both haru and rin will come out as better people once all this ends

A Kiss at Midnight(NEW YEAR’S SPECIAL)

HAPPY NEW YEAR’S. :) … I’m not late right? Heheh, this is just a basic scenario on a New Year’s Kiss between two people who have crushes on each other. ;)

Haruka: “Happy New Year’s…” For New Year’s, Haru may just spend it at his house, alone with you. As midnight drew near, Haruka would probably become bold enough and wrap an arm around your waist. As the both of you counted down from 10, he would be looking at the clock so he wouldn’t lose his nerve. Finally, when the clock stroke twelve, he’d quickly turn you to face him and place a kiss on your lips. When he pulls away after quite some time, he smiles at you and holds you close. “I’m glad we get to be with each other…”

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Makoto: _-___!!! I-I just…. A-ah…” Makoto would want to spend the New Year’s with everyone at his house, including his friends. As everyone counts down excitedly, he would just be silent as he watched you chanting along with them. In fact, he may be so lost looking at you, that he doesn’t even realize that he was leaning towards you. When it was finally 12:00, you would have turned to face Makoto, only to be met with his lips planting on yours. When he realized that he just kissed you, he pulls away quickly and faces away from you. For the rest of the party, his friends would probably tease you two and Makoto would never be able to live it down. “Urm… Uhm…”

Nagisa: “_____-chan, look at me for a second!” Nagisa would probably end up dragging you into a New Year’s Eve party whether you wanted to go or not. He starts the countdown first and soon, everyone joins him. When it finally strikes midnight, he turns to you and tells you to face him. When you do, you’re surprised when you feel his lips on yours. The kiss was only a short peck, but you could tell that it was full of his love. He cups your cheeks and smiles big. “Let’s make this a good year for us!”

Rei: “NAGISA!” To be honest, Nagisa would have probably dragged both you and Rei to a New Year’s Eve party. When the countdown started, Rei would hold your hand nervously and blush bright red. When it was midnight, he would shyly lean in to place a kiss on your cheek. Though, Nagisa is quite a pesky match maker and pushed your head sideways to face Rei right when his lips hovered next to your face. The next thing you knew, his lips were on yours. For the rest of the event, Rei would have been flustered and stuttering, half ready to faint from happiness and half ready to scold Nagisa. “__-__-____! I’m so s-sorry, I was… I-I am s-so sorry!!!!!”

Rin: “I can’t believe it’s already been a year…” Rin would want to privately want to go on a walk around the town, buying whatever caught your eye on the store windows. He insists on buying you whatever and won’t take no for an answer. You both may end up so immersed onto your shopping that you wouldn’t even notice that it was finally midnight. You would have only realized once the fireworks were exploding in the night sky. At that moment of realization, Rin quickly places a peck onto your nose. “What’s with that face? Heh, did you want a kiss for your lips instead?”

Sosuke: “5…4…3… 2…1…” Sosuke would want to spend it alone with you, probably just taking you out to a cliff so you two could watch the fireworks display better. The crowd was so loud that you two could faintly hear them count down to midnight from afar. You both join in the counting, but Sosuke suddenly makes you face him. In-between counting, he places a random kiss on your face. He kisses your nose, cheeks, forehead, ears, neck… Finally, when the fireworks went off and the countdown was over making it officially New Year’s, he takes your lips into a passionate kiss. “Happy New Year, _____…”

Momo: “_____!! _____!!!!” Momo would want you all to himself for New Year’s and decide to take you out to a nearby festival to have a fun time. He tries to win you all the prizes, and surprisingly, he actually wins a lot. He would hand you each prize happily and boast about how he was great at games. Eventually, the two of you would have been separated because of the crowd. As you try to look for him amidst all the people, the fireworks go off, signaling that it was officially January 1st. You feel a sort of lonely feeling since you’re starting out the New Year all by yourself, but then you hear a familiar voice. As you turn around, Momo comes running over and accidentally trips. As he trips, his lips accidentally land on yours. “A…ah…. ________!!!!!!!”

Ai: “Hey, ____-chan..?” Ai would probably have just met you at the New Year’s Eve party he was dragged into. He would try to make a nice conversation with you, but inevitably stutter out of nervousness. When the countdown started, he would take nervous glances at you and wonder if he should steal back his courage. And he does…. But it’s a few hours after midnight struck. When the party ends and you’re about to leave, he catches you. He stutters and kindly asks if he could have the honor of sharing a New Year’s kiss with you. It’s up to you if you share a kiss with him or not. “So… May I?”

