both awesome shows!

me: hey i like dear evan hansen it’s rly relatable and a big comfort for me
everyone: dear evan hansen PUNCHED me in the face, PISTOL WHIPPED my mother and MURDERED my cat

It’s hard to decide what my favorite Steve Trevor moment is between “She’s taking all the fire, let’s go!” And “Diana, shield!”. I mean both show how awesome he is as a character. One shows how quickly he adapts to Diana’s incredible abilities. He goes from “oh no she’s gonna die if she charges out into the battle” to “oh, she can stop bullets? Ok cool, let’s go then.” And the other shows that even in the midst of the chaos when the Germans were attacking the Amazons and he barely had any idea what was happening, he paid enough attention to the fighting style Diana grew up with to emulate it in a way he knew she’d understand.

I just love Steve Trevor, ok?


That was probably the wrong answer…


“One of the great things is that the relationship that Sherlock and Watson have, it’s such a strong bond that I can only imagine that the relationship that you and Martin have off-screen it has to be just as similar, is that right?” Ben talks about Martin and how much they love doing the show ♥ x

Also re Cophine, it cracks me up when people say Cos deserves better and then proceed to gush about how much they love her and her innocent, emotional, passionate self. Like you realize that Delphine is the one who enables Cosima to remain innocent, Delphine is the one who reminds Cosima of her humanity, her passion, Delphine does the dirty, clinical work that allows Cosima to retain the personality traits that we all adore in her.

-agree with how far she went or not, Delphine’s interrogation of Shay kept Cosima from having to do it

-loved the scene where Cosima couldn’t shoot the boy last ep? Delphine shot Dr. Nealon and killed him. That mantle could have very easily fallen on Cosima.

-Delphine literally dealt with the devil to get Cosima a functional lab to help her explore a cure and stay optimistic about her health (something that is VITAL to critically ill patients)

Do you get where I’m going with this?

And finally the creme de la creme. Those same naysayers who will forever hold Delphine as a monster for using Kira’s stem cells without Cosimas knowledge. Morally, yes Delphine was wrong and should have respected Cosimas wishes. But from an emotional standpoint, if your lover, wife, mother, child was terminally ill and you were given something that would cure them, but they didn’t want it used, what would you do? Most people would save the life of their loved one. It kills me when people remove the emotion from it. It wasn’t a clinical decision. It was “the love of my life is going to die and I can prevent it”. It was she may be mad at me but at least she’ll be alive to be mad at me. It was the actions of a flawed human being. GIVE. THE. GIRL. A. BREAK.

I love this scene so much

The gang is talking about their things, and here we have Nanase, who’s in his own world, not paying attention to anyone or anything and just staring…

Staring and pouting, because Rin is with his team and doesn’t notice him.

Wow Nanase calm down.

And he keeps staring until Rin notices him (most likely he feels Haru’s presence)

We don’t see Haru’s face, but

Rin is seductively smiling to him and I’m 100% sure Nanase isn’t pouting anymore and has those “pool eyes” here. We only can imagine his face here oh God. iMAGINE HIS FACE.

season 7 this or that

2017 or pie-mary? gryzzlbox or save jj’s? two funerals or donna & joe? the johnny karate super awesome musical explosion show or ms. ludgate-dwyer goes to washington? leslie and ron or one last ride?

I actually think What’s New is better than Mystery Incorporated. Both shows are awesome in their own rights, but what’s New’s Monsters were actually both cool and creative and took a lot of risks. I mean, it had a Dinosaur, a Kajiu, a ghost that possessed the Mystery Machine, a demented robot house, clones, and more. HOW CAN YOU ARGUE WITH THAT?!

smh at all the people saying that if falsettos doesn’t win best revival or a musical it would be homophobic because it’s a musical about being gay. but lmao,,,,,,,, if it doesn’t win it just shows that they thought that miss saigon of hello, dolly! deserved it more (which would be fair, they are both awesome productions of those shows). so in conclusion, it ain’t homophobic. :)

Saviour || Peter Maximoff x Reader

A\N: Alright! SO. In this imagine the reader is a mutant who has the ability to manipulate the air. Essentially like Air benders in Avatar the Last Airbender or Legend of Korra (both awesome shows). If you haven’t seen these shows then dude….what are you doing with your life???

