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In Your Arms;Mark

Genre: fluff!

Request: I love Mark Lee too!!!! Can you do a cuddle session scenario with Mark or something along that line.. pweasee?!?? Thank you~♧

A/N: i hope this turns out well and that the ending isn’t too bad! my ‘in your arms’ scenarios are all pretty short so i hope you dont mind!

Word count: 643


Nothing gave you comfort more than being in his arms, the television playing in the background as the both of you were lost in each other’s eyes,

holding onto each other as if you were each others’ world, exchanging small giggles and laughter as your eyes met his.

The empty feeling of having him in your arms for the past few weeks was finally filled, with him beside you right now.

“You lost weight” you said softly, your hand roaming around his stomach, as your head lifted up to admire every feature of his.

His once frizzled and dry blondes were now a light shade of brown, his black roots struggling to stay hidden. His cheekbones were more defined than the last time you saw him, and his arms, slightly bigger than before, wrapping around your shoulders.

He must’ve been working out lately.

Apart from all that, he still had the same adorable and bright smile, the one which made you want to pull him closer to you and never let him go. His giggles rang through your ears like a lullaby, bringing comfort to yourself as you missed him, every single aspect of him.

His eyes slightly widened, his lips forming a pout, “Did I? Can’t help it, comeback’s coming”

You found yourself sighing, your head resting against his chest.

A look of concern shown on his face as Mark lifted your chin up, “Why my princess?”

You shook your head, then sighed once more, “Does this mean i won’t be able to see you for a few more months again? God i’ll miss you so much”

3 whole weeks of waiting for him and he’d be gone again soon.

But Mark was happy doing his job and performing, so you couldn’t ask for more.

His gaze softened, frowning lightly as his hands rubbed your arms, “I’ll have time soon babe, the company promised to let me rest after this comeback.”

He gave a comforting smile when you didn’t reply, “You can watch me on the television hm?”

You smiled at his words, burying your face in his chest now, the familiar and comforting sweet scent of his hitting you strongly.

“But… It’s different”

Mark raised her eyebrows at your words, both eyes lighting up.

“I… won’t be able to have you in my arms, your hold.. just like now”

His cheeks formed a light shade of pink, as his arms encircled tighter around your waist. He couldn’t help but smile at your words, but deep inside he felt guilty for having to leave you alone for so many days.

He loved performing and being an idol, but he loved you equally as much.

He wanted to be there for you like any other couple was, but he couldn’t

and it made him sad sometimes.

His forehead touched yours as he leaned his head slightly towards your face. You saw the sparkle in his eyes as you stared deeply into the brown orbs, leaning your head closer,

a peck on his lips.

“I’m sorry, but i promise, i’ll try my best to message you when i can” Mark said softly, tone of sadness in his as he spoke.

You nodded your head lightly.

Mark leaned closer, as his warm lips touched yours lightly again.

He let out a small chuckle, then rested his head on top of yours, closing his eyes as he took in the fresh vanilla scent from your hair.

“I love you” he said out to you, as his hands tapped your back lightly.

“I love you too”

You knew that no matter how busy Mark was, he’d always try to find time to spend with you. Yet the most favourite thing you both loved to do was lying in each others’ arms, catching up with one another as it gave you both comfort and love, all by Mark.

Teddy Lupin HC

I have the HC that teenTeddy would go through a rebellius stage.
Not real disrespect, but more stubborness and recklessness.
The kind of brat you can’t be mad at for too long, like: he steals his aunt’s broom and crash it agaisnt a tree, but comes home with the rare cake she loves so much.
I think when he goes too far, the only one who can make him be reasonable is Harry. ‘Cause he admires him and feels this connection, since they both lost their parents at Voldemort’s hand.
But even Harry sometimes has trouble with him and one time Teddy shouts “I’m not your son!”
And Harry, unmoved, replies “You’re good as if you’re one.”
And then Teddy tears up. And Harry too, because that time Molly said it, he was upset for her intruding between him and Sirius, so only now he understands how important it had been for him what she said.

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What did you think of the Prideship in dsod?

Just to reiterate, I haven’t seen Dark Side of Dimensions yet. The sources I’m using are mainly this post and a culmination of trailers in both English and Japanese. I assume this is a follow-up to this post, so some of my points will carry over.

That being said, the movie felt more like extended insight into Seto’s psyche as he copes – tries to cope – with immense and sudden loss. I don’t personally believe the feelings there were romantic in nature, but do find them to be one of the strongest testaments of platonic love in the series. Both Pegasus and Seto lost a best friend, whether or not that was their primary title. This was the person who had seen the deepest, darkest, most unfathomable parts of them.

The person who kept them in line.

The person who built them up or took them down a notch.

The person they systematically, and in ways they never even realized, learned to build their life around. So much so that when they lost Cecelia/Atem, they didn’t recognize themselves anymore. They didn’t have a routine anymore. They didn’t know how to express themselves anymore.

We’re talking about an exceptionally guarded, traumatized kid traveling through time and space with nothing but vulnerability on his shoulders. While Seto may not realize this for several more years, the irony of Prideshipping in Dark Side of Dimensions is that, from my point of view, Seto tosses his pride in the extreme pursuit of Atem despite the risks, odds, and cost. Though the narrative may protray his journey as one of validating who is the better duelist – therefore slating pride as a primary motivation – to go to such lengths to face someone, no matter the variety and complexity of one’s reasons, is nothing short of raw. I need you and I won’t take no for an answer. 

