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“It is the BBMAs, they will be nervous. they will forget about one another for a second”. NOP NOP NOP NONONOP. Of course these two couldn’t stay in their LANE:

During the Magenta carpet interview: (Boy plz look at the interviewers it is not Jimin who got the questions …)

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JK looking at Jimin’s way while singing his JAM, then Jimin joins him asap 

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Taking videos and jimin flirting saying to JK “You look manly today” 

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Backstage Mr jeonlous got jealous. He said “What are YOU saying?” when Jin  proposed to reveal Jimin’s naked body while looking at JK. Why would he look at him? You know, Jin & Jungkook both knows what is tasty in Busan  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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And Mr Chimchim couldn’t help but smile (That eye contact tho)

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During the speech we got as confused as you can get. Jikookers were like “Omg Namjoooooon.THEY WON AHHHsjzhdjzd, I am crying… But wait WAAAIT! Did we imagine things or Jungkook just …THE disrespect!! JUST LET US FOCUS ON THE WIN FOR A SECOND PLEASE MR JEON”

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Well, well, well. I am sure MORE happened but as they say: “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”.

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So I found a rose lemonade drink, and saw pictures of cupcakes with real flowers on them. It got me interested. Are many flowers (and petals) edible? Do they actually taste good, or is it just to make food look fancy? Can you just eat any rose petals, and eat them 'raw'? Do you have any recepies? (No alcohol, I don't drink) ;) Thanks!

Sure can, lots of flowers are edible!

Partial list;

Violets (tasty and sweet) and their cousins johnny jump ups and pansies. Often candied for use as garnishes. 

Roses (taste like roses smell). Delicious in tea, but is a mild laxative so use sparingly. Used to flavor cakes, cookies, and syrups for ages. Also often candied. 

Marigolds, both french and pot. Zesty, tangy, used as a saffron substitute. Calendula (pot marigold) is soothing to people with Crohn’s disease and IBS if drunk as a tea. As someone with IBS, I use it often. 

Daylilies. Flowers and buds are both tasty in stir-fries or fritters. 

Dandelions; delicious as fritters, make beautiful jelly, tea is a diuretic and high in vitamins. I snack on the unopened buds as nibble food while weeding the garden. 

All species of mint; Taste like the mint it came from. Lovely garnishes, can be used in tea or wherever you would normally use mint. 

Carnations and pinks; used to flavor syrups for centuries. Spicy and sweet. Good candied.

Lavender; used for medicine, flavoring cakes and cookies, and also lavender tea is simply divine. 

Hibiscus; I adore hibiscus flower tea. Tart and lovely. 

Nasturtiums; Flavor is peppery and they are excellent in salads. 

This is by no means a complete list but it should get you started!

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You claimed that glassfed beef produces more gas than grain. Can you explain why? And does that mean that letting cattle graze on a natural grassland or pampas unsuitable for crops is bad?

What a good question! Again, you could write a whole paper on this, or a thesis, but let me try to hit the major points. I’m  going to have to break up the answer into two bits here:

1) Grass-fed animals, on an individual animal level, produce more methane per day than grain-fed ones. But why is that?

Let’s start with a view of what’s going on inside the animal: 

  • Herbivores like cattle and sheep have a very complex ecosystem of microbes in their gut, particularly in the part of the stomach called the rumen. 
  • The rumen is like a giant fermentation vat - it’s anaerobic (no oxygen), warm, and has a pH ranging from neutral-ish to slightly acidic. 
  • Feed goes in, gets regurgitated and chewed to break it down into smaller pieces, and then the rumen microbes break it down.  
  • While some nutrients exit the rumen into the acid part of the stomach without microbes getting a hold of them, the majority of nutrients in feed go to keep the microbes healthy and happy. 
  • The byproducts of the microbes’ actions on these feeds help feed the animal

The basic equation is this: 

Feed + microbes -> VFAs + CO2 + methane +microbial protein

  • VFAs, volatile fatty acids, are short-chain fatty acids that get absorbed by the gut and used for energy - in fact, these account for >70% of a cow or sheep’s energy!  
  • Rumen microbes use nitrogen in feed to grow and make more microbes, and when they get washed out of the rumen into the acid stomach, become a major source of protein to the animal, especially on low-protein diets. 
  • Waste products like carbon dioxide and methane get burped out and become greenhouse gases.

