both are really good looking but such dorks and great men

I really wanted to write some polyfrogs + farmer stuff bc I love my frogs! and I want them to be together and date and love each other! but I also love charmer and chowder and farmer are just the cutest together. sO

  • it starts out as kind of a weird arrangement?
  • chowder and farmer are already together
  • nursey and dex (finally) get together
    • chowder is really, really happy for them. he’s wanted this FOREVER
    • he’s honestly more invested in their relationship than they are. he loves love and he loves his friends
  • they all end up going on double dates together as a result! jerry’s, annie’s, etc.
  • nursey dex and chowder are always bringing big ass signs to farmer’s volleyball games and she lets them tag along when they go out for team win meals
  • farmer against the glass for their home games screaming her head off
  • they get along really well and they’re pretty much always together.
    • nursey has everyone’s class schedule memorized
    • he brings them coffee a lot
  • as a result of them always being together both in a physical sense and in like, a romantic context, chowder kind of naturally associates all of these people in his life with romance and dating
    • he starts feeling kind of… guilty? because he loves farmer! and she’s great and she makes him really, really happy, and they’re great together
    • but chowder also starts noticing how much he likes when dex gives one of those big, full smiles
    • and how when he falls asleep in the haus on the couch, nursey will pick him up instead of waking him up and take him to his room and instead of just laying him down, makes sure he’s under the covers
    • and he finds himself making excuses to be around them even more than he already is
  • farmer gets really confused because chowder won’t meet her eyes sometimes and he goes pink when looking at nursey and dex
  • this is getting long jesus

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Saved by an Angel

gif is not mine

Title: Saved by an Angel

Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Word count: 1,911

Warnings: Angst & Fluff

A/N: Oh look, a Castiel fic that I have all ready for all of you! I hope you like this! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I love you all so much!! <3

The wind blew through your hair as you sat on a bench in the park.  It was delightfully breezy and not too cold.  You had your earbuds in, listening to music as the wind tousled your hair softly.  You dipped your head as a single tear escaped your eye.  As the tear fell you felt a small rush of wind behind you.  You figured it was just the wind so you had ignored it.

You almost fell of the bench startled at the sudden figure that sat down beside you.  You had not seen him before.  You almost got the knife that you had always carried in your pocket out, but you were suddenly wrapped in this man’s arms.  You almost fought the strange man off, but you oddly felt safe.  You wrapped your arms around him, resting your head on his chest.  He had on a trench coat and a suit, but his tie wasn’t on right.  You thought that it was odd, but you liked it oddly enough.

“Who are you,” you whispered thinking he wouldn’t hear you.

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EXO (OT12) - Reaction to You Buying Couple’s Stuff

When you walked in and showed Min the matching his & hers phone cases he was surprised. Then he starting thinking about how cute the idea was and put it on his phone immediately. You even suggested having matching backgrounds. He happily agreed and you took a cute photo together for the fun of it.

You knew how much Lu liked collecting watches so when you were at the mall with friends and saw a super nice matching pair for men and women you just had to get them. When he saw them as he settled down at home after work he got super adorable. “Baobei, this is really nice.” He would put his on, you would put yours on, and then he would snap a picture and post it on Instagram about how great “His Y/N” is.

Kris (Yifan):
Your cool guy was always known for rocking a pair of shades. So, you couldn’t pass up the opportunity when you saw matching pairs of Ray Bans. After you greeted Kris when he walked through the door you grabbed the glasses off the kitchen table and brought them over. He gave a shy grin as he placed them on. Then he offered to put yours on for you. “We are looking good Babe.” He pulled you into his arms and kissed the top of your head.

Jun was actually the one that brought up getting something couple related. This dork was all for going all out. So, when you came home from the mall with matching shirts for you both he became super excited. “Awe, Jagi. You really listened to me.” This man would give you a super affectionate hug and then immediately try it on. He would then make you put yours on too. Not that you cared, you loved seeing him be super cute.  

Since Yixing was always travelling back and forth you wanted to get him something that would remind him of you when you were apart. You really wanted to engrave something with your initials so you bought two necklaces that were sort of like dog tags and did exactly that. When you showed them to Yixing he thought they were sweet. “Now you will always be close to my heart,” he said as he placed it over his head. You wrapped your arms around him as he gave you a kiss.

“What do you think of couple’s bracelets?” You asked as you and Baek were spending some quality time together watching a movie on the couch. “I think they are nice, why?” You giggled and jumped up to grab the bag that you had placed in your bedroom. “Ta da!” You pulled out the bracelets and gave him a smile. He laughed and responded with a goofy grin as he gestured for you to put his on for him. You also put yours on. He looked at the bracelets as he intertwined his fingers with yours, “I really like them Jagi.”

When you saw a pair of matching couple’s hoodies you just could not resist. When Dae came home you told him to wait as you changed into something. Dae being the naughty boy he is thought it was something scandalous, so when you waltzed out in a giant hoodie holding another one for him he started giggling. After laughing he pulled you in for a hug and then he put his hoodie on as well. “Wae! Why are you so cute?!” You both cuddled nice and warm in your new hoodies as well as each other’s arms.

“Jagi, are these ours?” Chanyeol walked out of your bedroom with the matching hats you had just purchased. You gave him a sheepish grin, “Do you like them?” The dork put on a giant grin and placed the hat on top of his head. “Are you kidding, I love them!” He ran over to place yours on top of your head and engulfed you into a tight bear hug. “Gosh my girl is too cute!” he said squeezing you tighter.

You and Kyungsoo liked to go out and do things a lot. You thought it would be cute to buy matching backpacks for when you two were out and about. Also since Soo was always traveling to promote his group and to film you thought it would be a nice little gift he could use a lot. Neither of you were in to goofy looking his and hers clothing so this was a great compromise. When he came home after rehearsal you greeted him and then went to get the bags. “I thought you could get a lot of use out of it. Plus we could match out in public.” He just broke out into one of his cute smiles and brought you into his chest with a hug. “Thanks Jagi, I will take it everywhere.”

You had noticed Tao looking at a pair of shoes when you were out shopping a few weeks ago. You decided you surprise him by buying them for him and another pair for yourself. When he came home from a day at the studio and you gave them to him and told him about your pair he got super cute. “Baobei we are going to be the swaggest couple out there.” You giggled and he gave you a kiss. “Swaggest, really babe?” You joked as he pulled you back in for a hug.

You had noticed a nice pair of matching couple’s rings when you were out and about with your friends one day. Since you and Jongin had been dating for quite some time you wanted something to signify your relationship. So, you ultimately decided to buy them. After you and Jongin ate dinner you told him that you got a surprise. You pulled out the rings and he got the biggest smile on his face. “I will wear it so that everyone knows that I am yours.” He put it on and gave you a sweet kiss.

Being the fashionista that he is, you knew Sehun would never turn down clothes. You decided to get matching leather jackets to celebrate your anniversary. When you walked into your bedroom to find him relaxing on the bed you pulled the jackets out. “Happy Anniversary babe,” you said as he got up to try it on. “It looks great,” he said looking in the mirror. “Of course, you always look great.” You responded with a sly smile. “Yeah, but you look better.” You gave a shy laugh as he came over to hug you tightly. “Thanks Jagi, they are really nice.”


Some post war atla headcanons because I’m a slut for this show:

  • anytime katara makes sea prunes, only sokka and zuko eat them… sokka because he likes them and zuko because he’s maybe a teeny-weeny bit afraid of what would happen if he didn’t
  • when the gaang comes to visit the fire nation, zuko insists they sleep outside in the gardens by a fire so that it feels like old times 
  • zuko never paid attention in his science classes and knows very little about how volcanoes, the main geographical formation of his country, actually work
  • but zuko loved arithmetic and history and often gets into it with sokka over who knows the most facts
  • these arguments generally dissolve into some kind of showing of brute strength, after which, katara is called upon to heal bruised tail bones and damaged egos
  • zuko’s temper never really cools, no matter how many times he says he’s chill
  • katara often tells him to go jump in a river when he gets too heated
  • suki and zuko have competitions in stealth and agility. zuko teaches her how to use dao swords and suki teaches him about fans
  • but the fact remains that zuko burned down suki’s village and because of this, he’s never allowed to win any of their contests
  • sokka threatens him with space sword if he tries to win
  • zuko did, however, visit kyoshi again and commissioned a new, bigger statue of avatar kyoshi to be built. he also tried to ride the unagi with aang was subsequently tossed around (katara had to heal his bruised tail bone and damaged ego, per usual)
  • suki begrudgingly admitted that this kinda, sorta made up for his rampage all those year ago
  • the longer zuko’s hair gets, the more everyone realizes that his hair is a little wavy
  • zuko is very irritated by this fact but katara insists that he’s lovely and also insists on braiding flowers into it
  • toph lived in the palace with zuko for several years and declared herself honorary fire lady for putting up with his shit
  • zuko got her an honorary fire lady crown for her thirteenth birthday because he’s a dork like that
  • toph, katara, and suki often go to the spa together. toph tries to act like she hates it, but everyone knows the truth
  • upon his first visit to the fire nation palace, sokka orchestrated the complete renovation of the entire thing, claiming zuko needed more light/windows/paintings and less ozai ooginess
  • zuko has special smiles reserved for all his friends - the soft, sensitive smile for toph, the oaf grin for sokka, the lopsided, rubbing the back of his neck, blushing smile for katara, the cocky smirk for suki, and the unsuspecting little smile for aang
  • on the unsuspecting smile for aang… these two are besties but like zuko doesn’t realize how much aang actually likes/looks up to him. aang often says things or makes these sly compliments about how smart/great/cool zuko is and it’s not until five minutes later that zuko realizes what aang said 
  • aang and zuko are both ladies’ men. aang basks in it but zuko is oblivious. sokka is jealous but also not jealous because he has suki
  • aang often makes little fire dragons and dances them around zuko’s head for entertainment during important meetings
  • katara often douses zuko’s councilmen with tea in said important meetings because she finds them infuriating. zuko loves this about her
  • katara let it slip that she loves pink peonies and zuko immediately planted them all over the palace grounds despite his groundskeeper’s claim that pink was not fire lord-y
  • zuko actually looks good in the color blue
  • if and when zuko manages to sneak up on katara from behind, his go to catch phrase is i’ll save you from the pirates
  • suki thinks this is some kind of dirty joke while the rest of the group just doesn’t get it. zuko and katara smirk because it is a dirty joke