Prompt No.2: “Why are you up there? Actually no, how’d you get up there?”

Prompt No.13: “I never thought this level of idiot existed.”

Request: “2 and 13 for Peter Maximoff?’

You clung on the thick tree branch hanging on for dear life. Today was definitely not a good day. You had decided to test out if or not you could partially fly by creating a small cyclone around yourself. You had successfully managed to lift yourself 45 feet off the ground but maybe because you had gotten a little too carried away, you had suddenly jerked forward landing painfully in a huge tree. A fall from this height was surely gonna kill you so you had grabbed on firmly to a tree branch. You were sure as hell not going to risk ‘flying’ down to the ground. What if your abilities acted up again and you ended up flailing on your way down? It would probably result in a broken arm and you weren’t so eager to injure yourself.

It had been roughly 10 mins since you were stuck in the tree like a cat. You were praying inwardly that someone would come by, notice you and help you down. You could scream for help but you felt that the branch would be offended and fling you off. No sooner had you said that, Peter suddenly appeared on the spot where a moment ago there was no one.

“[Y\N]?” Peter questioned squinting in your direction.

“Oh great,” you mumbled to yourself. “My knight in shining armor.”

“Why are you up there? Actually no, how’d you get up there?”

You sighed and shot a fake smile in his direction, not sure if he caught that. “Well! I thought that today was a good enough day to scale the tallest tree in the whole goddamn yard. And as you can see I did just that!”

“Alright,” Peter said swinging his leg back. “Clearly you don’t need my help. So I’ll be going!”

“Wait! Wait!” you panicked. “Ugh I was testing out my powers and I flew a little but somehow I was thrown into this tree and now I am trying my very best to not die. Happy?”

“Extremely. I never thought this level of idiot existed.”

“Yes yes,” you snapped. “Now that we have that out of the way, can you help out a little instead of just gawking?”

“I don’t know [Y\N],” Peter shrugged. “what’s in it for me?”

You rolled your eyes. “Well Peter, you get to save your only chance of having a love life and also save a life.”

You looked at Peter who was looking at you blankly, clearly not convinced. You cursed inwardly knowing that you’re gonna regret this later.

“I’ll buy you a month supply of twinkies and I’ll do your weeks’ worth of homework.”

At that Peter’s face broke into a grin. “There we go!”

He pulled down his goggles to his eyes and before you knew it you were back on the ground in the safe arms of your boyfriend.

“Thank you,” you whispered before kissing him. You smiled innocently at him before giving him an air blast to his face. “That was for not rescuing me when I first asked you too.”


Some Stuff About GnR in Chicago... Again

Because yes, I went to both shows.
-Alice in Chains was great once again… I’m sorry for everyone who missed them, they put on an amazing show. William DuVall is a powerhouse

-I stood on my chair and I could see over everyone (I wasn’t actually “allowed” to, but I did anyways… what a rebel)

-Slash tried to spit out his gum and it got caught in his hair lmao

- Duff’s basslines became my heartbeat. He rocked my fucking world

- Axl thanked everyone for coming, said both Chicago shows were awesome, then wished everyone a great 4th of July and told us to have fun and be safe (what a sweetheart)

-Axl and Duff both smiled and honestly??? Highlight of my life

-Slash and Duff were jamming next to each other it was great (Sluff af)

- Duff flipped his hair so much I’m dead

- Slash did the Angus Young thing (the duck walk??? Is that what it’s called???)


Now I see you, understand? I see you. You’re a smart, strong, black woman.

Hugs Can Be Deceiving (2x03)