both of them have been dealing with much more terrifying shit for their whole life)

So yesterday we talked about how Robin Hood made friends with John “Little John” Little, and maybe you are craving some more Real Deal Robin Hood, but there’s also the distinct possibility that you are hoping today’s story of the day also involves more of those riverside fights to the death between psychopaths. If you want more of both, BOY, HAVE I GOT GOOD NEWS FOR YOU, because today, we are going to talk about how Robin Hood made friends with his other famous ally: Friar Tuck. And YES, it also involves riverside violence, because Robin Hood is a psychopath and that is his only way of making meaningful bonds with others.

RIGHT, so this happens a while after Robin and John have become even bigger threats to society by combining their savagery. There’s like three hundred odd bandits in the Murderous Mass of Merry Men now, their mansion has received some expansions, courtesy of all that money they were totally giving to the poor SNRK and Robin was pretty famous by now. So Robin and the lads were shooting arrows at animals just for kicks, because killing shit is the only consistent hobby a psychopath has, and he decided “YO BUT LET’S KILL COOLER”, so they started aiming at farther and farther away animals, until the only two that could land their shots were Robin and John. 

Now, Robin is kinda really into John, so he’s like “MAN, YOU AND I, WE’RE SO– THERE’S NO ONE BETTER THAN US AT HIGH PRECISION SENSELESS KILLING IN THIS BARBARIC LAND OF THE 1400′s ENGLAND ” because Robin is really proud of their murderous bromance.

But before Robin could get down on one knee and present a ring of engagement to John “Steroids” Little, a resounding “WAIT!” echoed in the forest. “You two are good at high precision senseless killing. Pretty good. But I know someone better than you at high precision senseless killing. He kills things with more precision and less sense than you.”

“NANI” yelled Robin Hood, drawn in chalk in the style of 1980′s anime. “Who the HELL are you talking about, Will Scarlet!”

OK QUICK INTRO: Will Scarlet is another one of Robin Hood’s lads. The youngest one and a passionate youth, he was the finest, best swordsman in the Merry Men, while Robin Hood was the best archer, and John “Hercules’ Bigger Cousin” Little was the best staff wielder (also a really good archer). He was famous for not sucking Robin’s dick despite being loyal to him.

“Well, see, over yonder by The River” elaborated the swordsman “there’s this friar that is even more of an uncouth savage that you two put together”.

“WELL THIS WON’T DO, NO ONE IS A LOWER LIFE THAN ME” and with his arse chaffed by jealousy and his eyes full of Studio Ghibli tears, our man Hoodie grabbed his utensils of murder and went to meet this friar, stomping his feet like the psychopathic manchild he was.

Now, finding a friar in a forest shouldn’t be too hard by itself, because friars are not usually alone in the middle of a forest by a river, but in case there was any doubt, Robin Hood, astute fox, immediately realized that that particular friar by the river was the one he was looking for. Not because he is, like, intelligent and wily or anything, but because, see, when I say “friar”, you imagine this

but what stood in front of Robin was more like

In his usual eloquent and poetic demeanor, Robin Hood let out a “holy fucking shit what” and reconsidered his life choices that led to this moment. That sure was a friar, alright, but he was packing. Weapons, cool armor, the hundred yard stare of someone who was Seen Some Shit, this guy had it all. Are you familiar with the souhei (warrior monk) Musashibo Benkei? The guy that camped out in a bridge and beat people who passed by and stole their weapons? And who ended up with 999 weapons he stole from people he defeated? Ok so this friar was the western equivalent of Benkei, in that you did not fuck with this friar.

Robin Hood, however, is not an intelligent lifeform, so as soon as he got over his initial, visceral fight-or-flight reaction, he was like “EH” and went to face him, anyways.

And by “went to face him” I obviously mean that Hoodie went and told him “hey dude, carry me across this river”. And the heavily armed friar, as you do, SILENTLY picked Robin up and, uh, carried him. At this point, Robin’s brigand mind was a string of 0s and 1s because he could not fucking compute this dude didn’t attack him for disrespecting him like that and instead just silently complied. Well, whatever, free piggyback, Robin is happy.

But as soon as they get to the other side of the river, the friar says “hey, do me a solid and carry me across the river, mang”. OH, SO THAT WAS HIS GAME. Robin picks him up and returns the favor, because piggybacks are awesome. As soon as they get back to the other side, Robin immediately says “hey HEY carry me across this river”, and the friar is like yeah alright it’s not like this is a huge waste of time, so he lifts Robin and starts carrying him again, but in the middle of crossing the river, PSYCHE the friar legit powerbombs Robin against the river. PRAAANKED.

Robin gets up, screams “KISAMA!!! and boss fight music begins to play as he gets his longbow out and starts shooting arrows at the friar, who deflects every single one of them with his shield. “K-kisama…” silently screamed Robin in a very tiny voice when he saw that his signature move had been completely invalidated and was forced to draw his sword to engage Mega Ultra Friar in melee combat. Robin really oughta stay away from rivers because he only ever almost dies near them.

But Robin was a pretty good swordsman in his own right, so they go left and right, swish and swoosh, until they both get tired. The friar has the upper hand on principle of his superior equipment, and also because he’s a Dark Souls boss. Seeing this, Robin remembers he is an outlaw and shouldn’t be playing by the rules, so he grabs his horn and blows it three times, which is the “HELP ME, I SOILED MY DIAPERS, LADS” signal. Almost immediately, Robin’s whole gang of happy killmen turn up and surround the Raid Boss Friar. The friar, however, looked nowhere as terrified as he should look for a tired man outnumbered 300-to-1. He simple put his fingers on his mouth and whistled three times.

“HEY YOU DUMBO” Robin yelled “I’m the one with the bandit gang, so whistling three times is not going to–” but before Robin could finish his tantrum, a rumbling noise surrounded the battlefield. One of the Merry Men looked to the source of the sound and yelled “DOGS…!”, which would usually be a great thing, except these were very angry, very murderous hounds that began attacking the Merry Men. 

Things Robin Hood Didn’t Account For: The friar having a personal army of dogs.
Things The Friar Had: A personal army of dogs.

Around 300 dogs appeared, matching each Merry Man head by head, and all out bandit-versus-dogs war was unleashed. Bandits using swords to defend themselves, dogs dodging skillfully and catching arrows with they mouth (LITERALLY, THAT IS WHAT THE BALLAD SAYS), fucking John “Hulkmania” Little fighting for his life as a dog wanted to french kiss his jugular, it was PANDEMONIUM. The fight goes on and Robin tells John to PLEASE DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS, so John activates the Kaio Ken times 10 and kills like two dozens of dogs with staff blows and arrows because he is kind of a big deal, and the friar is like “dude no don’t kill my dogs, can we reach a compromise?”, and of course, Robin, the sensible guy, says “yeah, if you join our band of murderous and dangerous criminals, we can all be happy together and ransack Nottingham and her roads”. Of course, the friar, a man of the cloth, a servant of our lord Jesus Christ, passionately answered “YOU DON’T HAVE TO ASK TWICE” because he sure as hell loves senseless violence as much as these psychopaths, and he finally found a band of men dangerous and vile enough for him to feel comfortable with, for him to call “his brethren”.

And that’s the story of how Robin Hood recruited a boss fight into his party. And all of his dogs. They christened him “Friar Tuck” because his real name, “Ultra Friar Arnold Schwarzenegger On Steroids” wasn’t as catchy.

HOT TAKE: 407 is one of the best Kabby episodes ever

Y’all I just finished watching 407 and I’m here to tell you I would like us to keep Ron Milbauer and Terri Burton, the new writers who penned this episode, FOREVER AND EVER because they understand Marcus Kane and Abby Griffin down the deepest marrow of their bones and I am here for it.

First of all, let’s start with the mother/daughter feels because GOOD GOD.  Remember “you may be the Chancellor, but I’m in charge”?  Remember that half-assed Polis hug last season?  Okay, now contrast that with the Clarke we got tonight, who ditched Roan at the Rover to do all the barrel-unloading so she could get to the lab and hug her mom sooner.  Let’s talk about how Clarke verbally, explicitly, canonically, needs her mother.  Let’s talk about Clarke worrying whether Abby is sleeping enough, being concerned that she’s not as fine as she appears to be, reluctant to leave her even long enough to take a shower and get something to eat because she just wants to be with Abby.  Let’s talk about Clarke understanding why her mother is so tormented by the decision to take a life and standing right by her side, full of unquestioning support and faith in her mother’s skills, even removing from Abby the burden of having to choose which of them is expendable.  Let’s talk about how few episodes in four seasons have shown us a Clarke who values and appreciates and respects Abby. 

Also let’s talk about the Kellamy of it all????  Like oh my God???  Let’s talk about how hard Kane has worked to put behind him the person he used to be on the Ark, and how long it’s been since he really, truly had to confront the reality that just wanting to be a better man doesn’t erase the things he did back before he was that man. Let’s talk about how two contradictory things can be true at the same time, about how Bellamy can simultaneously feel respect and affection and trust for the Kane he knows now and also never be able to erase the memory of what Kane did to his mother.  Let’s talk about the “I’m sorry” outside the Rover in the rain and just how many different things are contained inside that, how many things Kane is trying to apologize for.  Let’s talk about how Bellamy’s desperation to save those two stranded men because he’s afraid he can’t save Octavia is a direct mirror for the way Kane begs Bellamy not to go out after them, not to risk his life, not to get out of the Rover, trying to protect Bellamy as a way to atone for all the people he hasn’t been able to save.  Let’s talk about how this whole season has been chock full of delicious Season 1 throwbacks and this stark reminder of Ark!Kane is one of them.  Let’s talk about how Kane, who hitherto has had some beautiful material but not much of an arc, is now squarely in a position where he has to face the two different versions of himself: the man he used to be, who did awful things he still torments himself for, but was an effective leader … or the man he wants to be, who is kind and decent and loving and wants peace and believes in the goodness of people, but who has watched every single thing he tried to build get destroyed, from the Grounder truce to Arkadia itself.

