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What is your favorite work that you've written? What is your favorite that someone else has written? What, if any, Tumblr writer do you fangirl over? What small or up and coming blog are you really hoping grows big?

1.   Living with Regrets will always have a special place in my heart I think :)

2. Hmmm I think it depends on the day you are asking me but two that comes to mind are Send the Pain Below by @torn-and-frayed and Perfect by @supernatural-jackles both are Jensen x Readers. My Savoir by @like-a-bag-of-potatoes and Stroke of Luck by @percywinchester27 are two others. Both of those are Dean. 

3. I am not really the fangirling type. There are many writers I admire but I don’t really fangirl. Just like I have never met a celeb I went “oh my god oh my god” over lol. I am fairly chill. We are all people, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have a great deal of respect for every single writer I follow. 

4. See this assumes I know how many followers who has and I really don’t lol. But I can tell you a few of my newer discoveries - got no clue how many followers they have. @docharleythegeekqueen @roxyspearing and @queen-of-deans-booty are some authors I recently or semi recently have come across. All super talented. 

Thank you for your questions.

Sleepover with Kari


“He seems everything with his scarlet eyes, and hiding his true dream he acts in a play in which truth and lies are mixed together…” - Masashi Kishimoto

Happy Birthday husbando for husbando, my lovely Nat.


HERE’S MY COMPANION OF CHOICE and some other favorites of mine…..

Y'alls guesses were all over the place but the vast majority of u agreed on SABLEYE!!! And runner up was TOXICROAK
both of whom i love, even though sableye isn’t in these pics for some reason??? Can I have a sableye AND a primeape as my walkie pals….I can feed one ROCKS…

But the truth is out…the big angry baboon has a special place in my heart….

Fall 2017 Pride Readings

Fall is finally here and with it comes LGBT History Month in October. To celebrate, I’ve compiled a list of books with queer main characters. All books have been/will be published in the second half of 2017. Feel free to add more titles!

The Gallery of Unfinished Girls by Lauren Karcz- A young artist must take care of herself and her younger sister when her mother rushes off to Puerto Rico to take care of her grandmother who has fallen into a coma. She’s also falling in love with her best friend. While struggling with her art, a new neighbor introduces her to the Red Mangrove Estate, an artists’ colony. The catch? No art can leave the Estate.

Little and Lion by Brandy Colbert- Colbert’s sophomore novel is about a black, Jewish, bisexual girl named Suzette and her brother Lionel who fall in love with the same girl. Lionel struggles with bipolar disorder and adjusting to his medication. If you haven’t read Colbert’s first novel, Pointe, run to your nearest bookstore/ereader and buy it! It’s amazing!

Dress Codes for Small Towns by Courtney Stevens- This book holds a special place in my southern, living in the small town, queer heart. Billie is the daughter of a preacher in a small Kentucky town, and she loves her community and her group of friends called the Hexagon. The group bands together to save the community’s fall festival and Billie struggles to find the space she needs to understand and express her gender and sexuality. It’s easily one of my favorite books of this year!

They Both Die in the End by Adam Silvera- Title tells you everything. Silvera’s third novel has already hit the NYT bestseller list and I’ve heard it’s just as amazing as History is all you Left Me and More Happy Than Not. Features two Latino boys who become friends after they both receive a call that they’ll both be dead within 24 hours. I haven’t read it yet, but if it’s anything like Silvera’s other books, I’ll need a box of tissues close by.

Mask of Shadows by Linsey Miller- A genderfluid teen wants revenge after losing everyone and everything that’s ever mattered to them. Sal decides to audition for the Left Hand, the queen’s elite group of assassins, but to earn their place, Sal must compete in a fight to the death.

Girls Made of Snow and Glass by Melissa Bashardoust- Who wants to read a retelling of Snow White where she’s a lesbian? This book is a duel POV between Lynet (Snow White) and Mina(the stepmother) who are only alive because of Mina’s dangerous and powerful father, who gave her a heart of glass.

I Hate Everyone But You by Gaby Dunn and Allison Raskin- Two best friends part ways as they head off to college and communicate through texts and emails and share their new experiences. Ava struggles with anxiety and steps out of her shell for new experiences and maybe finding her first boyfriend while Gen explores her sexuality and falls for her TA.

Autoboyography by Christina Lauren- Tanner was an out and proud bi boy until his family moves to Utah. But then his best friend dares him to take a senior seminar class where he must write a book and falls in love with his teacher’s son.

Spinning by Tillie Walder- Walder’s graphic memoir is about her ten years of figure skating and now much she hated it.

