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Ganondorf Hyrule Warriors Build

This is my biggest build to date, and I took a decent amount of photos while in progress as most of us do with cosplay, though I hadn’t planned on any tutorial. But since my recent Scout Harding bow post has gone over well, I figured WHY NOT SHARE. 

For reference, my Scout Harding post is HERE

Personally for armor, I prefer either foam only, or foam with worbla. I’ve tried both regular and black worbla so far, and I think overall I prefer the original Finest Arts, which is what I’ve used here.


But anyway! I don’t have photos of this point in the process, but I start from card-stock/construction paper and masking tape to make the shapes of my armor. Because paper is even CHEAPER than foam, and I don’t actually like wasting my foam even though that’s cheap too. It’s all in the name of saving money and materials!!

After the paper versions have been fussed with, I turn to foam. I use hot glue or rubber cement as adhesive at this point.


The chest piece is actually three pieces– a chest piece, tucked underneath everything, a middle piece, and then the top which has the collar. I was already messing with some of the detailing and edging here.

I also knew ahead of time that I would need to be able to PACK this armor, so being able to break it down and nest the pieces within each other was really important. 

I like to do my edging in foam, rather than afterward in worbla, though I’ve seen it done both ways!

It’s hard to tell here, but these are the hip-skirt… bits? I actually kept these as foam, as I was afraid they’d be too stiff in motion if they were also covered in worbla.

These are probably my favorite parts of the costume– the gauntlets! This picture is already pretty far along in the process, but it’s still foam, and the top layer isn’t quite attached yet. I’d already made all the hand-guard layers and the top shapes, but I hadn’t yet hammered out those yellow details.

A note, I was not making all of these simultaneously, I usually work on one piece and then the next, though I get a little scatterbrained so sometimes I work on a few simultaneously. These swords were actually the last things I worked on, which is also why they ended being foam only, and not covered in worbla as I had sort of hoped. (I think I also had run out at that point.)

Here though, you can see the paper pattern, some pieces of the foam, and the foam-board innards for ONE of the swords. Eventually PVC pipe would be fed through the middle to create the hilt as you see next!


It’s finally time for worbla!

Being on a budget ALWAYS, though I’d love to use the sandwich method popularized by Kamui Cosplay, it just uses SO MUCH material, so 90% of the time, I fold it over.

Just use your handy heat gun and start melting and forming, and burning your fingers, and sculpting your details! Not shown here, but I like to use scissor edges or clay sculpting tools to push the worbla as close as possible to the foam edging!

Someday I will probably invest in something to protect my fingers….

A little more work done, and a cameo by my (then) very tiny kitten. The hip bits are done here, and I believe it was then I decided NOT to cover them in worbla.

A little unfortunate, but I don’t have many photos while making the greaves– though their design is SIGNIFICANTLY simpler than the gauntlets.

I already knew I would wear these boots, and so I built the pattern around that.

I chose to split it into 3 pieces– the main body, a kneecap, and a separate piece that would hook onto the bottom of my boots with elastic. D-rings with red cord (shown) would keep them on my leg.

Alllllmost done with all the worbla! You can see two things here- some extra foam inside the gauntlets (which remained foam for a little more ease in movement), and my soldering iron!

I don’t even OWN any solder and so far I only have the iron for battle damaging my armor– which I started on the main body here.


So obviously there was more work from the last photo until now, but I’ve shown most of the pieces in progress!

I know I know! I have no in-between photos!! 

But my general process is to use a buttload of layers of mod podge as primer, and then either spray paint or acrylic only depending on the effect I want.

For Ganon, it’s spray paint for the gold as the base, and acrylic for the blue because I wasn’t happy with the spray paint available in that color.

In the chest/greaves I started with the blue base on everything, then the gold edging, then the black low lights, and finally white/light blue highlights or designs (like the main chestpiece).

That chestpiece design I free-handed- I used a reallllly light pencil to make sure I was at least somewhat symmetrical and round (which I tend to be pretty good at) and then painted over with that light blue.

A little further along on the gauntlets here, considerably darker than the original gold.

This was the big stretch where I had the armor sitting in my living room basically 24/7.

Of note here, I’ve added detailing to the chest and greaves with Apoxie Sculpt, a 2-part epoxy that smooths and adheres VERY well to worbla. It’s already been painted gold, and I believe it did not require any priming.

The headdress was sculpted (by the plant), and both swords are mostly assembled at this point too.

Of course I have to try it on. Almost everything is complete at this point.


A few things I haven’t mentioned are the clothing and hip-skirt/ hip-cape / butt-cape? Who knows.

The pants I’m wearing are about the only comfortable thing about the costume– they’re essentially parachute pants dyed a darker brown because I wanted to add more bulk to my bottom half as I am not terribly large (5′5″).

The butt-cape is from a red suiting fabric that I liked the drape of, and the gold pattern is some gold fabric ribbon I liked and sewed on.

The top is just a brown sweater I already owned, though it makes it very warm on top. 

Swords are done! They’re probably the least interesting, as they are not many pieces, and mostly just foam with black and gold details. The red “jewel” is more apoxy sculpt that I mentioned earlier painted with a red glass paint to give it more shine.


There are a few fur accents on my arms and legs, which are doubled up pieces of faux fur, with a bit of elastic to slide them onto my arms and

The hip-cape and the hip foam bits are all attached together and made into a belt that I can strap to my waist.

The wig (a Suzi in Cherry Red from Arda that I snipped up some of the widow’s peak off):

The wig has sadly not kept this beautiful shape, but it was my first time ever styling a wig so I don’t think I used enough product.

There are a few (very unnecessary) belts that are most just foam.

I sewed a pair of brown gloves really quickly out of a stretch jersey.

The makeup is all Mehron Paradise in olive, black, and white, and then assorted (nothing special) eye-shadow I own.

And finally, there is a dickie (faux collar) I made to sit underneath the armor, so my neck doesn’t show. It’s made of some scrap black fabric I had, with gold trim, and a bit of foam is inside to keep that shape in the collar.

Here’s this wonderful selfie I took back during ACen while I’m getting ready. XD 

And that about covers it? Someday I might make the beard, but it’s low on my priorities right now.

Also yes, this cosplay is really really hot and uncomfortable since I’m literally covered head to toe. I’m usually incredibly sore the day afterward. I’ve only worn it to PAX Prime 2015, NYCC 2015, and ACen 2016.

If you have ANY QUESTIONS feel free to message me!

