both are really good looking but such dorks and great men

Sex with Tom when you're Harrison's sister

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• okay but of you’re Harrison’s sister Tom would fight against his feelings until the very last second
• he’d actually never see you as a potential girlfriend bc you’re the sister of his best friend
• so you’re the one that make the first move
• you start to provoke him in every chance you have
• the very first time would be something really simple, a dinner at your house and you keep rubbing your knee on his by “accident”
• and every time Tom sleepover on your house you’d make sure to come downstairs to breakfast in only a large t-shirt and panties
• Haz would freak out bc even if Tom is almost family, he still is a guest
• but worth the way Tom look at you (thinking that you’re not noticing)
• on the movie nights you’d strategically put your head on Harrison’s lap and your tights on Tom’s lap but wouldn’t stop moving your legs putting Tom in a really hard situation
• you’d annoy him a lot and get into small discussions, always contradicting him making him angry
• Harrison would love to see those fights bc he thinks it’s super funny how you really annoy everybody and not just him
• if you feel Tom staring you’d bite your lips and throw your head back massaging your neck
• no bra
• you’d never wear bra when Tom is around
• and you’d make sexy noises when you’re eating something really good
• you’d always let something fall on the floor just to show your ass when you grab it
• you’d do this things for months and nothing
• every time Tom talks about (or with) Zendaya you’d be so jealous that you’d just leave the place without saying anything
• Haz would think you’re in PMS tho
• since you’re not getting a feedback you’d try one last thing and if this doesn’t work out you’d finally give that guy from your work a chance
• the walls on your house are very thin and your room are side to side with the room Tom sleeps in so you’d just wait for him to sleepover again
• after you hear his door close your start to play with yourself
• you’re start to moan his name and let small cries of pleasure out as your fingers curl inside you
• he was hearing it, you know he was so why he wasn’t doing anything?
• anything at all
• how it’s this possible?
• conform you’re close to your orgasm you’d start to be more loud
• and nothing
• Tom really ignored you
• so you just take you phone and text James (the guy from your work) inviting him to the the movie theater
• even if it’s late he answers you almost instantly
• and now you have a date, congrats
• in the morning you put some shorts to have breakfast bc you gave up provoking Tom
• and Haz would be so happy that you finally listened him that would make you smile a little
• but Tom wouldn’t be there making you wonder if he never want to see your face again
• his lost bc you’re beautiful and completely over him
• well maybe not completely judging by the way your legs shake when he appears on the kitchen but hell yeah you 90% over him
• he’s acting normal so you he really don’t feel anything for you, let’s move on then
• “Haz, I have a date tonight so I’m not getting dinner”
• Harrison would make so many questions that you didn’t notice Tom clenching hard his jaw
• He ask if James is respectful, if he’s a fan of your favorite series, if he’s educated, if he’s a dork, if he’s a fuckboy and he’d help you choice your outfit (I want a brother like Haz pls)
• during all day Tom would be quiet and grumpy telling you that it’s cold and maybe you should stay home
• but you don’t give a fuck bc you have a date
• you have a date and you’re going to focus only on James
• you’d be finishing your shower when you listen do the doorbell
• you’d just involve your body in the towel and run to open the door
• in the moment James look at you just “wearing” a towel he’d blush and his eyes would be darker
• that’s a fucking reaction, Thomas
• you invite him to get in and see the both men of your life sitting in the couch staring at you but in very different ways
• Haz was mortified with your bad education but Tom was… with lust in his eyes?
• doesn’t matter now bc you have a date (and you think it’s something that you made up like you always do)
• “Y/N, go put your clothes now. Oh my god, James. I’m sorry she’s not always like that. I swear”
• you’d be able to listen your brother taking to James while you’re going to your room
• now that you’re ready you just stop in the top of the stairs and smile at the boys
• “Ready?”
• James stand up and you both walk to the door
• “Let’s watch Batman VS Superman, sweetheart”
• Harrison laugh at Tom’s face but you don’t dare turn around to see it
• the night was actually really pleasant and James really know how to keep a conversation
• you’re actually surprise by how good his kiss was but unfortunately on your mind was Tom kissing you and leaving that hickie on your neck (okay maybe you’re 60% over Tom)
• and he’s such a gentleman, he really left you on your door and kissed you on the cheek to say goodbye
• in the moment you put your foot inside your house Harrison starts to yell
• he’d be more convincing if he wasn’t laughing until he lost his breath
• “Haz… I’m going to take another shower.”
• “Shut up. And go buy cookies. I’m super hungry for…”
• okay maybe Haz it’s the kind of brother who loves to annoy his sister too
• “You’re ridiculous.”
• your both are laughing but not Tom
• if have something that Tom it’s not doing this thing it’s laugh
• in the bathroom would be able to see the live mark and wasn’t that big
• feeling the hot water on your body make you realize how tense you were
• and you blame Tom
• again you only come out of the bathroom wearing just a towel bc who needs clothes right?
• entering your dark room you’d see someone sitting in your bed
• turning the lights on you’d be able to see that was him
• “You really need to stop walking like this, darling”
• “This is my house, Tom. I can walk like whatever the fuck I want to”
• “You have a horrible mouth”
• “But I can do great things with”
• you’re sassy just like Haz, must be something in the DNA
• but Tom would groan lowly and his face would be pure rage
• “Like you did today?”
• instinctively you’d cover your neck with one hand
• “What the fuck? You have not to do with this, Tom.”
• “I think I do, darling
• “Really? How?”
• you raise one eyebrow when he stand up and walk in your direction unconsciously stepping back
• “Well… It’s wasn’t his name that you’re moaning last night”
• your back hit the wall and his body is now inches from yours
• you didn’t really know what to say so you’d just started at him, mouth barely open and heavy breathing
• “Do you know how hard I was? I guess I never been so fucking hard in all my life and I wasn’t able to do anything. If I was able to listen to you, you’d be able to listen to me.”
• his hands would be softly on your waist and his lips would be rubbing your softly
• “I dreamed about you all night, on how tight your pussy is and how I want to your little dirty mouth all over my cock sucking all my cum. I woke up with my dick still pulsing begging for attention and I wasn’t able to do anything until you leave your room, princess.”
• the thought made you moan and his fingers sinking stronger in your body through the towel
• “You have been provoking me for so much time and I didn’t do anything because you’re Haz’s sister, but every fucking time you make those damn noises eating a piece of cake I wished that was my dick in your mouth, every fucking time you start to fighting with me my only thought was taking you right there and make angry sex. You fucking don’t use bras. Do you know how many times I touch myself thinking on me sucking your tits?”
• he’d take your towel off and throw it in the floor
• you’d feel totally exposed but you’d be so wet that you wouldn’t give a fuck
• he’d turn you around pressing your ass against his erection against your ass
• you’d moan and rub your cheeks making him groan and slap your butt
• “That guy James… I hate him so much. He tried to mark him as yours… But darling… You’re mine now and I’m gonna show you”
• one of his hands would be around your throat and with the other he’d insert two of his fingers inside you
• “So wet for me and a I barely did anything, love. I want to play with you to make you pay for all the months you made me find relief alone, but right now we need to be quick. Haz is probably coming back and we know how thin this walls are”
• he’d say that while open his pants and take his fat throbbing cock off his boxers
• and then harshly push himself into you at once
• before you be a to scream Tom would put his left hand on your mouth
• “Remember, darling… thin walls. And fuck… You’re so tight”
• as he start to thrust against you he’d look down to see his dick disappear inside you as he move
• he’d bite your shoulder really strong and leave way more dark hickies along your neck than James did
• pulling your back against him while he grunted in your ear he’d get a perfect view of your tits bouncing with each thrust he slammed into you
• your hand would move to your clit and start to rubbing it furiously
• your juice would be covering his dick making the dirtiest noises
• you knew you were getting close and you’d start to be more louder
• “Fuck, Y/N. I’ve always wonder if you were the quiet type, but I can see that you’re really vocal huh?”
• you push your ass back against him trying to get all the possible contact with his body
• all the dirty talk would push you to the edge and you’d feel your body be consumed by your orgasm and clench your walls around his cock mentally thanking Tom for the hand on your mouth
• Tom would have grip onto you tighter to keep you up steady
• the thrusts would be more erratic and with a few more you would feel the fingers around neck tighter
• you knew he had cum inside of you and now that you both are trying to calm down you’d feel his dick twitching inside you sometimes
• his face would be buried in the croock of your neck and his heavy breaths would make goosebumps rise through your body
• Tom would turn you around and kiss you
• that’s the best fucking kiss on your life
• his lips would be so soft and he’d be so passionate
• and he’d kiss your forehead and you’d slightly rest the weight of your head on his chin
• “Tom, why did you take so long to do something if I turn you on so much?”
• “Because you’re Haz’s sister. He’s my best friend and he’s going to kill me”
• “He don’t have to find out.”
• “I think we should tell, Y/N”
• “I think we should fight about this and finally have angry sex”
• “You’re serious right now?”
• you’d just laugh and kiss him again while start take his t-shirt
• Tom is a really good kisser you know
• it’s almost like the world around you disappears
• almost
• you still would be able to listen your brother open the door of your room and start to talk
• “Hey Y/N, I didn’t find those cookies so… HEY WHAT THE FUCK?

