both great parts of teen love

tbh of all things Justice League vs Teen Titans got right, THE best part was Damian quoting Robert Frost TO Raven about what home means and Starfire recognizing it for what it is.

It proves Raven’s words about Damian being a kind generous soul, it stays true to Kori’s personality and desire to learn about Earth and understand human culture, it dissuades Raven’s inner demons and it shows both great character development for Damian and his particular want to belong.
It’s such a beautiful moment that means so much, got accomplished in under five minutes and gives full insight to not only one but THREE very complex characters simultaneously, JL vs TT is a hell of amazing reboot I’ll (politely) fight you about it.

Saturday Shout Outs!

Here is a list of great fics I read this week! Enjoy, y’all, and show the authors some love!

Tag me in all your stuff, guys! I want to read it, but it gets lost if I’m not tagged!

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Velvet Tongue, So Sweet by @callmesweetheartifyoumeanit- End!verse Cas finally gets what he wants from you. So beyond hot.

Nothing Ever Fades by @mrsjohnsmith- teen!Dean x teen!reader series that I am really into.

Contrasts by @nichelle-my-belle- This is part 6 in the series, read them all! I dig when the reader falls for both Winchesters.

Where Do You Belong? by @deandoesthingstome- I am mad at this one for fueling my John curiosity. John x reader x Dean. So hot.

The Future’s Right In Front of Me by @courageoussam- Funny and sexy Cas x reader. This one made me giggle, then fan myself.

Paper Balls by @mysupernaturalfics- Sam x reader smut. Did I really just enjoy some daddy!kink?? What are you doing to me?

Wings by @vintagevalentinexx- Cas x reader. SO MUCH ADORABLE FLUFF IT’S SO SWEET

Bang Bang by @winchesterenthusiast- dom!Dean x dom!reader. Wow, this one fucked me up in the best way.

Art and Mummy Curses by @abaddonwithyall- Jess wrote gross Sam fluff. Enjoy it.

Frisk Me by @rizlow1- Dean x reader. Dead. I am dead from this glorious smut.

Series I Love:

Jeopardy- A/B/O Sam x reader by @kittenofdoomage

40 Days by @abaddonwithyall 

The Tree House- Dean x reader by @faith-in-dean

Left Behind- John x reader by @kittenofdoomage

Force of Habit - Dean x reader by @littlegreenplasticsoldier

Fic of the Week:

Hold On, We’re Going Home by @callmesweetheartifyoumeanit. Once again, Moz has made me want to stop writing because I can never live up to her perfect, amazing, ridiculously incredible smut. Go tell her how great she is, y’all.