Let’s talk about the possibilities Jaha brings into this - Jaha who made Ark!Kane who he was, in some ways that were genuinely terrible, but also has shown this season that he’s a demonstrably more crafty and intuitive politician, and maybe we’re about to see what happens when they recognize how much they need each other.

And let’s talk about Dad Kane and Harper, another kid who needs him, another person he’s trying to save.  Let’s talk about Kane the Chancellor, who never stops working for his people, who just wants everyone to be okay, who is trying so hard to hold this fractured group of broken terrified people together. Let’s talk about “who we want to be doesn’t always win,” about how he gets punched in the heart by his grieving son, saying something he’s been needing to say and that Kane has been needing to hear for a long, long time, which has forced Kane to look head-on at the man he used to be - a man he doesn’t like very much, a man who made terrible choices - and recognize that wanting to erase that past doesn’t actually erase it, but it’s still important that you try.  Harper did everything right and a man still died, and there is nothing he can say to make that right, nothing he can do except tell her, “This feels brutally unfair because it is brutally unfair.”  And yet he also needs her to know what he tried so hard to tell Bellamy, that sometimes there are people you want to save and can’t and it will feel like it is your fault but it is not actually your fault.

And let’s talk about Kabby!  Yes, we want them back together, yes, this separation is making all of us crazy, but that scene over the radios was absolute gold.  It was the most Kabby that has ever Kabby’d.  Let’s talk about how the plot requiring these two be apart is annoying, but necessary (Kane is the Chancellor and Abby is the science goddess and their stories are geographically separated for reasons that are clearly legit), and how a lesser show that gave less of a shit about their adults would just be like “welp guess they’re apart for half a dozen episodes, who cares,” but instead the writers have chosen over and over to treat that separation as a plot point.  To show us both of them dealing with that separation.  To see how the separation affects their relationship.  

Let’s talk about these two being married as hell, two fucked-up but emotionally mature adults in steady and grounded love with each other, who know each other on so deep and profound a level that it is heart-shattering.  Let’s talk about Kane telling Abby her greatest strength is her humanity.  Let’s talk about Abby knowing that Kane is the only person she trusts to advise her on a question this huge and terrifying.  Let’s talk about how her hands stop shaking when she hears his voice. Let’s talk about how the line in the trailer we hear her say to Raven is another one of those classic Kane-and-Abby-use-each-other’s-words-in-times-of-crisis … like “there has to be another way,” like “they need someone to show them the way out of the dark.” 

Let’s talk about how Kane goes straight from being confronted by Bellamy (“you floated my mother”) into a sober and honest conversation with Abby about how careful you have to be when you make the choice to take a life.  Let’s talk about how in that moment he is the most fully Marcus Kane he has ever been, he’s the warm kind man who loves her and he’s the adopted father trying to protect his children and he’s the Chancellor leading his people but he is also the man who floated Aurora Blake on the Ark and ordered the Culling, and she knows that, which is why she asked him.  

Let’s talk about how every single thing that makes Abby Griffin who she is (her humanity, her empathy, her brilliance as a doctor, her scientific mind, her love for Clarke, her abhorrence for violence, her desire to save everyone, her relentlessness, her deep intuitive understanding of Marcus) and every single thing that makes Marcus Kane who he is (the way his past never stops haunting him, his desire to save Bellamy from making the mistakes he made himself, his empathy, his protectiveness of the kids, his leadership abilities as Chancellor, his stubbornness, his implicit faith that Abby will always do the right thing) were on display in tonight’s episode, no matter how painful it was to watch.  

ksi imagine - ex girlfriend tag

REQUESTED:  “Hello, please do a JJ imagine where you are exes and you do a video similar to Kian Lawley’s video kissing my ex girlfriend and old feeling coming back”

“Hi everyone it’s your boy KSIOlajideBT,” I remained quiet in the gaming chair as he began his introduction, his fingers forming a salut by his temple. “How are you all? Don’t answer that, I can’t hear you, it’s a pointless question.”

I giggled slightly, receiving a grin from JJ.

“Today I am here with a, erm, slightly…different video, we shall say!” The nervous giggles continued. I’d missed that contagious cackle. “As you can see I’m not alone, would you like to introduce yourself?”

“I mean I’m sure they all already know me, but hi, I’m Y/n.” With a somewhat timid wave I introduced myself before returning my hands to my lap and smiling. 

“Yep, probably. So this is Y/n, Y/n would you like to say a bit more about what we’re doing today or..?”

“JJ,” I laughed slightly. “Why are you being awkward? You good?”

“Man, I dunno it’s just…weird.” The laughs continued. His contagious giggle warmed my heart slightly, even after all this time. “Okay, so incase you are somewhat new to my channel I guess, Y/n is my ex girlfriend. We’ve been broken up for about, six, seven months now?”

He turned towards me to monitor my approval and I nodded. “Seven months,” I confirmed.

“Well, we haven’t actually seen eachother since the break up, but since Y/n was in London and is actually trying to grow a channel herself now we thought let’s rekindle the fire and film a collab!”

“Rekindle the fire?” I questioned. Jide simply shot me a wink. I rolled my eyes.

“Nevertheless, what can be a better idea than texting the first girl you ever loved and inviting her back to your house to bring up all the painful memories you’ve been suppressing for seven months in front of a few million people on YouTube right? So let’s go on!” 

My eyes widened slightly at the extent of his honesty - although I don’t know why I’m surprised. It’s Jide after all. 

“JJ, are you sure you wanna do this? I’m feeling you might be a little bit hesitant about this whole thing,” I rested a hand on his shoulder. “I’m gonna ask you again - you good?”

“Yeah, I’m good.” He confirmed, reassuring me in all seriousness before continuing the video.

For around half an hour JJ and I proceeded to answer generic questions, revisit memories, and discuss where our lives had taken us now. We decided to check twitter for some more insightful questions from people that knew most of our history - a lot of our relationship had been very public. Even the breakup. It didn’t necessarily end on a bad note, but we didn’t continue contact after, which I was beginning to feel slightly sad about. This time had made me realised how much I had missed Jide as an asset in my life - even if not in the way he was seven months ago.

“Okay so, twitter questions,” He scanned his phone.

“Jide, I swear to God if any of these are sexual-”

“I’m not promising anything.”

“Jide.” I narrowed my eyes, my tone very demanding. He held his hand up in defence.

“Alright alright! Innocent questions only!”

Yeah, right. KSI fans wouldn’t know innocent if it smacked them around the face, I thought. 

“Okay - where is your relationship currently at?” Jide’s voice became serious, professional even. I lifted a leg to my chest as I contemplated.

“Well, as of now, we don’t have much of a relationship,” He watched me intently. There was genuine interest on his face. “But I don’t see why we couldn’t build one? I’ve been planning to move to London, as you may know, and so I think we could definitely spend more time together.”

He nodded along with my words before turning to the camera. “So basically to answer your question she still wants my dick.”

“Jide!” I scolded, hitting his arm although I couldn’t not laugh as he apologised.

“No. What I’m saying is, friends is definitely foreseeable.”

“She’s using big words again I’m just gonna…yeah, move on. Okay, this one’s cool - do you still find each other attractive?”

“You know what Jide, I’m gonna let you take this one away.” I rested my hand on my chin. “Go on.”

His smile brightened to which my heart warmed slightly. As he cleared his throat I raised my eyebrows in an encouraging manner. Interest fulfilled my mind.

“Well,” he proceeded. “I mean of course.You’re pretty fit.” Shrugging, he moved his focus back to his phone.

“Is that it? Pretty fit?”

“What? It’s a compliment!”

“Nope, not good enough, try again.”

“For Gods sake,” he laughed, and I folded my arms. “Nah but in all seriousness guys, of course I still find Y/n attractive. We were together a long time, that wouldn’t change in such a short time, or probably ever.”

“Awww Jide!” I cooed. That was really sweet of him. I really have missed this boy, I thought to myself, and I genuinely hoped our interactions would continue after this video. 

“Plus I’ve seen her naked, so,” he shrugged and I rolled my eyes at the camera. 

“Right, sick.”

“I’m joking!” 

Raising my middle finger at him I encouraged Jide to continue with the questions.

“Okay, we’ll do one more, then we’re gonna go get nandos cause I’m starving.”

“Jide, you know I don’t like nandos right-”

“Y/n, I do, and that’s all that matters.”

I once again looked back at the camera as Jide exploded into laughter at his own jokes. Pointing a finger at him, I raised my eyebrows.

“To anyone wondering why we broke up - this is why!”

“No it’s fucking not don’t lie,” He choked between laughs and I looked down to mask my own giggles. “Okay, okay, I’m gonna scroll and whatever question my finger lands on we have to answer okay?”

“Unless it’s sexual,” I interrupted.

“Even if it’s sexual,” he corrected.

“Andddddd stop! Here we- oh. Shit.”