I post a bit more on instagram if you want to see more of my cosplay there (katamarija)

Thanks for reading! ~


I’m not feeling great right now so I wanted to draw my favorite guy, Gatchmon, to cheer me up. Top is his canon palette, the bottom is the one used for my first digital picture of Gatchi and is now “my” palette. I tried to draw him as close to canon as I could.

It’s hard to describe how much I love Gatchmon (or Gatchi)… he brings me so much joy, both his character in the show and the plushie I have of him. It’s great. He always makes me smile.

Cinema Variety’s Top Favorite Films of 2016

Well cinephiles and friends alike, my annual list of favorite films has finally arrived. I had to take these first few weeks in the new year to re-watch some of this years gems to order my list accurately. Through careful deliberation, I present to you my favorite films of 2016. Make sure to check out my top pick lists from previous years provided below! 

Top Picks of 2015 List
Top Picks of 2014 List
Top Picks of 2013 List

Honorable Mentions:
The Wailing
The Sea of Trees
The Witch
Green Room
The Odyssey
Black Mirror: San Junipero


#18 - The Childhood of a Leader
Directed by Brady Corbet

Brady Corbet’s directorial debut is a chilling fictional tale about the rise of fascism in the early 20th century. The result is a character study focusing on the origins of evil. Corbet is clearly inspired by the aesthetics of Michael Haneke, Ingmar Bergman and even a little bit of Andrei Tarkovsky. Long tracking shots and an overpowering orchestral score brings the audience on this artistic journey. The conclusion of the film left me shocked, watch out for it.

#17 - Operation Avalanche
Directed by Matt Johnson

Operation Avalanche is a true hidden gem for anyone who delights in films centered around conspiracy theories. The theory of the moon landing being a staged production might be one of the most ridiculous hoaxes out of them all - and there are groups of people who truly believe it. However, this film is made in a way that actually makes it seem like a very possible reality. The movie is cleverly filmed in a POV mockumentary format with a classic 60s filter. The film shifts in tone from a comedy of sorts and ends in paranoia. I found it to be one of the most underrated films of the year.

#16 - Swiss Army Man
Directed by The Daniels

It’s an impressive feat when a film featuring constant flatulence and directional erections can also end up being a heartfelt and existential story of friendship. There are very few comedies on this list, or on any of my other annual lists for that matter. Swiss Army Man succeeded on making me laugh multiple times. I praise it simply for its originality and the fact that the filmmakers tackled on such ridiculous themes in a way that they didn’t become immature or worthy of an eye roll. Another shoutout to the energetic score and colorful production design.

#15 - La La Land
Directed by Damien Chazelle

The musical genre is most definitely one of my least favorite ones. Other than a few exceptions (Across the Universe, The Wall, Dancer in the Dark), I have found most musicals to be unbearably cheesy. The cheese is still there in La La Land, but it is effective because that is the intended tone. It truly is a throwback to the golden age of Hollywood filled with allusions from earlier infamous musicals such as Singing in The Rain. I anticipated this film from the start both because Damien Chazelle blew me away with Whiplash and because Ryan Gosling is my favorite actor working today. Shot on a film, in a dazzling Technicolor format, it also features some of the most awe inspiring cinematography out of all the movies released this year. I believe La La Land is the film that we needed to end 2016 with - a film filled with magic and hope for a better future.

#14 - Manchester by the Sea
Directed by Kenneth Lonergan

Man did this movie crush me. It squeezed everything out of me and left me a hollow shell. I went home and sat on my couch and just cried after leaving the theatre. Don’t let this lead you astray from watching it, it’s just such a realistic heart-wrenching drama that I couldn’t help but be affected by it the entire day after seeing it. It might not be a masterpiece as such critics claim it to be, but it is a moving insight on the loss of loved ones and the emotional wreckage that can come out of it. There is no overly-done melodrama or redemption in the denouement. Instead, it focuses on little moments that end up forming a much greater whole by the end. Casey Affleck’s restrained performance was something I empathize with as he held a tragic rage behind his eyes.

#13 - Jackie
Directed by Pablo Lorrain

This was a film that grew on me days after seeing it. I was absorbed by it while I watched it in a small art-house theatre, but it was afterward where it really began to resonate with me. The JFK assassination is a momumental tragedy in history that has always greatly interested me. I remember being haunted by the video footage when it was shown to me in a college history class. While the script may be lacking in areas, the performance by Natalie Portman is the saving grace of this production. Portman has transcended her star status in this role by flawlessly emulating the former First Lady. Jackie is a film that plays like a fragmented memory - it jumps in time throughout. The production design transported me to the 1960s and Mica Levi’s score really is the standout aspect of the film.

#12 - The Blackcoat’s Daughter
Directed by Oz Perkins

I believe The Blackcoat’s Daughter is the year’s most underrated and ignored horror film. The very few critic reviews I found online all have positive things to say, while most audience reviews are the opposite. This is the feature film debut of director Oz Perkins. He has created a richly nuanced horror film that never reaches any outrageous or flashy climax, which is a breath of fresh air compared to the usual tripe that comes out of Hollywood year after year. Perkin’s directs the film with a restrained control that would make his horror-icon of a father, Anthony Perkins, proud. There is a thick haze of dread that doesn’t ease up until the film’s bleak finale. The films minimal use of dialogue works perfectly in unison with the nonstop rumbling score. The entire aesthetic of The Blackcoat’s Daughter is what made it work so well for me. Loads of unnecessary dialogue and jump scares are replaced with well executed tracking shots and genuinely upsetting violence. The end product is a deliciously evil exercise In dread.

#11 - The Eyes of My Mother
Directed by Nicolas Pesce

The Eyes of My Mother is the type of art-house horror film I feel like I’ve been waiting all year for. Everything about it speaks to me as a horror fan. The story seems as if it was ripped out of one of my worst nightmares; Or better yet, if you could visualize the musings of a demented asylum patient - the result would be The Eyes of My Mother. This film would never have been as effective if it wasn’t for the lush, gorgeous black and white photography. Camera shots are shrowded in shadows which adds to the aforementioned nightmare effect. Thank god this film has such a short runtime (it’s only a little over 70 minutes). I wasn’t sure how much more I could take of this grueling tale. The last 20 minutes of the film takes a plunge into the heart of darkness - which to many viewers could be considered completely morally reprehensible. Well, a desensitized horror junkie such as myself was pleased by the filmmaker’s decision to conclude this story as depraved as possible. I decided to celebrate Christmas this year in the holiday spirit by showing this movie to my brother. By the end of it, he just turned to me and asked: “Why do you do this to me?”.