ok… those last few turned into zutara headcanons but bye. 

You are such a dork - but you are my dork

Pairing: Namjoon x Jin

Genre: Fluff/marriage proposal

Words: 3.3k

Fluffily fluff fluff fluff

Originally posted by jeonsshi

A single sunray shined through the window, causing Namjoon to awake from his sleep. He rubbed his eyes while grumbling quietly, careful not to wake up the person next to him. He tilted his head to the left in order to get a closer look at his long term boyfriend of three years, Jin. He was literally the embodiment of handsomeness, no wonder he worked at a model agency. Lips so deep pink and full, making it hard to resist leaning in for a kiss to feel their soft surface every time Namjoon glanced at them. And these broad shoulders, rumours stating they had a span of 60 cm, and to put the cherry on the cake, his pink dyed hair, as extra as he was, the colour reminding him of cherry blossoms.

After a little while of intense staring, Jin finally seemed to wake up as well, greeting his boyfriend with a gentle smile spread across his face.

„Good morning, my sweetheart.“

„Good morning, my pink princess.“ Namjoon let out a chuckle as he remembered the day his boyfriend came back home, his hair looking like cotton candy

Look, I actually just wanted to get my hair trimmed, but then I thought I needed a way to extravert my fabulousness more clearly, you understand? Hey, don’t laugh at me!“

„I’m gonna make breakfast real quick.“ Jin stated as he jumped out of the bed heading towards the door frame.

„Should I come and help you?“

„I politely decline. Remember what happened the last time you entered the kitchen?“ Back then, when Namjoon just had one job, and still managed to screw it up: the food needed to be put in the microwave for just three minutes, but instead Namjoon made it to thirty, causing the fire alarm to go off.

„But that was just an accident!“

„You remember the other ‘accident’ when you somehow managed to break the bathroom door?“

„Tsk, Jin, you’re so mean!“

„And you’re such a klutz!“ And there it was, the mandatory mutual teasing, which every relationship needed in order to work properly.

After the breakfast that shifted from anecdotes of Namjoon’s habit of constantly breaking things to banters about Jin’s adorable narcissism.

„Sometimes I really wonder how you didn’t fall in love with the reflection of the mirror yet.“

„Who said I didn’t?“ Jin replied cheekily.

„Wow, that feel when your boyfriend cheats on you with himself. I am-“ He paused for a moment to add some emphasis on the tragedy. „-heartbroken.“ The two of them started giggling like the two dorks they were, until Jin stood up and gave his boyfriend a peck on the cheek.

„I gotta go now, I’m having a photo shoot today. Try not to miss me too much~“ he said with a smirk on his face.

„I’ll try my best, darling. Have a nice day.“ Namjoon replied smirkingly.

„See you later, Joonie.“ With a flying kiss sent into Namjoon’s direction, he left the apartment to make his way to his photo shoot, while his boyfriend was still seated at the table, deep in thought.

What a guy.“ He sighed out. Everything was going perfect for Namjoon. He spent his time working on what he was the most passionate about, his music, and lived his life accompanied by the person he loved the most. Memories of the time the two of them first met crossed his mind.

It was about three years ago. The model agency Jin was a part of and the record label Namjoon used to work for at that time held a party to celebrate their recent collaboration, to which both of them attended.

It was in a grand hall, certainly, everyone well-dressed, even Namjoon, who would usually go for a more casual look with jeans, a plain shirt and a pair of Converse shoes, chose to wear a tuxedo that day. However, he was feeling slightly uncomfortable, because he didn’t have anyone to hold a conversation with throughout the evening, since he actually didn’t have much to do with his coworkers, apart from work. Therefore he headed to the bar to get a drink, it was free alcohol after all. And that was where he met the person, who would soon cause his world to turn upside down, in a good way of course.

Their eyes locked. After moments of intense staring, Jin decided to make the first move and stepped into Namjoon’s direction to take the seat next to him.

„Hey.“ He greeted, his full lips forming a sheepish smile.

„Hey.“ Namjoon simply answered, stroking his hair with his fingers, due to nervousness.

„Are you alone here?“ He was fiddling with his fingers, indicating he was feeling nervous as well.

„Yeah, kind of, I guess.“ He paused for a moment to find the right words. „My record label kinda urged me to go to this party, although I’m normally not the type of person for these kinds of things.“

„Ahh, same here. My model agency said it would make a good impression, if I appeared here, yet I’m not really convinced.“ His eyes lit up. „So, what’s your name?“

„Namjoon.“ He answered with a gentle smile on his face, making his cheeks form these cute little dimples, that would make anyone feel weak at the knees. „And yours?“
„I’m Seokjin. But you can just call me Jin.“

„All right then, Jin. Tell me something about yourself.“

„Well-“ Jin still hold onto his precious smile. „-to sum up my character: I love everything that revolves around food. Eating food, cooking food, just staring at food, you know. Oh, and I love the colour pink, some people even call me 'pink princess’ because of that.“ He added with a chuckle. „And what about you?“

„Me? Oh, well-“ His eyes inconspicuously wandering over Jin’s face, soaking all of his features in, while the words flowed from his mouth. „-you could say I’m kind of clumsy sometimes. And with sometimes I mean all the time. My coworkers always take care I don’t get in the vicinity of anything fragile, since I’d probably break them in a heartbeat-“

The conversation went on for some time, the two of them talking about events of their past and funny little details about themselves, until it got rather late.

„Oh, guess it’s about time to go.“ Jin remarked, as he noticed the other people leaving one by one.

Namjoon simply nodded for confirmation, as he swallowed the last sip of his drink and started to get up from his seat. The two men were now both heading towards the exit of the building, moving closely side by side. Namjoon’s body being only inches apart from Jin’s made his heart beat faster.

God damn it.“ he thought.

It’s literally the first time I’ve seen this guy in my life, what is this?“

But he couldn’t help it. He was mesmerized by every aspect of Jin: his looks, his character, his occasional dad jokes, that never failed to make him laugh, regardless of how lame they might have been.

Outside the building there was a moment of silence between the two, both of them hesitant to make the next step. But then, Namjoon cleared his throat and stated sheepishly

„We should meet up some time.“ Jin nodded affirmatively.

„I’ve been waiting to visit that newly opened Chinese restaurant around the corner, how does that sound?“

„Sounds great, how about we go there, like, uhm, tomorrow maybe?“ Eagerness built up in Namjoon, unable to wait for too long to see Jin again.

Jins eyes sparkled. „I’d love to.“ His voice calm and soft.

Again a moment of silence. Their glances met, the tension perceivably growing. After a few moments, which felt like an eternity, Jin took a step closer to Namjoon, until their noses nearly touched.

„Namjoon“ he whispered, as he gently put his hands at the sides of the shoulders of the man in front of him. Without further thought, Namjoon leaned towards him, lips lightly touching at first, but soon the movements became more intense. Namjoon couldn’t contain himself any longer and started to gently tug on Jin’s lower lip, making a small moan escape his mouth. Namjoon’s large hands reaching towards Jin’s back of his neck, stroking his hair affectionately.

„You know, normally I don’t make out with guys I see for the first time.“ Namjoon broke the kiss for a little moment.

„But I guess this time I made an exception.“ He smirked as he pulled Jin’s face closer to his again.