Release by Patrick Ness- A guy who is from a strict, religious family examines his past relationship to determine why he why’s unable to reciprocate the love given to him by a sweet guy named Linus and thinks an attachment to a guy who broke is heart might be the problem.

Kaleidoscope Song by Fox Benwell – Two girls, Neo and Tale, living in South Africa meet a bar and bond over the love of music. Possible trigger warning- addresses corrective rape.

Wild Beauty by Anna-Marie McLemore (Oct 3)- You should read all of McLemore’s amazing books, but her newest is about three girl cousins who come from a family who tends to a magical garden. They find themselves falling for the same girl but fear a family curse where everyone they love disappears. Then a boy appears who has no idea who he is and Estrella, one of the cousins, tries to help him discover his identity.

Top Ten by Katie Cotugno (Oct 3)- Two best friends, Gabby and Ryan, are seniors whose platonic relationship becomes complicated as they begin to fall for each other and examine the top moments of their friendship over the past four years.

Not Your Villain by C.B. Lee (Oct 5) – Sequel to Not Your Sidekick. This book revolves are Bells, a trans guy with superpowers (he can shapeshift!) as he teams up with his friends who go on a mission to find the Resistance opposing a corrupt league of superheroes.

Echo After Echo by Amy Rose Capetta (Oct 10) – a girl named Zara wins the role of Echo at the Aurelia theater, but her dream role becomes a nightmare with mysterious deaths, dangerous legends, and an intense director. She finds herself falling for a name named Eli who works in lighting! Theater romance! Everyone who received an ARC of this book has said amazing things about it!

Like Water by Rebecca Podos (Oct 17) - Savannah returns to her small town to care for her father who has Huntington’s disease. She keeps herself occupied with hookups and a job at a waterpark dressed as a mermaid, and finds herself falling for a girl named Leigh. This is Podos’ debute novel and I’m impatiently waiting to read it.

A Line in the Dark by Malinda Lo (Oct 17) – I fell in love with Lo’s novels after reading her queer Cinderella retelling, Ash. She’s written fantasy (Ash and Huntress) and science fiction (Adaption and Inheritance) and now she’s tackling a contemporary thriller . So Jess is secretly in love with her best friend Angie, who is completely oblivious. Angie hooks up a with a girl named Margo, a girl from boarding school whose social circle pulls Jess into some trouble.

Changing Colors by Elyse Springer (Oct 23) – I’m actually going to plug all of Springer’s romance novels because they’re amazing and I’ve read all of them. Changing Colors is the fourth book in her series Seasons of Love. But while you’re at it, you should check out White Out, featuring a gay couple, Thaw, about an ace girl who falls for a model/actress ice queen, Heat Wave, two bisexual girls have a no strings attached relationship and of course one of them develops feelings. There’s also Heels Over Head, which is about an Olympic hopeful diver who falls for one of his teammates.

Girl in a Bad Place by Kaitlin Ward (Oct 31) – Author of Bleeding Earth returns with another creepy tale with queer girls! Okay, so here’s the breakdown of her sophomore novel: So this girl, Cara, finds this commune in the mountains called Haven, and spends a lot of time there. Her best friend,  Mailee, is pretty sure Haven is a cult but of course Cara won’t listen and decides to move in Haven permanently! Sounds like a horrible idea, right?

My Top 5 Fairy Tail Ships

Friendly Reminder: Just to avoid confusion, this list is from least to greatest, which means it will start from 5 and end in 1. 

So as proof that I will honestly do what I said in my previous post, here are my Top 5 Fairy Tail Ships:

5) Zeref Dragneel x Mavis Vermilion (Zervis)

I have been shipping this ship ever since it’s crack ship days and I was so elated when Mashima made it a real thing. I really love the fact that it was because of the two of them, that Fairy Tail was formed. Although this ship is heavy on angst, it does have it’s cute and fluffy moments. It’s truly a classic black and white/good and evil ship with great dynamics. I’m also glad that Mashima gave them a happy ending where the two of them can be together, even though they died, but hey that’s what they wanted right? The only reason why this ship is in the bottom of my Top 5 list is because there is a major plot hole on how they had August. 

