both are really hoot

I included in my rant some complaints about Varrick in this season. I want to make it clear that that’s mostly because of the tendency for Korra to get pushed to B-plot status and because his skillset is kind of a duplicate of Asami’s, so I would have rather Asami got to do some of the things he did (like I mentioned, letting HER come up with the EMP emitter), so she could have an even more hands-on, on screen impact on the final battle and things in general. Basically it was a screentime-in-comparison-to-the-Krew thing more than anything.

THAT BEING SAID, I did really love what was there for Varrick, in and of itself. I personally have consistently found him very entertaining, and that continued effortlessly. The lines they write for him, paired with JMH’s voice, is almost guaranteed to make me laugh and cheer me up. Especially when he goes screwball.

His energy is fantastic. I love characters that make scenes and other characters MOVE, and he definitely does that. Everything about him is so BIG–like the gestures the storyboard artists and animators give him. And to a certain extent, Bo can be like that too, so I particularly loved the sequence of them on the run together, and Bolin being the straight man. That was both productive and a hoot.

I really loved getting the opportunity to see where he draws his ethical limits. Like a lot. I liked getting to actually WATCH him the action of inventing/engineering the EMP, instead of just barking ideas/orders or walking off screen and reappearing with it all made up. Just the chance to see a character do that ONCE was nice (‘cause it’s obviously not feasible to do that anywhere near all the time, especially with the more complex inventions).

And how can you talk about Varrick but not Zhu Li? I might have to do a little praisey post of her own, but for now I’ll touch on how much I enjoyed watching her come into her own and take command of her life.