„I’m glad you made it“ Jin smiled against his lips, not wanting this precious moment to end.

The next days, weeks and months Namjoon and Jin spent more and more time together, getting closer to a point, where none of them could even imagine a life without the other. Moving together was certainly one big step in their relationship, however, Namjoon thought, it would be time for the next big step.

Namjoon, who was still daydreaming at the breakfast table, snapped back to reality now. He finally came to the decision, that it was time. Time for a proposal. He jumped up from his seat to symbolically show his willingness for the next step. But how was he going to approach this? He scratched his head as he pulled his phone out of his jeans pocket. He needed someone to talk to about this, someone who helped him make sure he didn’t screw anything up.

„Hey, are you free right now? Gotta talk about something.“

„I’ll be there in 20 mins“

Exactly 19 minutes and 48 seconds later Namjoon heard someone knocking at the door. As he opened it, he was greeted by the sunshine himself, Jung Hoseok.

„Heey!“ Hoseok stepped forward to Namjoon with a giant smile on his face, hugging him tightly.

„Tell me, tell me, what is it you wanted to talk about?“ Hoseok’s exuberantly positive  attitude never failed to impress Namjoon.

„Come, take a seat.“ He closed the entry door and pointed in the direction of the couch in the living room.

„It’s about Jin.“ he began, causing Hoseok’s facial expresion become unreadable.

„This is either a good or a bad thing.“

„Well, I guess it’s a good thing, then.“ Hoseok’s eyes lit up as he listened carefully to what Namjoon had to say.

„I mean, we’ve been together for about three years now and, uhm, I think-“ He cleared his throat. „-I think it’s soon about time to take the next step.“

Hoseok came closer to Namjoon and grabbed him by the wrists. „You mean you want to-“

„Yes, I want to propose to him.“ The smile on Hoseok’s face became even larger now.

„OH MY GOOOOOD!“ he half- shouted half-squeaked.

„When? Where?? How???“ Hoseok’s enthusiasm amused Namjoon, who was unable to suppress a chuckle.

„I don’t know either, that’s partly why you are here.“ Namjoon directed his head towards Hoseok expectantly. „How did it even happen between you and Yoongi?“

Hoseok’s eyes started twinkling and he let out a content sigh by the mention of his husband, to whom he got married last year.

„To be honest, it happened kinda spontaneously.“ He began with a grin spread across his face. „We were eating dinner at a restaurant when we witnessed a guy proposing to his girlfriend. That evening I asked him what he thought about getting married and, oh god, you should’ve seen the expression on his face!“ Hoseok put his hands at the sides of his cheeks.

„Then we both somehow agreed to get married, and welp, here we are.“ He stared at the wedding ring on his ring finger as he spoke, thinking back to this life-changing day.

Namjoon listened carefully, endless thoughts running through his mind. But suddenly, Hoseok jumped up and pulled Namjoon out of his seat.


„C'mon, we gotta go now!!“ The excitement clearly audible in Hoseok’s tone.


„Guess where!“ The characterizing smirk returning to his face. „We’re going to get that engagement ring!“

30 minutes later, Hoseok and Namjoon were inside the nearest jewelry store, politely rejecting the jeweler’s offer to help, since they wanted to take a look for themselves first.

„I can’t believe you dragged me here.“ Namjoon hissed. „I just wanted to have a little chat, you know? Talking everything through and such, and not rush things-“

„Fiddle-faddle! The sooner the better, I mean, you and Jin are literally meant for each other, it’s time that one of you finally makes a move.“ Hoseok continued to sneak through the store, untill he caught a glimpse at one particular ring.

„Here, how about that one?“ Hoseok asked as he lightly tapped at the glass box that covered the ring. It was quite a neat one. Made out of white gold, decorated with three little diamonds, that shined brightly when light fell upon them.

„Mhm, I don’t know.“ Namjoon didn’t seem too impressed. „It’s not bad, but for Jin we need something a little bit more ~extra~, you know? This one’s a bit too casual.“

Hoseok nodded. „I see, you’re right.“ Letting out a light giggle as Namjoon emphasized the extraness of his soon-to-be fiancé.

As the two of them continued to wander through the store, Namjoon abruptly stood still, seemingly having found, what he was looking for. „This is it.“ He took a closer look at the ring, that seemed to be ideal for his boyfriend. Pink gold alloy embellished the ring, and on top, a large pink, sparkling gem with a brilliant cut, making it the perfect engagement ring for Jin. He didn’t even know what kind of gem it was, but he didn’t care either. It was perfect, that was all that mattered.

„I’m gonna take this.“ he said with no trace of hesitation in his tone.

Hoseok took a step forward to take a look at the ring, bursting into laughter by the sight of it, causing the jeweler to draw his attention to the two men.

„Oh god, Namjoon!“ Hoseok wiped a tear out of his eye, as he kept laughing. „It’s perfect, and indeed ~extra~ enough for Jin!“ A smile hushed on Namjoon’s face.

„I know, right?“

Moments later Namjoon purchased the ring with a suitable ring box.

„I’m sure she will be very delighted.“ The cashier said kindly, as she handed Namjoon his purchases.

„Certainly.“ He simply answered, ignoring the fact that the receiver isn’t going to be a 'she’.

The two men walked out of the store, Namjoon stopping dead in his tracks.

„So…what now?“

„What do you mean 'what now’? You’re going to propose to him. Today!“

„Wait, wait, wait.. today? Shouldn’t I do it on a more special day or something?“

„But Namjoon.“ Hoseok said in a cheesy voice. „Isn’t every day you and Jin spend together a special day?“

Namjoon let out a mix of a sigh and a chuckle. „Okay, okay. I’m gonna do it.“

Satisfaction written all over Hoseok’s face. „YES!“ In a more calm voice he added „Don’t worry, Namjoon. He will marry you, 100 percent! But don’t you dare chicken out!“

„Don’t worry, I won’t.“

„Good. Anyway, I’m gonna go now. And don’t forget to call me after it happened, I wanna know every detail!“

„I’ll make sure I do. And also, thanks for everything, Hoseok. I probably wouldn’t stand here right now, if you didn’t drag me into this jewelry store against my will.“ he said cheekily, Hoseok responding with only a grin.

Once the two men said good bye, Namjoon headed towards the apartment he and Jin shared, feeling a lump form in his throat.

Will Jin already be home? More importantly, will he say yes?“

His contemplating nearly made him not notice he was already standing in front of the apartment building. As he walked upstairs, he felt the lump in his throat grow bigger, each step increasing his inner tension. Once he stood in front of the apartment, he noticed his hands shaking, as he opened the door very slowly, trying to figure out, whether Jin was already there. Silence. Nothing. Namjoon sighed relieved as he closed the door behind him.

I still have some time to think everything through, to think about what to say. Or to just take the next flight to Uruguay, so that I don’t have to cope with all of this.“

He gave himself a light slap on the face.

Idiot. You can do this.“

Namjoon startled up as he heard the sounds of somebody approaching at the front door. „Okay, it’s time.“

Jin entered the apartment, a smile hushing over his face when he saw his boyfriend lying on the couch.

„Hey, Joonie~ did you miss me?“ he teased him, while leaning in for a kiss.

„As always.“ Namjoon responded. „How was the photo shoot?“
„The usual. These photographers are never pleased with the angles, the lighting and everything.“ He laid down on the couch next to Namjoon, putting one arm around his chest. „And what have you been up to today?“

He smirked at the question, stroking Jin’s hair affectionately.

„You know, that you’re my one and only, right, Jin?“ Namjoon’s voice soft and seducing.

„Likewise, my sweetheart.“ Jin replied sweetly, yet a little irritated by Namjoon showing his more romantic side in this moment.

„And I am sure, that this won’t change. For as long as I live.“ Namjoon got up from the couch, took Jin’s hands and made him do the same.

„Joonie-“ Jin said breathlessly, as he watched his boyfriend get down on one knee. On that knee.

„Jin“ he cleared his throat, as he took the ring box out of his pocket. „We’ve gotten to know each other one evening about three years ago, and from that evening on I knew, that you are the person I want to spend the rest of my life with. With these words I want to ask you:“ He opened the ring box, the ring with its sparkly pink gem now visible.

„Will you make me the happiest man on earth? Will you marry me?“

Tears of joy began to form in Jin’s eyes. „Oh my god, Joonie, I-“ He gasped for air.

„Yes, yes, yes, I do. I do want to marry you.“ He pulled Namjoon towards him and held him tight.

„I am so happy right now, Joonie. You can’t even imagine.“ Overjoyed, he kissed him gently, bodies moving closer, the two men feeling each other’s racing heartbeats.

„I am so relieved now, this really lifted a burden from my shoulders. I was so afraid of how you would react.“ Namjoon admitted, his face still holding close to Jin’s, feeling his breath on his skin.