#10 - The Light Between Oceans
Directed by Derek Cianfrance

Derek Cianfrance is one of my very favorite directors working today. His first two films (Blue Valentine and The Place Beyond the Pines) both have found a place in my top 15 favorite films of all time. Needless to say I’ve been tirelessly anticipating his latest feature. It didn’t have the same impact on me as his previous features; however, it still ended up being an impressive and heartbreaking picture. Adam Arkapaw works wonders as the DOP. His camerawork captures the coast of Australia beautifully. Michael Fassbender and Alicia Vikander work perfectly off of each other (yet another instance of Fassbender completely investing himself in a role). Keep an ear out for the perfectly utilized “Funeral Canticle” track that has never failed to give me goosebumps since the first time I heard it in The Tree of Life.

#9 - Cemetery of Splendour
Directed by Apichatpong Weerasethakul

Describing this film is a challenge in itself - let alone reviewing it. This is the second film I’ve seen by Apichatpong Weerasethakul and they both are masterpieces in my eyes. Cemetery of Splendour, much like the soldiers affected by a sleeping epidemic in the film, lead me down the rabbit hole into a deep trance state. I love films which feel like I dreamt them after they’re over, and that’s exactly what this movie achieved. The long takes, minimal use of a score, and gorgeous natural scenery worked together to create a relaxing and mind expanding experience.

#8 - Moonlight
Directed by Barry Jenkins

I might not think that Moonlight is the very best film of the year, but it might just be the most important. It’s not everyday where you hear about masterful films that deal with homosexuality in the African American community. Jenkins tackles this subject perfectly by not making this aspect of the character’s persona the focal point of the film. It’s just as much a coming of age story about masculinity than it is a story about a guy struggling with his sexual identity. I related to this film on a very personal level because I know what it’s like being harassed by peers in school on the basis of being gay. Moonlight follows the central character Little from his adolescence in grade school all the way until manhood. Although three different actors are playing the same character, I was utterly convinced it was the same person for they all adopted the same mannerisms and personality traits. Moonlight makes a grand statement about finding out who you truly are. It sends the message that it’s possible to find acceptance by people other than your immediate family.

#7 - Midnight Special
Directed by Jeff Nichols

Jeff Nichols is being praised this year on the award circuit for his touching film Loving, but it’s this film that stayed with me after watching. Never has there been a film made about supernatural abilities that has hit me on such a deep level. Midnight Special deals with a plethora of themes other than a child with superhuman abilities. These include the responsibilities of fatherhood and the special bond between parents and their child. It opens ambiguously and the intelligent plot slowly unfolds in such a way that questions are answered little by little until the absolutely soul-touching finale. Even though she has limited screen time, Kirsten Dunst added to this films perfection. The sheer humanity displayed through her performance as a mother who will do anything to keep her child out of harms way is an admirable thing. Midnight Special is a sci-fi film for the ages.

#6 - Embrace of the Serpent
Directed by Ciro Guerra

The fevered madness of the jungle is alive in this flick. Embrace of the Serpent addresses the duality of man. His ability to create yet also his sure-fire knack to destroy goodness. His willingness to help others yet also falling victim to his own egoic desires. In this film, the Westernized man leads to the downfall of an ancient Amazonian civilization. Serpent focuses on two different white men, separated by decades in time, who traverse into the depths of the jungle guided by the last living member of a tribe. Both of these men are looking for a hallucinogenic plant - one to cure his terminal illness, the other for purposes of being able to dream. The end product is a head-trip into psychedelia where plant medicine is the supreme deity.

#5 - Arrival
Directed by Denis Villenueve

Villenueve knocked it out of the park again this year with his latest film. Is there anything this man cannot do? The French-Canadian filmmaker strayed away from the dark and somber tone of his previous works and created something life affirming. Arrival is an example of smart science-fiction that has been coming out of the film industry recently (something along the likes of Interstellar). Humanity is put to the test in this movie as they try to figure out the intentions of the alien visitors. But it’s a story about love and loss above all. Arrival is edited perfectly by manipulating the viewer’s sense of time. Once I reached the ending and pieced it all together, I was a wet-faced audience member in that dead silent theatre as the other attendees sat dazed.

#4 - The Neon Demon
Directed by Nicolas Winding Refn

Is it a dazzling grand statement on the depraved narcissism of the professional modeling industry? Or is it just more pretentious artistic masturbation which has become expected of Refn? My thoughts are with the former. Refn’s auteur style that he has developed upon since the release of his magnum opus Drive has been particularly polarizing among critics and audiences alike - almost as polarizing as Terrence Malick. I believe people dislike The Neon Demon for some of the same reasons why the general masses reacted so negatively to Spring Breakers: it tries too hard to be artsy, it’s just a boring music video, the dialogue is unrealistic. At the same time I feel as if these audiences didn’t grasp onto the fact that these films which shed light on the hedonistic lifestyle of deranged young women are purely satirical. They’re supposed to be absurd. The irony is is that this absurdism is actually reflective on the types of females that move to LA for the pursuit of fame and recognition. It certainly is the best looking Refn film to date, with even banal or commonplace locations drenched in neon hues. And Cliff Martinez has outdone himself with the synth-heavy score which guides us along this fairytale of horrors. How far would you go to get to the top? In Refn’s surreal vision of Los Angeles there is no such thing as going too far to reach fame, even if it means bloodshed. As one character says in the film: “Beauty isn’t everything, it’s the only thing.” It would be nice to write off this statement as pure subjectivity, but what else has the media taught us but this ideal?

#3 - Nocturnal Animals
Directed by Tom Ford

Do you ever really know the person you love? This is the thought running through my mind while watching Tom Ford’s romance story disguised as a crime-revenge. Ford has created a highly innovating form of storytelling with Nocturnal Animals. A violent story of revenge is presented to symbolize the betrayal that Amy Adam’s commits against Gyllenhaal’s character. What made this film so enjoyable was the aspect that it was like two different films in one, yet both stories suitably complement one another. The frustratingly ambiguous ending was delightful as the audience searches for the intentions of Gyllenhaal’s character. The whole thing was a stylish story of betrayal.