Kou: “I’m glad I’m going to be with you for New Year’s…” Kou would happily invite you to join her for the fireworks display at the local festival. You may have thought others would be with her, but it turned out that it was just you and her, not that you were complaining. She would be wearing a beautiful yukata and would excitedly wait for you to compliment her appearance. When the fireworks display happened at midnight, she would hook your arm with hers and lean on you, sighing contentedly. You would probably be the one who gave her the New Year’s kiss. “I could already tell that this is going to be a great year…”

Sei: “Let’s have fun, okay, ____-chan?” Seijurou would have a romantic picnic ready for you, set under the stars so that you two would be able to see the fireworks paint the sky in glorious colors. He makes all your favorite dishes and has a good conversation with you. He keeps you entertained and makes you laugh so hard that you nearly choked on the food you were eating. When the display goes off, the both of you are awed. After they finally dissipate from the sky, there’s a silence between the both of you. It’s broken when Seijurou suddenly pecks your forehead and says: “You’re cute when you look at fireworks, y'know?”

Kisumi: “____, over here!” Kisumi would have brought you to an amusement park to enjoy New Year’s Eve alone with him. He would drag you around every ride, even though you would decline. He teases you about being scared when riding the rollercoasters, but when he sees you get a bit annoyed by his antics, he would rest for a while and buy you some snacks like cotton candy. Around five minutes before midnight, he drags you once again towards the ferris wheel. When it strikes midnight, the sky lights up with the beautiful fireworks as you and Kisumi are at the very top of the ferris wheel. He suddenly puts an arm around you. He stares straight into your eyes before he softly presses a kiss to your lips. “It’s really pretty, isn’t it? Happy New Year, ____-chan.”

character arc parallels

I may be being overly optimistic, but one of the reasons I’m confident on the outcome of Haru’s character arc is that - so far - it has been quite the parallel to Rin’s in S1, imo. Just inverted.

We have things like their nightmare sequences and even the pacing of the happenings to draw that home, but beyond that:

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rinharu fic rec masterlist aka pls rescue me from hell

So before season 2 started I basically reread every single rinharu fic I had bookmarked on ao3 and I wanted to organize them a little better! Also, thezhenger is currently going through a rough breakup(?) with her current otp so I’m trying to seduce her to join me in rinharu hell. So here they are, 32 of my absolute favorite rinharu fics. Note that these are just my very faves…there’s probably another 30 that I really like. These are just the ones that I’ve reread again n again n again. Karen, that’s a shitload of fic, you might say. Well *clears throat* I have been reading rinharu fic for almost…a year now…yep. A whole ding dang year. No shame. Karen, are you sure they’re all good? HELL YEA I AM.  I have great taste. If you don’t trust me, good thing for you I wrote up recs for each one!!  Starred fics are super extremely recommended.

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Free! Illustration Works Vol.2, Track 05

Fortune drawing game!

Audio here (thanks to Wakoaime)

Rei: There are so many people…
Nagisa: Yeah! It really feels like it’s the new year! And they got all those shops out too, it’s like a festival!
Haruka: Too many people…
Makoto: Haru, are you okay?
Rin: Let’s get away over there.

Haruka: Rin, did you come here from your house today?
Rin: Yeah. I’ll go back to the dorms as soon as the break is over.
Makoto: Won’t Gou-chan be lonely? She seemed quite happy that you were going back home.
Rin: Geez, that Gou… Hm? Hey, Nagisa and Rei are gone.
Makoto: Huh? They were behind us just before, right?
Haruka: We got separated.
Makoto: I’ll try calling them.

Nagisa: Huh? Where did Haru-chan and everyone go?
Rei: That’s a problem… We haven’t decided of a place to meet up if we were to get separated…
Nagisa: AAH!
Rei: Did you find them, Nagisa-kun?!
Nagisa: Rei-chan, look there, there’s a cat!
Cat: Meow
Rei: Wait, a cat?! We have other stuff to worry about right now! Come on, let’s go!
Nagisa: Eh, but it’s so cute…

Makoto: No good, they won’t answer.
Rin: Damn those two, I bet they just didn’t notice… Haru is one thing, but a cell phone is made to get used!
Makoto: I’ll text them. “We’re at Shamusha’s Soba”… Here.
Rin: Hey, Haru, Makoto. Since it’s kinda boring to just wait here… Want to draw our fortunes or something? Let’s see our luck.
Haruka: That’s a bother.
Rin: Such a killjoy… Haru. Are you afraid you’ll draw something bad at the very start of the year?
Haruka: Unlike you, I’m lucky.
Rin: W-What did you say?! I’ll most definitely get a “great luck”!
Makoto: Now, now, you two! don’t fight over something like that…
Rin: Hey Makoto! Let’s all draw fortunes and see who gets the best!
Makoto: Me too?! And why are we even competing for this?
Haruka: Makoto. Let’s go.