„Are you kidding me? Did you really think for even just one second, that I wouldn’t agree to marry you? You, the second most handsome man on the world? With the first one being me of course.“ Jin teased cheekily, making Namjoon giggle as he caressed his cheek.

Shortly afterwards, Jin took a closer look at the engagement ring, which he didn’t take too much notice of before, since he was too busy being stunned by the view of his beloved kneeling down in front of him.

„Wait a second. Is this-Is this a pink gem on the ring?“ He regarded it intently.

„Yea, I thought it would fit your fabulousness well, my pink princess.“ Namjoon taunted him gently, while pulling him back into a hug.

„Joonie, you are such a dork.“ He said with a giggle. „But you are my dork.“

Alright, so allow me to put forward a really self-indulgent idea for everyone involving the Office AU. 

After many late evenings finishing projects, after many office parties and weathering crisis’ together, you are now very good friends with CEO Noctis, the the rest of the Chocobro execs.

One day, they as really good friends of yours, decide they want you to have a great time after working so hard for the company. Like, you need a night out or something, right? Some genius Prompto decides that you need to go on a date and convinces the others of the same thing. So after some rigorous searching of their own, they set you up on a blind date with A Person.

Of course you think this is weird as hell, but you agree, you need a night out and the guys have gone through this trouble of setting up this date, so okay. You’re gonna go out for your sake, for their sake. I mean, it’ll be a good time right?

It would in fact, not be a good time.

Let me tell you all about:

That One Bad Date (‘You had ONE job, guys!’)

Originally posted by elliejoys

i.e the time the Chocobros were meant to save you from a bad date, but decided to fuck shit up for their own amusement, to establish dominance, to be shits.

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Chris Kreider #1

This is for you. :) @shea-gropp :* Very easy, very friendly banter. I hope you like this one!

Word count: 1, 059

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You smiled at the giants who were teaching six year-olds how to skate properly. There is nothing more attractive than grown men, professional hockey players at that, taking the time off to give back to the community. At a non-team sanctioned event at that. Yes, the sound you’re hearing are your ovaries crying.

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@Walker104′s Finn Balor Imagine

Hey you guys! So I have a friend on here who is too shy to post her imagines on her own blog. So we had a talk and we ended up agreeing that I would post an imagine of her’s to see how you guys like it!!

So this wonderful imagine is brought to you by @walker104! We both hope you really enjoy!! If you like it, feel free to give her a follow! 

I giggled as Finn kissed me, his beard tickling my chin.

“We should do something. Like, build something.” I suggested.

His eyes lit up. I knew it would be Legos. 

“Legos! Let’s go!” He replied cheerfully.

As he was about to pull me off our couch, I stopped him for a moment.

“What about a blanket fort where we can build Legos?” I smiled as his eyes got brighter, if it was even possible. 

“Yes! Yes! God I’m so happy, it feels like you just proposed.“ 

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  • I love Margaret Hale. I love her with a love that is pure and true and it’s at least 40% because she’s allowed to be kind of an asshole. She can be rude and superior and judgmental and so. fucking. stubborn and all of it is because, newsflash, she’s a person who loves her parents but for obvious reasons doesn’t particularly want do be like them and spends big chunks of the novel basically parenting them, and with Frederick out of the picture she’s an only child and that comes with its own bundle of shit and all of it makes her who she is so concretely
  • I love that she’s a humanitarian who sticks to her (admittedly p classist and very of-the-time-period) guns because of her faith. I love that her faith is hers; she may have learned it from her father but she’s clearly an intellectual with her own opinions about G-d and the Church, and we get to see how spiritually difficult her father’s resignation is for her. And she is presented with a coherent world-view which religion shapes in a consistent way. 
  • Margaret Hale doesn’t seem to exist to fall in love. Which is fucking awesome! Because don’t get me wrong, I love love stories. But Margaret Hale gets to live her life, of which navigating a complicated set of emotional and social mores is merely a part. She’s got shit to do! Political discussions to have! A household to supervise! Cross-class friendships to maintain! Letters to write! Things to angst about that have nothing to do with That Unfortunately Attractive Asshole Her Dad Won’t Shut Up About Ever (seriously Mr. Hale’s WOW YOU GUYS MR. THORNTON IS REALLY COOL IT’S SO GREAT THAT I HAVE A FRIEND attitude is my fav) Her parental figures keep dying, ffs! She’s gotta figure out her place in the world and what she wants out of life!
  • Did I mention how much I love that Margaret and John spend the first chunk of their acquaintance arguing about politics and industry??????? BECAUSE IT’S A LOT
  • You get where he’s coming from! You get where she’s coming from! You get hella fucking frustrated because Mrs Gaskell is making you care about an industrialist! And you would care even if he DIDN’T look like Richard Armitage in your head! (or was that just me?)
  • John Thornton doesn’t dismiss her opinions because they belong to a woman. He doesn’t! He disagrees because he thinks she doesn’t understand the situation, but that’s because she’s an outsider, a member of the Southern intellectual class who buy his cloth without bothering to understand the social and physical machinery that produces it, not because she’s a woman. He’s impressed with the force of her convictions and how she delivers them! He engages instead of dismissing! It’s fucking great!
  • Of course, much of the credit for that goes to Mrs. Thornton for being a fucking force of nature who when the universe gave her lemons she basically turned the lemons into brass knuckles shaped like her son and punched the universe in the fucking face. You will respect her or you will wither and die under the force of her glare, and John damn well knows how to respect a woman with her own opinions. Because she’s basically the reason he’s in the position he’s in. 
  • Which is awesome! Because these characters are the product of their circumstances! They didn’t just leap into being randomly to get jerked around by plot devices!
  • You know what’s great? Men pining. I love it when men pine. Especially when they’re secretly self-righteous fucks about it. She DOESN’T LOVE ME but I WILL CONTINUE TO LOVE HER and her disapproval CAN’T STOP ME FROM LOVING HER but not because I’m creepy or think I have any right to her, or any right to try to win her over, but because I am a MAN of INTEGRITY who will CONTINUE TO BE A GOOD FRIEND TO HER PARENTS even though I am DEEPLY UNWORTHY
  • and then they don’t actually, which is sad, but the mini-series has our backs in that department with one of the fucking finest filmed kisses of all time
  • and they both chaaaaaaaaaaaange this isn’t about one winning the other over through persistence it’s about a growing toward each other Thornton removes some of the There Must Be A Divide Between Me And My Workers And I Am Not Responsible For Them stick from his arse and Margaret’s like People Can Change and Wow The Greater Social Fabric Is Super Fucking Complicated But That Doesn’t Mean We Don’t Have To Acknowledge Mutual Responsibility
  • and also John Thornton really likes Margaret’s hands which like, I know that feel, bro
  • in conclusion, nothing can make me believe these two don’t have an unusually passionate relationship which involves John performing hella probably-time-period-unlikely cunnilingus on Margaret while she lectures him on G-d and the social contract.
  • I’m gonna fucking read it again.
Yuri on Ice characters vs Real Life Top Skaters (part 3)  The even more difficult case of Yuri Plisetski

follow up of my post part 1 and part 2

Now this is going to be complicated, but let’s move on our favourite russian punk

Yuri Plisetski

Originally posted by fyyoi

Why is it difficult ? For two reasons : when I look at Yurio I clearly see two skaters that ressembles him physically. But when I look at his personality it’s nearly impossible for me to find anyone in the skating world who acts like he does.

Another point to keep in mind is that Yurio is coming from the junior toward the senior. The fact that he acts like he can own the senior world with no sweat on his very first year is both extremely arrogant and delusional. Why ? Mostly because juniors have to face several difficulties when they move up to seniors.

First their short and long programs get much longer than what they were in juniors. It may not look like much but it is. Second, the senior field is already super deep and even with athletes retiring every year, there’s still enough big guns who won’t be sweating at all the presence of the newcomers. Third, and that’s a really big problem for new seniors : growth spurt. 

Growth spurt can fuck up your jumps, your balance and almost your everything in skating and make you go from a super consistent season to the biggest disastrous season of your life the next year. Yurio moving up to the seniors at 15 is extremely risky for this reason, his body has barely started the growth spurts and boy is he gonna suffer if he ends up like having the one that plagued Nam Nguyen who went from tiny noodle to giant spaghetti in six months (and consequently from 5th place at Worlds on his first senior season, to not even qualified for the long program the next season).

It’s not impossible to have a hell of a bang for your senior debut (Shoma Uno got the bronze medal at the GPF last season, and Boyang Jin got the bronze medal at Worlds and it was their first senior season), but the youth and inexperience and the difference of field and programs makes it extremely difficult. 

All this to say, Yurio is a tough case cause we might look at both senior AND junior skaters to try to get an idea from where the writing staff got inspiration.


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Meet, again, Yuzuru Hanyu

Originally posted by dayzdai

As you can see, Yurio wears the same training clothes as Yuzu does and if youngsters are starting to wear this style of training outfit since a season or two, it’s still a very distinctive Yuzuru look. 