“What? Jide I fucking swear-”

“No, no, it’s not sexual.” He picked his professional attitude back up, a smirk still present on his face although he appeared slightly nervous. “Can you two kiss for the camera?”

“Oh dear God.” I groaned. “Fuck it.”

Pressing both my hands to his face I leaned into Jide, kissing him swiftly. Although at first he appeared taken aback, he soon warmed into the kiss, placing a hand on my waist just as he used to when we were together. I felt all the love wash back over me in a terrifying way. Do I still love him? Was this a bad idea? Was he thinking the same?

When I pulled back, Jide looked almost disappointed. I edged my eyes over to the camera and watched as realisation hit.

“Oh that! I forgot we were filming,” he scratched the back of his neck. “I can always edit out anything you don’t feel comfortable with keeping in. It’s no big deal.”

I smiled at his gentleman nature.

“In fact,” he continued. “I might just end the video on us leaning in, just to see the comments go crazy.”

I couldn’t help but laugh at his contagious, juvenile excitement.

“Can we get food now, for real?” He pleaded with me and I smiled.

“Sure. Let’s go.”

anonymous asked:

I love Philippe and i find to Chevalier very fun, but in this season 2 Chevalier is Psychotic. His jealous and childish behavior has wrecked this ship for me. He does not let Philippe have his space, he is jealous of the whole world and he is so stupid ... he does not seem the same of the first season. He is literally a superficial character, stupid and empty. i´m very dissapointed with him, why he does not take their relationship in a health way? i hate him taking drugs. omg and the money...

Alright Anon, we are going to have a nice little chat. 

His jealous and childish behavior

If you go by history, the Philippes have known each other since they were teenagers roughly 15 years old. They were together basically since then until the year that Monsieur died. In the show it is show canon that they have both announced their love for each other as well as shown it through various interactions including sex, spooning, and crying over one another and protecting one another including saving each others lives. In season 2 they have been seperated for 4 years (2 historically) during which time Chevalier was held in THE worst French prison,  Château d'If. I don’t know if you have ever experienced being scared and alone in a foreign country and questioned by the police but let me tell you anon IT IS SO SCARY YOU COULD JUST PISS YOURSELF, and poor Chevalier was in this nasty prison without furniture or windows. It’s quite possible as soon as he was out of there or even before he took up the drugs to deal with it. 

He does not let Philippe have his space

Again, they were separated for 4 years, they were and are in love, THEY FUCKING MISSED EACH OTHER. Philippe and Palatine both specifically state int he show that he is only keeping to her bed until she becomes pregnant, it is nothing to do with love on their part, but if you ARE NOT A PSYCHOPATH it is extremely painful to listen to the one you love having sex with someone else, especially when the other person is sweet and charming and in your opinion even better for them than you are yourself. Chevalier was hurting so deeply.

He is literally a superficial character, stupid and empty / is a psychopath.

Sooo a Psychopath is basically someone completely lacking in empathy or remorse. Basically someone unfeeling - and you are calling THE CHEVALIER a Psychopath…right….are we watching the same show here? 

I’m just going to answer this one with pictures.

Here is him cheering up Philippe when they are both on Cloud 9 from Chevalier’s return to France

Here is Chevalier’s face when he is out of Philippe’s sight as he reads the wedding plans, definitely not looking sad about his emotional attachments here nope. Note, he is upset about the wedding before Palatine even arrives because their short short little honeymoon after his return is going to be cut short so soon.

Here he is, yes, doing drugs - I am not supporting this as a coping mechanism BUT THATS WHAT HE IS USING IT FOR. This is during Philippe’s wedding night and he thoroughly believes that Philippe is having sex with Palatine at that exact moment and that when he wakes up tomorrow he will have forgotten him. He is afraid that the person he has loved for YEARS is abandoning him. Of course he aches, of course he wants to forget.

After he heard Liselotte and Philippe having sex, he thought that it was the final straw, that he had completely lost Philippe’s love despite her trying to assure him otherwise. He is crushed. Completely and utterly crushed. 

He is terrified that after waiting for him for 4 years Philippe doesnt want him anymore, and the reward he gets is Philippe sleeping around with Palatine and Thomas and not HIM (from his point of view). If he didn’t love Philippe so much he could marry for money, for power, for influence, for his place int he court, but he LOVES Philippe and he will not. Without Philippe, he loses everything. He is driven to the brink and when he turns to Philippe, he is cruelly pushed away by Philippe’s cold dismissive attitude and it pushes him to suicide, but Philippe stops him. THAT is how badly off this “psychopath” is over love in this season.

Thomas Beaumont KNOWS that Chevalier will be an obstacle in trying to get rid of Philippe, and so he tries to have Chevalier killed. In the end, Chevalier kills a man to save Philippe’s life. HOW MUCH SHIT does Chevalier have to go through before you and everyone else believes the true depths of his feelings for Philippe?

How come he doesn’t have a healthy relationship you ask?
Because he and Philippe are trapped in the grand scheme of power play in Versailles, by Louis’ hand and the politics of all of Europe. Because France needs a backup heir to maintain stability - Philippe has to marry a woman and have a child and that unfortunately means, the man who loves him has to suffer for it, they both have to suffer for it. Its not healthy of course it’s not, but it’s real.

Why the money? Because Philippe was ignoring him and that was one sure fire way to get his attention in a world so caught up in it.

Why the drugs? To cope with the pain.

tldr: Chevalier deeply, deeply loves Philippe and would kill or die for him and that is why he behaves as he does in season 2

[[MOD]] If you want more information and insight into Chevalier’s character, Evan Williams describes him far more eloquently than me and really gets into his head. This interview is a good start:

A Coliver 3.13 coda.

“I guess you’re not the only one who’s a good liar.”

Oliver stares at him for a solid five seconds before his composure collapses with a disbelieving scoff. He shakes his head, going over the facts he knows again and again, wondering where he missed it, how had he missed it…

“Is that all you have to say?” Oliver whispers.

Connor’s jaw clenches painfully, but he stubbornly holds Oliver’s gaze, as painful as it is. “What did you expect?” He whispers harshly.

“How about the truth for once?” Oliver demands, and suddenly Connor is paralyzed by a familiar wave of terror.

He’s spent too long terrified of the truth coming out. It’s exhausting.

“What happened to blissfully ignorant?” Connor finally murmurs softly.

Oliver shakes his head. “Not with this. Not with you.

He says it like they’re something special. Like Connor and Oliver are something held above the rest of the shit storm that’s overtaken their lives. Like they’re still something worth salvaging.  

But Connor just shrugs, makes a face like it’s no big deal. Anything to throw Oliver off.

“I don’t know, I kept all this from you for a whole year. I came home to you every night like nothing was wrong.” Connor shrugs again. Looking around their little apartment, he’s flooded with memories. Memories of home. “Woke up next to you every morning, pretending like our entire life wasn’t a lie. Fucked you like I wasn’t thinking about the blood on my hands–”


Connor flinches at the volume of Oliver’s voice.

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Bad Girl Ch 24: Are You Sure You Want To Know?

I’m back! Did you miss me? Maybe not after this chapter!

Yixing’s POV

A few of us are sitting in the living room, scattered on the couches and floors waiting for Suho and Jooyoung to return from their date. The youngest three are whining about when will it be their turn and other stupid things. Jongdae is on my left typing mindlessly on his phone, doing some tech thing that I can almost guarantee is not legal, not that I really have room to judge. I should be doing some thing work related but I can’t get myself to leave knowing Joo could be home any moment. I much prefer her small frame in my arms compared to cutting up barely alive people for their precious organs in a cold, half assed surgery room built in a random warehouse. Though that doesn’t sound too bad either.

The sound of someone rushing into the living room gets me excited, only to crush my dreams when I realize it’s just Xiumin. I’m about to turn back to the TV when I notice his heaving chest and trembling hands. There is a thick coating of sweat on his forehead as if he has ran a mile.

“Hyung?” Tao questions first. The five of us in the room all look to him confused.

“I-I know where the song is from.”

For some reason that puts all of us on edge, “The song?”

He nods, “I kept thinking I knew where it was from I just couldn’t place it but now…”

“Where is it from?” Chen is on the edge of his seat, obviously annoyed with the elders beating around the bush.

“The-The videos. The ones we got when Jooyoung was taken. It plays in the back round, behind her screaming,” He closes his eyes for a moment, as if trying to keep those horrible images at bay, without much luck.

“Did you go back and watch them?” My stomach twists at the thought of looking at those again.

“I had to. I had to know…”

“But Joo always sings it to comfort herself,” Kai points out confused. “If that song is connected to Block B shouldn’t it scare her?”

It dawns upon me, “It’s Jiho’s song. Which means Jiho is connected to Block B.”

“Does that mean…” Sehun looks at us with concern in his eyes.

“Yes, it means that Jiho was involved in Joo’s kidnapping, and that’s going to fucking destroy her,” I grumble rubbing my face.

“Do you think Jiyong knows?”

Jongdae sighs, “Probably.”

“What do we do?” Tao wonders.

“We can’t tell her,” Xiumin and I say together.

“Not until we have actual proof of his involvement,” Chen specifies.

Kai huffs, “How do we confirm that? If Joo finds out we are investigating him she will want to know why and if don’t we give her a reason she will hate us for not trusting her to trust the right people.”

“She obviously can’t trust the right people,” I snap. The younger looks down, obviously frightened, I have to take a deep breath to calm myself. “I think I know someone who could help us out.”


“Haneul, she probably already knows everything that’s going on.”

