both lil shit :D


Eyelids lower slightly into a firm scowl as a voice rang within his eardrums. The person behind this looked…well not threatening in the slightest. Mistake number one was assuming this so called ‘hell’ was anything compared to his day to day thoughts.

         “Hell has a much prettier look to it, I’d know surviving it, since it resides in beautiful lies and secrets. so what exactly are the details for this ‘job’ you spoke of? I fear no ‘Hell’ or anything of the sort.”

    He had a similar thought process as she did judging by his words, and of course that only furthered the purplette’s interest in her newfound “friend”. Beaming a smile up at him she stuck a finger up in the air and pointed towards rather large building on the top of a hill on the outskirts of the town. 

    “I’d like ya to help me break into that place. They took somethin’ important from a good friend of mine n’ now I need to get it back.” Getting in was going to be the issue, and that was why she needed an accomplice, and while the job itself might not have been Hell… Getting stuck dealing with her might have been, “What do ya say? I’ll treat ya to a meal ‘er somethin’ after we get out!”