Body shape wise, they have this long and very thin appearance. Considering that Yuzuru was on the beginning of his senior career when the show was on its first steps, I think it’s safe to say that his silhouette was the biggest inspiration for Yurio’s. Especially if Yuuri’s main inspiration was indeed Daisuke Takahashi/Tatsuki Machida, Yuzuru was the most potential new senior at the time to shake things up deeply in the japanese men field as well as the rest of the world field.

He was also already renowned for his quadruple toe (4T) and his triple axel (3A), as well for a sort of “wild” attitude on the ice. We have yet to see a lot of Yurio’s skating so we’ll have to wait a bit longer to see if his skating style is the same as Yuzu’s.


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Oh boy they can’t be more different…

Originally posted by nonchan1023

Yuzuru is a dork. Like a “could kill you on the ice but will be the most polite, nicest cinnamon roll off ice” dork.

Originally posted by jardinaquatique

Yuri seems to be very competitive and wants to be the best, a trait he might share with Yuzuru but their approach of competition is pretty much on the opposite of eachother. 

When Yuzuru wins with a subpar performance, he’s not happy. If he wins he wants to win with the perfect performance, with no mistakes. He wants to be the number one but he’s also very aware (and thus grateful) for having so many tough competition that will push him to give more and more of his best.

Originally posted by hanyuedits

But, when he was out of junior and especially when he moved from his coach Nanami Abe to Brian Orser and he had to redo very basic skating exercises, at the time he wasn’t understanding much why he had to do it.

The difference is you would NEVER see Yuzuru be anything but polite, courtous, smiling, focused, adorable, laughing and just being one of the nicest and most respectful skater in the field unlike Yuri. 

This is the guy who’s main rival and only other member of the 300 points club is his training partner. 

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So when it comes to Yuzuru, he’s a clear inspiration for Yurio’s body shape and attire. There’s a common deep determination on winning too but that’s where the comparison stops too.

But I told you in the beginning of this post that I think another skater was used as an inspiration for Yuri and here it comes :

Meet Yulia Lipnitskaya

Originally posted by thegirlinredcoat

Originally posted by thegirlinredcoat

Yulia is a young russian skater who made a very big impression on her senior debut when she made an incredible free program during the team event of the Sochi Olympics. 

She has a very intense iron glare and she’s a great skater who everyone thought would be the next big sensation in the ladies field. (unfortunately, she’s having some setbacks for the last two season because puberty and growth spurt SUCKS)

Originally posted by thegirlinredcoat

But here again don’t judge a book on its cover. Yulia is like Yuzuru a beautiful cinnamon roll, too good for this world and too pure.

Originally posted by lautto

I mean she puts her name in a big heart in signs she gives to fans for god’s sake ! (one of my most cherished treasure).

What is very funny to me is that when the first pictures of Yuri On Ice got out, this one got us all speculating a LOT : 

As you can see, physically, Yuri Plisetski looks like Yuzuru and Yulia fusionned in some ways, but that the gentle big parts of their personalities got lost in the mix.

Originally posted by tinysnowdrops

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In conclusion, it is impossible for me to think of any skater who would have the level of entitlement and arrogance that made Yurio yell at Yuri in the bathroom and telling them that he needs to retire because he’s coming onto the senior. or his overall personality. But physically, he does look like the product of a genetic mixing of Yuzuru Hanyu and a russian prodigy :p

He does seem to have a very “junior” mentality, that is focusing on the jumps first and foremost and later learning that the skating skills are as important to work on. 

With only two episodes out there, once we get more, I might redo this post or complete it in the future.

Viktor Nikiforov

Yuuri Katsuki

Shattered ||| Sirius Black

‘I hate you, I love you,
I hate that I want you
You want her, you need her
And I’ll never be her’

Pairing: Sirius x Reader
Request: no
(Y/N) your name (Y/H/C) your hair color (Y/E/C) your eye color (Y/N/N) your nick name


“(Y/N), come cuddle with me love,” Sirius shouted across the common room as you walked in with Remus.

Remus shot you a knowing look as you made your way over to Sirius. Your crush on Sirius was rapidly becoming something more, and you thought he felt the same. He was always wanting you to cuddle with him, or go with the other marauders on their solo trips to hogsmeade, and sometimes he would send Lily to get you from your dorm room if he was having an especially hard night.

You set your bag down onto the floor, and kicked your shoes off. Settling back onto the couch, you laid your head on his chest as he threw a blanket over your legs and went back to his conversation with James. He subconsciously ran a hand across your back as you played with the rings on his fingers, both of you listening intently to James recount of his fight with Snivellus. Just another Thursday night in the Gryffindor common room.

It was Friday night, so you made your way up the stairs to the boys dorms. Every Friday without fail, you and Sirius laid in his bed sharing stories and sweets. That was the routine, had been for nearly two months. Tonight, you had brought a few muggle board games, hoping to teach Sirius how to play. He was always really interested in learning everything he could about the muggle world, mainly so he could embarrass his mother by talking about it around company.

“Hey Sirius are you ready -” you opened the door, your words instantly stopping at the sight before you. “I um, sorry I’ll just, yeah.”

You turned around, slamming the door as you bolted down the steps back to your dorm. You couldn’t believe it. You didn’t want to. Sirius had a Ravenclaw pinned down on his bed, her shirt pulled open and he was on top of her. You felt like you were going to be sick.

“Hey (Y/N) why are you back down here?” Remus asked as you walked past, pressing the board games closer to your chest.

 Remus quickly stood, following you to your dorm. The charms didn’t turn the stairs into a slide like they usually do, and you assumed the wards knew he had good intentions. You had just made it into your room, when he spun you around gently. He brought up his hand, wiping away a tear you hadn’t realized had fallen.

“What happened love?” Remus whispered, guiding you towards your bed. You took a shuddering breath, leaning against him as you sat down.

“He wasn’t alone,” you sniffed, gripping the ends of your sweater tightly. Remus pulled you closer, letting out a disappointed sigh.

“I’m so sorry (Y/N), if I would’ve known-” he started, running his fingers through your (Y/C/H) locks lightly. You cut him off with a soft shake of your head. This wasn’t his fault.

“I should’ve known he didn’t see me that way Moony, it’s not your fault,” you assured, wrapping your arms tighter around him.

“I thought he did (Y/N),” Remus whispered, pressing a kiss to the top of your head. He held you in silence for a bit, his fingers staying in your hair.

You must’ve fallen asleep at some point, as you woke up laying across his chest. You lifted your head slightly, looking towards the window. It was dark, too dark to be close to sunrise. You guessed it was around two or three in the morning. You let out a quiet sigh, laying your head back down as you snuggled into your side. You were grateful for your best friend.

When you woke up again it was due to Remus shifting in his sleep. You sat up, poking his cheek lightly, giggling softly as he scrunched his face up. You decided to tickle him, knowing that would wake him up. Pressing your fingers into his sides, he jumped up quickly, nearly falling from the bed as you let out a bark of laughter.

“Good morning sunshine, don’t wanna miss breakfast do we?” You asked innocently, beaming at him as he narrowed his eyes.

“You are evil,” he spoke, his eyes alight with amusement.

“Thank you.”

The two of you got dressed in more comfortable clothes, having fallen asleep in your uniforms, and met back up in the common room. It seemed almost everyone was already at breakfast, as you two seemed to be the only ones in the common room. You took the sweater Remus carried, pulling it over your tank top.

“You look like a dork,” you teased, poking his side playfully.

“Oh you’re one to talk Miss sweater paws,” he retorted, throwing an arm over your shoulder as the two of you walked down to the Great Hall.

“I’ll have you know many boys find this look attractive,” you stated, walking into the hall.

“Exactly, boys (Y/N), not men,” he joked, his laughter stopping as he turned the two of you around. “Why don’t you go back up to the common room, I’ll grab a plate and bring it back up for us?”

“What? Why can’t I just eat here?” You groaned, not wanting to tackle the stairs again just yet. You turned back around, continuing to your usual seat when your eyes locked on Sirius and everything rushed back.

“On second thought, I’ll meet you in the common room,” you whispered, heading back out. Remus gave you a pitying look, nodding as you tore out of the room.

After about fifteen minutes, you heard a knock at your door. You opened the door, expecting Remus. Instead, you were met with a pair of familiar grey eyes. You were tempted to shut the door in his face, but instead stood to the side as he walked in.

“Remus said I needed to talk to you, oh and he sent me with these,” Sirius spoke, handing you a plate of muffins and fruit. You took them, nodding your thanks.

“Did he say anything else?” You inquired, taking great interest in the blueberry’s in your muffin.

“No, just that I needed to talk to you and that I needed to figure it out,” he replied, taking a seat beside you. “Is it because I broke our plans? I mean, I figured you would understand, and it was only once.”