4) Gajeel Redfox x Levy McGarden (Gajevy)

This ship is the ship that nobody can argue with in Fairy Tail. This ship has a healthy development not only for Gajeel and Levy as a couple, but also on the both of them individually. This ship also has a good share of it’s fluffy, angsty, and even smutty moments, but the moment that really got me shipping them was their moment in the Battle of Fairy Tail Arc where Gajeel was really awe struck on Levy trying her best to make Freed’s runes disappear. This ship’s relationship was even further expanded on Fairy Tail’s spin-off: Fairy Tail Gaiden - Road Knight, which I recommend every Gajevy fan to read. AND HAVE YOU SEEN THEIR ADORABLE FUTURE TWINS?!!! Now as for the reason why this ship is a bit lower in my list, it is because they are pretty much already confirmed canon, so I highly doubt that they’ll get anymore major moments aside from a wedding scene of course. ;) 

3) Gray Fullbuster x Juvia Lockser (Gruvia)

Ah this ship took a lot of time for me to accept and see it’s true value, but once I saw it, I really couldn’t help but love this ship. At first, it might seem as though Juvia is just a pesky stalker of Gray, but as the series progressed you’ll see that she does truly love him. Gray is just a big effing tsundere, but he does truly value Juvia from the bottom of his heart. I love how they stayed together after Fairy Tail disbanded and even trained and lived together for six months. Their bond has really grown ever since the Phantom Lord Arc. This ship was even highlighted in Fairy Tail’s other spin-off: Tale of Fairy Ice Trail - Koori no Kiseki which any Gruvia fan should give a try. The reason why this ship ranked third place for me is because I find Juvia’s imagination too intense, but still cute. (BUT SERIOUSLY GIRL SLOW DOWN!!! NOBODY’S GONNA STEAL YOUR MAN!) ;)

2) Jellal Fernandez x Erza Scarlet (Jerza)

Okay I know that this ship has the least interaction between all of the ships that will be mentioned in this post, but that is just because someone, yes I’m looking at you Jellal, is too bent on their repentance journey or whatever. Aside from that, when they do have a moment, it’s big and meaningful which is really impacts both Jellal and Erza’s characters. I’m also so in love with the fact that Jellal gave Erza her last name during their childhood and she kept it all these years. To be honest, Erza’s the most memorable character in Fairy Tail to me because of her last name so props to you Jellal! This ship has a special place in my heart because it’s the ship that got me watching, reading, and dedicating my life to Fairy Tail. The only reason why it’s only second to the first ship is because, as I said before, they lack moments.

1) Natsu Dragneel x Lucy Heartfilia (Nalu)

I. EFFING. LOVE. THIS. SHIP. To be honest, my feelings for this ship needs a separate post, but I’ll save that for another time. Seriously, I can’t even remember what my life was before this ship. Let’s just say that Mashima really gave it his all in developing this ship from friends to best friends and to maybe even more. To be honest, Mashima just loves to spoil the NaLu fandom so much. From fluff to angst and even mild smut, you name it, Mashima has got this ship covered. My favorite moment was when Natsu caught Lucy from falling in the Phantom Lord Arc and when he reassured her after that she is Lucy of Fairy Tail, that Fairy Tail is her home. Although what really got me shipping these two is the amount of trust and faith they have in each other. In all honesty, I’m not a fan of love at first sight and I do not also believe that they just fell in love with each other at the beginning of the series, but I do believe that they trusted each other so much that their trust eventually grew to love. Natsu and Lucy’s relationship wasn’t just pulled out of nowhere, it took time to grow and that’s realistically beautiful. Sure, they are not a perfect couple, they fight and misunderstand each other from time to time, but that’s okay because love isn’t perfect. Love is real. It has it’s ups and downs, but it still persists and this ship is a very excellent example of that. That is why I’ll actually be surprised if Natsu and Lucy don’t end up together by the end of the series.

L’Officiel Hommes April 2017; Chanyeol’s interview (Part 1)