“If she knew this was going on why didn’t she tell us? Joo could be in danger, doesn’t that worry her at all?”

I roll my eyes at him, “I know you are young Jongin but don’t be stupid, that isn’t how our world works. Plus Noona already helped Joo out a lot from what I hear. She is also the one who helped us get Joo back so don’t be rude.”

“I’ll get the others, hopefully we can figure this out before Suho brings her home,” Xiumin rushes off to grab the others. I pull out my phone and text Haneul, Can we talk right now?

It only takes a moment for my phone to go off, NO –T

I roll my eyes. Taemin is such a jealous bastard, though I don’t imagine I would be much different if guys texted Joo. I wait until everyone has joined us and for Hyung to explain before glancing at my phone again.

Fine –T

“What is going on?” Kris asks, both annoyed and concerned.

“We figured out that the song Joo hums is from the videos of her getting beaten to death,” Tao seethes, glaring down at the floor as if it was to blame.

“What?” Luhan’s eyes go wide.

Chen continues our findings, “We think Jiho is involved in Block B since he is the one who sang the song to her.”

“What are we going to do?” Chanyeol whines.

Baekhyun joins in, his voice just as whiny, “We can’t let her leave with him tomorrow! What if he doesn’t bring her back?”

The room breaks out into chaos, everyone yelling over each other, the youngest look their about to have breakdowns, horrified about what he could do to her again. Kris is just pissed, along with Kyungsoo, they roar on and on about how they knew he was bad news, blah, blah, blah. Luhan and Xiumin just look a bit shook up, Luhan from the news, and Xiumin, I’m assuming from the videos and realization.

“Ya!” I yell, gathering everyone’s attention. They all take a large step away from me, regardless of age they all look terrified. “Now that I have everyone’s attention let’s talk about this calmly before I murder someone. Okay?” They all nod. “Great, now I’m going to call Haneul noona because there is a good chance she knows what’s going on. I’m going to put in on speaker as a courtesy but if you guys offend her in anyway I will not be the only one out for blood okay?” Again they nod.

I pull out my phone and dial her number that I know by heart, placing it on speaker as promised and placing it on the coffee table in front of me.

“What?” A rough voice answers.

I roll my eyes, “Hyung I don’t want to talk to you, I want to talk to Noona.”

“I can pass whatever you want to say along-“ There is a very non manly yelp followed by a few crashes and whines. All normal things.

“Hello!” Haneul sing songs.

“Noona, I need your help.”

There is a pause and more whining, “What can I do for you Xing?”

“I’m calling about Jooyoung and Jiho.”

“Oh! I’ve been waiting for this call for the last few hours! I haven’t heard much, my link in the precinct has been pretty hush hush about the whole thing. They were so stupid for even trying to get Joo to flip on Jiho, idiots,” She snorts.

“What the fuck are you talking about?” Kris blurts out.

“Am I on speaker?” She questions.

“Sorry, Noona, I forgot to tell you my brothers are in he room. But Kris hyung is right, what are you talking about?”

“You mean you didn’t call about Joo getting arrested today?” She muses like a child who let out a secret.

I glare at every single one of my brothers before the have the chance to blurt something else out, “Please elaborate.”

“It was no big deal, something about realizing Joo might not be a fake and trying to convince her to turn on Jiho and Jiyong, thinking they are the white and black dragons.”

“Okay, we will talk to her about that when she gets home but for now we need to talk about Jiho.”

She hums.

“How is here related to Block b?”

She coos, “Xing, you are stepping into dangerous territory. This shit won’t come for free.”

I groan, forgetting that I freed her from her debt, meaning I need to strike up a new deal, “What do you want?”

“I thought you guys were friends,” Jongin mumbles.

“Was that Jongin?” She chuckles.

“Nini!” Taemin yells happily.

“Princess we are talking business, go away or shut up,” Haneul snaps. “Kid, you must not have done good as a foot soldier, just cause you are friends with someone doesn’t mean you loose your professionalism, especially someone in my particular area of expertise.”

I glance at the younger who is looking away, he hadn’t completed his foot soldier days because of our father’s death when he was 14. He learned his murderous tendencies from us and Taemin and a little experience in the mafia world but he knows nothing of what it’s like to be anywhere but at the top. He never learned about working for information, I mean really working for it, doing things and making deals I don’t wish to look back on.

“Can we get back on track here?” Xiumin suggests calmly.

“Of course! Now Xing, what are you willing to offer? I’ll take information, money, embarrassing stories about Tae.”

“How much are you asking for?”

“Depends what questions you are exactly asking. Ask your questions, I’ll write them down and think of a proper price for my knowledge.”

We all share a look, Xiumin comes up with the first, “Who exactly is Jiho?”

Our gazes move to Luhan, all of us assuming we are going by age at this point, “How was he involved in Jooyoung’s kidnapping?”

“What does he want from her?”

I let Baekhyun and the youngers go first, “Does Jiyong know about him?”

Jongdae runs his fingers through his hair as he tries his best to pick just one from this mess, “Does he want to hurt her again?”

“How long has he been in her life?”

Kyungsoo asks the question that has me worried, “Is he in love with her?”

“He won’t take her from us again, will he?”

“How much power does he have over her?”

Sehun takes a deep breath and asks, “She isn’t in love with him too, is she?”

“Xing, finale question?” Haneul hums.

“How much is it going to destroy her when she finds out he is involved?”

She just hums for a minute before sighing, “Eleven questions. Most of those are pretty easy to answer, simple yes or no, so those shouldn’t be too expensive, but Xiumin-ssi’s question is pretty hefty, along with Luhan-ssi’s. I’ll do a family discount so about half a million should be pretty good.”

Without hesitation we all agree.

“If I had known it would be that easy I would have asked for more, but whatever. So let us start from the top. Woo Jiho, also know as Zico, the leader of Block B, more popularly known as now, the white dragon’s right hand man. 24 years old, born in the Mapo District of South Korea. Had and older brother but he was murdered along with his parents when he was young. He grew up on the streets gathering a bunch of other misfits and psychopaths to create Block B. Is that thro enough?”

We are all dead silent for moment. Are you fucking serious? Fuck being involved he lead the shit that happened to her! It takes all of my strength not to go out and murder him right now. I have to rest  my for head on my knees and take deep breaths. I can’t even care about my brothers are feeling at the moment, my head is spinning with the news. How could we have not known? How can she not know? How the fuck can Jiyong let him anywhere near her? I’m going to fucking murder him too at this point! Yixing no, I tell myself, deep breathes, no murder.

“I’m taking your silence as a yes and moving on. Hope you boys are ready, you asked a lot of questions if you can’t handle it tell me when to stop. Next question, ‘how was he involved in Jooyoung’s kidnapping?’ Well lets see! As the leader he was hired to investigate and pursue her to gain her trust. It worked incase you can’t tell. By the way, for being such protective assholes you guys really should have done a little more when it came to sending her to Jiyong. Jiho literally walked her to him every Tuesday during the summer. But at the same time I guess it was good because it gave her time to dig her claws into his soul and at the end of the day it saved her from a much worse fate. Back to the kidnapping, so while the rest of Block B was acting like their normal selves with her Jiho wasn’t around for the punishments and recordings. He just made sure things didn’t go to far.”

She doesn’t even give us a minute to process, “Since I have a feeling you guys won’t want to respond to that either lets keep this moving. He wants nothing from her that I can tell. If anything he wants her safe and happy, in that order. Of course Jiyong know!” She scoffs as if it was obvious, “It’s impossible for him not too. That is why they are basically at each other’s throats half the time. Jiyong hates Jiho for hurting Joo, while Jiho hates Jiyong for getting her involved in all of this in the first place. Are you all still with me?”

I don’t even know if I’m fucking alive at this point. There is so much going on in my head I don’t know where to even start. But I find myself saying, “Yes.” It’s better to get everything out now, I’ll organize my thoughts later.

“Perfect! Lets see, Jiho would never hurt Joo, not counting the whole kidnap thing, he is completely harmless when it comes to her so no worries there. Be more concerned for your own safety, if you try to tell Joo about this in front of him he will murder you in cold blood right in front of her. As for how long he has been in her life, they first met after that detective tricked her into thinking you guys hated her. So when ever that was.”

“Noona wait,” I stop her before she has the chance to answer Kyungsoo’s question. The large eyed boy stares me down. “Give us just a minute okay? Let us process all of this,” I thought I could take it but this answer has me on edge. What if he loves her? What the hell are we going to do? We can’t just get rid of him then, can’t pay him off, nothing if he is really there for her and that beautiful smile of hers’.

“Minutes up Xing, I have things to do so if you want your answers it has to be now,” She pressures me gently. She is right, we don’t need her to answer this one.  I don’t want her to but Kyungsoo snatches my phone away and demands it. “This one I’m not 100% sure on to be honest. I feel from what I’ve seen that he loves her like a little sister but there is always the chance he does. So no worries boys, he isn’t out confessing his love for her like Jiyong did. Now calm down and put me back on the table Kyungsoo.”

The younger boy obeys, obviously confused on how she knew he was holding the phone but doesn’t question it.

“I don’t think he has any plans on taking off with her but with this rising tension he might so keep an eye on him. When it comes to power, I think she holds most of it. He can sway her opinion slightly but if she is dead set on something he can’t budge her. As for your question Sehun, rest assured she has no romantic feeling for him. Her heart is already consumed by you men, okay?”

The youngest hums a quiet thank you.