“Sirius, can I ask you something?” You looked at him, your (Y/C/E) eyes staring into his.

“Of course (Y/N/N).”

“Did you know? How I felt I mean,” you askeded, your voice strong. You watched him bite his lip, glancing away slightly. “Don’t lie to me either.”

“I had a feeling, but I wasn’t sure.” He mumbled, looking anywhere but you. You took a shaky breath, closing your eyes.

“How long?” You whispered, opening your eyes after a moment of silence.

“How bloody long?” You snapped, your pain slowly being replaced by anger.

“A few weeks,” he mumbled, looking up at you with shame written across his features.

“And you still let me fall for you harder, you cuddled with me daily, you came to me when you had nightmares and with your family issues, you let me vent to you, and never once did you drop any hint that you wanted us to just be friends,” you growled, blinking back tears. “What’s worse, is you let me walk in on you with some girl, and you knew how I felt.”

“(Y/N) I wasn’t thinking I didn’t -” Sirius rushed, wincing when you let out a sad laugh.

“Just go Sirius,” you laughed, wiping your tears with the sleeve of Remus’ sweater, trying to hold back the worst of it.

“Please, just listen to me,” he begged, taking your free hand in his.

“Don’t touch me Black,” you snapped, jerking your hand from his grasp. “I don’t want to see you, just go.”

Sirius stood, clenching his jaw as you glared up at him. He whispered a soft ‘I’m sorry,’ as he walked out of the door. When you knew he was out of earshot, you let out a violent sob. You barely registered the pair of arms around you, as you broke down. Why did you have to fall for Sirius Black.

Justin Bieber: Best Friends on Ellen

Words count:1582

Warning: none

Summery: You and Justin are friends for six years, and are having an interview on Ellen. Fluff and fun. 

You’re a famous model, who has been on the scene since you were young. Growing up under the spot light was a strange thing for you to go through, but with the help of your family you grew up just fine. Being in the industry as long as you have, made you very popular and have a lot of famous friends. The oldest friend you have is Justin Bieber. You met Justin just as he released Baby back in 2010. You two became fast friends. In no time you became best of friends. When you needed something you could rely on each other. When you needed to talk the other was there to listen even if you were on the other ends of the earth. When needed you always took a plane to get where the other was. Your relationship was stronger than of siblings.

Being spotted with each other made the media go crazy and rumors were thrown left and right. It amused you what some people came up with. At first you could understand that the media just was confused, but now six years later still some rumors come and go, all pushed down by your and Justin’s team.

You appeared in couple of Justin’s videos, and were in a clip in his Never Say Never movie. So when you came with the idea of you two starting a charity together just couldn’t say no to you, and you and Justin worked hard to start your own charity organization. You had done a photoshoot with Justin for publicity and were even invited to Ellen’s for an interview. You were her only interviewees that day.

You were all ready and good to go, you were waiting for Justin to finish you were up in five. You were nervous, and kept looking around for him, he was never ever on time.

“I’m here!” Justin called as he speed walked to you, you shook your head at him.

“Finally.” You exclaimed, and quickly fixed his clothes just as your cue was about to be called.

“And with us today, the amazing and talented Justin Bieber and (y/n) (y/l/n).” Ellen said and you walked on stage with Justin. You were smiling and waved at the crowed. You quickly said your hello’s to Ellen and a wave to the audience and sat in the sofa. It wasn’t a small one but you were still very close to Justin which you didn’t mind.

“It feels great to be back here.” Justin said flashing a smile to the audience who was going crazy.

“You should come more often then.” Ellen said.

“This is my first time here.” You said.

“Why is that?” Ellen asked knowing, she had tried to get you on her show a few times before but it always was when you were busy with your work.

“Well it’s not my fault, but you always invite me when I’m busy.” You told her and gave her an innocent smile.

“So you have time for Jimmy Fallon but for us, I’m offended.” Ellen joked.

“Well Ellen, Jimmy isn’t the one who’s about to spend the day with us, is he?” you told Ellen and laughed.

“You’re right, ok I forgive you.” Ellen said and you mouthed a ‘thank god’ the audience laughed. “Ok, so before I ask you about the organization, I have a few questions for you two.”

“Fire away.” Justin said, and you nodded.

“I heard that this is your first interview together in a long time?” Ellen asked.

“Yes, we usually don’t do interviews together, almost all of them are on red carpet when one of us doesn’t have a date and need one.” Justin said.

“Yes, which is a lot by the way.” You added.

“Take that Fallon I got Bieber and (y/l/n).” Ellen said to the screen and you laughed, with everyone else. “How long have you too knew each other for?”

“Six years.” You and Justin said at the same time, you gave each other a looked then a laughed.

“Wow, so a really long time then.” Ellen stated, and Justin said ‘yeah’. “And how has it been? Your friendship I mean.”

“It’s an… interesting one.” You said and laughed.

“Yes, we both changed along the years and the interesting thing is that we didn’t drift apart even though we sometimes spent four months without seeing each other.” Justin said and you nodded along with his words. “We are very close friends.”

“Yes, I mean whenever we’re both in LA he’s either at my mouse, or the other way around.” You said, and then smirked and whispered the last bit to the mic. “Unless, he’s having company.” Everyone laughed.

“Is it true that you are the one who bails him out of jail?” Ellen asked you.

“Yes, I’m his emergency number for some unknown reason.” I told Ellen.

“And I’m hers by the way.” Justin said and faked coughed. You glared at him playfully.

“Surprise mom.” You said to the screen and Ellen laughed.

“Yes, mom I’m sorry you’re not my emergency number, but don’t worry Justin is here to bail me out.” Ellen said to the camera, and you smiled.

“What she said.” You said pointing at Ellen.

“OK Justin tells what (y/n) means to you.” Ellen said turning to Justin, as did you. You looked at him and raised an eyebrow. “How is she as a friend?”

“(y/n) is… she’s an amazing friend, she stood by me for so long and hasn’t given up on me, and she always pushes me to try and do my best and be the best version of myself. She means the world to me and I’m very lucky to have her as a friend” Just said and you couldn’t help but smile. It meant so much to you. “(y/n) is always one call away, and she has been with me for every break-up, milt-down every mess up everything she always tries to help me when I have a problem with the media, she keeps me drounded. She’s just amazing, and I love her so much.”

You couldn’t help but hug Justin the audience ‘awed’ at you two. Justin hugged you and the let go, after you gave him a kiss on the cheek.

“That’s a really good thing to hear, I love hearing things like that.” Ellen stated her face shining form just seeing you tow happy. “(y/n) are you ok? Do you need a tissue?”

“No, I’m fine, I can keep it in until we finish.” You let out a small laugh and welled the tears away.

“Good, because now is your turn. How is Justin as a friend? And what does he mean to you?”

“Justin is a dork.” Everyone laughed and Justin pushed you playfully. “But, he’s my best friend, he truly is one in a million, I love him and he’s very supportive of whatever I do, and just keeps me happy, he always know what I want and need without me saying it, I guess we just became that familiar with each other, he stood by me in my darkest times, and always tells me to do my absolute best, and to not care about what other people say and to trust my instinct and I just wanted to say I need no squad as long as I got the Biebs by my side.”

“Nice finishing line, I need no squad as long as I got Biebs by my side.” Ellen said, you leaned into Justin’s side as he had his hand in the back of the sofa behind you. “How about boyfriends and girlfriends?”

“Let me tell you Justin takes the big brother role way too seriously.” You said laughing at the memory of him meeting your current boyfriend.

“What do you mean? What did you do Justin?” Ellen asked Justin, who blushed a little.

“I never think they’re good enough for her, and I let them know who is the one who has her by his side.” Justin said casually as if that’s the normal. “I may or may not scared a lot of them.”

“I always wander how canI still find men to date.” You said and shook your head.

“And how was he when he found out you were dating fellow model Simon Nessman(OR any other model or whoever you want)?”

“He was so over protective, he even tried to convince me that he was so much older and that he wasn’t good for me.”

“Well, I got to look out for my (y/n) now shouldn’t I?” Justin tried to explain himself.

“Totally, next time just show them your bodyguard collection and they’ll go running.” Ellen joked with Justin.

“Please, don’t give him ideas.” You begged Ellen.

“Too late.” Justin smirked and you groaned.

“Okay (y/n) you do you handle his girlfriends?” Ellen asked you and you smirked at Justin who shook his head.

“Well first of all I only meet the ones who pass the one month mark, and I’m very, very honest about my opinions on them, and if they’re models that I’ve worked with before and I know they’re going to be a bad influence on him I let him know, I just look out for him.” You shrugged.

“Justin is more fun I’ll help you Justin. I’ll give you more ideas through the break.” Ellen said and it was a little break time and they set ready for the next part of the show.