L’Officiel Hommes: EXO has since outgrown their previously cute and naive personas, to adopt the current “High Profile” celebrity status that we know of today. What are your personal sentiments about holding such a title?
Chanyeol: I believe everyone has had that particular dream about being able to stand proudly above all the legacies that they have built for themselves. However, personally i feel that albeit having yet acquire that level of prestige as a group, i’m able to find solace and confidence beneath our ability to put up an impressive stage performance that everyone will enjoy. Having said so, there’s also an underlying sense of unease along with it as well. Hence in order to prolong and maintain our current statuses, no actually, a better way to put this would be to call this the driving force towards our desire to constantly show you the improved and better sides of us, which explains the need for us to find ways of improving and developing ourselves. Another way to go about it would also be to spend whatever personal free time I have fruitfully, by engaging in activities that would not only be solely for the sake of enjoyment, but also be able to aid the process of further developing myself as a person.
L’Officiel Hommes: What type of role do you think you play in EXO? Aside from the usual roles that you associate yourself with during your introductions, or the Chanyeol that the fans identify with. Instead, talk about what you personally think your role is inside of EXO.
Chanyeol: An interesting person. To put it nicely, i’m the mood maker/ happy pill of the group; acting as my fellow members’ source of energy. Because i want the members to thoroughly enjoy the times we share together. Moreover, we all started off aspiring for the same goals and dreams, even going as far as being fated to be debuting in the same group is something i really feel should be deeply cherished. Which is why i’m constantly cracking jokes with my members, as this is also one of the ways i feel i’m secretly able help the leader manage the group better behind the scenes. An advantage i have would be both my age and training period, as i’m mainly in the middle when it comes to these aspects, hence it makes the task of getting along with my fellow members a lot easier.
L’Officiel Hommes: You’ve recently displayed your television personality to us. How has the overall experience with regards to acting been for you so far?
Chanyeol: Prior to embarking on the television series “Missing Nine”, i have had previous exposure, having previously given the opportunity to star in various online drama series and even a Chinese movie production. Having said that, i still received the support from my fellow casts members. I felt really comfortable with the role assigned to me, hence i was hoping for a positive reaction (from the viewers). To conclude it simply, i find acting very interesting. Coming from a background where when it came to the aspect of acting, i didn’t have exceptional skills per say, neither had i previously undergo any vigorous trainings for acting, i made sure to always clarify my doubts with the director whenever possible, even going down to the nitty gritty details of my fellow senior’s expressions and the way they orchestrated their dialogues. I’m gradually realizing the charms of the acting industry as i’m exploring it.
L’Officiel Hommes: Who is your favorite actor then? Also, what would be your “Life” movie?
Chanyeol: My favorite actor would have to be Jack Nicholson. I’ve pretty much watched almost every single one of his movies. In the movie “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest” where he portrayed the character Randle Patrick McMurphy, Melvin Udall in “As Good As It Gets”, Warren R. Schmidt in the movie “About Schmidt”. He has greatly displayed his outstanding ability to portray each and every single one of his roles distinctively. Although my favorite actor is the former, my favorite movie is one that he unfortunately did not star in, it’s “School Of Rock”. I would go as far to say that this movie bears a great influence my decision towards my current life path. I started learning more about music back in my high school days, but back then, it was purely out of interest. But during my 6th year, i watched the aforementioned movie, which became the decisive factor towards my choice in pursuing music as a career. The movie’s main protagonist, Jack Black, is seen having the time of his life whilst balancing his career as both a musician and actor. Upon watching this movie during my younger days, it fostered the dream of my desire to become a singer in the future.
L’Officiel Hommes: Amidst starring in movies, participating in variety shows, being a singer, composer and performer on stage, what sort of activities do you often engage in during your period of short breaks in between? Do you continue participating in activities or do you just completely lay off everything temporarily to take a good rest?
Chanyeol: To me, composing serves as both a form of entertainment as well as relaxation. I would describe it as my ideal form of healing time. I particularly enjoy composing in hotels when i’m overseas. When i have some extra time off in the dorms, i’d usually spend them by playing computer games with Baekhyun. I would always have a particular activity that i’ll be engaged in at any given span of time. By that i mean that i would devote my time and effort to being able to really grasp, hold and master the task at hand or until i reach the standard of my personal expectations. Recently, snowboarding has become one of my favorite forms of past time. I remember being exposed to snowboarding back when i was a toddler, but i was never truly able to experience snowboarding during the winter back then. I’ve even been on a midnight snowboarding escapade before. In fact, this past February, i was at one of Hokkaido’s skiing resorts (Kiroro). Not long ago i had the same passion for both pool and bowling.
L’Officiel Hommes: Well then, amongst all of them (his hobbies), which one still holds a special place in your heart?
Chanyeol: I’d still have to give this to composing. I’ve always harbored a strong, underlying passion for lyrical composition. I’m constantly engaged in a cycle of experimenting with various forms of music, through the process of success and failures. Through this repetitive process, i think i’ve developed and found my own personal style of music. Although i’m always striving to compose something great, as of now, even if it falls short of that, i’m cool with it. I enjoy the process of learning and exploring whilst i’m self-composing. I find the process of venturing into various genres of music that i’m previously not familiar with, thoroughly refreshing. I find the conversations i have with the new people i meet extremely precious. Hence, i’m always carrying a small notebook (laptop) around, so that i’m able to jot down any inspirations that i may have along the day, which explains why it’s always an essential item i always carry in my backpack. Even with a short period of 10-20 minutes of spare time, i’m always looking to brainstorm about new lyrics.
L’Officiel Hommes: Amongst all of EXO activities, which, in your opinion, left the deepest impression on you?
Chanyeol: I still vividly remember our very first debut showcase back in 2012. That was my first time experiencing the true feeling of nervousness. History was our very first song, and i remember we had our backs facing the stage in preparation, as we heard the loud screams of many. The loud screams coming from a group of 3000 people, really overwhelmed me with the feeling of nervousness from head to toe. After the performance, i asked the members about how they felt and they all felt the same. That experience was truly memorable, and has since been engraved in my memory.