“Last question,” Haneul takes a deep breath and says, “She will be absolutely crushed. Her world will fall apart when her last support beam falls. I know you all hate Jiho but he is good for that girl. He holds her up even though she can stand on her own, she needed that support system with you guys gone. He built that girl up and I have no doubt he can tear her down. Because without him she will have no one she can trust completely.”

“What about us?” Kris sneers.

“You guys burned that bridge. She will love you forever but there will always be something in the way of complete trust.”

“Can I ask one more question?” Sehun surprises us by asking.

“Sure Love, this can be a freebie.”

“How do you know all of this?”

It is her turn for a moment of silence before she spouts her usual response, “I am Haneul, the woman who knows all.”

“No! I’m not accepting that as an answer!” Sehun snarls, ignoring the glare I’m giving him. “You know way too much for being an outsider! How do you know? Did Jiyong tell you? Zico?”

She sighs, “Be careful kid, watch that mouth of yours, I’m doing you guys a favor by telling you this.”

“I’m curious too,” Luhan admits, staring at the phone.

“You guys leave it,” I warn them.

“How are you not curious to know about how she knows exactly when Zico ran into our baby’s life? That is a very specific thing that only the two of them should know about, so how the hell does she know?” Baekhyun snaps.


“Xing, don’t ask questions you don’t want the answer to.”

“Please?” I find myself begging.

“I may or may not have a connection in Block B that is not Zico. That is all I’m saying on the subject, if that is all I’m hanging up.”

“You can’t just hang up!” Kai yells. “How could have let Jooyoung around that man when you knew what he had done to her? When you knew what she had gone through? Did that not make you feel guilty? Did you not think she would want to know these things about her own life and the people around her? How could you be such a cold hearted bitch?”

“Ya!” She roars over the phone. Fuck. “I swear to god you little punk I will come over there and rip that disrespectful little tongue out of your pretty mouth. I owe that girl nothing. She should open her eyes and realize it on her own that every person in her life is a lying bastard. But she doesn’t, she looks at the pretty life in front of her and decides that there is nothing else to it. That is no ones fault but her own.”

“She is just a child,” Xiumin snarls back. “Why should she have to look past it?”

“Because look where she fucking is! You would think she would realize by now there is more to this world than rainbows and unicorns but she hasn’t. One day she will have to look beyond that and realize the world is much darker than she could ever imagine.”

“She won’t ever have to do,” Luhan stammers out. “We won’t let her see that darkness.”

“Than you all should stop asking questions and play dumb along with her,” Hanuel hisses. “Because the moment she knows that her right hand man is the man behind the mask is the day she sees the darkness and realizes she really has no one she can trust.”

The line goes dead and we are left staring at each other. Kris is the first to lash out, he grabs the nearest vase and chucks it at the wall, it shatter into a million pieces into the carpet. I am not cleaning that up.

“Do you think it’s true?” Sehun mumbles to me.

“Which part?” I groan rubbing my eyes.

“That she doesn’t trust us?”

Chen scoffs next to me, “She trusts us, but not the way she trusts Jiho or Zico or whatever. It’s true, everything that Hanuel said is true. Our baby is going to hate and run away if we tell her. She will have no reason to stay.”

“You don’t think she loves us enough to stay,” Chanyeol shoots back.

“Oh she loves us but she’ll feel so fucking betrayed that she will just up and leave without looking back. She’ll leave Jiyong, Jiho and us because who would want to be surrounded by men like us.”

“We are nothing like them!” Baekhyun snaps.

“We are no better!” I correct. “We are the whole reason Jooyoung is in this mess. We are the ones who took her and forced her into this little idea. Of course she lashed out and latched on to a man who forced her to do nothing but be herself. We made her do that. No matter how you put it, it comes back to us. This is all our fault! I wish we never fucking asked! I don’t want to know about any of this!”

Just then the front door opens and the sound of heels click through the house, Jooyoung appears in the doorway holding a balloon in one hand and a stick of cotton candy in the other, “We’re home!” She yells happily. Her perfect green eyes are lit up like the fourth of July. She dances on the thick heels of her shoes with ease, in jeans and an oversized sweatshirt she looks so young, so little. Suho appears behind her, beaming as well. The atmosphere quickly shifts, everyone smiles despite the aching in their hearts and beam back at our little angel.

“Baby!” The youngers coo together, she rushes to them, cotton candy and all and joins them on the floor. She doesn’t seem to notice the tension still in the air but Suho does. He has a silent conversation with the eldest before replacing his grim expression with his one smile from before.

“Baby why don’t you and the younger boys go upstairs and get ready for bed?” Suho suggests.

“You are with me tonight Baby,” Jongdae jumps to his feet regardless of the fact he was not part of that group. He just wanted to get away from the conversation that is about to just start all over. Him and the three youngest, Chanyeol, and Baekhyun leave the room with bright smiles on their faces as if the last hour hadn’t happened.

With them gone Suho looks to us with a scowl, “What the hell is going on?”

“You are going to need to sit down for this,” Luhan recommends.

I don’t know if this is any good or makes sense but I’m going to bed and sorry for not updating All my idols, I’ll do it before the week is over, promise!

Imagine always walking home with Rafael after work

Imagine always walking home with Rafael after work 

“You don’t have to this, Reagan,” Rafael sighed, calling down to you as he came down the steps of the DA’s office to meet you.

“But I actually do, Barbs.” You corrected for the umpteenth time that day yourself, turning in your position at the bottom of the stairs so you could face him, “It’s part of the whole protect and serve thing and you know. My boss told me too,” 

“Still don’t understand why I need a police escort to walk me home,” He commented huffing.

“Might have something to do with those death threats you’ve been getting?” You reminded, “But hey what do I know,”

“From my experience, very little,” He smirked.

“Shall we?” You suggested, giving him a little playful shove forward but ignoring his comment.

“Let’s go” He grinned, walking past you.

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Hurricane Herman

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Request: Imagine being trapped in a cellar with Kozik during a hurricane. 

You groaned as you stared at the screen, unable to pull your eyes away from the news forecast.
The hurricane was coming, and it was coming hard.
It was a rare thing, for California. Hurricanes weren’t exactly common, especially in Charming, but this one was coming with a vengeance.
“You still looking at the news?” You heard a voice call out behind you.
You lifted your eyes from your phone and turned to see Kozik And Tig walking into the clubhouse, grins on both their faces.
“This is serious! They’re predicting its a category 4!” You whined.
Kozik and Tig laughed as they headed for the bar and you reached into the fridge and pulled out three beers.
“You’ll be fine, (y/n). Hurricanes have never hit Charming.” Kozik told you as he took a swig of his beer.
“Exactly! The world is ending, I swear to god.”
The  boys laughed again and you rolled your eyes.
For some reason, you were the only one that was the slightest bit concerned about this coming storm.
None of the boys seemed to care at all, they only cared about teasing you about it.
Ever since they’d mentioned it on the news you had practically been obsessed with it. You’d seen the wizard of oz when you were younger and you’d been terrified of hurricanes ever since.
It was stupid of course. You lived in California your whole life and there had never been a hurricane, yet you still couldn’t help the fear that crept into your mind.
“You wont be laughing when it rips through this clubhouse.” You muttered.
“Its just a storm, (y/n). It’ll rain. It’ll be windy. Thats it.” Kozik said. “You know the media likes to make big deal out of these things. Worst case scenario we lose power and you get a little wet.”
“Oh I’m counting on her getting wet.” Tig said.
The boys sniggered and clinked there beers as you rolled your eyes.
The doors opened and the rest of the club walked in.
“What we talking about?” Juice asked as he approached the bar.
You handed him a beer and he smiled his thanks.
“(Y/n), freaking out about the storm.” Tig told him.
Juice chuckled and took a swig of his beer.
“Whatever. We’ll see whose laughing when it its this weekend.” You muttered.

The night was still warm when you headed outside for a smoke.
You had been working behind the bar at the clubhouse for a while now. It wasn’t work so much, really. You’d started helping out to pay off the work the boys had done on your car and you’d decided to stick around. They looked after you and you looked after them. But you were far from a crow-eater.
You walked to the picnic table and perched yourself on top as you pulled your lighter out of your pocket and lit the cigarette pressed between your lips.
The door opened behind you and Kozik walked out, his goofy smile plastered on his face.
You exhaled, letting the smoke fill the air and Kozik took  seat next to you.
You offered him your pack and he took a cigarette out.
“You really this worried about the storm?” He asked you.
You rolled your eyes.
“Why is no one taking this seriously?”
Kozik chuckled and nudged you playfully with his arm.
“It’ll be okay, (y/n).” He said, his voice soft and warm.
“You don’t know that.” You answered and took a drag of your cigarette.
“Where are you gonna be this weekend?” He asked you. “Clubhouse?”
“Hell no.” You answered and blew out your smoke. “You boys are no where near prepared. Im house sitting my Aunts house. Thankfully, they take safety seriously and they have a cellar I will be hiding out in.”
Kozik laughed. “You really think thats necessary?”
“I do.” You told him.
“Tell you what, how bout I come over. Just incase a branch falls off a tree or something.” Kozik teased.
You looked at him and raised an eyebrow.
“Guess Im not the only one who’s scared of the hurricane, huh?”
Kozik laughed and you smirked.
You knew he was only teasing you, and offering to come over to keep you at ease. Still, you appreciated it.And you wouldn’t mind spending more time alone with Kozik.