PART 2??

anonymous asked:

What did you think of Empire Strikes Back?

okay so just finished watching it (for those of you who missed this: first time i’m seen the actual films rather than just reading meta/fanfic) and:

  • more coherent thoughts: Leia is such a War Leader in this. In ANH we get to see her as the brave young politician, but here we see General Organa blossoming, beautiful and sharp-toothed and shouty. She marches in front of the pilots, hands clasped behind her back, like every ‘Father to His Men’ character ever. And they listen to her, and they die for her, and at the end she has to be physically pulled from her post because you just know that she would have stayed and sacrificed herself to buy them a little more time. When she decides to close the gates on Han and Luke, you see the pain in her face; but she gives the order, because that is the right thing to do. No, she isn’t immune from Skywalker Drama but she is definitely more levelheaded than Luke (yes, yes, she is; louder and brasher but definitely more levelheaded than Mr ‘I’m half-trained and not sure what I’m doing Imma fly into a trap’ Trash Lord Fire Jesus Skywalker) and more used to making difficult decisions and she DOES IT and she is just SO SO PERFECT I love her. 
  • Luke is, and continues to be, Anakin’s son. There’s a very popular meta flying around, and bits of it I like but bits of it I object to, namely the stress on Luke being more Padme’s child and Leia being more Anakin’s. They both take after both of their parents! They both have qualities of both of them! and my Feelings on that is a very long post so we shall leave it at this: you just know that Obi Wan is getting really worrying flashbacks because oh shit the boy doesn’t know what he is doing he is plunging off to save his friends because he LOVES them and he can SAVE them and this is what he must do, fuck the rules. He looks very much like Anakin as he clambers into the cockpit. (Remember: Anakin didn’t fall because of his hate. He fell because he was in love, desperately in love, and thought that love justified everything. Oh dear.)
  • Han & Leia are the fucking cutest. I love how he pretends to be a Suave Lady’s Man Who Has Spent Quality Time in Many Genitals Yes Sir but is basically a massive dork (headcanon: whenever he and Chewie go on the pull, Chewie gets all the hot alien chicks/dudes because humans are soft pink and strange, why would you want that when there is a Wookie there, holy shit; far more alien races fancy Wookies than alien races fancy humans.) They are so sweet and tender without realising they’re being sweet and tender and Leia. Leia! He’s her first boyfriend, I’m calling it right now, that girl is a nerd who spent her school days in the library or in the debate team and didn’t really think of romance and suddenly Han is there and she’s like WHAT DO. WHAT DO. I LOVE IT I SHOULD SHOUT AT IT BECAUSE I CANNOT EXPRESS EMOTION ANY OTHER WAY. We all make fun of Han for being emotionally constipated – rightly so! – but Leia? Omfg girl. (they haven’t had sex yet. they’ve decided to take it slowly. everyone on hoth wants them desperately to bang because maybe maybe maybe the shouting might stop, or at least decrease in frequency.)
  • LANDO ilu my babby. Han’s ex. Obviously. Probably got married somewhere by accident and have yet to divorce. Brave, good Lando. Made a dreadful deal to save his city, told people to evacuate.
  • Darth Vader continues to be Extra A+++. Also, great time for Father-Son bonding time Annie, really top notch. 
  • This is getting too long so I’ll end on this note: the best Look of this film was, obviously, Leia’s white jumpsuit on Cloud City. Iconic. 
Holsom Dads: Baby's 1st Words

I have more feelings about Holsom Dads™ you guys, so enjoy this little scene about their oldest daughter’s first words…

Holster was sitting on the couch with Grace in his lap when Ransom came home. “Come on! Say dada! You’re so close Gracie! Say it! Say dada!” He bounced her a little and she giggled. “Da-Da!”

Ransom chuckled and came over. He kissed Grace on the top of her head, then gave Holster a peck on the cheek. “Give her time, bro. She’ll talk soon.”

“She was so close earlier! I swear she was going to say it, but I didn’t want you to miss the big moment so I just started singing to her and she fell asleep.” Ransom laughed at him, and Holster continued his explanation in his baby-talking voice while looking at their daughter. “And now someone is awake from her nice nap and she’s going to say dada to both her daddies! Yes she is! She’s the smartest little girl in the world because she has her daddy’s genius doctor brain! Yes! Say dada!”

(More under the cut because this was longer than planned)

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I'm not great, but I'm here (Requested)

Pairing: Peter Maximoff x (f)Reader
Request: @browncoatforever: Do you think you could write a Kurt x Fem!Reader story where the reader has like, bad anxiety and panic attacks and a slight depression and Kurt helps her get through it? + Do you think you can use my prompt for one of those? Peter maybe?
Featuring: Charles, Scott, Jean
Word Count: 1737 words
Warning: Kinda angst, panic attack/mention of mental illness being invalid, swearing, fluff
A/N: I usually don’t say this, but feedback would be really nice on this one, especially for the description of the panic attack, thanks! (I just wanna know if you guys relate tbh) 

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((gifs not mine, credit to owners))

               Peter’s fist repeatedly knocked against your door, he had been doing this for about five minutes and you were getting annoyed. “MAXIMOFF I SWEAR TO GOD!” You shouted, throwing a pillow at the door. You could hear Peter laugh from the outside of your room. You had been in your room for the past few days. Only rarely emerging to eat. Peter wouldn’t admit he was worried, but he was fucking terrified. You had spent almost every waking hour with Peter, and sometimes he’d even sneak into your room at night to cuddle. But then you just sort of disappeared, you became colder and Peter kept overthinking it. Sure, Peter had done this too, pushed everyone away, but he always seemed to get better again, because of you. Now, you didn’t have anyone to help you get better, even if Peter wanted to, he wouldn’t know how. He confides in you, tells you everything, but you? You never wanted to burden Peter with your pain, even though now you had almost no choice.

“Wow does my best friend live in here or Dracula.” Peter joked before flicking your light switch on.

“That’s a little rich coming from you.” You jested, rolling over to see Peter watching you intently.

“Jean said you were sick, but you seem fine. Well I mean you are fine,” You rolled your eyes at him. “But this is different. What, are you skipping class to kiss boys?” Peter laughed.

“Nope fucking ‘em.” You said, watching Peter’s eyes light up with horror. “I’m kidding, Jeez.” You giggled, sitting fully up before shoving Peter.

“Then what’s wrong?”

“I’m just…tired.”


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This Is It

Pairing: Dean x reader, Sam x reader

Word count: about 3030

warnings: smut, fluff, slight angst, swearing, unprotected sex (be safe)

(Not my gif, found it on google)

Just like after every successful hunt, you were out at a bar, celebrating with the Winchesters.

It was just barely that this hunt hadn’t gone to hell. All of you had some point been in real danger of getting seriously injured, but you had all luckily made it out with just a couple of scrapes and bruises.

These were the kind of hunts it was difficult to calm down after. Being so close to death made your adrenaline pump, it didn’t exactly help to see the people you care about in mortal dangerl. That was really why you had gone to the bar. It was a celebration, but it was mostly so you could find ways to let off some steam.

You usually had two options in situations like these. One-night stand, or a fight. Tonight you really weren’t in the mood for a fight.

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Mabel stirred.

“Sir! SIR!

There were huffing and snorting noises coming from outside, heavy thuds on the floor, almost like…. Clops?

“Sir, sir you cannot bring a horse into the hospital-“

The door slammed open.


Mabel looked over at Henry, who was holding the girls, and looking completely befuddled. Next to him, holding Hank and on this plane for the low low price of a Snickers bar, floated Dipper, looking equally confused. Though he shouldn’t since he knew their guest.

She grinned. “Hey President Trembley!”

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emergency chapter 4; read on ao3 here

Nursey doesn’t want to talk about it. Well, he does, hereally fucking does, but the idea of saying it, of finding the right combination of words to make Dex really understand how much he means to him…it’s daunting.

Light splashes across his room, illuminating his walls and leaving a kaleidoscope of colour against Dex’s skin. Nursey feels bad, momentarily, for watching Dex while he sleeps but, considering he woke up with the other boy pressed tightly to his side, one arm flung across his chest, Nursey gets over it. His head feels fuzzy, his mouth even more so, but the desire to stay in bed–to enjoy this while it lasts–overrides the part of him that wants to hunt down ibuprofen and brush his teeth.
Dex shifts and his head is on Nursey’s shoulder; Nursey sighs, shuts his eyes tightly, before looking up at the ceiling in defeat. He can feel Dex’s breath against his jaw, he can feel Dex’s pulse against his heart.

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Lashton Pizza Delivery AU a.k.a. I'm sorry for existing

There’s not much to say. Ashton’s shirtless, Luke delivers pizza. Stay tuned for the next instalment. Hope u like:))

Word count- 1,754

Type- Lashton drabble

Part 1

Ashton’s stomach swells in a sickening manner as he pushes himself up from the bed, only to collapse back down again five seconds later with a groan. Fuck. He’s really pushed his limits this time. He thanks the lord that Calum somehow managed to navigate them both down the road steaming drunk at 2am, without one or both of them passing out at his doorstep.

