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Me, immediately after the end of Episode 6: “Oh, the reunion at the end of this episode was super sweet. I can’t wait till Blake gets reunited with the rest of her team!”

Me, remembering what’s probably gonna happen to the Belladonnas in Episode 7: 

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hello could you link some chat fics bcs i've been looking for new ones and i never end up finding any

ur my only two by nottotae (8/? | NR | 6,539)

joon: name a time taehyung wasnt over exaggerating
jimbles: never
hobi: never
yoongi: never
jin: never
bunny boy: never
taetae has left the chat
bunny boy added taetae to i hope jungkook chokes on his own saliva 

Beyond The Scene by yoonsanha (3/3 | M | 1,583)

[You have received one new message.]

Yoongi squinted at his phone, wondering who the hell would text him at this ungodly hour of the morning, and opened the text with a quiet sigh.


or just a random ass text fic with no real plot lmao

There’s a 2 second flip finish competition on Facebook.

 🤔 not fast enough yet

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Could you maybe write something about Stingy and Stephanie having to share an umbrella? (Probably Stingy's umbrella) It would make me immensely happy since I really love the idea and your writing!

Thank you! It’s a cute idea. Sorry it took so long!

[currently not accepting new prompts as of 11/18/17]

Stephanie frowned at the heavy rain falling outside the school’s front doors. She and Stingy had stayed after to help the teacher clean their classroom, but now they were going to get caught in a rain storm. She turned to Stingy to ask if he wanted to wait inside for it to let up. Instead, she jumped back as he opened a wide, yellow umbrella.

“See you tomorrow, Stephanie,” he said. He walked down the steps and into the rain. 

“Hey! Stingy!” He turned back. “Can we walk home together?”

Stingy looked confused, “But you live on the other side of town! I’m not heading that way.”

“Yeah but I don’t wanna get wet…”

“You want me to share my umbrella??”

Stephanie clasped her hands together, “Pleeeease?”

Stingy opened his mouth, closed it, sighed, and finally said, “Alright, fine.”

With a grin, Stephanie jumped down the steps to join him. Stingy kept a tight grip on his umbrella as they walked. He seemed annoyed at having to share with Stephanie but as they made their way through town, talking about the cleanup and what they liked to do on rainy days, he started smiling again.

When they reached Stephanie’s door, she held it open. “Thanks, Stingy! You’re a good friend.”

Stingy did a good job of looking put out, sticking his nose in the air with a huff, “Remember to bring your own umbrella next time.” He spun his umbrella. “And you’re welcome.”

“Want to come inside and have some hot cocoa before you go?”

Stingy’s whole face changed at the idea and he stepped inside right away.

Walking home with Stingy and having hot chocolate turned into Stephanie’s favorite rainy day activity. And through Stingy would gripe about having to share his things, it was obvious it was his favorite too.

thinking about how awkward the nico rosberg/lewis hamilton reunion in abu dhabi will most likely be

There were a lot of things I liked in JL but I think I have to say that my favorite scene is when both Diana and we the audience sees Bruce’s injuries and bruising up his back.

It’s easy to forget that Batman’s ultimately human, even in a superhero narrative. He doesn’t have protection outside of armor that’s easily breakable to super strength, he doesn’t have fast healing, he’s ultimately very breakable. Bruce himself knows this considering his response that he can “barely do it now” when Diana tells him he can’t keep fighting forever.

They also did a good job of showing his limitations on the field. Bruce is built for small scale, human stuff. Sure he can take out a few parademons if given the opportunity but he’s definitely not able to go toe to toe with them like the others can. Part of me was frustrated with it, wanting to see him go off but he’s human, there’s only so much he can do on this level.

tl;dr Batman wasn’t depicted as the macho power fantasy he usually is and is ultimately a more human character for it.

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hope you will feel better! do it in your time: maybe marco is fill up with sabos and ace cum and now he is leaking? it's dripping down. ace is already filled and had a plug, sabo too. little marco punishment, because he can't hold it?

Marco bites his lip and tries not to make a sound as he feels come slipping down the back of his thighs and out of him. It’s almost uncomfortable as he tries to stop it, leaking and oozing out of him and catching on his boxers and dampening them.

“What are you doing dressed,” Sabo asks suddenly from behind him and Marco startles, feeling the rush of come, more than before, dripping out of him. “We didn- Oh, Marco.”

“S-” Marco doesn’t get to finish, Sabo pushing down his boxers and sliding his fingers Marco’s thighs.

“Marco,” Marco whines at the disappointment in Sabo’s voice. “Look at how much of a mess you are making, darling.” He shakes at the soft smack dropped to ass. “Stop that.”

“Stop what,” Ace yawns and Marco presses his face into his arms in embarrassment. “I thought you plugged him up?”

Sabo hums, “Not yet, he moved too quickly. Unlike some people when they’re all fucked full.”

“You act like I’m going to be offended,” Ace says suddenly closer, hand on Marco’s back. “I don’t want to leak until I’m allowed to, unlike someone,” The hand slides higher. “He’s going to need a punishment.”

“He is,” Sabo agrees and Marco doesn’t need to see him to know he’s smirking. Marco knows that he’s smirking. “But what?”

Marco swallows heavily as Ace taps the underside of his chin, “A-Ace?”

“You look pretty all flustered, Marco,” Ace teases, hand curving around Marco’s cheek and thumb rubbing over his cheek. “But, you knew better than to make a mess. Do you have a plan, Sabo?”

“I was thinking that we could do something with the clamps.”

Ace raises an eyebrow as Marco shivers, “Marco loves clamps, you know that as well as I do. Wouldn’t that seem like less of a punishment?”

“Cock ring,” Sabo adds.

“Necessary for a punishment.”

Marco whines softly as they keep talking, ignoring him and barely brushing their hands over him.

“Oh Marco,” Marco can’t tell who’s talking, hiding his face against Ace’s chest. “He’s going to need that ring soon.”

“I’ll grab it for him. Don’t come yet, Marco,” Sabo whispers into his ear. “Your punishment hasn’t even started yet.

hey guys fun fact “uwu take a bubble bath and eat chocolate” self care and “get out of bed and take a mcfucking shower” self care aren’t mutually exclusive and making fun of the former bc u think the only self care mentally ill people should practice is the latter is uh how do i say. Odd to say the least

yes im posting about this again

- allura finally decides to just “ah, quiznak” and sits keith down to brush his hair and the mice braid it and put little flowers in it (“you’re a fairy prince now, keith!”) and she listens to him ramble on about lance this and lance that and allura i am. so gay.

- he does the same for her and tries to braid her (freakishly long holy shit) hair,, of course with the mice’s help and she just goes on and on about shay (“she’s so strong but gentle i would trust the mice with her”)

- “do you need help with picking out a dress?” “from you? oh honey no”


- she completely wipes the floor with him

- “allura please i need a breather” “WOULD ZARKON GIVE YOU A BREATHER???!!?”

- “hey, the stars sure are beautiful tonight”

“yes, indeed”

“you know who else is beautiful?”

“shay” “lance”

- “keith i want to knock him all the way to the next deca-phoeb too but this is a diplomatic meeting so please put your sword away”

- “allura”


“im feeling extra gay right now”

“oh same”

i have so many feelings about these gayliens

do you ever get like… a pre-crush. like “I don’t have a crush on you, but I feel like there’s definitely potential for one if I got to know you better”