So I told @the-ice-goddess​ that I’d post a blurb of the Stuckony A/B/O that I’m still working on. Probably not as sexy as you guys would like but it’s hilarious to make up for it.

A lot of lingerie boxes were showing up now. Bucky and Steve had apparently taken the original gifts to mean ‘okay now that we know he’ll wear it he needs all of it.’ He could never tell who had ordered what; Bucky and Steve were both equally ecstatic when a new box showed up and insisted he try it on immediately. Honestly it was getting ridiculous, how often they dragged him out of the workshop to model his new lingerie. He’d almost given them strokes when he mentioned that he didn’t mind wearing garters and stockings just to get them to stop buying panties and nighties. ….Maybe he should let the alphas rip some of them off him. He was getting enough of a surplus.

Tony paused in front of the mirror again to admire the blue lace peeking out from under red silk. He ignored the scar on his chest. He’d had enough of that for one month, thank you. Instead, he fiddled with his makeup bag, wondering if he should add a little mascara or something. He decided against it. It was quite possible that one of the men would make him cry today. He didn’t want to give them the satisfaction of his mascara running. (They’d once threatened to throw out his waterproof mascara. Luckily he’d had Natasha and Pepper to go into a frothing rage over it with him. Makeup wasn’t cheap.)

“Pancakes are done, sweetheart!” he heard Steve call from the kitchen.