You’d had a flirty relationship with him for a while now. Always teasing each other and flirting over the bar.
But it had never led to more.
You liked Kozik, hell you’d had a thing for him never since he’d arrived in Charming.
But you doubted he felt the same. He flirted with everyone,why would you be anything special?
You were just the girl serving the drinks.

The weekend had approached fast and you were at your Aunts house, organising all the supplies in the cellar.
Kozik would be here soon and the wind had already picked up. Your nerves were running wild and you couldn’t wait for the blonde to calm you down. Hopefully.
You could just make out the sound of a bike and you smiled as you lifted the gallon of water onto the bench top.
You glanced around the room, admiring your work before heading up the stairs and outside to meet Kozik.
He had parked his bike in the driveway and was just taking off his helmet when you approached.
“You might wanna move that inside.” You called.
Kozik looked at you and laughed, as he ran his hand through his blonde hair.
“You think the winds gonna carry it away?” Kozik teased, his grin spread across his face.
You shrugged.
“Don’t come crying to me when you gotta drive a cage to the clubhouse.”
Kozik laughed again and swung his arm over your shoulder.
“So wheres this shelter thats gonna save our lives?”
You could hear the laugh in his voice but you ignored it and led him into the house.
“Jesus.” Kozik said as he entered the house.
You’d boarded up all the windows and moved all the furniture into the centre of the rooms.
“Are you really this worried, (y/n)?” He asked you in disbelief.
“Its a category 4, Koz.” You told him.
You locked the front door behind you and walked away from him, heading for the cellar.
He followed behind you and you stepped aside to close the doors after he entered the room.
“Right this way.” You said, gesturing for the stairs as you secured the locks behind you.
Kozik walked down the steps and you followed.
“Holy shit.”
You had fully stocked the room. Gallons of water lined the walls on onesie of the room while over a dozen boxes of canned food sat in the corner. Torches and candles and matches sat on the bench top, ready for use.
The large sofa was stacked with blankets and pillows and the large red first aid kit sat next to it.
Kozik froze in the middle of the room and turned to you, his eyes wide in disbelief.
“What?” You asked,
“How long do you plan to be down here?” He asked you.
You rolled your eyes and walked to the sofa before sitting down.
“Its basic hurricane supplies. I did my homework.” You told him.
He pointed to the wall lined with jugs of water.
“We need enough to cook, bathe, and drink. Incase we lose water.”
Kozik continued to stare at you.
“You’ll thank me when we live through this.”

The rain was really coming down now, but you still had power. The wind was blowing hard and you curled up deeper into the blanket you had wrapped around you.
“Remind me again why we’re watching christmas movies?” Kozik asked before taking a long swig of his beer.
You rolled your eyes.
“Because its all we had down here. Plus, Home Alone is a great movie.”
Outside, the wind picked up and you buried your head in the blanked when you heard a branch crash into the side of the house.
Kozik wrapped his arm around you.
“Its only a branch, (y/n). We’re fine.” He said soothingly.
You nodded slowly.
“How come you’re so scared of storms anyway?” He asked you.
You shrugged and sighed.
You told him about that you watched The Wizard of Oz when you were younger, and ever since it had terrified you.
Once you were done Kozik burst into laughter.
“Are you serious?” He said between breaths.
“Its just a movie, (y/n). Its not real.”
“Global warming is.” You bit back.
Kozik shook his head and stood.
He walked to the bag he had brought in with him earlier and pulled out a bottle of whiskey.
“Come on, you need to relax.”
You raised your eyebrows at him.
“Tryna get me drunk, huh?”
Kozik chuckled and winked “Howd you know?”

“Right hand blue.”
You groaned and reached your hand over Koziks body and placed your hand on the blue circle.
Somehow, the whiskey had made you both think it was a great idea to play Twister.
Only it had led to some very close positions.
Currently Kozik was in a backwards crab like posture, his body lifted off the floor and you were practically straddled over him.
Both of you were giggling like teenagers and you reached your last spare hand out to spin the dial.
Only you missed completely and before you knew it both of you had collapsed on the floor, you on top of him.
You both burst into laughter and he wrapped his arms around you and rolled you onto the floor next to him.
“Guess I win that round!” Kozik said.
“No way!” You laughed.
Kozik laughed and looked at you, lying on the ground with your hair splayed out around you.
His eyes shone as he looked at you and you looked your lips as you glanced at his.
Slowly he moved his head forward and before you knew it his lips were on yours.
A fire sparked within you and you wrapped your arms around his head, holding his lips to yours.
His tongue licked around your bottom lip and you opened your mouth slighty.
You moaned softly as his tongue touched yours and Koziks hands ran down your body, exploring every inch of you.
He rolled you onto your back and his body hovered above yours and you traced your fingers through his blonde hair.
His lips left yours and he was about to say something when suddenly the room went dark and a loud bang echoed through the room.
You couldn’t help the piercing scream that left your lips  and you sat up, pushing Kozik off you.
“Its okay, (y/n), its just a power cut.” He told you calmly.
You scrambled to your feet and felt your way through the room til you reached the bench.
You grabbed hold of one of the torches and turned it on. Light shone out and you pointed it around the room, looking for any damage from the loud noise.
“(Y/n),” Kozik called and you turned and pointed the torch at him.
He lifted his arm to shield his eyes from the light and you lowered the torch.
“Oh, sorry.” You said. Thank god for the darkness, you thought to yourself as you felt a blush rise to your cheeks.
You reached for the other three torches and turned them all on too before tossing one to Kozik.
“Help me light these candles.” You said.
He stood and crossed the room and together you lit the dozens of candles in jars you had prepared earlier.
After placing them strategically around the room you smiled at the glowing light.
“Guess theres no more christmas movies, huh?” Kozik asked and you laughed.
“Luckily for you.” You smirked back at him.
Silence fell between you and Kozik moved across the room and stopped next to you, leaning against the bench top.
Outside the wind was still blowing strong but the rain seemed to be lifting.
“Well ain’t this romantic?”  He said softly and nudged you with his elbow.
You laughed lightly and turned around, leaning your back against the bench and crossing your arms over your chest.
A light blush rose to your cheeks and you bit your lip before speaking.
“Look, Koz, about.. before,” You paused and sighed. You really didn’t know where you were heading with this.
But before you could continue Kozik spoke.
“I like you, (y/n),” He said softly.
You nodded and rolled your eyes.
“You like everyone.” You teased.
But Kozik didn’t laugh. He stepped in front of you, his face serious and his eyes burnt into yours.
“No, (y/n). I like you.” He said again.
You gulped and dropped your hands to your sides.
“But I’m not like them.” You said quietly.
Kozik raised an eye brow and stepped closer to you, narrowing the gap between your bodies.
“Like who?” He asked.
You rolled your eyes again and sighed.
“The crow eaters.”
Kozik scoffed and shook his head.
“If I wanted a crow eater I’d have one,” He told you. “But I don’t want them. I want you.”
You lifted your gaze to meet his eyes, and in the blue of his eyes you saw only truth.
“You want me?” Your voice shook as you spoke.
Kozik grinned and nodded, moving closer once more.
His hands rested on your hips and now your faces were merely inches apart.
“I want you, (y/n). All of you.”
Before you knew what was happening his lips were on yours once more and the fire you felt earlier ignited inside of you.
You ran your hands through his long hair, breathing in every inch of him as his lips explored yours.
And even while the wind blew wildly outside, you were no longer scared.
Because now you had him, and you knew that as long as he was with you, everything would be okay.

In Sickness and In Health - shalaska - pureCAMP

A/N - hi everyone! i’m gonna put a disclaimer here - this will be a multichapter, but because i’m focusing on party, jttou and MQ, this won’t be updated for quite a long time. my apologies if you like it, lmao <3 

tw - blood, illness

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here’s a better jervis tetch origin story to consider (my personal canon where he’s got DID and schizophrenia and isn’t reduced to ‘hats’ and ‘alice’):

- grows up in this countryside home. It’s a re-purposed and changed up old church converted into a house and he lives in the top room (basically the attic) and it’s the only room where the window still has stained glass

- both of his parents are still married and the way they make most of their money is through rabbit farming, he’s got two siblings, an older sister and a younger brother & it’s a shitty marriage, they fight, hate each other, abuse him mentally and physically and there are some instances of other things i won’t get into too much detail about, but they’re bad at hiding their problems around jervis because they don’t really care enough to, so he knows a lot about both of them, basically he knows every family secret because he sees all of it and they don’t notice him, generally they divert their problems onto jervis so he gets the worst of it

- pretty much he just reminds them of the time their marriage was closest to breaking because they had his younger brother to try to fix all their problems which shoved jervis aside so now they focus all their positive attention on the younger brother to forget they’re dysfunctional as shit

- they don’t really care what he does most of the time so he walks to school and back home but instead of coming home right after he goes to the library every day. reads really far beyond his age, teaches himself subjects just to have something to do, just reads whatever he can get his hands on

- one day he’s looking for a new book to read and on the bottom shelf of one of the rows he finds this old and crummy-looking dusty copy of Alice in Wonderland

- gets obsessed with it, stops reading anything else, steals it from the library and justifies it to himself as taking it away from a place where nobody cared about it and saving it from being lonely. it’s like his only sense of agency because he can give that book a better home but can’t do it for himself

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high for this

Nursey doesn’t know what it means. He didn’t know what it meant that first time, a few months back, when Dex offered to smoke him out, then offered to shotgun a hit, then kissed him, light and easy, as if it was the simplest move in the world. He didn’t know what it meant three days later, when he offered to return the favor and ended up making out with Dex on his futon, sloppy and messy and sweet as can be. It’s been about three months now. Three months of smoking each other out and making out and not talking about it, and Nursey still doesn’t know what it means.