Methane is what the rumen does with excess hydrogen. 

  • There’s been research that shows that the level of hydrogen in the rumen affects the rate of certain chemical reactions, especially ones needed for microbial function, and too much hydrogen can make it harder for some microbes to function.  
  • So methane production by specific methanogenic microbes reduces hydrogen in the rumen, allowing microbes to go on their merry way. 

What you feed cows alters how much hydrogen microbes produce as a byproduct of fermenting feed.  

  • The major VFAs, acetate, propionate, and butyrate, are always going to be produced, but the ratios differ depending on diet. 
  • When acetate or butyrate is produced, so is hydrogen, and hydrogen levels rise in the rumen.  
  • When propionate is produced, the reaction uses up hydrogen, and hydrogen in the rumen decreases.
  • Pasture-based diets contain lots of cellulose, which produces mostly acetate when fermented.  
  • This is good, because cellulose is one of the things that humans definitely can’t digest, so cows are turning human inedible food into tasty meat and milk
  •  But it also means that there’s more hydrogen in the rumen because of the higher acetate levels.  
  • Mostly-grain diets, which have more starch, favor propionate, so less hydrogen and therefore less methane gets produced by the animal itself

There are other more complex effects involving different microbial groups, plant compounds, and pH effects, but let’s stick with this for now. 

There’s also the factor that methane production is driven by how much feed enters the rumen, which is driven by how much feed the animal needs to meet its energy requirements.  Forages usually have lower energy per pound of feed and are less digestible, so an animal needs to eat more. This, combined with acetate being the major VFA, means that on a per day basis, a grass-fed animal will in general produce more methane than a grain-fed one. 

However, the nice thing about grass-fed beef is that the inputs to the system are lower.  On native pasture, the only inputs are often rain and manure.  On managed pasture, there may be irrigation, seeding, fertilizer, etc.  

For grain-based diets, you have to add on the energy (and greenhouse gases) from producing the feed, processing the feed, and transporting the feed, versus the greenhouse gases from managing pasture.  But grain-fed cattle eat a lot of byproducts from other industries that would otherwise go to waste (beet pulp, distiller’s grains, barley hulls) so you need to consider that. Emissions from feed can make up a good chunk of the overall emissions associated with animal production, so the answer gets even more complex fast.  

This specific kind of analysis, of assigning greenhouse gas emissions and summing them up for a product, is part of a technique called Life Cycle Assesment - that is, looking at the life cycle of a product to determine the inputs and outputs and the emissions associated with them.  I’m doing one right now on sheep production in California and it’s utterly fascinating, but it shows that in these situations, there often isn’t an easy answer, and it depends a lot on where you set the boundaries and what you define as an impact. The debate is ongoing, and there really isn’t one clear-cut answer right now. 

So, moving on to part 2 of your question:

Is it bad to let cattle graze land unsuitable for crops because the animals themselves produce more methane than the same cow on a grain-based diet? DEFINITELY NOT.  

Cattle grazing on rangelands is definitely sustainable if managed right.

 I discussed this on my previous post here but grasslands need large herbivores to survive, and given how much land is grassland, not producing livestock on grasslands wastes a lot of land that could feed people. Removing herbivores also changes ecosystem balance for many other species that rely on herbivores to clear out excess brush, provide manure, or alter habitats.

If we don’t graze these native rangelands with something, then we risk habitat degradation and impacts on the other species that live there.  Large herbivores are an important part of the grasslands’ circle of life, and help promote ecosystem health if managed sustainably.  Grass-fed systems are also important for using land responsibly to feed everyone. 

Methane is just one part of the big picture. We need to look at ecosystem health, and the methane and other GHGs needed to produce what we’d feed these cattle if we didn’t feed them pasture.

So to answer your question, Both grain-fed and pasture-based systems have their place in modern agriculture, and neither is strictly better than the other.  And the fact is: all systems have the potential to be sustainable!

Thanks for staying with me this long. Here, have some cute Herefords as a treat (one of my favorite beef breeds). They have such sweet faces. Image credit: Irish Hereford Breed Society


Eastern towhee, Pipilo erythrophthalmus

Towhees would like to have a word with anyone who writes off sparrows as “drab” and “boring”. These dapper Emberizids can be found foraging in the undergrowth, favoring dense bushes that keep them hidden. One of their more amusing foraging behaviors is when they kick at the leaf litter with both feet to churn up tasty insects.