#2 - Knight of Cups
Directed by Terrence Malick

My cinematic idol returned in 2016 with many ambitious projects: two different documentaries about the birth and death of the universe with Voyage of Time, a festival premiere date set for his forthcoming Song to Song, and the stream of consciousness visual poem which is Knight of Cups. I believe there is such thing as a Malick gene. His films either strike people with such awe and wonder that they come out of his films feeling enlightened or they are the cinematic equivalent of taking an Ambien for others. I have total faith that this film will be considered a classic masterpiece in decades to come. Sometimes it just takes time for a film to receive that cult status. Unfortunately, a formula which critics took such a liking to with The Tree of Life quickly became redundant and meandering in the public’s eye with his two follow-up works. Just like with all great art, it takes repeated viewings to really appreciate the philosophical mastery of this film. I’ve seen it over five times now and each time I walk away with something new -  a blossoming appreciation that such abstract and soulful cinema can be financed. If you have any idea about Malick’s life then you understand that Knight of Cups is the last film in his autobiographical trilogy. I see it as a sort-of spiritual sequel to The Tree of Life. A sense of disassociation is felt through the floating camerawork which follows Christian Bale on an odyssey of temptation in Los Angeles. Malick abandons small-town rural settings and older time periods for a tale set in the present day luxury land of LA. I must admit that when the credits started to scroll I couldn’t help but ask myself: “that’s it?” The abrupt finale left me feeling a little hollow. It left me with nothing. But I soon realized that this was Malick’s intention. This was the loneliness and isolation he felt as a big-shot Hollywood director even though he was surrounded with admirers. So to save himself, he leaves that lifestyle and finds his redemption through the glories of divine Mother Nature. I am so happy that there is a director who I feel so connected to, someone who expresses his eloquent ideology through some of the most beautiful movies ever in the annals of cinematic history. Knight of Cups is a fervent reverie on love, loss and life. A haunting meditation of redeeming oneself after a swift fall from grace.

#1 - American Honey
Directed by Andrea Arnold

A film so filled with life that I couldn’t help but feel exhilarated after it ended, American Honey is an epic road trip story for the millenial era. Its plot is open and free flowing much akin to the characters who traverse across the midwest in a van selling magazines to folks from all different social and economic backgrounds. American Honey exposes the dark underbelly of American households, especially for low-income ones. Youths search through trash cans in order to find a fitting meal. A drunken stepfather takes advantage of his stepdaughter. A junkie mother falls unconscious on the couch unable to take care of her young children. I might be making American Honey sound like a film filled with sorrow and hopeless situations. However Andrea Arnold takes the subject matter and actually gives it a twinge of hope. The chemistry between all the characters, most particularly between Sasha Lane and Shia Labeouf, makes it practically impossible to look away at could very well be a trainwreck waiting to happen. As soon as you think some awful event is going to happen to end the roadie’s journey of freedom - it doesn’t. American Honey sometimes feels more like a documentary than a feature film. The dialogue comes off as mostly improvisational and the plot is minimal at best. Arnold has taken cues from Larry Clark’s style of filmmaking when he released his controversial HIV drama Kids in 1995. Considering that film is in my top 10 favorite films of all time, it’s clear as to why American Honey was my favorite work released this year. With its unique aspect ratio, colorful and eccentric characters, and one hell of an eclectic soundtrack, American Honey breathed new life into me. By the end I felt almost as purified as Sasha Lane does as she takes a dip into a lake, descending to the bottom only to emerge from the surface a newly realized person.

anonymous asked:

I just saw your post with Fort max and Rung and the tire thing was really cute but I suddenly pictured Fort max on his back with Rung on top of him when he gets excited and his tires rev and they both suddenly go flying off the bed like when someone trips on the treadmill

I’m in tears

The poor guy, they’re just making out and it gets too hot for him and he fucking crashes through the whole Lost Light like Mjölnir through the Helicarrier, I can’t breathe

zatvnna  asked:

give me your honest opinion. out of all the batboys who would have the most selfies on their ig account?

listen i know that i already did the batboys social media but i need to go into details about how i think they’d take selfies so thank you so much for this. also tbh it’d be between dick and steph for the most selfies, which no one is complaining about.

Dick Grayson: perfect lighting, perfect angles, perfect everything, 10/10 gleaming smile all the time he is so good. usually he’s in awful brightly colored workout clothes and like has a smoothie in one hand and you can see a bowl of half eaten cereal on the counter sometimes. his captions are always lowkey motivational and if ur having a rough day in gotham, you just remember that selfie of dick grayson and how he said we’re all as bright and fiery as the sun (even though it never comes out in gotham) 

Jason Todd: blurry, but still good. an aesthetic blurry. takes a lot of mirror selfies like post-mission so he has on a bloody, ripped shirt and is giving this shit eating grin to the camera. also will take pictures of the skyline or cutting the lights off from Wayne Enterprises so it just says ass and then captions it ‘a sign from above’ tbh his captions are always snarky as fuck like ‘spilled some ketchup, clumsy me’ or ‘wow, sure was packed in whole foods today.’ also has one selfie where its just a close up of his neck totally covered in hickies and it just says ‘you should see the other guy’ 

Tim Drake: hasn’t quite found his aesthetic but pls he is trying. takes a lot of ‘omw to a meeting there’s monster in this starbucks cup and also my will to live’ some shitpost twitter account made a meme out of two of his selfies, one of which he was looking fly as fuck in his suit and tie and another where he was in his star trek spock hoodie and some batman pajama pants while pulling the vulcan salute then captioned it ‘get yourself a man who can do both ;)’ it’s tim’s favorite and he has it saved on his phone 

Damian Wayne: honestly, his pictures are so aesthetically pleasing? He’ll do a lot of skyscraper pics and the city at night, and people are always like ‘how do you get such cool angles???’ bitch he’s sittin right up there with all the other birds of course he has good angles. damian has a lot of selfies with his pets, and he literally looks like a model in all of them like he claims to think selfies are ‘idiotic and vapid’ and yet boy knows just the right filter. also this is just me but i feel like the artist side of damian would be really into makeup as he gets older and he does some fierce shit with eyeliner. if dick’s the selfie king then damian’s the grumpy selfie prince who did not claim said title (he totally claimed it) 

Stephanie Brown: so fucking fierce. will take a selfie with cat eyes sharp enough to kill a man or a bloody nose and black eye, it doesn’t matter. she’ll still look good,she’s stephanie brown. also a big fan of ‘squad pics’ and will get everyone together for a picture god damn it. her twitter banner is her and the rest of the wayne’s in squad poses, she and cass are doing a handshake, dick is on the floor with his leg straight up in the air. jason is in the back with the double peace sign and sunglasses on, tim is doing the prayer pose, damian is rolling his eyes but still makes sure he’s in the frame, and alfred is pointing at bruce who’s back is facing them. stephanie brown is #Queen 