Tony took one last long look at his reflection, taking a second to fix his hair, then made his way to the kitchen where he could smell hot blueberry pancakes. “Can I sit on someone’s lap? Otherwise this plug is gonna be a little uncomfortable.”

Bucky spread his hands out immediately. “Yes. Sit on my lap. This one. Mine.”

“I’m not even sitting down yet, idiot,” Steve exclaimed, setting down a platter of bacon. “Of course he’s going to sit on your lap!”

Bucky still made grabby hands.

“You giant dork,” Tony said, amused, but sat in his lap. He squirmed around, trying to get comfortable, and smacked his hands away when he tried to help. “No, I’m hungry and want to eat before we have sex.”

“I guess that’s alright then,” the brunet sighed, even as his hands hovered awkwardly with the want to help. “So you know the plan, right?”

Tony nodded, finally getting comfortable, and reached for the pancakes. “Steve’s gonna go on his run, and you’re gonna stay here with me. Then Steve’ll come back, you’ll go do… something. I don’t know if you’ve decided yet. And then you’ll come back and hopefully we’ll have some slow, gentle sex where I don’t have to do anything because I bet I’m gonna be exhausted.”

“Sounds about right,” Steve said, shrugging. “What are you going to do while you’re gone, Buck?”

“Probably get Natasha to kick my ass, I dunno,” Bucky mumbled, eating slice after slice of bacon. “Nowhere I really wanna go unless I got one of you with me.”

Tony turned to frown at him. “Because you’re getting anxious in public again?”

“Because everywhere I wanna go is a date spot,” he corrected. “I don’t wanna be that sad creepy guy just lurking around.”

Steve snorted as he finally sat down with a plate of hash browns and snatched some bacon before Bucky could eat it all. “You’re the sad creepy guy lurking around even when it’s not a date spot.”

“I’m gonna wreck his ass and you won’t get to fuck him today,” Bucky threatened.

Tony rolled his eyes and sighed. “We’ve planned this for a month. You are not going to wreck my ass so he can’t fuck me.”

“I could,” the alpha mumbled, burying his face in his shoulder. “I could send him pictures of it, too, just to prove it.”

The omega rolled his eyes again, so hard it almost hurt. “You don’t get to send each other slutty pictures of me on your phones.”

The alphas scowled petulantly, because they wanted to, but when Tony had fretfully admitted that he didn’t want to have another sex scandal this late in life and his phones were great but not entirely hack-proof, they’d hurriedly agreed. He’d had his trust broken and his sex tapes exposed without his consent enough times already. It helped that he’d explained that JARVIS could take pictures and video and keep them safe for them, but it still made them foam at the mouth a little to know he’d been hurt that way, more than once.

“…You could go to a flower shop,” Steve suggested after a moment. “Pick up a bouquet for our pretty omega.”

Bucky hummed and looked the brunet up and down thoughtfully. “…Maybe I will.”

“I like lilies,” Tony offered, grabbing more pancakes.

Steve suddenly snorted, covering his mouth. “Oh my God. The sad creepy guy lurking in a flower shop.”

Bucky glared at him. “Wreck. His. Ass.

“Just don’t kill the flowers by scowling at them,” Tony added.

Bucky whined. “Not you, too!”

“Honey, you have a resting bitch face.”

“I’ve been practicing smiling in the mirror…” the alpha mumbled, brows furrowing together.

“I know, and you’re doing such a good job!” the omega praised. “You look slightly less angry when you’re not thinking now!”

Bucky frowned, because it sounded sincere enough, but the words… the words seemed like a joke. “…Thanks?”

Tony turned to press a syrup-sticky kiss to his cheek. “You’re welcome, sweetheart. Keep practicing.”

Bucky turned to give Steve a besotted look because their omega was the sweetest in the weirdest ways. He was gratified to find Steve staring at Tony as if he’d hung the moon, sun, and stars. Tony was a gem. Their gem.

Tony yelped when he felt teeth close on the back of his neck. “Oh!”

“Are we starting now?” Steve asked, mouth full of hash browns. “I haven’t even finished my breakfast.”

Tony grabbed a napkin, frowning as he reached down to try and blot the blueberry stain out of Bucky’s pants. “Bucky, you made me drop pancake out of my mouth!”

Bucky snorted and let go of his neck, laughing.

The five times you see Sam Wilson shirtless

Pairing: Sam Wilson x Reader

Warnings: A lot of feels.

A/N: Literally inspired in @bovaria​ “The five times you see Dean Winchester shirtless”. My birdman needed some love while I finish the semester and the ton of things I have to do, enjoy!

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The first time you see Sam Wilson shirtless was when you were finishing your shower after training. He walked right past you –more like bumped into you—, with his earphones well-secured in his ears and his mouth moving—he was most probably lip-syncing to god knows what. He was sticky and sweaty, and as you fell together, you realized he had been training very hard. You were starstruck and your hands were still on his pecs; his lips were dangerously close to you and you were damn sure you had the funniest and dorkiest face ever.

“My god—I—I’m so sorry!” You babbled once you regained control of yourself and got up on your feet again and helped him up too.

“No, I’m sorry,” he said in a careless manner, “I was not looking and it was my fault. I’m Sam by the way, Sam Wilson…”

“Oh, you’re the new one. Steve’s friend,” you nodded, “it’s good to see you’re accustomed to be here, you’re making your way here and that’s good to see.”

“Well, this is not different from the army, except that I can actually wake up when I want to,” he chuckled, “by the way, you never told me your name.”