Translation by Soojung @ fyeah-chanyeol
(Please take out with full credits)


How Strange Magic Helped Me

Strange Magic is the movie I’ve always wanted, the Heroine and Villain Love Story/Beauty and the Beast Story/Fairy and Goblin Story that I have always longed for. I love it unabashedly and I love how much happiness it never fails to bring me, and I *love* the crazy-wonderful-amazing fandom and friendships it has brought me to.  

But the number one reason I love it? It brought back my drive and inspiration to create and write, both for fan fiction and my original work. For that alone, I will always be indebted to Strange Magic and to the cast and crew who brought it to life <3

My submission for @meredithannebull‘s Strange Magic contest! I’m posting it here just in case my submission didn’t go through properly. 

This movie is my everything, and I will always have a special place in my heart for it, for giving me both incredible friendships and the drive to create after stagnating for so long. It truly did bring the colors of creativity back into my life, bright and beautiful and strange and magical…

Thanks so much for everything that you and the rest of the cast and crew have done, Meredith. You make all of our hearts sing <3


October 3 2017 (30 Day Back-to-School Challenge)

Day 6: Your Handwriting
This is as good as my handwriting is every gonna get so ya there ya go. I’m actually starting to think my handwriting is better on my iPad lmao

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Life is Strange: Before the Storm (Episode 1)

I’ve spent so much time discussing this prequel over the past few months, it’s a bit tricky to try and sum up things into something readable. As lengthy as this post is, there’s plenty of details I have to let go of. I’d like to lay out my biggest pros, cons, and a bit of commentary on how I feel about its very conception and potential intent, along with some casual predictions.

I was very critical of this project from the moment it was leaked, but I quickly grew to support Deck Nine, the studio developing the game, because it was easy to see how passionate and thoughtful they were being. Makes sense, right? The sort of dev team who would want to take on a Life is Strange story would probably be the sort to be mindful of just how delicate such an undertaking is. Square-Enix, however, gradually frustrated me more and more, and their choices and actions with this entire project kept me on my guard all summer. With the first episode released, I can confirm my feelings about both companies’ involvement haven’t changed – I’m still very supportive of Deck Nine, and I’m still rather frustrated and confused with Square-Enix.

This first episode helped prove to me to that the developer definitely does have their heart in the right place, and has the ability to realize the same kind of potential one might expect from a follow up to such a special game. I have my concerns, but to be honest, most of them have arisen from Square-Enix’s questionable setup to this project and the premise of the game itself bothering me on a core level.

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Only me.

Hi, thank you so much for sending this request in! It doesn’t really touch on the fact that the reader is a powerful witch but it does touch on the other half of your request so hopefully, you can and will enjoy this piece! Thank you!

You wander over to where Jason is currently sitting with a very sour expression on his face and you sit beside him. “Jay, do you want to dance with me?” You ask him but instead of replying to you, Jason simply turns away from you and you frown. What got your boyfriend’s mood in a twist? “Jason,” You place a hand on his arm and you can feel Jason’s body tensing up.

Judging by how tight the expression on his face is as well as how tense is body is, you have come to realize that Jason is not in a very good mood at the moment. Now that you finally realize that, you actually notice the anger radiating off of him so you drop your hand from his arm.

“Jason, talk to me.”

Jason lets out a rough sigh. He glances at you briefly but whenever he looks at you, he can’t help but remember what he had just seen. The image of you smiling and laughing with him of all people left a very awful and bitter taste in his mouth.

You bite the inside of your cheek, a little bit hurt at Jason blatantly ignoring you. The two of you had been in a really wonderful mood earlier. Jason had been teasing you the entire night too and of course, you being you definitely teased him back. You try hard to remember when Jason started acting cold towards you and a frown appears on your face when you could not think of anything that you had done.

Jason shakes his head. Just by being near you is already making his annoyance bubble and he knows he should not really be mad at you because that was just in your nature to still be friendly to your acquaintances and previous acquaintances too but Jason really cannot help himself.

“Jay, please.” You place your hand on top of his arm this time, pulling him towards you. Jason lets you pull him to you and he is currently staring at everywhere but your face. “Did I do something to upset you? Because I thought we were having such a wonderful time?”