🍞🍞🍞Throwback Toast-day haha 😂

Top is home made beetroot hummus (make as regular and keep adding beetroot until the colour is pretty lol), chopped avocado, lime, plain yoghurt (alpro soy), coriander and mixed seeds

Bottom is peanut butter, plain yoghurt, alpro hazelnut dessert moments, raspberries, banana topped with desiccated coconut and chia seeds.

Both I remember being tasty but the bottom one was my fave.

FYI you can do the swirly pattern by melting the peanut butter first and then using piping bags (if you have them, if not just do what I did and poke a hole in a regular old sandwich bag 😉) like you see every smoothie instagram do 😬

worth it (1/3)

zimbits,~4k, buzzfeed au where they’re both tasked to do a video that’s similar to the Worth It series with Andrew and Steven. why? because johnson.

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Jack has been working at the desk next to Eric Bittle’s for the better part of three months now.

Over those three months, he’s become quite acquainted with the character of his blonde neighbor. He’s now familiar with his small, lithe frame, is quite aware that he can fold his legs into a pretzel even in his swivel chair, and knows when he’s approaching by the scent of butter and sickeningly sweet coffee. He’s well acquainted with his warm Southern tendencies, the subtle drawl over his vowels and the abundant y’alls in every sentence. He knows he always places his coffee to his left, though he’s right handed, he likes to write schedules and reminders on sticky notes that fall off of his computer screen and onto Jack’s own desk every-so-often, and that he has a soft spot for Chris Chow, the intern he’s been supervising these past few weeks. He’s even vaguely aware of his amazing pie skills, having tasted some of his baked goods because oh, no, Mr. Zimmermann, you haven’t lived until you’ve tried this, and because they’re ever-present in the snack room beside the plethora of cereals. And also because Eric Bittle has become somewhat of a Youtube celebrity, and everybody and their grandmother knew he was a pie-making prodigy.

God knows why he was placed next to Bittle in the first place. Sure, they were both executive video producers for Tasty—Jack for much longer than him, for sure—but Jack very much preferred to stay behind the camera while Bittle was usually in front of it. Jack mostly liked to keep to himself, anyway, and if he worked in teams, it was usually with Shitty or Lardo on the more artistically demanding videos. They’d been at brainstorms together, almost every other week, really, but never really collaborated on anything. There was also the glaring fact that Bittle tended to mindlessly chatter, and Jack was practically allergic to any and all forms of small talk. Most days, he was just grateful Bittle was so busy, he rarely spent long hours at his own desk.

But he and Bittle sat next to each other everyday, give or take, usually minding their own business, sometimes idly chatting about the new series coming out or their co-workers, with Bittle occasionally shooting him a warm smile and Jack answering it with a trying-hard-to-be-a-smile grimace. They’ve never once been assigned to same project, and Jack isn’t really sure if he’s relieved or dismayed, but he tries not to think about it too hard.

That is… Well. That’s all until one Thursday morning in November.

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Homesickness: Intern Edition

Everyone experiences homesickness, even when you work at the German Embassy. We asked our German interns here to gather together and discuss what they miss while living here in the United States for their internships. Their answers may surprise you!


Anyone who has lived in Germany has witnessed the undying affection Germans hold for bread. And honestly, why wouldn’t they? With hundreds of types of bread and fresh rolls just a bike ride away, their bread is both tasty and hardy as opposed to the fluffy and often sugary forms in the States.

Public transport

Don’t have a car in Germany? No problem! Don’t have a car here? Yikes. As a twenty something German, it is difficult to adjust to the limited or unreliable options for getting around, even in cities.

Delicious food at delicious prices

Be it in a restaurant or grocery store, food in America comes at a higher price–especially for healthy options or fresh produce.

The price tag lies!

Between restaurant bills and sales tax, our interns have had a hard time coming up with exact change at checkout. In Germany, tip is much less than the 20% standard here at restaurants and sales tax is included on the price tag.

Bike riding

Germans are practically raised on a bike and it’s used to do everything from fetching groceries to meeting up with friends. America is just catching on to the practicality and eco-friendliness of bikes and without bike lanes, it isn’t a transportation option for the faint of heart!