Cassandra Cain: doesnt take selfies, makes art. she’s never in the frame fully, sometimes it’s just a blurry pic of her eyes, sometimes it’s her well defined back, other times it’s a cat she saw in the street and wanted to make Art. Cass is on some top tier aesthetic, no one can take a ‘Cass’ pic bc that’s just her brand. her favorite picture is one of her and jason and it’s a close up of both their smiles. she has a busted lip and he’s missing a tooth and it’s just captioned ‘will bite if provoked’ she’s everyone’s favorite account. 

talking about this digimon social media au w/ growlm0n and this happened 

  • daisuke is lord of snapchat, probably has a vine account and is in constant competition with mimi over who has the higher snapchat score
  • mimi is a beauty blogger/vlogger on youtube and does lots of hauls and fashion tags, including the ‘boyfriend does my make up tag’ feat Jyou
  • daisuke and mimi are both very proud owners of a selfie stick, they take selfie stick selfies with each other like selfie stick-ception
  • hikari likes pinterest and it’s all posts over cute interior design and baby animals or something, also probably baking recipes
  • miyako is one of those fandom types, probably has a tumblr that’s a mix of her favorite shows and random aesthetic pictures, also a soundcloud account where she posts unfinished music mixes or something
  • daisuke’s top snapchat friends are mimi, ken and takeru. takeru’s score doesn’t even reach triple figures because he can’t even be bothered to keep up with the sheer volume of pictures from daisuke
  • ken probably replies a little more often but it’s normally pictures of the floor or blurry wormmon candids
  • taichi has a gaming channel on yt and sometimes daisuke does a collab with him as that one sort-of-funny guy from vine who falls out of trees and eats more ramen that is humanly possible
  • daisuke tries to make yt vlogs but doesn’t have the attention span to sit and edit them so he ends up making ken do it,,,
  • no one can keep up with daisuke on social media
  • yamato is ~*~*twitter verified*~*~* probably

rockitdarlin  asked:

Taking advantage of that "Inbox me 1 thing" post to ask: what's your favorite pasta recipe, if you have one? If not, do you have a favorite noodles recipe? Or both, why not. LOL!

Ooh I’m so happy you asked this!  I love both pasta and noodles so I’ll answer both!

My favorite pasta recipe is this one by @stolenfootprints​.

I followed her recipe but  I just added mine to the oven and topped with paprika, turmeric, and oregano to make a crispy casserole.  The recipe requires cashews for the cheese, but you can also make a good vegan cheese sauce with water, flour, and nutritional yeast!

My favorite noodle dish is my own recipe for tofu pad thai!  I don’t have a picture of mine, but it looked similar to this one by singerskitchen

My recipe is a bit simpler than hers, though not traditional.  For mine I just cook the rice noodles according to the package instructions. 

At the same time I sauté onions, carrots, tofu, baby bok choy, and broccoli in go chu jang.  Then I add the noodles and more go chu jang to the stir fry until its ready!  Then I top with lime juice and cayenne hot sauce for a little kick!


So I was tagged by @cremethorns aka carmen for the bias selfie tag thingy. So here’s me with the two loves of my life, even though they aren’t actually selfies they are my favorite pictures of both of them. Oh Sehun aka Willis will forever be my number one. He’s so quirky and goofy and he loves his hyungs and the fans so much. Even though he isn’t the best at using his words or his voice to show his love, he always shows us through dancing. Also his random/weird/funny/“aesthetic” pics on insta never fail to make me happy. And then there’s the boy with far too many names. He snuck into my heart when I wasn’t paying attention, and now I don’t know what I’d do without his golden voice and his wonderful personality. I love how he helps the foreign members with their Korean if they struggle, and how he loves to show off his English. He’s really just the sweetest. HAHA I wrote too much but as you can see they both have me whipped… Um also I have like no followers and no friends yet so I can’t really tag anyone, but if some soul HAPPENS to see this and it inspires them to do this then please tag me in it and we should be friends!!!

whtevrhpnd2mary  asked:

For the fanfiction asks: 27, 33 and 43.

(sry for the late response.  for some reason I thought I had already did this)

27. Rough sex or gentle sex?

I like both.  I mean Brian is my fav. Even outside of grumps, I tend to like characters with a similar personality to his persona.  Eventually gonna come across some rough sex fics when you have those kind of dominate traits.  But I do like the gentle ones, were the top is going slow and expressing how much they love the other through actions alone.

33. Least favorite AU tropes?

I’m not a fan of OC centric/Reader insert fics.  I find it difficult to picture someone not in canon being the main focus of a story.  Maybe it’s because I’ve never been attracted to anyone involved in my shipping pairings, or don’t really imagine myself knowing and being around the characters. So I scroll right past those types of fics.

There’s a couple more I stay away from that I won’t mention, cause it’ll probably step on some toes.

43. Do you like fluff on its own or in conjunction with other elements (angst, sex, etc.)

Any fluff is good fluff to me.  I don’t care how it comes.  I do prefer it with some angst, but pure fluff is great too.  It just puts me in a really good mood.

2015 Favorites

Preference #2: How You Meet

Preference #8: Red Carpet Appearance 

Preference #23: House Hunting

Preference #33: Wedding Day

Preference #34: Tweets

Preference #39: Family Headlines

Preference #44: Interviews

Preference #48: Shopping Together

Preference #61: Articles-Family Time

Preference #66: Tweets

Preference #76: Going To His Parent’s House

Preference #79: Central Park

Preference #80: New York City Apartment 

Preference #83: You’re Both Famous - Tweets

Preference #85: Mother’s Day

Preference #89: Attending A Friend’s Wedding

Preference #106: The Kids Go On Stage

Preference #116: Backstage

Preference #126: 1D Concert

Preference #127: Tweets

Here are 20 of some of my favorite preferences I did from 2015! I hope you guy’s enjoy and have a safe & fun-filled New Year! Here’s to 2016! xx

tohoshinkiiiii  asked:

1, 12, 27 :)

1: Favorite MV?
spellbound?? flower??? both are very different so let’s say both^^

12: Favorite picture(s) of your bias(es)
well first the pic I also have in my sidebar
then it’s not a picture but I love those “everything about tvxq” moments like this one bc they both look really relaxed and are dorky together - basically I like all pictures of yun being a happy patootie but photoshoots look at least a bit over the top faked happy to me so these are the pictures that melt my heart

27: Favorite album?
rise as god

thank you ;D

pls ask me smth I’m desperate


A Frankenstein’s monster that I’ve been drawing lately.

The flowers in the top picture are daisies and baby’s breath, both of which are supposed to be symbolic of innocence or a pure heart. Also, bring back flower crowns 2k16, that was a great time. The bottom one is Hamlet inspired.