Jason rolls his eyes. “I thought so too until you went and talked to him.” Jason grits his teeth and exhales roughly, shaking his head. “I think I need to take a walk or something.” He really does not want to get mad at you.

You shake your head as you hold on to his arm. Jason stares at you and you stare back at him. “We promised to talk about these sort of things.” You remind him and even though where the two of you are currently at is not really the greatest place for you to be talking about private things, you are also not one to let your problems go unattended. “Are you talking about… John?” You ask quietly and Jason narrows his eyes when he heard that name coming from your lips.

Jason’s silence was already enough of an answer to you and you sigh before leaning forward, so close to Jason that he actually had to lean away lest the two of you wanted to be kicked out of the place for inappropriate behaviour. “What?” He asks gruffly, crossing his arms.

“I love you, Jason Peter Todd.” You lift your hand to caress Jason’s cheek. “John is my past and I just want you to know that I will always love you, Jason. You own my heart and honestly, right at this moment, I don’t even want it back. I want you.” You lean forward to press your lips against his chastely and Jason’s lips seek yours.

The kiss had to be cut short because Jason really did not want to get the both of you kicked out. So instead, he holds on to your hand as he tries to calm his annoyance down. “I just, I know, I am sorry.” Jason shakes his head.

You shake your head. “I understand; honestly if I were in your shoes, I would probably act the same too.” You probably would do something worse like storming out of the place, causing a very huge scene if Jason was to ever talk very chummily with his ex-girlfriends.

Jason sighs, tightening the hold he has on your hand. “I love you, Y/N.” He lifts your hand up to press his lips against your knuckles and you give him a bright smile, feeling relieved that you finally know the reason behind Jason’s sour mood.

So you lean towards him before nudging him with your free hand. “You are so adorable when you are jealous, Jay.”

Jason rolls his eyes, chuckling at your jab. “Sure, babe.”

You giggle quietly to yourself. “But seriously though, Jay. When I agreed to be your girlfriend, didn’t we agree on no take-backs?” The both of you made this cute silly pact that there would never ever be any take-backs between the two of you. “John used to hold a special place in my heart but ever since we broke up, that place has been empty until you landed on me.”

Jason had to smile at that. The first time he had met you had been a tad bit interesting to say the least – one that make for a good story. He chuckles and nods his head. “Yeah, having fun poking at me?” Jason asks you and you laugh before nodding your head.

“I can’t deny that Brave has a special place in my heart. While I grew up with a single mother all of my life, my reality mirrors Merida’s in how as we grew, we would both clashed with our mothers over trivial things, but it’s all a part of growing up. I always tear up when Merida breaks down before her mother switches back to human. I tried getting my mom to watch it with me, but she fell asleep. Oh well.”

anonymous asked:

Hi! Do you have any malec fic recs? I miss them and reading about them sometime has a way of filling the void, you know? Thank you in advance!

Oh gosh where do I even begin?? I have so many fic recs I could go on forever, I read so much fic it’s ridiculous. Let me know if you have any tropes or aus that you particularly like, if not, here are a few of my faves, all of these are pretty long so hopefully they’ll last you a while!

Well I’m guessing you’ve messaged me because of my tags on the last post I reblogged, the fic I just recently finished is Plus One, which is (everyone’s favourite trope) fake dating. Also check out Addicted To You, also by AlxStele.

So In the Sin Bin is pretty much everyone in the whole fandom’s fave, it’s the most incredible fic. It’s hockeyplayer!Alec and agent!Magnus and wow I can’t even begin. It’s a WIP so once you reach the end you’ll have to wait patiently like the rest of us, but I can assure you every chapter is definitely worth the wait.

Lecrit is one of my fave writers in the fandom, go read all of her fics! Faves include the Avengers Assemble series (thief!au, oh man, Avengers Initiative and Earth’s Mightiest Heroes are just such a rollercoaster ride, I need them turned into films, they are incredible), Bright Lights, Small Town (Magnus is a fashion designer who moves to a small hick town, it’s very Hart of Dixie if you ever watched that show?) and Walk of Fame (I have such a weakness for celeb!aus, even more so for celeb/non-celeb)

Clockworkswan is another fave, Kiss With A Fist (assassin!au) is so amazing I binged it all in like a day, Eyes On Me (dance!au) has a special place in my heart because I’m a dancer, and Hurting And Healing is the most gorgeous childhood sweethearts fic, I’ve read it twice and cried so hard both times. 

Lemonoclefox is also amazing, Set Me In Motion is my fave but it’s currently WIP, and What’s It Gonna Be is a gorgeous modern day Pride & Prejudice au.