“I’m (Y/N), (Y/N) (Y/L/N),” you reached out your hand to shake his, “I’ve been here with the team for a while now, I was from SHIELD,” you explained.

“I think I saw you… when agent Hill took us to that secret spot,” he narrowed his eyes as he tried to remember it. “You were one of the doctors taking care of us.”

“Yes!” You squealed. “I was indeed, it’s great to have you here as part of us; I’ve seen you in combat and… you’re impressive,” you admitted feeling your cheeks warming up and tainting with a hot pink flush. “Sam, I have to go, Natasha’s waiting for me upstairs. It was very nice to meet you,” you smiled.

“I’ll try to be less distracted when I walk around you,” he slyly said, “take care.”

The first time you see Sam Wilson shirtless, you made a fool of yourself but he didn’t seem to care.

The second time you see Sam Wilson shirtless was at one of Tony Stark’s parties. He was drunk, and golly you pitied him for the hangover he was bound to have the next morning. You were sitting with Natasha while the rest of the males tried to lift up the hammer.

“Oh come on girls!” Sam blurted. “Don’t you wanna know if you’re worthy?”

“No thank you, bird brain,” Natasha replied and turned her head to you, “stop staring at him or he’s gonna notice,” she took the bottle to her lips and smiled knowingly before drinking.

“Notice what exactly?” You rose an eyebrow.

“That you like him, you dork,” the redhead said as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

“I don’t like him,” partially true, “I just like to see him; he’s got some nice ass and a great front to look at,” you said. “Can’t blame a girl for liking those assets,” you shrugged and leaned your head on her shoulder. “What about you and Rogers?” You elbowed her. “That looks steamy, aw!” You teased.

“Yeah, don’t change the topic,” she teased back, “you like Wilson, and I like that; he’s a great guy and you deserve someone like him; you’ve stumbled into too many assholes in the time we’ve known each other—”

Out of a sudden, Tony started playing some random playlist on Spotify, and the first song was Ed Sheran’s “Shape of You”. You looked at Nat and you both started laughing at the two men approaching you; one was Sam and the other was Steve who was not as drunk as his friend. Natasha accepted without further argue; you on the other side, were a bit more reluctant to dance with him, especially when he was shirtless and you were drooling like a dog at Pavlov’s experiment.

“Come on, don’t say no to this song,” he held your hands; they were rough and a bit dry, but his grip was quite gentle, “and try not to say no to me too,” he added.

“Sam, go get dressed, dammit!” You scolded him. “You’re gonna catch a cold!”

“Bullshit,” he clicked his tongue, “now come on,” he tugged at your hands and you accepted to dance with him.

His hands, even though he was completely drunk, were still very respectful and you had to give him a point for that. You held on to his broad –and naked—shoulders and danced the night away. You two even kissed a few times as the songs played and the dancing became a bit heated, but he surely wouldn’t remember a thing of it.

The second time you see Sam Wilson shirtless was not required and probably the most uncomfortable thing ever, but the man had a body and you had functioning eyes, so why not?

The third time you see Sam Wilson shirtless was after a mission. He refused to let his shirt go but you threatened to hit him with some big ass dose of horse tranquilizer so you could rip the fabric away and he reluctantly obliged. You had seen it before, but this was the very first time you had such a close look at it. You could still see the marks of the suit all over his chest and back, some of the scars; the old and the new ones, and the laceration that was causing trouble.

“Sam, if you could please relax…” You sighed, putting on your gloves. “Just a few stitches and you’ll be just fine.”

“It’s not that, (Y/N)… It’s just that it’s the first time you’re voluntarily seeing me like this because I always go with someone else, but they’re all busy today,” he sheepishly admitted, “and we’re not drunk, or distracted,” he looked down at you and you felt a shiver running down your spine; his eyes had never been this fixed on you before it was surely making you a bit uncomfortable and very self-conscious.

“But not the first time I see you shirtless, so suck it up,” you replied in an unfriendly voice. “Sit down and turn around before that thing goes bad,” you ordered. It was the usual procedure: cleaning and clearing, sewing and covering the wound with bandages. Sam winced and tensed when you started the first part. “Sammy, I’m sorry but the sooner we get this over with, the better, okay?” He breathed out heavily and nodded. “Alright, here I go again,” you warned and started stitching him up. He endured the whole process stoically and he didn’t grunt not even once. You softly patted his shoulder to let him know that it was over. “Good boy, you deserve a lollipop,” you giggled, “I’m sure I must have a candy somewhere—”

“Uhh, (Y/N)?” He nervously asked. “I was wondering if you… I don’t know… maybe we could go out one day?” he scratched the back of his neck; needless to say, he hadn’t put on his shirt yet.

“Are you… Are you asking me out?” You asked, rolling all the dirty things you used into one great ball and heading for the trash can. You pursed your lips trying to hold back a childish and nervous titter.

“I mean—yeah, why not?”

“You promise there won’t be any nudity, alcohol or anything that’s not PG-13?” you folded your arms over your chest and rose your eyebrows. You wanted to say yes, of course, but he was not getting a positive answer so fast. “Sam, promise me that,” you urged him.

“Some old Disney movies are going to be played in the park one of these days, would that be okay with you? PG-13 enough?”

“That would be perfect,” you nodded happily. “I like peanut butter sandwiches more than popcorn, and I tend to speak a lot during movies, and if there are songs I know, which is really likely, you can be well damn sure I’m going to sing the hell out of them, so consider yourself warned. I’m the worst person to watch movies with,” you shrugged.