Street cafes and beer gardens

Interns work hard, man! After a long day or a long week, they just want to enjoy the sun and sit outside for a drink in a casual setting. However, long streets of outdoor cafes or popping into a beer garden isn’t the norm in the nation’s capital.

Drinking in public

It’s hard for our interns to understand the American’s stubbornness about open container laws. What’s wrong with responsibly drinking with a picnic or out at park on a nice day?


Words cannot express how much I love this recipe.  It’s fresh whilst still being savory and filling, and it just hit the spot.  The in game ingredients for Oil-Drizzled Steamed Fish were pretty simple so I had a lot of creative freedom with this recipe.  I couldn’t find halibut at the store when I was taking the pictures so I used catfish.  Honestly, both ways are pretty tasty.  If you want to try it out for yourself, the recipe is under the cut.

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okay tipsy boss: voltron gbbo. opposite of downfalls. what earns each of them the star baker badge

Shiro is just one of those people who’s irritatingly good.  He tends to come in 2-3rd most of the time anyway unless he has a really bad mistake/gets badly distracted at an awful moment.  He’s also incredibly consistent, so any challenge that says make X number of something, he excels.

 When Keith’s flavor combinations actually work and end up with something both unique and tasty, it works well for him.  He’s one of those people who gets high marks for at least being creative and not under doing/overdoing the flavors.  Also, when time is crunched, he’s very good at keeping focused.  Very hard to knock off his game.

About 1/3rd of the time, Lance’s strange hodge podge of maybe-it’s-real-maybe-it’s-pinterest-bullshit information turns out to be absolutely vital in the technical bakes.  His tendency to push ahead in what seems like a mistake also keeps him from hesitating and restarting and using up all his time.  His bakes themselves also tend to have really good timing.

Pidge overextends, but she does so because she’s really that good.  Her stuff is gorgeous and imaginative and, most importantly, incredibly structurally sound.  When she gets it all on, it’s always a sigh to behold and has won her the showstopper more than once.

As for Hunk - c’mon, it’s Hunk.  He’s just really goddamn good at this.  Wins star baker basically every third week

Playing Tourist with Juulna

So, I know that I’ve been posting about sad things, but I’ve also been having just the best time with @juuls!

Saturday evening was spent having a Reylo party at @tuli-azzameen’s house. She and her fantastic husband hosted myself, Juulna, and @myjackiejackie01 for an epic evening of Reylo-themed Cards Against Humanity and screening The Force Awakens. Mr. Azzameen made wonderful food and Tuli made the most delicious drink she concocted for the evening. I’ll let her tell you about it, because it was both super tasty and damned witty.

It was a splendid evening I will always remember. We may have made a lot of bad ‘lightsaber’ jokes. *eyebrow waggle* Thank you so much Mr. and Mrs. A!

Then on Sunday Mr. Downing drove Juulna and me around San Francisco. We drove along the Great Highway to get to the Golden Gate Bridge. Here we are!

After that, it was time for lunch. We went to Tommy’s Joynt, a peculiar establishment that specializes in lots of meat. It’s a bit of a San Francisco institution.

Once full of turkey and brisket, we went to the base of Lombard street (we didn’t drive down it because the City was packed and it would have taken forever). Then we took her to see the sea lions on Pier 39. After the 1989 earthquake, a whole bunch of sea lions started hanging around Pier 39. At first they tried to get them to leave, but then the shopkeepers realized that they were a big draw and now they have a whole section of floating platforms to lounge about on. Unfortunately, Juulna has the pics of the sea lions so I snagged one from Ye Olde Google.

As we were poking around in the little shops, Mr. Downing saw one of those caricature artists and convinced us to sit for one. I’ve always wanted to do that! I’m not sure it looks anything like us, but I love it anyway!

After that, Perry was wilting, so Mr. Downing drove us home. It was a wonderful day, thank you so much, Juulna!


I’ve discovered one of the more underrated foods here in China is beef jerky. While beef is the least eaten protein in Chinese cuisine, its quite common in dried and seasoned form.

My friend Snowing recently brought me back this excellent variety from Qinghai province that’s made with Tibetan beef. Keke Xili beef jerky comes in two flavors, Five Spice and Cumin, both of which were rather tasty, but with cumin edging it out for me. I did find their texture a bit drier than other brands, which made it flakier though, not tougher.

