both my kings


everyone is a monster to someone. since you are so convinced i am yours i will be it

if you insist in making me your villian i’ll play the part


“i’m  r u i n e d  over you.”

Before Jack, there was another Pumpkin King.

The title had traditionally gone to the scariest citizen of Halloween Town. Year after year, the Oogie Boogie Man came out on top. His specialty was in scaring children; and he was very good at it. Adults and children alike cowered before him- and those who didn’t worshiped him. His dramatic flair induced a cult of personality - and all the attention went straight to his head.

The citizens of Halloween had one strict law, above all else: “Scaring is our job, but we’re not mean.”

But the rules don’t apply to Oogie Boogie. His ego succumbed to the position, and lost self-control. He went beyond being scary, to being evil. Whatever Oogie’s crimes were, they were so heinous that the citizens of Halloween decided that for the protection of the world, he must be imprisoned.

With the leadership of Jack Skellington, they locked him up in a prison under a tree outside the town. Out of gratitude for freeing them from the reign of Oogie Boogie, the Citizens of Halloween made Jack the new Pumpkin King.

But Oogie Boogie’s three most faithful cult minions, Lock, Shock, and Barrel, refused to leave his side. They became his keepers, devoting themselves to his service, bringing him food and anything he asked for. As for Oogie Boogie himself, he took up gambling in his confinement to keep his restless personality occupied.

Jack Skellington may have been Oogie Boogie’s worst enemy, but even he knew that if you needed a dirty job done, you’d go to Boogie’s Boys.

Calling them up to kidnap the Sandy Claws was not his proudest moment.


someone please translate Tracer’s crockery, because im really fucking sure that she just asked Widowmaker out to a pub


@simplytherose asked: kevin day or gansey

He was a book, and he was holding his final pages, and he wanted to get to the end to find out how it went, and he didn’t want it to be over.


The King’s Men (2014)

bigkingkahuna  asked:

Is Berserker Cu him during his ríastrad? Is he under the control of medb? I get caster Cu is him using magic before he got gae bulg, right?

berserker cu alter isn’t using the riastrad, he’s the result of medb using a grail to summon “a cu who will be by her side as king” which both turned him into a whole different monster entirely and put him under medb’s control yes. more specifically, he follows medb’s orders because being altered brought a bunch of his Issues™ to the forefront which makes him completely dedicated to this role of “king” medb gave him, and because cu has only ever known shit kings in his life he figured he would have to be a monster in order to be king so that’s what he became

caster cu is just lancer cu except as a caster, so he doesn’t have his spear with him and uses rune magic instead. he’s also pretty on edge about not having his spear on hand because even though he has the magic skill he’s not very well suited for caster class


Queen Merida of DunBroch. Leader of the Clans. Protector of the Highlands.

– Once Upon a Time S05E09, “The Bear King”