“Warned and taking the risk anyway, so stop putting me off and just go out with me, okay?” He chuckled, sliding down his chest the t-shirt that seemed a bit small, but perfect enough to hug him tightly and reveal his chiseled torso. It was the first time you saw him under such an attentive eye, and you were quite intrigued by the findings.

“You got it,” you breathily laughed, “I’ll write our date down so I don’t forget about it, you happy?”

The third time you see Sam Wilson shirtless got you a date.

The fourth time you see Sam Wilson shirtless was after a great night of sleep. You rolled to the other side to find him peacefully sleeping. He groaned and lazily started to stretch as he opened his eyes; he looked at you and smiled.

“What up, naked woman?” He giggled as he saw your uncovered torso; the night had been a long one and for a period it seemed sleepless, but you two run out of energies after some passionate love making and decided to go to sleep without any clothes at all.

“What up,” you replied in a whisper and leaning forward to peck his lips. “Did you have a good night?”

“The best one in years,” he yawned, “and you? Did I interrupt your night of sleep?”

“Not at all, Mr. Wilson,” you bit your bottom lip and snuggled closer.

Things had gotten official between you two the night before; Sam Wilson made the question publicly and you drank until very late with the rest of the team. You hadn’t been this happy in years, and Sam was doing everything in he could to keep you like that, but he didn’t need to try that hard, just being himself was enough.

It was the very first time you asked someone to move in with you, and even though Sam lived with you for a long time, you never invited him to the privacy of your own sanctuary. He had invited you to his room on countless occasions but it always ended up in the walk of shame.

“I just want you to know,” he said, placing a hand on your jaw to cup your face. He stroke gently your cheek, “that I’m really honored for this… I know you’re not the one to share your room,” his nose bumped with yours, “and I hope this is the first night together from many more to come, when we get a place on our own,”

“Is this getting serious, Sammy?” You chuckled. “Because if it is, you could might as well propose to me right now,” you pecked his lips and he helped you getting on top of him. “Oh, someone’s getting excited?” You bit your bottom lip and started rolling your hips gently. Sam pulled you closer for a heated kiss; it felt nice to have his skin so close to you again.

The fourth time you see Sam Wilson shirtless was the moment you realized you wanted to be with him for the rest of your life.

The fifth time you see Sam Wilson shirtless was on a mission; one that ended abruptly. He’s bleeding a lot and you’re damn sure he won’t make it. Steve’s carrying him in his arms back to the quinjet and you’re following his steps trying hard to keep yourself together. Natasha runs behind you, calling your name to please go back and help her, but Sam is everything you have in mind for now. You know you can’t abandon your job just like that, but you can’t abandon him either.

Steve placed him on the quinjet’s floor and started setting the medical equipment to keep him alive, but the wound was too profound and he was losing a hell lot of blood.

“(Y/N), you either go back and fight, or you’re useful here, but don’t stay there doing nothing,” Steve blurted, ripping you from your thoughts. You kneeled next to him trying to ignore the gushing blood coming out of Sam’s stomach.

You started cutting Sam’s shirt and Steve hurried to press some gauze onto the wound to stop the flow. You took some more fabric and pushed Steve’s hands away. “Don’t die on me, Sammy, don’t you dare,” you threatened, with your voice breaking and your hands shaking. “Sammy talk to me, now,” you cleaned your forehead with your arm while Steve changed the gauze.

“This is gonna leave some big ass scar,” a weak voice startled you. Sam tried to smile and so did you, but the laceration was too big and too scary to even fake. “You know what’s funny?” you shook your head, “I wanted to propose to you today… but I don’t think I can now,” he gulped and winced from the pain. “Steve…may I have a moment?” Steve nodded silently; he placed a heavy hand on your shoulder and squeezed it lightly. Then, with loud steps he got out to meet the rest of the team; the fight was fortunately won by the Avengers and they were all waiting for the diagnose on Wilson’s state. Steve’s face said it all. “I don’t have much time here, gorgeous,” he coughed, “so I’ll try to make it quick. You’re so—so fucking awesome and… I love you, just that…”

“Don’t say it as a goodbye, Wilson—you can’t do that! Not to me!”

“Kiss me as if it was the last time…” He teased. You leaned in to feel him one last time, trying to make his last minutes on earth the happiest ones. “You’ll be just fine without me, you’ve always been anyway,” he smiled lightly and sighed deeply. He slowly closed his eyes until you realized there was no life in that body.

“Sam… Sam, no. Dammit no!” You placed your hands on his chest to shake him, but there was no answer. Loud steps stopped just behind you and a warm hug took you away as you kicked and screamed to be put again next to Sam’s lifeless body. Thor was dragging you back and trying to keep your breaking self together.

The fifth time you see Sam Wilson shirtless was also the last one.

Saved by an Angel

gif is not mine

Title: Saved by an Angel

Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Word count: 1,911

Warnings: Angst & Fluff

A/N: Oh look, a Castiel fic that I have all ready for all of you! I hope you like this! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I love you all so much!! <3

The wind blew through your hair as you sat on a bench in the park.  It was delightfully breezy and not too cold.  You had your earbuds in, listening to music as the wind tousled your hair softly.  You dipped your head as a single tear escaped your eye.  As the tear fell you felt a small rush of wind behind you.  You figured it was just the wind so you had ignored it.