As with most jerky, Keke Xili paired perfectly with a cold beer, in this case, an Orion I brought back from Japan.

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imagine y/n brings her boyfriend (the one that brings jungkook banana milk all the time) to the dorms one day to meet the guys and they cant help but love him and that makes them upset

the boys thought that the day they met your boyfriend, was the day that they would declare war upon that person until they felt sorry for even thinking they were good enough, of worth to be someone like you.

however, they were proved wrong when you do bring him over and… well… fuck.

seokjin saw no flaw when before he stepped through into their home, he asked if it was okay for him to come in. he asked if he should take off his shoes and of where he should put them at so it doesn’t block the way. he questioned if he could help around if they needed help and made them a proper snack for them that was both healthy for jungkook and tasty enough for them.

yoongi wanted to sock the motherfucker in the face but find that he had to hold back his fist when he was able to help yoongi fix something he had been struggling for a while now. giving a tip or two on how to use the screwdriver in a way he never thought possible when he had all the tricks on the back of his hands, it seems like there was more than meets the eye.

hoseok was so close to blowing his head off until it disintegrated and turned into dust… but couldn’t when he saw how wide he made you smile. as if there was another sun you had been looking at all this while if not theirs in their home. of warmth when he cups your cheek and makes you laugh like he had all the perfect jokes in the world.

namjoon had the intention to show that he was much more intelligent than who you call your boyfriend but was quick to quiet down when your boyfriend was able to correct your mistakes in a way that jimin and taehyung couldn’t say anything because he was so humble and genuine about it. No tone of sarcasm, none of trying to talk to you as if you’re a grade lower but rather, putting you on a pedestal and being able to point it out in a proper manner.

yeah, fuck, he was perfect for you. not that he didn’t have any flaws - he was a bit clumsy, he was blur at trying to keep up with jungkook but he was trying. and that was better than anything else that the boys could’ve advise on that they felt like they were falling for him instead on how well he synergized with jungkook’s energy and the aura of their own home.

man, it sucked.

the person that they swore they would hate… won them over.

god damn it.

“c’mon jungkookie, let’s leave them to have some time alone,” your boyfriend is able to hold jungkook in his arms and the boy follows with a chuckle and the both of them are wise enough to - “hey, don’t do anything you’re not supposed to-”

“no more banana milk, i know,”


“blanket in the shelf, got it,” he waves a hand and jungkook giggles, hiding his face in his neck and he grins at you, “just enjoy your time with the boys, alright? i’ve got him. if anything, i’ll scream,” with one last smile he shoots you, he disappears into the room with jungkook and you sigh, turning back to the six looking at you with longing in their eyes but they’re able to push it down when you ask, “so… how is he?”

“he’s… perfect for you, y/n.”

“you think so?”

you see that yoongi threatens to say something, but seokjin smacks him at the back of his head that he chokes out another answer, “no doubt about it.”

((”…but don’t think we’re letting our guard down just yet!”

“if we see him do anything beyond the line, he’s getting it!”

“we’re watching him! we’re watching you, y/n!”))

Inktober is coming

October is halfway here and I wanted to give you guys a heads up that I’ll be participating in Inktober with both a magical and tasty theme. Also I will be closing commissions for the whole month when it starts.

 So in the meantime I’ll be jumping from commission to commission that I have received in the past couple months since the past two weeks I had to work really hard with my real life job and handing the donation pool to help out Rin’s financial trouble.  Luckily I earned a good raise recently and will put a chunk of that into the pile as I mentioned in the donation post which is still open for generous offers.

Just wanted to let you all know and hope you all are ready for a Spooktacular October!



I went to Evolve Vegan Restaurant in DC for the first time (a Black owned business I believe?) and I must say this was some of the best food I’ve ever had! I wish I had gotten to take a picture of everything but my phone died. I went with my mom and my cousin, who is newly vegan!!! I had a vegan cheese steak with rice and beans; me and my mom shared that amazing hunk of mac & cheese, literally the best I’ve ever had in my 23 years of life; I couldn’t stop eating it! My mom got a breaded and baked vegan fish sandwich and my cousin got a bbq tempeh sandwich with macaroni salad and rice and beans. Then my cousin and I got dessert. He had a raw chocolate cake slice and I had a carrot cake slice. Both were very tasty. I’m definitely going back and recommend it to anyone in the DC area!