Rin: Concentrate, concentrate, concentrate… Picture taking the great luck…
Haruka: Great luck, great luck… Let’s swim together. Great luck…
Makoto: (thinking) Those two’s drive is so intense… It doesn’t feel like we’re just drawing our fortunes for the new year!
Rin: Concentrate, concentrate, myself… Concentrate… Okay, I’m doing it. 100 yen coin, IN! AAAH! (draws a paper) This one!
Haruka: Next is me. (thinking) Fortune-telling is alive too. Once you dive in, it will immediately bare its fangs and attack. But there’s nothing to fear. (draws a paper) This one!
Makoto: Geez, you two, just draw normally. (draws a paper) Okay, I’m taking this one.
Rin: Okay, we all drew then! We’re opening at the same time! One, two!
Haruka: Half-luck.
Rin: Regular luck.
Makoto: Luck of spirit.
Rin: They’re all unclear.
Haruka: I thought you were most definitely going to get great luck, Rin.
Rin: Shut up! You too, you were drawing it with so much enthusiasm, and then you end up with a half luck?
Makoto: Aah, Rin, Haru, don’t fight over this!
Haruka: It’s your fault, Makoto.
Rin: That’s right! Take responsibility, Makoto!
Makoto: Why me?! And don’t make it my fault just because you can’t decide of a winner! I hate when this happens…
Rin: Hey! What’s better between half-luck and regular luck anyway?
Haruka: Half-luck.
Rin: It’s got to be regular luck!
Haruka: My fortune says “water transportation will be fine”.
Makoto: what kind of fortune is that, even?
Nagisa: Ah, Mako-chan, Haru-chan, Rin-chan! We finally found you!
Rei: What is happening here?
Makoto: Well, it’s… Haru and Rin decided to compete over their fortune draws…
Rei: And the results are… Half-luck, regular luck, and luck of spirit…
Nagisa: How questionable…
Rin: Questionable?! T-Then, you guys do it too!
Nagisa: Haha, it sounds like fun, a fortune drawing contest. Count me in! Rei-chan too, go!
Rei: It is completely nonsensical to compete over fortune draws.
Nagisa: Eh, let’s do it! Or could it be you are you afraid that you’ll draw terrible luck?
Rei: I’m am not! Very well! This is nothing but a matter of probabilities. I shall draw a beautiful great luck! Here I go, Nagisa-kun!
Nagisa: Roger!
Both: Uooh! (dash off)
Makoto: Geez, everyone, draw them properly!

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How would samezuka and iwatobi guys take care of their ill partner? c:

(ooooh, this one looks fun! I was waiting for one of these!)

Makoto: He’d most likely be the best boyfriend to take care of you out of all the boys, since his natural motherly instincts come into play, and he’s had to take care of Ren and Ran when they were sick before too. He’d stay by your side like glue, asking frequently if there was anything you needed and pampering you like there was no tomorrow, from feeding you to even helping you wipe off any sweat that was on your back. “Make sure you tell me if you’re not feeling well, okay? I’ll go get anything you need, so just get some rest.” Expect him to fall asleep holding your hand and flopped over on the bed. 

Haruka: Unlike Makoto, Haru has next to no experience dealing with sickness that’s not his own, so the most he’d do is make pots and pots of mackerel soup, completely convinced that the magical healing properties will cure them immediately. He’d also ask a lot if you needed anything, and would still quietly sit beside you while you were sleeping. But he might need to be pushed a little bit for things like if you needed water and such because he’s not good at reading it on his own. 

Nagisa: The second he learns his partner is sick, he’d jump out of his house with a million bags in tow and make his way over with jokebooks, medicine, music, pillows, towels, basically anything that might come in handy. He honestly wouldn’t be too great at the whole nursing-back-to-health thing so he’d really only be good for feeding you canned soup and medicine. Nagisa’s strongest belief is that laughter is the best medicine of all, so he’d make sure to keep you entertained and happy the best he can rather than anything too technical.