I can’t really take credit for the character design either, I kind of *ahem* Frankensteined him together from my favorite versions of the Creature. Mostly Bernie Wrightson’s monster, the London National Theater’s version, and @thedrawingduke’s FrankenErik.

Future Mother's Day

I wake up to the breeze blowing through the window, making the curtains expand like sails. I subconsciously place a hand on my slightly protruding stomach as my boyfriend of almost three years stirs beside me.

“Good morning, Jenny Lou.” He murmurs groggily, stretching his arm above his head. “Good morning, Joshy.” I reply. He puckers his lips at me and I lift my head up to quietly place my lips to his. He makes a face afterwards. “Ew. Morning breath.” I roll my eyes with a chuckle. “I thought you’d be used to it after almost three years.” “I’m kidding, baby.” He whispers back with a grin. “How’s the little munchkin going?” He asks, placing his hand over mine that still rests on my stomach. “It’s good. It’s killing me to not know if it’s a boy or a girl.” He sighs. “I know. But we get to tell everyone about your pregnancy today.” I nod excitedly. “Are you ready?” I inquire. He shrugs slightly with a nod. “As ready as I’ll ever be. There will probably be some theories that the pregnancy wasn’t planned, but I’ll tackle those theories head on!” He makes a gesture of slamming his fist into his palm. I chuckle. “I’m sure you will.”

We had planned to host Mother’s Day even before I knew Josh and I were expecting. Little did our guests know that Josh and I had planned the pregnancy, and had a plan of announcing it as well. He and I had started officially dating since June of 2016, and now being May of 2019 it meant that the clock was ticking. I’m 28 now. I’ll be 29 in August. I had always pictured myself having at least a husband by now, if not a child, but I trusted Josh enough to let it happen with him even before we were married. I was fortunate enough to have a boyfriend that would understand where I was coming from and agree to fathering a child at the age of 26.

Look, I know I’m being a bit jumpy with this whole thing, but a lot is on my mind as of late. I’ve calculated the perfect way to tell everyone. As a mother’s day gift - and among other things of course - I purchased a little pacifier and attached a tag to it that reads “Expect your biggest and littlest Mother’s Day gift yet! Arriving 1-21-20.” The best part? I’m putting it in an old box from a different store. My mother will have no idea what’s coming. She tends to read cards out loud, so I hope that’s what she’ll do in front of both mine and Josh’s families.

Josh and I go downstairs and observe the work we did last night. Colorful streamers are hung all around the living room and dining room, with spring themed balloons and a sign hand-written by Josh that reads “Happy Mother’s Day” in his neatest possible handwriting. He especially is proud of the sign. He told me that he swore he never wrote that neat in his life.

We go into the kitchen, and Josh fixes up some scrambled eggs while we engage in light hearted conversation. After that, we hustle with last minute details before people get here for the party, and after that we get ourselves ready for guests to arrive. Josh settles on a casual T-shirt and jeans, while I settle on a nice flowery summer dress. It both makes my figure look good and gives my miniature baby bump a bit of a highlight. I decide that the baby bump part of that was a good thing.

By noon, our doorbell is ringing like crazy. I tend to the door as Josh works away in the kitchen setting up easy little snacks for everyone to eat. As more and more people file in, I begin to get increasingly anxious about my baby bump. I decide to find my boyfriend in the kitchen.

“Josh, I’m scared. I don’t know if they’ll be mad that I got pregnant before marriage.” Josh smiles at me. “Jen, we made this decision together. We both wanted this, remember?” His smile suddenly dissipates. “Are… Are you having second thoughts?” I shake my head. “Of course not. I want this with you, Josh. I’m just nervous.” His smile reappears. “Don’t worry, baby. Everything is gonna be just fine. I’m here.” He kisses me on the cheek.
“Thanks, Josh.” “You’re welcome, beautiful.”

“Alright, who wants to eat?” Josh’s brother shouts as he strides into the kitchen. Josh grins. “Be patient, Con. You know what, take these chips and salsa out to the coffee table.” He points to two bowls on the counter as he places some popcorn in the microwave. Connor happily scoops up the bowls and pops a chip into his mouth before bounding out of the kitchen.

I muster the courage to go back out into the living room and engage in small talk. It kills me not to be able to talk about my pregnancy yet, but there is a time and a place for everything I suppose. I do get to talk about Josh and I, and how we just recently bought the gorgeous house we’re all currently in. “Everything is moving so fast for Josh and I! I just love him so much.” I boast to Josh’s mother, Michelle. “He loves you too, honey.” She responds. “He tells me all about that.” I grin.

Josh comes into the living room and starts to speak to everyone. “Okay guys, I know you haven’t seen much of me, so hi.” “Hi!” Connor replies, and Josh rolls his eyes. “I already saw you, chip stealer.” He teases, noticing how his brother is still holding the chip bowl he was supposed to put on the coffee table. Connor smiles sheepishly and dramatically places the bowl on the table. Josh scoffs and grins at his brother before continuing. “I’m going to go pick up the lasagna from the restaurant and then we can eat!” There’s a couple cheers from the guests, including my two brothers Ben and Blaine. “I’ll be back in like 10 minutes.” He says before grabbing his keys and waving to everyone, closing the front door behind him.

We’ve all set the table and claimed our spots by the time he comes back. I stand up from the dining table and go to greet him. “Ten minutes, huh?” I tease, wrapping my arms around his neck and kissing his cheek. “Ten minutes.” He replies, setting the box with lasagna and salads on the table.

As he sets up the lasagna, I whisper to him that he should help serve it after I get the gifts. My heart is pounding as I bound up the stairs to our bedroom and grab a large bag filled with small labeled boxes. I open the specially marked one with my mother’s name on it to see the pacifier and the tag all ready to go. I decide to leave that one for last.

“Looks like Jen has some gifts for everyone!” Josh exclaims, giving the attention to me. I place the gifts near everyone’s plates. “Come on, Jen. Why couldn’t you wait till after we eat?” Ben complains. I scoff, and so does my mother. “This will only take a second, Ben.” She says. My mother tells Josh’s mother to open her gifts first, and to my relief, she does. Josh picked out a cute little card for her, as well as a bracelet and a picture of him and Connor when they were younger in one of those cheesy picture frames. Michelle also opens a gift from Connor, which turns out to be a couple of books from one of her favorite authors. She thanks both of her sons.