You almost fell of the bench startled at the sudden figure that sat down beside you.  You had not seen him before.  You almost got the knife that you had always carried in your pocket out, but you were suddenly wrapped in this man’s arms.  You almost fought the strange man off, but you oddly felt safe.  You wrapped your arms around him, resting your head on his chest.  He had on a trench coat and a suit, but his tie wasn’t on right.  You thought that it was odd, but you liked it oddly enough.

“Who are you,” you whispered thinking he wouldn’t hear you.

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Some post war atla headcanons because I’m a slut for this show:

  • anytime katara makes sea prunes, only sokka and zuko eat them… sokka because he likes them and zuko because he’s maybe a teeny-weeny bit afraid of what would happen if he didn’t
  • when the gaang comes to visit the fire nation, zuko insists they sleep outside in the gardens by a fire so that it feels like old times 
  • zuko never paid attention in his science classes and knows very little about how volcanoes, the main geographical formation of his country, actually work
  • but zuko loved arithmetic and history and often gets into it with sokka over who knows the most facts
  • these arguments generally dissolve into some kind of showing of brute strength, after which, katara is called upon to heal bruised tail bones and damaged egos
  • zuko’s temper never really cools, no matter how many times he says he’s chill
  • katara often tells him to go jump in a river when he gets too heated
  • suki and zuko have competitions in stealth and agility. zuko teaches her how to use dao swords and suki teaches him about fans
  • but the fact remains that zuko burned down suki’s village and because of this, he’s never allowed to win any of their contests
  • sokka threatens him with space sword if he tries to win
  • zuko did, however, visit kyoshi again and commissioned a new, bigger statue of avatar kyoshi to be built. he also tried to ride the unagi with aang was subsequently tossed around (katara had to heal his bruised tail bone and damaged ego, per usual)
  • suki begrudgingly admitted that this kinda, sorta made up for his rampage all those year ago
  • the longer zuko’s hair gets, the more everyone realizes that his hair is a little wavy
  • zuko is very irritated by this fact but katara insists that he’s lovely and also insists on braiding flowers into it
  • toph lived in the palace with zuko for several years and declared herself honorary fire lady for putting up with his shit
  • zuko got her an honorary fire lady crown for her thirteenth birthday because he’s a dork like that
  • toph, katara, and suki often go to the spa together. toph tries to act like she hates it, but everyone knows the truth
  • upon his first visit to the fire nation palace, sokka orchestrated the complete renovation of the entire thing, claiming zuko needed more light/windows/paintings and less ozai ooginess
  • zuko has special smiles reserved for all his friends - the soft, sensitive smile for toph, the oaf grin for sokka, the lopsided, rubbing the back of his neck, blushing smile for katara, the cocky smirk for suki, and the unsuspecting little smile for aang
  • on the unsuspecting smile for aang… these two are besties but like zuko doesn’t realize how much aang actually likes/looks up to him. aang often says things or makes these sly compliments about how smart/great/cool zuko is and it’s not until five minutes later that zuko realizes what aang said 
  • aang and zuko are both ladies’ men. aang basks in it but zuko is oblivious. sokka is jealous but also not jealous because he has suki
  • aang often makes little fire dragons and dances them around zuko’s head for entertainment during important meetings
  • katara often douses zuko’s councilmen with tea in said important meetings because she finds them infuriating. zuko loves this about her
  • katara let it slip that she loves pink peonies and zuko immediately planted them all over the palace grounds despite his groundskeeper’s claim that pink was not fire lord-y
  • zuko actually looks good in the color blue
  • if and when zuko manages to sneak up on katara from behind, his go to catch phrase is i’ll save you from the pirates
  • suki thinks this is some kind of dirty joke while the rest of the group just doesn’t get it. zuko and katara smirk because it is a dirty joke

ok… those last few turned into zutara headcanons but bye. 

EXO (OT12) - Reaction to You Buying Couple’s Stuff

When you walked in and showed Min the matching his & hers phone cases he was surprised. Then he starting thinking about how cute the idea was and put it on his phone immediately. You even suggested having matching backgrounds. He happily agreed and you took a cute photo together for the fun of it.

You knew how much Lu liked collecting watches so when you were at the mall with friends and saw a super nice matching pair for men and women you just had to get them. When he saw them as he settled down at home after work he got super adorable. “Baobei, this is really nice.” He would put his on, you would put yours on, and then he would snap a picture and post it on Instagram about how great “His Y/N” is.

Kris (Yifan):
Your cool guy was always known for rocking a pair of shades. So, you couldn’t pass up the opportunity when you saw matching pairs of Ray Bans. After you greeted Kris when he walked through the door you grabbed the glasses off the kitchen table and brought them over. He gave a shy grin as he placed them on. Then he offered to put yours on for you. “We are looking good Babe.” He pulled you into his arms and kissed the top of your head.

Jun was actually the one that brought up getting something couple related. This dork was all for going all out. So, when you came home from the mall with matching shirts for you both he became super excited. “Awe, Jagi. You really listened to me.” This man would give you a super affectionate hug and then immediately try it on. He would then make you put yours on too. Not that you cared, you loved seeing him be super cute.  

Since Yixing was always travelling back and forth you wanted to get him something that would remind him of you when you were apart. You really wanted to engrave something with your initials so you bought two necklaces that were sort of like dog tags and did exactly that. When you showed them to Yixing he thought they were sweet. “Now you will always be close to my heart,” he said as he placed it over his head. You wrapped your arms around him as he gave you a kiss.