We’re talking about the same Seto who:

Fought tooth and nail not to show weakness because psychological conditioning taught him that meant certain death.

Strived to stay ten steps ahead in every situation, against any adversary, because one of the most influential lessons from Gozaburo meant that loss equated to death.

Became both shield and sword to avoid a repeat of the lesson that loss equated to death.

Scoffed at public or private displays of vulnerability, dependence, and need as a direct result of fear reinforced by life experience, which taught him that outside parties were two-faced and unreliable.

No matter what reasons the fandom may have for Seto going after Atem in the movie – and I certainly respect all of them – the growth it demonstrates is a catch 22. It all depends on how deep the audience feels Seto’s character runs.

On one hand, we see Seto put something above the impulse not to look weak or dependent on other people. On the other, there’s plenty of potential to interpret him overcoming those impulses only to indulge his victory complex.

I personally see it as a lot more than that, but I understand why others don’t.

I can’t get over the symbolism of Seto staring down death itself to get to Atem, can’t look past the huge stride he takes in continuing to confront the abandonment and manipulation Atem first helped him to recognize, by literally taking the heart of his fear – inadequacy means death, losing means death, weakness is as good as death – and saying, I’m going to face death itself to reach you.

I could go on another tangent about the similarity and ache of Pegasus and Seto both learning to confront their irrational fear or rejection of death after losing precious people, but it’s not the place.

In any case, I think the bond between Seto and Atem has a staggering impact on both characters. There’s no doubt in my mind, no matter the connotation one places on the relationship, it is one of the most defining in the entire series.

Thanks for the ask.

Merlin came into my house to eat my condiments out of the jars again.
I knew it was going to happen, so I made sure to not have any condiments whatsoever in my house.
I have been eating plain rice for days, just so I would be ready when he finally came over again.
Sometimes you have to lose the battle in order to win the war!

—That is what I thought. It seems I lost both however.
He ate the empty jars instead.
The magus of flowers, bite by bite, ate an entire empty soy sauce bottle while maintaining direct eye contact.
”Mmm, love the cronch” he said before disappearing in a puff of glitter and pink flower petals.
I really wish he would just leave me alone already…

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Kiss day: Haku and Shisuu~~ cause why not? ~~~

Haku and Shisuu both lost someone they loved in Birthright Route but ended up handling a different way. Shisuu learned to be stronger and move on for the better, but Haku fell into despair and darkness. They would meet and fall in love over their own grievances, but they knew it wasn’t going to last the way things were going for Haku. Shisuu noticed this and decided to put him out of his misery, yet, losing another person he loves~

~Happy Kiss Day~ 



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Hello! I have lost both my granparents, had stay in hospital for 13 days, struggle with depression while you wrote TWS. I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me an escape from all my problems. It was an amazing story and my heart swelled everytime I saw an update. Thank you...

Oh, honey. I’m so, so sorry. I’m grateful my story was able to help and I hope you continue to feel better until all these sorrows are shadows in your past and the sun shines down on your face.

hey have i ever told y’all about my cursed apartment building

cursed how, you say???? well, here’s the thing: no-one can fuckin see it. let me explain further

  • i live in a tiny flat in a big red brick building with huge windows. it has a driveway with two columns on either side - not a thing you usually see in this area. it is opposite a bus stop and several corner shops. it is on a main, busy road. most significantly, it is attached to a church. a well-known church with a big pink sign on the front.
  • all things that would make it easy to spot, right???? like if i gave that list of distinguishing features to someone along with my address then they’d be able to find my flat easily, right??? well APPARENTLY NOT
  • we have never once had a delivery to our flat (outside of the usual postal service) where we haven’t been called by a lost courier 
  • usually, they are about thirty seconds away. “i’m by the church and i don’t know where to go from here,” they say. so we tell them, “it’s the building right next to the church!! the one you’re outside. that church. it’s the next building along. it’s opposite a bus stop and it has a driveway with two big columns.” 
  • without fail, they call back 5-10 minutes later, still lost.
  • i have answered calls from both lost delivery people and friends where i’ve been able to see them standing in front of the driveway, from my window
  • a friend of mine once drove past my building three times, while on the phone to me, getting increasingly panicked that she couldn’t figure out where she was going. she parked in a nearby road and i had to walk to her car and guide her to the driveway
  • however, my flatmate and i found this place when we were flat-hunting first time, no trouble, and we don’t know what that means other than i guess this place chose us and the rent is so cheap because the estate agents were so relieved to find the first people in a thousand years who could actually see this fuckin building
  • today a food delivery person called me to say he was outside the church, was told to go to the next building along, (a 20 second journey on foot) and arrived at my door 20 minutes later, saying, “sorry, i went to the back of this building by mistake. weird right???”
  • this building doesn’t have a back
  • it backs onto the rest of the church it doesn’t have a back where did he go

“My mission is to get them interested in Star Wars. My only chance is to get the big one hooked first because that’s how my kids work. I pitched Princess Leia as the most important character. I might have told a little lie and said that she was the princess of the entire galaxy. We had our first attempt the other day. I got whiplash checking to see if they were still awake, and I lost both of them before Princess Leia even showed up. I have faith in George Lucas though. We’re scheduling another screening with lots of candy. I think if we can just stay awake for the entire movie, we’ll be ready for The Empire Strikes Back.”

(Lima, Peru)


tbh these are still 2 of my fave homestuck doodles ive ever done
these are like probably 2 years old by now i think


Toby Stephens and Rupert Penry-Jones in Cambridge Spies [2003] and Black Sails [2014 – ]