Soon, it’s my mother’s turn. Ben and Blaine give her their gifts first, which mostly comprise of useless As-Seen-On-TV products. They make up for it with nice cards. My mother also opens another gift from me, a bracelet that reads “Enjoy the Journey” on the top. “Thank you, Jen! This is so cute!” I try hard to smile without the least bit of anxiety in my expression. I glance at my boyfriend, who gives me a subtle assuring nod, and I swallow hard before I speak.

“Mom, I actually have something else to give you.”

She looks at me with curiosity. “Okay. What is it, honey?” I reach down to the bag and pull out the specially marked box, handing it to her with nervous fingers. She opens the box and I honestly feel like I’ve stopped breathing. Josh quietly stands up to walk next to me as my mother works at the ribbon. He reaches for my hand and gives it a reassuring squeeze. The room is almost dead silent. My mother reaches for the opening of the box and lifts it.

“Jennifer, why did you give me a pacifier?”

“Read the tag.” Josh says for me, as he clearly notices that I’m too nervous to speak.

“Expect your biggest and littlest Mother’s Day gift…” She trails off before letting out a gasp. Her face breaks out into a grin before she reads it louder for everyone to hear. “EXPECT YOUR BIGGEST AND LITTLEST MOTHER’S DAY GIFT YET! ARRIVING JANUARY TWENTY FIRST 2020!” There’s a few more gasps from the guests, particularly from Josh’s brother and my brothers. “Jennifer Shrader, are you pregnant?!” My mother exclaims. Both Josh and I can’t contain our excitement as we say in unison, “Surprise!” “We’re expecting!” Josh adds.

Soon, both Josh and I are bombarded with hugs and congratulations from everyone. My mother insists that we keep the pacifier she received, as she had no idea it would be such big news. As we dig into the lasagna, nobody can stop talking about this announcement for our family. Josh’s mom starts telling her own tales of how she announced her pregnancies, and as I listen intently I rest my head on my boyfriend’s shoulder.

If you had told me back in 2012 that I would be the mother of Josh Hutcherson’s child, I would have laughed in your face. But now, I’m here. I’m surrounded by people that love me and are willing to support me, not to mention that there is another human who will love me unconditionally who will be arriving sooner than I realize. I imagine this particular scene next year, when I get to hold my daughter or son in my arms and be part of the lovely mothers of this family.

I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Lashton Masterpost ;D

Hi Hi! So I finallyyy finished this! (I actually finished this a loong time ago but I kept adding pictures and GIF’s to this so it took a while cx ) So Let’s go on forth with za Lashton!


Be prepared for a huge-ass Lashton masterpost ^-^

                                     This is Ashton Irwin.

                                     This is Luke Hemmings.

And together they make beautiful babies and the ship Lashton<3 

Aren’t they fucking adorable? Annnyways! Let’s get down to business with the Lashton c; LET’S LOOK AT THEIR MANY, MANY SELFIES SHALL WE?

Aren’t they so cute? *Coos* Anywhore, let’s continue with them perfect selfies ;3

(Mmmm Fetus)

(Technically not a selfie but come on, they still look great with eachother c; )

Okay there’s obviously wayyyy more selfies but let’s continue on with their little staring obsession they have with eachother :D 

Here’s little Lukeyy staring at Ashton <3

Next up, we have Ashton Irwin staring! *claps loudly*



I love this picture so much <3

This picture tooo c:


Remember when Ashton slapped Luke on the ass… Yeah me too ^-^


This is life tooo :D

Annnd definitely this too <3

Okay now Jealous Luke and Ashton! (Mainly all Ashton c; )


Ahhh my precious sunshines.

ANYWAYS! Let’s check out that beautiful height differences!

When they were the same height *sniffles and blows nose with a tissue* OH HOW THEY’VE GROWN!

Yep they've definitely grown *sniffles again* Okay now just a bunch of random Gif’s and Pics cause why not? *shrugs*


Here’s some fetus Lashton for y'all (:

I found this fucking adorable /-\

I lurrrve this!



I’m soo sorry that I suck at captioning things so this wasn’t the best masterpost ever… but hey I tried! So I’m thinking of making a Part 2 for this but I’m not completely sure yet… So yeah! I hoped you liked it! Sorry it took so long :* I shall end this with a GIF of how Lashton met and for some reason this makes me laugh a little at how blunt Ashton is <3 

anonymous asked:

well you used to also post pictures of like people, i.e. with black and red lines in the 4 different quarters and one of those pictures is literally one of my favorite art piece ever so id love to see more similar... but if not, whatever, ill always be your fan

Like these? Yeah I might try some more stuff like this from time to time. Both of these drawings were experiments. I was trying to combine the style I drew in my sketchbooks with the current type of line work I’ve been working with. I enjoy how the bottom one turned out a lot. But there’s something about the top one that I felt was unsuccessful. Anyway, yes I’d like to attempt some more work like this. But I don’t want to force it. So I’m just waiting for the urge I guess.

anonymous asked:

Do u think that liam and zayn do sex ?and why please answer me? I love ur blog 🙏🙏🙏🙏

Yes I do think they do the naughty lol :D my reasons for thinking that is….

The almost kiss

Hmmm something tells me this happens a lot 

Casually ripping his shirt off while sitting on Zayn

Zayn wants him right there and then

They have so done this before ;)

I’m jealous of this one personally 

This one explains its self lol

Once again touching the special part

Look at Zayn’s hand

Liam’s turn to take some control 

The thirst in both pictures

The sweet kisses

We all know Liam tops and this is what he does

The occasional Zayn topping ;) 

One of my favorites :D Liam had this hickey when the boys were in Australia and Sophia was not there sooo who else could it have been..*cough cough* Zayn *cough* 

And of course I had to put there kiss on stage. They just can’t hold back :D

Thank you!!!!! for being an awesome follower♥♥♥♥

TOP 10 MEALS EATEN IN 2014 - Restaurant Edition

Hey y'all, since I travel so much and my main priority when doing so is eating food at vegan restaurants, I figured it would be fun to start compiling an end of year 10 top meals list. The following are meals that were consumed at restaurants. Stay tuned for meals cooked at home and a separate desserts countdown. There were a lot of great meals eaten in 2014 and I can’t remember them all, so only ones that made it to my instagram are being included. This unfortunately leaves out some fancier meals had at restaurants with dim lighting. Without further ado, I present the top 10 meals I ate in 2014.

10. - Quiche Lorraine from Darbster (West Palm Beach, FL) -: with béarnaise, tempeh bacon, caramelized onion, spinch and a side salad. This place is wonderful. They even allow dogs inside and will give them a bowl of water and a bandana. 