Rei: His way of dealing with sickness would be a lot more practical and calculating than the other boys, since he happens to keep multiple books and memory of effective remedies for practically any cold, cough and the like. So if he shows up at his partner’s house with bags of strange-smelling herbs and expensive medicine, they shouldn’t be surprised. Though the suspicious medicines and cough syrups would taste disgusting, they’d pay off, and Rei would definitely be interrogating you, asking what felt wrong before coming to a conclusion of what was ailing you before taking the best course of action.

Rin: He doesn’t seem as such, but he has an especially observant mind when it comes to his partner. If he sees that they have a cold, he’d remember that they were most likely running around without a jacket on or something and probably scold them for getting sick in the first place. Even though he might be grumbling to himself about it, he’d still stay close by his partner and prepare a wide array of soups and vegetables, hoping he could do something to help, but he’d never push them too much. “Just eat the damned broccoli already.” 

Sousuke: He’d act as your personal housewife for the day, even if he’s not the greatest at cooking. Tucking you in, holding your hand if you asked, feeding you, he’d do anything you asked if it would make you feel better. He wouldn’t say much, but he’d be genuinely worried and would stay by your side the entire day if need be, and tell you to be more careful next time. 

Nitori: A nervous wreck. He’d be anxious and wavering about all his actions, not wanting to make you feel worse in any way. He would go off and do things on his own, things that he assumed he should be doing, like making soup or cleaning and such unless you told him otherwise. But he’d still stay close to his partner, quickly asking if they were feeling okay or if they needed anything every few minutes, and he’d need some reassurance that he was doing fine and that he wasn’t messing anything up.

Seijuurou: This might be one of the few times his confidence doesn’t quite help the situation, since he thinks he knows everything there is to being sick and because he has an immune system of steel. “Well, oranges are jam-packed with vitamin C, right? So that means the peel should be good to eat too! Once you get past the bitterness, it’s actually pretty healthy!” He might bring over all the wrong things to help, so it’d be better off for both him and his partner if he just stuck to grabbing anything they asked for. His concern would be evident though, since he’d be extremely reluctant to leave your side and your smile or laugh would motivate him more.

Momotarou: Not as nervous as Nitori, but his caretaking skills are about as good as his brother’s. He doesn’t know too much about what to do when people are sick, but he’d probably read up on some article on what to do from a random section in a girl’s magazine while running over to their house. Lots of his questions would sound along the lines of “Okay, what do I do now?!” and bouncing around on his feet because he’s so fidgety. Like Sei, it’d be better if he just resorted to simple things like feeding them or bringing water and such, even if he ends up snoring by his partner’s side after a few hours of trying to make them laugh.

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How do you headcanon makoharu?

Sorry for the late reply! It took me a while to come up with something barely coherent because I have many different ideas for these two. ^^

Canon is extremely generous to this ship, but I don’t interpret any of them as romantic, just a very strong bond between two childhood friends who know each other since birth, although I do headcanon Makoto to have a huge puppy crush on his “pride and joy” Haru-chan. ;) I like to think actual romance develops when they’re well into adulthood. Again it’s just a personal headcanon that’s likely to differ from yours so if you have a strong opinion on ships or characterization you probably shouldn’t read this:

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impulse kiss (harurin, pg, ~2300 words)

Another entry for the 30 Sharkbait Kisses challenge and now I’m nearing my personal goal (15,000 words) because I keep accidentally writing 2000+ word ficlets oh well.

SO THIS IS. A WEIRD AU. WHERE HARU AND RIN NEVER MET AND NOW THEY’RE BOTH 19-20 AND RIN IS A FREETER AND ONE OF HIS JOBS IS PIZZA DELIVERY BOY. don’t ask me how this au came about, why they don’t swim or know each other, i have no idea, but here we are.  DELIVERY BOY AU.

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sourin (or makoharu) + any kind of soulmate au? timers counting down to your meeting w/ your soulmate, first words written on each other's skin, seeing colour for the first time when you meet them, etc. any and all variations of the trope have me so weak haha. thank you so much for sharing your writing! all of your free fics have me drowning in a puddle of happiness, they're all so cute and sweet, i'm melting.

Okay, this AU is set in a world where basically no one ever meets their soulmate, since the chances of doing so are just so small, so basically no one can see in color.  Painfully fluffy sourin with some makoharu as a bonus.

Rin is seven-years-old when he walks into his classroom on the first day of school and the world bursts into color.  He gasps and flinches away from the brightness, rubbing at his eyes in confusion.

His teacher notices his sudden strange behaviour and kneels down to speak to him.  “Are you alright, Matsuoka-kun?”