“What do you think of couple’s bracelets?” You asked as you and Baek were spending some quality time together watching a movie on the couch. “I think they are nice, why?” You giggled and jumped up to grab the bag that you had placed in your bedroom. “Ta da!” You pulled out the bracelets and gave him a smile. He laughed and responded with a goofy grin as he gestured for you to put his on for him. You also put yours on. He looked at the bracelets as he intertwined his fingers with yours, “I really like them Jagi.”

When you saw a pair of matching couple’s hoodies you just could not resist. When Dae came home you told him to wait as you changed into something. Dae being the naughty boy he is thought it was something scandalous, so when you waltzed out in a giant hoodie holding another one for him he started giggling. After laughing he pulled you in for a hug and then he put his hoodie on as well. “Wae! Why are you so cute?!” You both cuddled nice and warm in your new hoodies as well as each other’s arms.

“Jagi, are these ours?” Chanyeol walked out of your bedroom with the matching hats you had just purchased. You gave him a sheepish grin, “Do you like them?” The dork put on a giant grin and placed the hat on top of his head. “Are you kidding, I love them!” He ran over to place yours on top of your head and engulfed you into a tight bear hug. “Gosh my girl is too cute!” he said squeezing you tighter.

You and Kyungsoo liked to go out and do things a lot. You thought it would be cute to buy matching backpacks for when you two were out and about. Also since Soo was always traveling to promote his group and to film you thought it would be a nice little gift he could use a lot. Neither of you were in to goofy looking his and hers clothing so this was a great compromise. When he came home after rehearsal you greeted him and then went to get the bags. “I thought you could get a lot of use out of it. Plus we could match out in public.” He just broke out into one of his cute smiles and brought you into his chest with a hug. “Thanks Jagi, I will take it everywhere.”

You had noticed Tao looking at a pair of shoes when you were out shopping a few weeks ago. You decided you surprise him by buying them for him and another pair for yourself. When he came home from a day at the studio and you gave them to him and told him about your pair he got super cute. “Baobei we are going to be the swaggest couple out there.” You giggled and he gave you a kiss. “Swaggest, really babe?” You joked as he pulled you back in for a hug.

You had noticed a nice pair of matching couple’s rings when you were out and about with your friends one day. Since you and Jongin had been dating for quite some time you wanted something to signify your relationship. So, you ultimately decided to buy them. After you and Jongin ate dinner you told him that you got a surprise. You pulled out the rings and he got the biggest smile on his face. “I will wear it so that everyone knows that I am yours.” He put it on and gave you a sweet kiss.

Being the fashionista that he is, you knew Sehun would never turn down clothes. You decided to get matching leather jackets to celebrate your anniversary. When you walked into your bedroom to find him relaxing on the bed you pulled the jackets out. “Happy Anniversary babe,” you said as he got up to try it on. “It looks great,” he said looking in the mirror. “Of course, you always look great.” You responded with a sly smile. “Yeah, but you look better.” You gave a shy laugh as he came over to hug you tightly. “Thanks Jagi, they are really nice.”


So we saw Valerian this week. And it was a disappointment.

The visuals were gorgeous, though, that’s about the one thing they got right. It looked fabulous. From the multi-layered virtual marketplace to the titular City itself, to the variety of interesting aliens… It was all really, really good. Not only where the special effects beautiful, it was even pretty recognisable from the comics.

But. Well. The rest?

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Alright, so allow me to put forward a really self-indulgent idea for everyone involving the Office AU. 

After many late evenings finishing projects, after many office parties and weathering crisis’ together, you are now very good friends with CEO Noctis, the the rest of the Chocobro execs.

One day, they as really good friends of yours, decide they want you to have a great time after working so hard for the company. Like, you need a night out or something, right? Some genius Prompto decides that you need to go on a date and convinces the others of the same thing. So after some rigorous searching of their own, they set you up on a blind date with A Person.

Of course you think this is weird as hell, but you agree, you need a night out and the guys have gone through this trouble of setting up this date, so okay. You’re gonna go out for your sake, for their sake. I mean, it’ll be a good time right?

It would in fact, not be a good time.

Let me tell you all about:

That One Bad Date (‘You had ONE job, guys!’)

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i.e the time the Chocobros were meant to save you from a bad date, but decided to fuck shit up for their own amusement, to establish dominance, to be shits.

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Two Dorks Singing

Prompt sent in by @wentzdayz 

It was so cute and I truly enjoyed writing it! 

Read on AO3: x

Virgil strum out the notes on his familiar guitar. He had played this song so much that playing the notes became familiar but also exciting in a strange sense. A few measures in, he began to sing the words.

“Once upon a time, very long ago

Lived two kings who never had their stories told

But here we are now, here tell that story

Of how they were meant to be.

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A chocolate cake


Rush hour was finally over and the soft chatter caused by the people that remained was almost comforting. There was still a good two hours left for closing time, but Shiro already felt like he could relax. He also finally had time to glance freely at the guy sitting at the café’s corner, by the window.

He’d arrived sometime after six with a charming grin and pretty clothes. When Keith approached to take his order, he’d confirmed to be waiting for someone, but that someone didn’t seem to be showing up soon.