9. General Tso Tofu from 888 (Austin, TX). Probably one of my most eaten dishes across the country is General Tso Tofu. As a broke touring band, chinese food lunch specials were one of our go to meals and I always ordered The General. Unfortunately so many places just flat out don’t know how to do it well. 888, however, has totally nailed it with these perfectly cripsy chunks of tofu in a sauce that has just the right amount of sweet and spice. 

8. Fried Tofu Po Boy from Seed (New Orleans, LA). New Orleans has been a relatively barren wasteland as far as fun vegan options go, but in the past year or so things have started to really look up (honorable mention to Breads on Oak). Everything I tried at Seed was excellent but this po boy really stood out. Seed was able to transform tofu into something truly special. 

7. Red Beans and Rice Pizza from Mid City Pizza (New Orleans, LA). Further proving that NOLA is really changing for the better is this amazing slice of pizza (Just barely beating out a few amazing slices from Sizzle Pie in Portland). This pizza is only available on Monday nights, call ahead because it sells out quickly. The crust is thin and crispy and the bean and rice mixture is perfectly seasoned while some added onions, peppers and whole garlic cloves really bring the whole thing together. 

6. Combo plate from Woodlands Vegan Bistro (Washington DC). Featuring fried chicken, mac n cheese and collards. Pretty much everything this place does is unfuckwithable. Their mac n cheese is legendary, the portions are huge, the staff is super friendly and helpful. Anytime I visit Woodlands I leave with another two meals to go. 

5. The Eastern Bowl from The Bye & Bye (Portland, OR). Nutritional yeast breaded tofu with broccoli, brown rice and a spicy peanut sauce, topped with sesame seeds. Basically the quickest way to my heart is to incorporate nooch into the dish. This was the first time I had ever seen it used to bread tofu and thus my heart was won. Bye and Bye has a ton of great meals, but I opt for this every time. 

4. The Eugenewich from Cornbread Cafe (Eugene, OR). Southern-fried Surata tofu patty topped with melted Daiya cheddar, deep-fried carrot slices, hand-breaded onion rings, lettuce, tomato, and a smoky sauce on a grilled bun. The Cornbread Cafe is a true gem. They do comfort food so well it blows most other places out of the water. In addition to this ridiculously delicious sandwich make sure to get the mashed potatoes with cashew gravy on the side, you won’t be let down. 

3. The Breakfast Sandwich from Bouldin Creek Cafe (Austin, TX). If I'm visiting Austin, chances are I will eat at this place at least twice. While I find that most restaurants produce a really mediocre scramble compared to what I could make at home, their scramble is truly unique. Super heavy on the nooch, it is a much drier scramble than I’m used to, but boy is it tasty! I always get this on wheat toast and add tofu bacon on top. 

2. Brown Stew Tofu from Reggae Shack (Gainesville, FL).

Honestly, it was incredibly hard to choose which of these last two meals should be number one. Both are easily my favorite meals to eat in the country but since this picture isn’t nearly as good, it’s going to sit at #2. Reggae Shack is incredible. I’ve gone out of my way to eat here many times. All of the plates come with a hefty serving of rice and peas as well as the most delicious cabbage I’ve ever had. Big portions, the price is right, the staff is incredible and the flavor is huge. 

1. Tempeh Ribs Combo Plate from Homegrown Smoker (Portland, OR). This 100% vegan bbq cart located in Portland can do no wrong. In addition to the incredible ribs, their mac n cheese is probably the best in the country. Add to that a side of greens and a few of their expertly fried “shut the fuck up puppies” and you have a perfect meal. 

Honorable mentions - Sweet Pea Cafe (Tallahassee, FL), Casa De Luz (Austin, TX), Life Alive (Cambridge, MA), Sage Bistro (Salt Lake City, UT), Miya’s Sushi (New Haven, CT), Shandall’s (Bridgeport, CT), Watercourse (Denver, CO). 

See all of my food postings by following @CompassionCo on Instagram.

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Oh so we're talking about cockles now, are we? Fine then. My question is: Top times (at least 3) where it's been completely obvious that those two dorks are in love with each other.

I think for me it comes down to the many




looks of love and heart eyes between the two of them. And Misha is definitely not excluded.

This gif is one of my favorites ever of them. This one says so much. 

And might I draw your attention to this picture:

Look at both their faces. Look at Jensen’s eyes. If this doesn’t tell you what you need to know about Misha and Jensen then I don’t know what will. 

And let’s not forget this look.

I really hope someone looks at me like that someday. 

anonymous asked:

That last picture you just reblogged, the nsfw one where they are both naked and snuggling (and fen's ears are poking up at the top-thats my favorite part:)) can you write about that? Or something that that one sort of inspires?

((If memory serves, I think it was this one? One of my faves!))

Now, when the dreams woke him, it wasn’t so bad.

Years he had spent alone in that house, crouched in a corner with his sword at his chest, jumping at shadows and staring into the darkness for ghosts that were too stubborn to materialize. It had taken hours, before, to reassure his racing mind that the things that chased his sleep had yet to catch him in reality, and often it was not until the first rays of orange and red began to filter through the slatted ruins of his casement that he could persuade the tremor of his heart to calm. He’d greeted too many dawns that way – fearful, drained, scooped out and emptied like a vessel that had once been a man but was now only so much skin, and bone, and lyrium.

Now, when the dreams chased him from slumber and the shadows taunted the corners of his vision, Fenris had only to rub his eyes, give himself a shake, and tread softly down to the kitchen for a glass of water. It was enough to revive him, to set his mind down less frantic paths. He was safe.

And he was not alone.

Returning to the bedroom, the elf paused, drink in hand, to take in the sight sprawled across his bed. However brief his absence, Hawke, in his slumber, had taken the opportunity to spread himself out over every spare inch of mattress, sprawled on his back in all his shameless, muscled, and indisputably hairy glory. He snored – great rumbling peals of sound vibrating in his chest and throat and nasal cavity like the earth tearing away from the sea in the midst of a powerful quake.

Fenris watched him, and felt warmth down to his toes.

Hawke could sleep like a hibernating bear, yet with the slight shift of mattress as Fenris once again joined him, he gave a jerk, and a grunt, and opened one eye.

“Fenris?” he asked blearily.

“Go back to sleep.”

“Ev’thing – k?”

“Fine,” Fenris promised, and felt Hawke’s sleepy smile as he kissed him, the familiar way those large calloused hands came to rest against his skin as he settled down beside him. Hawke was snoring again in moments.