. “Your name? For the cup.” He lifts the pen in his hand and raises his brows.


Since Kevin is too tired to think of some witty way to change the name, he simply writes it onto the cup as it is. The exchange of the money is quiet, and as soon as Neil gets the cup, he vanishes to the back of the store, heading into the toilets. Kevin is suspicious, but hell, some customers are even weirder.

Once there was one who sat on the floor and wanted to tell people their future by touching their tummies. Not only did it put off other customers, but they were certainly in the way.

Kevin is quickly distracted by the next order, though this ‘Neil’ does not leave his mind.

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I want to make a post, but I don’t want to jinx it...
You know exactly what I’m talking about

I want to make a post, but I don’t want to jinx it…

You know exactly what I’m talking about

I assume she means that Cole MIGHT be on a shoot in LA today and Lili is filming in Van City…..even tho Cole could be on a shoot in the PNW (and as someone who used to live in PDX, she should be WELL aware of this) AND, wow, two adults have never, EVER before both been working on the bday of one of them.

But I’m sure she’s convinced GheyJ is there, as well…..