There are rules, of course. It’s always in Nursey’s single room. It’s always just the two of them. It’s always with something on in the background – TV or a movie or music. And it always starts with weed. Usually, they’ll each take a few hits before Dex – it’s always Dex who initiates, that’s another rule – will lean in, smoke in his lungs, and wait for Nursey to lean over enough to exhale into his mouth. Nursey will do the same, then, shotgunning a hit when Dex passes him the bowl. Shotgunning inevitably devolves into kissing, and they always manage to end up side by side on Nursey’s couch, alternating between making out and shotgunning until the bowl is dead.

Nursey’s sure he could figure out what it means if he looked a little closer at the situation, but he’s not actually sure he wants to do this. As of now, he’s got Dex two to three times a week, hazy and pliant and soft in his arms, and that’s enough for him. It has to be enough for him, because pushing for more could lead to the end of it all, and Nursey can’t have that. He can’t risk losing the way Dex clings to him when he’s high, hands fisted in Nursey’s sweatshirt and leg hitched up around Nursey’s hip. Or the way Dex’s mouth opens up so sweet, like he’d give Nursey anything if he just asked. Or the way Dex’s cheek feels, soft and warm, underneath Nursey’s palm. Weed’s not addictive, he knows that, but Dex sure as hell is. He’s in way too deep, he knows, but it’s a good arrangement, and it’s clearly working for them both, and he’s not going to fuck it up.

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A Fear of Falling (1/1)

Pairing: AoKise
Words: 6096
Status: Complete
Read on AO3

Society says that your soulmate is supposed to be your destined romantic partner.

Kise knows this isn’t the case.

Aomine doesn’t.

Notes: It’s AoKise day, which in my opinion, is the perfect day for Soulmate AUs, thus my third AoKise day soulmate AU.

Happy AoKise day everyone! don’t ask me about my wips i’ll get to them i swear

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Blindspot 2x21 recap

(Aka the one where Sandstorm takes the NYO)

So it’s been like five days and I’m still screaming internally over how FREAKIN AMAZEBALLS this episode was. Tbh if I didn’t have to make sure I survive to see the finale, I probably would have died already. Like seriously, this show is 100% back to its old self, and with a VENGEANCE. Thank god for a guaranteed season three…

Anyhow, more screaming below the cut. 

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MEA: From the Ground Up - Part 4

Fandom: Mass Effect Andromeda
Pairing: Amanda Ryder x Reyes Vidal
Rating: T
Previous Parts:
Spoilers?: Depends on your definition of spoiler. It’s set post-game.
Summary: After having a bad day fighting leftover kett, Mandy has to stay bedridden. Of course, this gives her a great chance to catch up on emails…

Mandy woke safe and warm in the Tempest’s medbay, awakened by the soft chirping of medical equipment and the sharp bluish light in the room. Dr. T'Perro stood nearby, reviewing Mandy’s charts.

“My professional recommendation is that we buy you a padded suit,” Lexi said without looking up.

“I’ve gotta find me a new doctor,” Mandy snorted. “Maybe one who opens with ‘Why hello, Pathfinder, I’m glad you’re alive because I worked really hard to keep you that way.’”

“If you don’t like my bedside manner, stop ending up in my medbay,” Lexi retorted, her lips curving in a smirk. “Nevertheless, I’m glad you’re awake.”

She came over to check Mandy’s vitals, shining her penlight into Mandy’s eyes to check her pupils. Mandy groaned as green spots danced across her vision where the light had been.

“How long was I out?” she asked.

“Two days. Long enough to start your recovery. You’re not mission-ready for a while, though.”

Mandy tried to sit up, but Lexi pressed her shoulder back into the bed.

“I have to get back out there,” Mandy insisted. “There’s an entire kett stronghold–”

“Good morning, Pathfinder,” SAM interrupted. “Regarding the stronghold, in your absence, Lieutenant Harper and Jaal have contacted the Collective’s forces for backup.”

“They what?!”

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anonymous asked:

i love noorhelm so much but i'm interested in hearing your opinion about the people who constantly bash them saying theyre unhealthy and william is abusive? yeah i'm just interested in your opinion

sure ofc!

listen everyone has the right to their own opinion and i do really feel like the way you see noorhelm and william reflect a lot on your own life experiences which is really cool in my opinion! but that being said…

i think for some reason a lot of people are being very unforgiving when it comes to william as a character. especially because they seem to have no problem giving characters like isak (who’s said and done a lot of sexist, ableist, homophobic shit in the past.. he actually kept doing it through most of his own season) room to grow and evolve but for some reason they are stuck in the past when it comes to william. which i think is super unfair. skam is a show with incredibly real characters and real relationships and to me noorhelm and william both are very real they aren’t perfect by a n y means but nothing in real life is and that’s why they appeal a lot to me.

back to william i am not excusing any of the bad shit he did that’s never been my prerogative what so ever but let’s go back to the one thing people seem to have a hard time letting go… the whole vilde thing. now don’t get me wrong i l o v e vilde i think she’s wonderful and made of sunshine and i actually want her to be the main person of season 4 more than any of the other character. but she is not innocent when it comes to her ///relationship/// with william. she never cared about william as a person. she literally only wanted to fuck him because he’s in her own words “the coolest ‘97′er” her obsession with william was nothing less than creepy and gross (if she had been a dude, after wiliam telling her no 50 million times and she still kept stalking him people would cry abuse and it would be a fair statement as well. someone saying no should be taken seriously and she didn’t do that all through season 2) so yes what william said to her in season 1 regardless of him having a “good” motive was wrong and horrible but vilde’s intentions were never good in the first place she was using him as much as he used her.

i’ve seen people saying he’s a douche to everyone and i think they watched a different show??? bc i truly never saw him being an ass to anyone other than vilde? he was kind and polite to all noora’s friends, eva’s mom, isak, eskild… literally everyone he interacted with so yeah that one i think we can debunk pretty quickly. it sounds like these people have had a shit experience with a williamesque person irl and are putting all their personal ill feelings onto him which is unfair.

then i’ve seen people saying that season 2 was bad because noora “deserves better” than the storyline she got and it goes against everything she is. which is exactly why i l o v e season 2. noora being a very put together person in season 1 always being the rational one it was incredibly fascinating to me to see her fall apart in all the good and the bad ways imaginable. we got to know her better than we ever would have if she had just been the completely same she was in season 1. the only person that could have that effect her remains william. because he’s incredibly intelligent while being the complete opposite of her as a person, so their dynamic (in my opinion) remains the most interesting of the show to this day. because it’s an explosion of emotion and feeling. everything that noora never had in her life before with her always remaining very calm and collected.

william walking away from noora at the end of season 2 in the school yard was obviously heartbreaking. but it’s like people completely forget william’s biggest insecurity. his family. like yes of course he should’ve listened to noora. yes of course he shouldn’t have walked away. but to him this was the worst thing imaginable. he didn’t want noora to even talk to his brother because he was so terrified of what would happen. i think the biggest achilles heel in noorhelm’s relationship will always be william’s insecurities when it comes to his family. in season 3 noora describes that he became obsessed with being validated by his father because he never got any validation before. that he becomes a little kid when dealing with anyone of his family members. that’s what so heartbreaking about william as a character he truly has good intentions but his judgement is always clouded when it comes to his past and his family. the only person who truly made him see his worth (and not the superficial part of his worth) was noora. but even she couldn’t save him when it comes to the missing love he never got from his parents. the reason nico went after noora wasn’t because he liked her. it was because he KNEW that it would ruin things between william and her. because he knew william’s worst insecurity all along. he had all the cards in his hands.

last but not least the whole “william is a manipulator he manipulated noora to go an a date with him” thing. again what he did was douchey as fuck. obviously he shouldn’t have played on noora’s weakness (that being always being kind to people and helping her friends no matter what) he knew that she wouldn’t be able to refuse and that was a shitty thing to do. again not excusing any of that. but this takes us back to the real part of noorhelm. they started out badly they did they had a rocky start but that’s so real to me? and i think again people are overreacting when it comes to that whole thing. it was a date. one single date. and we all know noora wanted to go anyway. he made her fucking cocoa and they just talked for an hour on a goddamn bench and he bought her a fucking blanket. after that he stopped approaching her and she was the one who couldn’t stay away from him. he just needed a night of being around her. how he approached that was wrong but… enough.

ending this… i love noorhelm. i love how he always listens to her and respects her. how she made him grow and he made her see things from different perspectives (not that her perspective was wrong in the first place but she was very stubborn and him teaching her to look out of her own mind brings a lil tear in my eye) i love how real they are they are cute but they aren’t cute all the time that’s not how anything works. i love how she calls him out for his bullshit and he never gets angry or even annoyed he just listens because he loves her so goddamn much and he thinks she’s the best thing in the whole world.

it’s fine that everyone doesn’t love noorhelm thats completely okay with me. but don’t dismiss their whole story and everything they went through especially when you have no problem letting other ships and characters grow.

Taboo | Part 2

Pairing: Jongup x Reader

Genre: Gang!AU

Summary: He was dangerous, and you knew it. Any type of relation between your kinds was absolutely forbidden. Yet that didn’t seem to stop one night from changing everything.

Warnings: A bit of swearing? Slight violence? Nothing too extreme. 

