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chronicles of bakugou-sensei pt.2


Meiji hoenn looks great

Great Comet Discourse

1. Baloika, Balagua, or Baloigua?

2. Broadway, Off-broadway, or both?

3. Danatole or Sonyakhov?

4. Dave Malloy, Josh Groban, Scott Stangland, or David Abeles?

5. Marynat or Natalene?

6. Opinion on “Grob@n moms” of twitter

7. Who’s your fave ensemble member?

8. What’s Sonya’s sexuality?


Requested: “Members finding you in their oversized hoodies or shirts and swooning over it, I don’t care if it’s snap or text but both would be gr8″

This would literally be so adorable. - admin nicole 💕

(Joon and Jin)

(Hobi and Jimin) - coming soon

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One where P moves into the flat 2 doors down from D, and they always see eachother at the same time in the morning to go to work, and sometimes have little conversations, but they both start to develop crushes on eachother and one day phil asks dan out for dinner and they have a cute dinner and get to know eachother, and then they go back to their building together and when D is goin into his flat, phil says something lke where are you going? the dessert is in my room ;) (you're both gr8 btw)

(I feel like I didn’t give this justice, but enjoy nonetheless. This is literally 475 words of me rambling; I’m sorry.)

It had first started when Dan had gone to get the Saturday mail, a boring job when he could have been scrolling through tumblr instead, but maybe someone had sent an urgent email or a surprise package- though he highly doubted it. Said surprise package came in a way he didn’t quite think however as he bumped in to a black haired, blue eyed man on the stairs, lugging boxes up with sweat on his forehead.

The box that the man had been holding had clattered straight to the floor, though luckily the contents of the box seemed to have stayed in tact and the man managed to catch it with his foot. Dan’s cheeks had flushed and he stuttered out a reply before pausing upon hearing the man laughing.

It was a sound he wanted to hear again, Dan had soon decided. He ran in to the man who had introduced himself as ‘Philip Lester but I prefer Phil’ on a daily basis on his way to work, and the two would have small conversations, usually about the weather or some kind of form of small talk.

Now don’t get him wrong, Dan despised small talk, but Phil always seemed to make it interesting with all the stories he had connected to each subject the two ended up talking about- like how he wanted to be a weatherman and that’s why he was so interested in the weather. It seemed boring to Dan most of the time, but with Phil he laughed and smiled along nonetheless.

Suffice to say, Dan was completely infatuated with everything Phil, and after months of flirting between the two, Phil finally asked Dan out on a date. Dan thought it would be somewhat awkward, but with Phil planning it all it was easy going.

They sat and talked for an hours in a quaint little restaurant with fairy lights lining the windows and draping down from the ceiling, dim candle light being the mood lighting for the evening. The two had talked and talked, Dan more often than not wearing a light blush speckled over his cheeks.

On their way back to the apartment building, the two were holding hands, laughing and talking under the stars. Dan grumbles the whole way up to their floor, naturally because their apartment doesn’t have an elevator, why Dan cannot even begin to understand.

As they reach Phil’s door, Dan gives him a short wave of goodbye, but as he moves to his own door two doors down from Phil’s, Phil states rather boldly “Where are you going, the dessert is in my apartment.” Dan looks back with a flush on his cheeks and Phil winks at him before leaving the door ajar to let Dan in after him.

Suffice to say the neighbours weren’t about to get sleep any time soon.

~ Nebula

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Idk if ur even in any other fandoms but do u know of any good active fandoms with the main ship being between two girls? I love my snowbaz but I need some ladies in my life that get some quality fanfics

hello lovely! i’m not active in any other fandoms but i do hover around the edges of a few. there’s supergirl which has both a canon lesbian couple and two pretty big non-canon ships (team supercorp ftw!) that’s really the only one i follow closely but i recommend checking out both @femslashrevolution and @fluent-in-lesbianism for more femslash goodness ^__^ (if anyone else has any recs for anon let me know!)

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@the pissy hunk anon? Umm okay? I was saying Lance is strong and I'm about 90% sure Keith was standing in that scene where Lance was kneeling in the one I mentioned and would've had a harder time pulling someone back and down than just back. Way to take something that's pretty much as innocent as saying "hey Lance is actually pretty strong guys" offensively though. So :)))))