Kouriarashi has some great aus too, I love One Show Only and The Last Thing I Expected so much. I’m also currently reading The Lost and the Found, which is a reverse fic where Magnus is a shadowhunter and Alec is the High Warlock of Brooklyn, this is also a WIP.

For an au in the Shadow world, Take Me To Church is everything. I read the whole thing on a long haul flight and cried my eyes out, I love it so much.

One of my current favourites is Between The Lines (thief!Magnus and agent!Alec au), it’s currently WIP but won’t be for long! The last chapter should be coming very soon and I’m so excited.

And another current fave WIP is Fall Without Wings, set in the Shadow world but the shadowhunters all have wings.

Ok and that’s about it for now, I have soooo many more but these are just my fave long fics and should last you quite a while if you haven’t read them already! All of these should be turned into films cause god they’re all amazing. Happy reading, let me know your thoughts when you read them!

O xx


{make me choose}
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Read at your own risk.

I can’t believe there is always BS that pops up in the Scorbus tag from people that just don’t get it. It boggles my mind how low people can sink especially now when someone said only straight people refer to Scorbus as queerbaiting. Are you fucking kidding me? I feel like I am watching comedy become less funny. By the logic only straight people believe Cursed Child is queerbaiting,that’s basically stating JKR could have ended the book with Albus and Scorpius together and straight people wouldn’t mind. It’s nice to know queerbaiting thinkers are limited to straight people. You can have your own opinions about the play but when it comes down to stereotyping people, that’s not okay and never will be in any way, shape or form. 

Why are the hater’s so adamant on saying male friendships can be as deep as Albus and Scorpius? I like to ask you this, why does every male dynamic in Harry Potter have to be friendly? Why isn’t that question being raised? Why can’t we have one male relationship be gay where the two boys (Albus and Scorpius) love each other wholeheartedly and literally can’t live without each other? Why is same gender relationships always a problem? Why not pose the same questions for opposite genders? It seems to me like if people support two people of opposite genders as a couple, no one complains but the moment a gay pair is shipped, there is a sudden outburst. 

Whether you choose to believe it or not, no matter what the sexuality you are, Cursed Child is QUEERBAITING. Pretending it never happened or being completely blindsided to the reality of the problem doesn’t mean it’s not there. I would really appreciate if those who want other’s to think there wasn’t queerbaiting to stop forcing their views on others. That’s not going to happen. Each person is entitled to their own freedom of speech. Everyone has a different perspective.

You are trying to tell me, Albus and Scorpius separating and having an entire staircase sequence dedicated to them is a friendly moment, where they are broken beyond repair. They mean the world to each other and neither is stable without the other to a point Scorpius is depressed and Albus telling Delphi he is destroyed by Scorpius;s absence . Let’s not forget the line, ‘Both full of unhappiness.’ The separation was meant to make these two realize there is no life for them unless they are together.

What about the moment when Scorpius saw Albus talking to Delphi and a part of him not liking it? That’s also friendly? Right? If it was truly about the fact he doesn’t want to be replaced as a best friend, he wouldn’t have shut her down into coming with them. He doesn’t want her around. He feels something for Albus otherwise the part of him not liking it would have not been scripted. Each line is for a reason. 

Not only was Scorbus beautifully built as a gay love romance, they were set up from the very beginning with smiles toward one another before Albus even approached him. After finally meeting, thing’s would be the same anymore for either one. Explain to me why Scorpius wanted to go on adventures with him while knowing the decision’s weren’t positive but regardless, following him everywhere anyway. 

Moving on to the hug on the train. Albus initiated this particular hug and considering it’s their first hug, Albus hugged him with fierceness and it was held for a beat. Also keep in mind, they awkwardly dislocated. If the hug was so friendly, why would they awkwardly end it unless it had another meaning? Friends do hug each other. It’s normal. Apparently, not for Albus and Scorpius because it wasn’t an ordinary hug. 

Albus threatens his dad about what would happen if he doesn’t stay away from Scorpius followed by tears at the thought of not having Scorpius by his side. That’s intense for a father/son relationship. Albus can’t stand not having Scorpius in his life which is why telling him they have to separate ways was the most painful thing. Even Scorpius didn’t take the news very well. He was crying his heart out because of the forced distance between him and Albus.

At the library, Albus gave Scorpius a speech about he makes him stronger and toward the end he says, “when my dad forced us apart-without you- he clearly had more to say here. However, he cut the sentence short. That’s when Albus realized he has a special place for Scorpius in his heart. Scorpius responds with, “I didn’t much like my life without you in it either.” They are complete when together and incomplete when they are not. It’s in canon.