Author’s Note: Yay! Taboo is now going to be a mini-series. Hope you all enjoy~! Lemme know what you think and have an amazing day my lovely ones~  ps. Thought I’d saved this to my queue, apparently I just saved my draft. Woops. Enjoy!  - Elle <3

“I don’t ask twice, sweetheart.”

“I-I’m sorry… I was on my way home. I didn’t see any-anything. I’ll get going, Pl-“

He chuckled interrupting your weak attempt at an excuse, obviously finding something hilarious. His eyes narrowed and you gulped, goosebumps shooting up your spine. His strong hands slid down your arms, settling on your waist. His grip tightened, pulling you flush against his chiseled chest. His arms snaking around your waist, in a vice-like grip. His head dipped, lowering his lips to your ear.

“Oh, you’re not going anywhere, baby girl.”

You visibly gulped at his words, shivers shooting down your spine. Why did everything have to go wrong today? You could’ve been at home with your parents, safe by now. But, no here you were about to be murdered by a gang member.

“Please, let me go. My parents will give you money or shares or whatever you want, just please let me go! I have a lot to live for.” You pleaded.

The man in front of you chuckled in reply. “Like we haven’t heard that one before. A couple of dollars isn’t anything to us.”

“They’re the major shareholders of the Yoon Hotels chain, the owner passed away and left all the assets to them. Please, let me leave.”

“What makes you think I won’t get both the money and you thrown into the deal, sweet cheeks?”

You slunk down to the dusty cement, not caring about how much your parents would complain about ruining your expensive uniform. You were in the simplest sense of the word… fucked.

“Shit!” He cursed, turning away from you to look at the set of headlights blaring in their direction.

“We gotta move!” The man with the black hair yelled. The men grabbed their guns, aiming them towards the oncoming car.

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I’ve been asked to share my story here. I’ve commented bits and pieces of it when it seemed relevant on posts, but I’ve never told the whole thing before, so here goes:

I didn’t have it easy growing up: I lived with an abusive parent and spent my teenage years struggling with anorexia and then bulimia, whilst cutting myself and eventually becoming suicidal. When I moved away to college, rather than finding the freedom I’d hoped for, my depression only got worse. Then I discovered Supernatural.

I quickly caught up (watched seasons 1-8 in a month) and then a week after finishing I suddenly realised that I hadn’t cut myself, I’d eaten good healthy meals and been genuinely happy for that whole week. I’d always admired Sam greatly and identified with him to a certain point, I knew even then that this monumental shift in my thinking was due to his amazing example of perseverance through adversity and fighting for the good in this world even when it seemed hopeless. In retrospect (and after many a re-watch) I now know that the line that caused this turn around was from 7x04 Defending Your Life: “I finally feel like my past is my past and I can move on with my life.”

At first, after this first good week in years, it was hard not to relapse, but it seemed like if I did it would be betraying Sam and this miracle that he had done me. Then I went online to investigate the fandom and discovered the incredible SPNFamily. I soon realised that Jared is just as amazing as Sam and it became my dream to be able to go to a convention and thank him in person for changing my life. The thought of doing that is what I held onto when the road to recovery was hard, but I can proudly say that it’s been over two years now and I have not once relapsed and that is all down to Jared and the wonderful character he portrays.

But that’s not all Jared’s done for me. 

Despite now having lived away from home for six years, my biggest fear (really my only fear) was my abusive mother. On the rare occasions where I did have to see her - Christmas, grandmother’s birthday etc - I would spend the entire train ride to my hometown silently crying. When I got off the train (and at any time during the encounter I was struggling) I would imagine Sam was walking with me, holding my hand, and that gave me just enough courage to make it through the time I was there. Over the years, every time I re-watch season 1, I’ve noticed myself shifting from the way Dean blindly follows his father’s orders to the way Sam stands up to him and argues for what he thinks is right. Very recently I finally found the courage to stand up to my mother and confront her over the way she treated me as a child. We’re not quite there yet, but things have definitely improved and I do have genuine hope that one day we will be able to have a good mother/daughter relationship. Again, thank you Jared and Sam for making something that seemed impossible come true.

Finally (if anyone’s still reading), there was the time last November when everything went to shit and I nearly killed myself. I’d thought that I was in a good place, stable mentally and emotionally, and so was excited when I had the chance to move to another country for work. I was not prepared for the return of my depression along with crippling anxiety. I was having weekly panic attacks, I was so terrified that I’d made a mistake in something that I was unable to check my email or listen to my voicemail. I felt like a complete failure of a person and that just by being alive I was a burden to everyone around me and that they were constantly wishing I wasn’t there. I would spend the entirety of my work day counting down the seconds til I could leave, but then get back to my apartment and wish I were dead because being alive was so painful. I couldn’t even sleep because I felt so paranoid, but I didn’t even know what I was scared of. Just that I was shaking and had a pain in my chest that nothing would get rid of. Then one day when I was just staring out the window at the city (my apartment was on the 7th storey) it occurred to me how easy it would be to jump and end it all. I got up and walked to the window. I opened it. I took a deep breath and prepared myself, then another miracle happened. 

I had a flash of memory of Jared at a recent convention talking to a fan who was struggling with depression and suicidal thoughts. This is what Jared said to her: “Getting rid of yourself won’t help anyone. Keep fighting, even if you don’t know what you’re fighting for, one day it’ll become clear.”

It was Jared’s voice I was hearing in my head so I automatically listened. Then the words sank in and I was immediately overwhelmed with the knowledge that I didn’t want to die. That I wanted to live, and it didn’t matter if I’d been through hard times, I wanted to be like Sam and keep fighting for good and to help others wherever I could.

Since that moment I’ve never once thought about killing myself again and I know now that I never will. I’ve come to accept that yes, some days will be more difficult than others, but even when those days happen I just think about all the amazing the things Supernatural and the SPNFamily has done and it doesn’t seem so hard to carry on. 

I always enjoyed writing and now I focus my efforts on writing SPN fics dealing with triggering topics and the response I’ve had of people saying how I’ve helped them or made it possible for them to make it to tomorrow has been truly overwhelming. “I’m not some hero who can just hit the road to go fight monsters” but I’m trying to follow both Jared and Sam’s example to do a little good and help people where I can. 

I guess what I really want to say is: THANK YOU JARED for bringing such a truly inspirational character to life through your incredible hard-work and talent. You’ve definitely made the “saving people” part of the family business true in real life as much as on screen and the response to the #Always Keep Fighting campaign is proof of that. I wouldn’t be here today if you hadn’t said those words, and I know the same goes for so many people in the SPNFamily. So, thank you.

So I’ve got a lot of headcanons about Yuuri dealing with anxiety and I want to yell about all that for a bit:
- Yuuri has been dealing with anxiety since he was about 11-12. He was a somewhat nervous and shy child before that, but it didn’t really turn into something serious until he was a pre-teen.
- He’s been to doctors about it and takes medicine. He tries to keep it all very private, he’s terrified of what would happen if the media found out and plastered the internet with his big secret, ‘KATSUKI YUURI HAS AN ANXIETY DISORDER AND IS A GIGANTIC FRAGILE MESS OF A HUMAN BEING, HOW DOES HE EVEN MANAGE TO PUT ON HIS SKATES BY HIMSELF, MORE AT 11’
- Outside of his family, the only people who know are Yuuko and Phichit. Yuuko hasn’t even told Takashi about it because Yuuri begged her not to, though he certainly suspects. And then, of course, Victor happens.
- Yuuri starts taking his pills in the privacy of his bedroom because haha he’d rather Victor not know about this.
- It’s a lot harder to keep it quiet when they’re traveling for competitions and Yuuri’s gotten a lot more comfortable with Victor but he’s still just…not over all that internalized shame he’s grown up with about having an actual mental illness. There’s no need for Victor to know.
- So he makes the big mistake of just not taking his pills while he’s in China. The medicine builds up in your system anyway, so even in the past when he’s missed a day or two, he’s usually okay. Should be fine to get through the Cup of China, right?
- He’s okay through his short program but by the end of that day he’s starting to feel Not Great.
- And everything turns out okay there in the end but after the free skate Yuuri realizes that he really does have to talk to Victor about all this because they can’t have a repeat of that whole disaster.
- He was afraid Victor would think less of him or be mad about him keeping secrets, and Victor is a little angry, but mostly he’s feeling guilty and sad that Yuuri didn’t trust him enough to tell him sooner, that Victor didn’t make him comfortable enough to be honest with him. What a crummy coach he is.
- And he’s still feeling bad about the car park because he knows he fucked up, even if he didn’t know Yuuri’s got a diagnosis and pills and all, he’s still known Yuuri gets anxious for months now, and he should have known better than to, you know, threaten someone who’s on the verge of a panic attack
- Yuuri enthusiastically agrees with him there, yeah, that was really stupid of you
- And they both laugh and. it’s okay. They broke the ice. They can talk about this openly now, and Victor isn’t going to leave or think less of him, and Yuuri is going to be more honest from now on, and they’re okay.
- From then on Yuuri puts his medicine case on the kitchen table and swallows the pill while having his morning coffee with Victor. No more hiding.
(More under the cut because this is long)

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kandayuu  asked:

ok at since u seem to want to talk laven i'mma ask u about somethin u said earlier, about laven having the strongest canon foundation out of the ot4 ships? just talk about why u think that, if u want ;v;

I feel like you are going to regret asking because you just called for a really long rant about canon events

no really I can talk you through canon watch me

buckle up I hope you’re ready

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