Rin blinks several time, trying to grow accustomed to the shocking colors.  His teacher’s striking green eyes are so bright they are almost painful to look at.

“Everything… everything looks weird,” he explains, bringing his hands up to his face again.  Weird, but not really bad exactly.  In fact, when he manages to pry his eyes open again, he’s momentarily shell-shocked by how fascinatingly beautiful even his elementary school classroom appears.  The contrast of the sun shining down and reflecting off his classmates’ hair, how deep blue the sky appears outside, the pale red of a girl’s cheeks.  It’s amazing.

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MakoRin, #makorinweekly, Celebrity Status
based on this thought I had before.
that fic where Rin is an actor who has an unholy obsession with an under appreciated typecasted Makoto

Rin wonders sometimes if he’s cursed.

Most actors are addicted to things like alcohol, or drugs, or sex. And in Nagisa’s special case, pizza. But at least that’s cute and people coo over him being addicted to it. They send him pizza whenever he tweets about it! He even got a commercial gig because of how much people enjoy seeing him eat.

Nagisa’s really lucky to be obsessed with food.

Rin, on the other hand, is just cursed.


“You are being a drama queen,” Gou raised an eyebrow from where she was sitting at the kitchen counter, watching him with an exasperated expression. “Just accept the fact that you like this kind of stories.” She gestured to the large flat screen in front of him that was playing the new Blue Springs Ride movie. “You’re a sap.”

“It’s for research,” he insisted, even though she grew up with him and thus knows how much of a sap he has always been. Saying it repeatedly was just good practice for when someone else inevitably asked him why he had a complete set of every movie Makoto Tachibana has been in (including the ones he made back when he was a simple ‘classmate A’ with no lines to his name). He would actually keel over and die if someone finds out about this.

“In-denial drama queen,” she repeated with a sigh.

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thefluffyprince  asked:

(based on the water gun picture going around) Imagine Nagisa organizing a water gun party and all the guys are invited. The minute that everyone shows up (Makoto, Haru, Rin, and Rei), Nagisa unleashes hell on all of them, immediately squirting everyone with water. Things tumble into madness and no one is dry within five minutes of their water war. Suddenly, Nagisa seemingly is able to have everyone ambush Makoto, who's shouting at them that that's cheating. Enter Sousuke with his big water gun.

this will never not make me laugh sousuke needs more chill


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superheroxnerd  asked:

AHHH i meant why do you ship REIharu (not rinharu) oops ^^;

I figured as much but ok, I can tell you that. It’s going to be long and under a read more because my feelings about this ship are uncontrollable.


Let’s do this.

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Filling the cracks

Words: 5k

Pairings: Matsuoka Rin/Nanase Haruka; Ryuugazaki Rei/Hazuki Nagisa; Implied/past Tachibana Makoto/Nanase Haruka

Warnings: strong language, masturbation


Everyone is born with their soul mates’ name on their body and for some the system may seem perfect.

Rin learns, at the age of twelve, that it is not. Because if it was, his soul mate Haruka wouldn’t have Makoto’s name.

A/N: Thank god for hazlovesloumorethanstan because if it wasn’t for her I’d still be procrastinating the ending. 

Here on AO3


Everyone is born with their soul mate’s name on their body. His mom tells him about the feeling you get when you finally meet them, how sweetness fills your mouth and it’s like flowers bloom in your chest. Rin thinks it’s the most romantic thing in the world. Wonders what kind of person Haruka is. Imagines them meeting, talking, laughing together. Imagines holding hands, the warmth of his soul mate. It seems perfect. He learns, at the age of twelve, that it is not.

The system has flaws.

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14 young rin and mako please?

First Kiss:

Makoto’s not a boy who acts on what he wants, in fact, it’s one of the many traits that Rin has that he doesn’t that he admires, envies, wishes he could do but is too afraid to try.

So he listens to Rin as they walk back to his grandmother’s, holding onto his bike’s handlebars instead of riding it, instead of Rin sitting behind him and clinging his hands around Makoto’s waist like they usually do. Though winter’s coming to a close and the days are ending a little later, minute by minute, the snow on the ground melting into little pools of water to make the grass a littler greener, spring has still yet to fully blossom and make its grand entrance.

That includes the still chilly air of the early evening, one where Rin and Makoto decided it wasn’t worth making it cooler by speeding down roads, instead, preferring taking their time to bask in each other’s company, where instead of needing to shout over the pedaling and wind, they pull themselves tighter into their coats, their woolen gloves and speak at a nice, normal tone.

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