Delphi told Scorpius, him and Albus belong together and that’s the honest thing anyone has ever said in the entire play because it’s the truth. Albus and Scorpius do belong together and both know it. Albus realized it at the library, a little sooner then Scorpius. They hugged and Scorpius remembered it was the second hug Albus gave him. He keep’s tracks of his supposed friend’s hugs. So friendly, not……..

Scorpius was heartbroken when Albus left him. Why would the script say heartbroken? Surely, other words could have been the choices like devastated, sad, broken, etc…..heartbroken is typically used for couples once a relationship has ran it’s course. Interesting enough, the word was given to Scorpius in a scene where Albus had to let him go. In no way is that coincidental. Again, there is a purpose.

Who can forget the scene with Scorpius and Snape? Snape tells him, “You’re giving up your kingdom for Albus, right?” He even tells him to think about Albus because all it takes is one person and then Lily was brought up into the equation to describe the concept of Scorbus and we know Snape loved her and Lily loved him at one point. That was done on purpose. 

Albus told his dad, Scorpius is all he needs and when Harry attempts to encourage him to talk to other people, all Albus needs is Scorpius. That’s another thing. Neither Albus or Scorpius want to interact with others expect each other. If you’ve paid close attention, they are inseparable and are constantly together. They are joined by the hips.

Scorpius was the one that went to the library to see Albus and in doing so made Albus say, “If she finds us, we will be forced apart forever.” He begged Scorpius to hide inside the invisibility cloak with him to not be caught. I can’t imagine what would have happened if Scorpius didn’t oblige. Professor McGonagall saw them on the map and instead of busting them, she smiled to herself and said, “Well if you are not here, you are not here.” She walked off leaving them there. 

The third hug was in the water, a difficult task and Scorpius still managed to hug Albus. He delivers this line, “You have no idea how glad I am to see you.” He is way too happy to see Albus and was happy. He just went for the hug because he needed it and after such a long time, this is the first time Scorpius initiated a hug which shows they have come a long way. 

Delphi pointed the wand at Albus and he didn’t care whether he lived or died. He told her to do her worse and she pointed the wand at Scorpius to kill him and that’s what frightened Albus the most. She went crucio on Scorpius and Albus begged her to stop and that he will commit to whatever it is she needs him to do because seeing Scorpius at the verge of death and in pain bothered him. It also makes you think. Of all people and everything in his life, Scorpius dying is the worst thing that can happen to Albus.

Finally, we get a fourth hug (second hug initiate by Scorpius) and when Albus said, “What’s this? I thought you said we don’t hug.” And while hugging him, Scorpius says, “I wasn’t sure. Whether we should. In this new version of us I had inside my head.” Well, they are best friends now. So what new version can he possibly mean other then the inevitable boyfriends version? They can only go beyond friendship and not as anything less then a friendship. There you have it. He see’s Albus as boyfriend material.

The play was queerbaiting to the max because after all was said and done, Rose popped in Scorpius’s mind out of nowhere and he formed a fantasy of her even though they only spoke once, had no build up, and were basically dead. She even rejected him and yet we are supposed to believe they are the love story. It was unnecessary. The worst part is, she was only around to force heteronormativity which was beyond abnormal. Albus and Scorpius are the victims. Plain and simple.

There are enough male friendships in Harry Potter and the one and only time two males were undeniably gay based on the evidence in text (far from a friendship) they had to be stripped away from their will to be boyfriends. It was forced upon them. Albus and Scorpius didn’t ask hetero BS to come in between their non friendly love. 

The play should be called: The cursed child, the victims of heteronormativity. I haven’t seen worse queerbaiting in my life. Not making Scorbus canon is despicable, disturbing, disrespectful, homophobic, and horrifying behavior from the writer’s part. 

If the writer’s didn’t want a gay couple and were afraid if they took the risk, no one would watch the live show let alone buy the book, Albus and Scorpius shouldn’t have been written so gay and approved by JKR as such only to be played in the end for no reason at all. The queerbaiting was intentional.

Cursed Child writers reeled the Scorbus fanbase along for the ride in false hope they would become more then a friendship because everything was leading up to that climax and pretend Albus and Scorpius weren’t in love with each other. You can’t erase their history just because your (everyone involved with cursed child) biased writing’s attempt to brainwash us into falling for Albus and Scorpius being straight failed. None of you could have done a worse job. 

In conclusion, the play received backlash because of the writer’s poor decisions, as it should because the stunt that was pulled against Scorbus getting their right ending was cruel and deceitful. Next time if you don’t want gay characters, don’t sink so low to lead the reader’s on and instead, try writing the friendship properly without gay undertones if that was your intention.