The fuzzy-haired boy is nowhere to be seen in his room, and Ashton assumes that he’d just continued to his house a bit further down the street once he’d made a stop here. His eyes move around the bedroom, stopping at the pile of clothes on the floor, beneath which nests a large, mostly empty bottle of vodka. He remembers wielding it- rather violently if he recalls correctly- as they staggered down the street last night. He thinks he might be sick.

His head throbs violently as he claws blindly at the surface of his bedside table for an ibuprofen. He finds an old pack and rips it open desperately with one hand. One topples out into his hand. Score. Popping it into his mouth and grimacing as it falls down his throat like shard of glass, he reaches down and picks up his phone from the floor. It’s conveniently close to the bed, so he doesn’t have to move much more than shuffle slightly to the left, which is good since Ashton never wants to move again. Ever. Also, he’s never drinking again. Ever.

The first notification to catch his attention as he presses the home button is a text from Dominos for some discount. Oooh, pizza. He could seriously do with demolishing a Meatilicous Dominos pizza right now. Well not to demolish…to nibble and try not to fiercely eject from his stomach. Either way, he’s getting one. He doesn’t think it’s going to be physically possible to slide out of bed to the fridge in the state he’s in, and thanks the higher powers for pizza delivery guys. Saints.

Tapping in his home address and number, Ashton selects a pizza with almost every topping under the sun. Today is definitely a ‘go big or go home’ kind of a day. Medium, or Large? Hmm, Large. He sticks out his tongue with concentration whilst filing his order. It’s serious stuff.

Any special instructions? A grin spreads across Ashton’s face as he remembers the guy on the internet who got the pizza lady to bring the pizza right up to his room. He wonders if it’d be a total dick move if he were to do the same. It would be so amazing- like room service in his house. Calum would probably call him a massive twat, but Calum isn’t here experiencing the Worst Hangover Ever, so Ashton’s going to do it.

Hello! Am so hungover am finding it hard to move, lol. Could you bring it up to my room, pretty please???? The back door is unlocked and my room is up the stairs, first door on the right. If it makes you uncomfortable, feel free to just ring like a normal person, but I might vomit on you at any moment if I have to move. Drive safe dudes x’ he types, re-reading it twice and cringing at how much of a dick he is when he types. Whatever. Hunger calls.

He places his order and collapses back on the bed, skimming his eyes across the floor for his wallet. There it is. On the other side of the room, peeking out of the back pocket of yesterday’s crumpled jeans. He has forty minutes-ish to get it, so he’s not in a rush, but even the thought of moving from his spot makes Aston want to die. And his room is so warm, and his head is so throb-by and just the thought of pizza just makes him sleepy and he wants a cudddllleee…



‘Excuse me?’

Ashton’s eyes snap open and he sees a pair of black converse shuffling around awkwardly in the doorway of his room. What the-

‘Fuck!’ he scrambles up to greet the pizza guy and is reminded all too suddenly of his vicious hangover, as his whole body decides to lurch forward off the bed, and he crashes to the floor at the feet of the delivery guy. ‘Sorry! Sorry.’

‘Fuck, are you okay?’

‘Yeah! Yeah,’ Ashton grimaces, pretending like he’s not about to start dry heaving onto the carpet. This is the most embarrassing this that’s ever happened to him. Instead he gets up with his wallet now in his hand, and smiles at the boy standing in front of him. WHO, by the way, is absolutely fucking gorgeous. Oh, wow, Ashton thinks. All soft blonde hair and pretty blue eyes framed by the curliest lashes he’s ever seen.

‘Have I got the wrong house? You’re Ashton Irwin, right?’ says the boy, dipping his hand into his pocket to retrieve a bit of paper with Ashton’s order on it.

‘No! I mean- yeah, yeah I’m him. You haven’t got the wrong house,’ Ashton smiles. The boy smiles back and Ashton thinks he might’ve gone to heaven. If he’d thought all pizza delivery guys were this damn attractive, he’d be getting pizza every fucking night of the week. He has a lip piercing. ‘So do you deliver pizzas often?’

What, the fuck is he talking about?! Smooth fucking going, Ash. He’s a pizza deliverer. He must never deliver fucking pizzas. He struggles not to slap himself in the face, clutching his hands together tightly as if he’s caught an insect.

‘No, actually. This is like, my first day,’ replies the guy, scratching the back of his neck with a pale hand.  He laughs nervously.

‘Oh,’ say’s Ashton, feeling embarrassed, ‘well I’m sorry that I have to be one of your first sights of the job. All hung over and shirtless and…gross.’ Oh god, he actually wants to dive out of the window. The guy laughs though, placing the pizza box down on the bed and waiting for Ashton to retrieve twenty dollars from his wallet. Oh lord, the guy’s teeth are like tiny white shrines and Ashton wants to kiss them more than he wants to eat pizza, right now. Well, maybe about the same- he does seriously want pizza. But he also wants to kiss this guy’s face, so he’s really quite conflicted.

‘You’re not gross, the last people I went to had a really loud, dog. Which was, like, pretty scary. And plus, you look kind of…you look sorta cute when you’re ‘hungover’.’ He motions his fingers like quotation-marks as he says ‘hungover’ and Ashton scoffs. Partly, because the absolute Greek God in front of him just called him cute (like, what?! Is this real life?). But also because how dare he imply that Ashton would lie about being hungover, just so he can have his pizza delivered up to his room?!

‘I am too hungover!’ he protests, fishing a note out of his wallet and handing it to the guy.

‘You look like you’ve just woken from eleven sober hours of sleep and then had an hour of spa treatments! I refuse to believe it.’ This leaves Ashton slightly lost for words, as he didn’t actually expect to engage in flirtatious conversation with someone this gorgeous, this early in the day. Especially not the pizza delivery guy. He’s also flattered because standing here in his boxers, with his hair sticking up in places, and two great bags under his no-doubt very bloodshot eyes- he’s far from cute.

‘T-thanks. You look good, too?’ he attempts back.

‘In my pizza shirt?’ the guy tugs the hem of his red polo shirt and looks up at Ashton, biting his lip. Fuck, Ashton wants him. It’s animalistic and bad that he’s getting like this after not ten minutes of the guy being in the room. But then again he hasn’t gotten off in like three days.

‘What can I say? Men in uniform,’ he retorts back, raising a slightly suggestive eyebrow at the boy in front of him, who now looks has nowhere to go but back to his car. He looks like he’s trying to find a reason to stay and talk, but they both know there is none. They stand for a moment, Ashton in his boxer shorts and the guy pulling at the bottom of his shirt.

‘Well, anyway…I should probably-’ he starts.

‘Do you wanna share this with me?’ Ashton blurts out before the boy can leave. He looks a little startled at the offer and before he can duck his head completely, Ashton notices he’s blushing fiercely. He smiles at the ground and looks up again.

‘Um…I can’t really because I’m working…’

‘Oh, okay,’ says Ashton. He should’ve known that, Jesus. Why did he ask that? He’s such a twat.

‘But do you wanna maybe, like- we don’t have to- but do you want to go for a drink or I dunno, like a Starbucks or something, later?’ asks the guy. He stumbles over his words so adorably that Ashton has to restrain himself from screaming ‘FUCK YES’ at the top of his lungs almost immediately.

‘Yeah, man. That’d be cool, I guess,’ he tries to say nonchalantly, but his voice tilts up threateningly high at the end, and he cringes like there’s no tomorrow.

‘Do you want…my number?’ says the guy.

‘Dominos number?’

‘No, like…my actual, personal number?’

Ashton is an absolute mess. Oh lord. Obviously not Dominos number. He’s such a blithering idiot, sometimes.

‘Oh, fuck, right. Yeah. Yes, please.’

‘I’m Luke, by the way.’

‘I’m Ashton- oh fuck, wait, you knew that…’ he says. Luke giggles and tugs at his lip ring with his teeth again. Fuck. Ashton’s vision is hazy and it’s not due to last night’s alcohol intake. He hands Luke his phone and they stand in silence for a few moments while he types in his number.

‘So, I’ll see you tonight, I guess?’ he says, gently putting the phone back in Ashton’s hand.

‘Yeah, I guess you will,’ says Ashton in disbelief, not quite understanding how or why this encounter turned out like it did. Luke huffs a laugh and swings a little on the balls of his feet before backing out of the door, leaving Ashton to his pizza.

He stands still for a moment, and upon hearing the backdoor click shut does a little hop, skip and jump onto his mattress. He grins like a maniac down at his phone screen, where it says ‘Luke:))’ with about six pizza emojis. Luke’s already texted himself with ‘Hey Luke, it’s Luke,’ and Ashton comes to the quick realisation that he’s going on a date with a massive dork. But hey- it’s not even 12 o’clock and he has a cute boy’s number and a pizza. What a fantastic start to the day.