both are signed *u*

My opinion of the moon signs
  • Aries: bro u get me. We both cry at least 28 times a day and lowkey hate having feelings. We can't stand showing people that we are actually big babies and we are too defensive but at LEAST WE GET EACH OTHER.
  • Taurus: ur always centered and calm and a lil bab but if you tell me I'm the only person you've told about something (that you've told everyone) one MORE TIME IM GOING TO SNAP.
  • Gemini: yes, I believe in aliens. No I don't think bigfoot has a vendetta against you. I don't get why you just told me your life story but your mother seems like a nice lady.
  • Cancer: you make me feel like a shitty person because I don't like feelings or being empathetic or putting effort towards other people. IT'S WHATEVER THO.
  • Leo: I see right thru you. I'm a Leo. I know why you are doing that. The Validations™. I know. It's me on the daily. You're doing good tho.
  • Virgo: IF YOU DO NOT CALM DOWN RIGHT NOW. They don't care that you said "you too" when they said "have a good meal". EVERY ONE DOES THAT. DONT WORRY ABOUT IT.
  • Libra: so hot. hot damg. Doesn't know how to pick movies or if they want a bottle or a can. Over compromising champion of the masses. Too nice to be mean to which is hard on me because I'm mean to those I love.
  • Scorpio: what you think you are- murder death fear me am evil. What u actually are- smol bean and afraid to be hurt again, does the same things that you did before that got u hurt in the first place though??
  • Sagittarius: NICE MAKING PLANS. #cancelled. ALWAYS. Also. Nice use of sarcasm to hide ur feels. JK IF YOU MAKE ONE MORE SARCASTIC REMARK ILL YELL. I'm already yelling tho...
  • Capricorn: emotional lil bab. Stop beating yourself up. Its okay to feel things and its okay to admit that you aren't having a good day. BUT IF YOU SASS ME ONE MORE TIME.
  • Aquarius: IF YOU DISTANCE URSELF ANYMORE YOULL BE ENTIRELY IN SPACE. I admire the fact that you can go a whole 24 hours (three years?!??) without crying. I can't achieve that but I have aspirations.
  • Pisces: S T R E S S. M E. O U T. if you do not like the choice. Why did you make it. You are the controller of ur own destiny. Ily but wyd.

shriyanshi7  asked:

I love it when u write awesome stuff abt Gemini and virgo I feel both d signs usually have a bad rep in astrology so thank u for changing that :)

hey. thank you.<3  im not sure why that would happen… mercury was revered by the ancients, mercury is on top of the tree of life, without mercury astrology would not be possible, it bridges the unconscious to the conscious making this possible.. this is why the ancients accredited tremendous worship to the mercury signs - gemini and virgo, the signs of soul/body, yin/yang, hermes who transported souls to the underworld, transmitted messages to the gods, Jung even set Mercury in the midst of the Bolligen stone (!) i think if signs have a ‘bad rep’ it comes back to some people who blog have a bias and haven’t read or watched or really listened. copying and pasting memes and short facts is not a skill nor prophecy :p

Love Live! week 2015
 ↳ Day 3: Stars + Lily White

“Don’t leave…
With my fingertips, I want to convey that to you
For the sake of love, I’ll flicker but burn on
I want to see the same stars” - Onaji Hoshi ga Mitai

Signs as people I know personally as emoji memes

Aries- (-‸ლ)

Taurus- ༼ง=ಠ益ಠ=༽ง

Gemini-⋌༼ •̀ ⌂ •́ ༽⋋✧


Leo- ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Virgo- (•̀ᴗ•́)و ̑̑

Libra- ♡(•ི̛ᴗ•̛)ྀ

Scorpio- ヽ༼ ಠ益ಠ ༽ノ

Sagittarius-ᕙ༼˵͠ ͠°ل͜͠ ͠°˵༽ᕗ

Capricorn- ᕕ(ᐛ)ᕗ

Aquarius-༗.̫̮ ༗✧

Pisces- 卅(◕‿◕)卅

jscoexist  asked:

my dude my guy, lexa has non-verbal days just to watch clarke sign? that is some gay ass motherfucking shit tell me more


ok so like lexa has non verbal days sometimes a few days at a time but normally just a day dotted here & there & clarke learned to sign when she realised & raven did too & o will!!! its so fuckin cute anyway so like,, lexa sometimes wakes up from her nap & signs at clarke & clarke is like oh okay its a nonverbal day thats chill but she will CATCH lexa singing to her music or muttering to herself over her maths & be like that small Hoe just full on lied to me lexa smiles at her she is thoroughly unrepentant she loves it when clarke signs for her its a whole language that clarke learned/?? just for her??? it makes her feel like the most precious person in the world plus her hands are beautiful she’s beautiful when she concentrates clarkes hands are so incredibly talented shes artistic & smart & wonderfully talented & she takes so much care w lexa & loves her so well & its just,, its compounded when clarke is talking to her w her hands yknow like. its the whole, ‘i learned this for u’, its the ‘i know ur lying to me abt having a nonverbal day but if this is what u want i will do it bc ur endearing & i love u & i will give u anything u want esp smth like this its so easy to give u’, it’s the ‘my hands are ur fave hands just like ur hands are my fave hands’, its the ‘i know u love me bc we are talking our own language’ kinda shit all mixed up & its just rly rly emotional & gentle for both of them raven HATES it she’s like i am a third wheel technically im a fifth wheel bc im in my wheel chair i hate both of u (but she signs it)