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chronicles of bakugou-sensei pt.2


things that give me Good Gender Feels:

  • Ripped jeans
  • Beanies
  • Leather jackets
  • Denim jackets
  • My scratchy morning voice
  • Loose graphic t-shirts
  • Being called ‘dude’ 

non-cis people feel free to add things what gives you Good Gender Feels

TERFs/truscum don’t touch

Meiji hoenn looks great

Forgive Us

Summary: The Commander has another near-death experience and their team is not happy about it. (AKA: a long-overdue apology to a Commander who’s trying their best) 

Characters: Pact Commander, literally all of Dragon’s Watch sans Rytlock

Notes: Commander’s POV (2nd person); Set after PoF; 2400 words; this is the most self-indulgent thing i’ve written yet and i blame @saruhoh for it

You wake to blinding sunlight.

You groan softly, squeezing your eyes tighter and turning away in an attempt to block the light.

“Oh, you’re up!” an unfamiliar voice calls from your left. There’s a quiet rustling of fabric before the warmth mercifully disappears from your face. Safe from the light, you open your eyes and glance to the side. A tall Elonian woman you don’t recognize stands by the window, one hand holding the woven curtain.

“Sorry for waking you like that,” she apologizes, tying the curtain back with a length of cord, “How are you feeling?”

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Things 100% Canon in Pokeani:

(just off the top of my head -an incomplete list)

  • Time Travel (happens w/ disturbing frequency tbh?)
  • Cloning/Genetic-Engineering/Creation of New Species
  • A insulated community of Cat-Worshiping People control an island
  • Advanced Robotics and AI
  • People with Genuine Psychic Abilities
  • Mind Control -via something w/ psychic powers(hypnosis) AND/OR by scientific device (the devices we’ve been shown are destroyed but multiple scientists have developed working tech… and are still alive)
  • Santa - is a real man that lives at the north pole making presents for the world’s children every year
  • Multiple Parallel Universes/ Dimensions (accidental travel between which is possible and happens, again with surprising frequency)
  • Ghosts (of humans) and Evil Spirits
  • Magic- like, the argument “a wizard/witch did it”- is Valid????
  • people/pokemon being turned into stone
  • Resurrection From Death
  • There exists a unique-to-universe kind of energy (Aura) that effects A LOT of things in nature but also can be manipulated by certain ppl in a way sorta/kinda reminiscent of The Force
  • Aliens
  • 2 Giant Ancient Forces of Destruction were accidentally unleashed by some archeologists one time, and were invulnerable/unstoppable until an eldritch jigglypuff was also arisen and saved the earth from certain destruction by doing the sing-n-get-mad-n-draw-on-everyone-for-falling-asleep gag