Shiro wondered why he hadn’t just left an hour ago, though he suspected the guy was staying simply because he didn’t want to admit his defeat. That definitely hit the soft spot in the barista’s heart.

“I gotta admit he’s kinda cute.” Keith said from behind, making him jump slightly and stop stirring his latte, which earned him a snort from the younger man.

Shiro averted his eyes and took a sip from his drink to hide the soft blush appearing on his cheeks. “Don’t you have a table to wait somewhere?”

Keith gave him an amused look, easily interpreted as him mocking Shiro still before heading off to some table.

Crushes were never really Shiro’s thing and the last time he’d dated he’d been seventeen and completely unaware of the fact that he was actually into men. Lucky for him, his ex girlfriend Allura realized it for him and was amazing enough to stay as his best friend ever since. Needless to say, he was both rusty and completely inexperienced in the romance department.

Still, there was something about this guy staring out the window like a kicked puppy that made Shiro want to approach him anyways, at least to cheer him up a little. It was a dumb idea to have, specially when the guy could easily blow him off or be a douche (there could be a reason for his date to stand him up), but that didn’t stop Shiro from grabbing a big piece of chocolate and strawberry cake and stepping out the bar.

“On the house.”

As soon as he placed the cake on the guy’s table he was met with two dark blue eyes that seemed surprised, then weakly amused. He opened his mouth to say something but stopped, seemed to reconsider the thought and finally spoke.

“Do I look so bad the house is offering me consolation cake?” He asked with a raised eyebrow and a cheeky smile that didn’t get to his eyes.

“What? No, no, it’s not like that!” Shiro said in his defense, lifting both palms. “It’s uh…” He paused and his remaining human hand flew to the back of his neck embarrassedly. “It’s on me. Thought that might cheer you up.”

Shiro didn’t notice because he was too quick to turn on his heels and find refuge behind the bar, but the guy had blushed and smiled softly.

A large group of people arrived then and kept Shiro busy making coffee for some good twenty minutes. When he finally had time to look again, the blue eyed boy’s table was empty and only his dirty dishes remained. Shiro sighed, smiling in resignation as Keith went to clean the table. He decided to try and make some milk foam art to distract himself, but he didn’t get too far.

He wasn’t even done pouring the milk when he saw a piece of paper appear in front of his eyes. He grabbed it from Keith’s hand to have a better look and felt his face heating up a bit.


“Took him like ten minutes to find a pen.” Said Keith with a snort, and his teasing grin grew when Shiro continued to smile at the paper. “Seems you’re both dorks.”

The rest of the evening went smoothly, and Shiro was in such a great mood he barely felt the time passing. Before he knew it, they were cleaning the place up and politely telling the remaining costumers it was closing time.

When the doors were finally closed, the chairs were on top of the tables, the coffee had been restocked and they were heading to the back door, Shiro took his phone and the little paper out of his pocket.

>> Hey! This is Shiro
>> From Café Altea

It only took a few minutes before he got a reply.

>> Shiro, huh?
>> That’s a pretty name
>> Fits the pretty face ;)
>> Thanks for the cake btw. It was great

Shiro laughed a little and felt everyone’s curious eyes on him, so he decided to get home first, text later. Before everyone could laugh at him for his silly faces.

>> Haha, thank you :)
>> It’s actually Takashi,
but everyone calls me Shiro
>> It was nothing, really.
I’m glad you liked it

And so it began. When Shiro went to bed that night, he had a huge smile on and a warm feeling on his chest. It was the best sleep he got in months, and it was even better when he woke up to another text from Lance.


Aaand there it goes. My first fanfiction, my first Voltron content and my first Shance. Those boys are so soft and I love them, no matter the hate. Hope you guys liked it, if you want, feel free to tell me what you think! I was inspired by a lady that was waiting for her friends for like over an hour in the restaurant I work in. In her friend’s defense, it was pouring and traffic was the worst.

Anyways thank you for reading!!

How to Fix A Bad Day... // Jeon Jungkook

Summary: In which you’ve had a terrible day, and boyfriend bunny kook tries his very best to cheer you up :)

Genre: flufffffffff

Word Count: 1,800+

A/N: Well, this is super strange for me because it is my FIRST post, so I hope you enjoy and come back for more… PLEASE REQUEST!! :D Also, please give me some constructive criticism???? Too much context? Not enough action ;) ?? Let me know, and I’ll make improvements!! :D 
P.S. It’s like really long???? for a first story kinda maybe-ish idk why tho i think i have a problem with these kinds of things??? request AUs and stuff I wanna try to do those cute bullet pointed scenarios tooooooo!! :DDDDDDD

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Monday, 9:23 PM
You thought, as you jammed the key in the front door. Stepping inside, you let out a heavy sigh, not even bothering to take off your shoes before sinking into the cushions of your couch. 

Sure, Mondays were always the worst day of the week, but nothing could have prepared you for the nerve-racking, heart stopping, painstaking shit show that ensued that day. 

Monday, 6:38 AM
You groggily walked over to your desk, barely able to keep your eyes open. Mondays were already terrible, but this particular Monday, you had to get up early. Without any explanation at all, you were required to be present at a meeting with one of the Chairmen of the board… who happened to be halfway across the world at the moment. See, now that meant him dictating the exact time of the meeting that would be most convenient to him, and not taking into consideration that you had to get up at 5:15 AM in order to get ready and arrive to work on time. 

Placing your bag on the desk, you proceeded to shed off your huge coat before hanging it on the back of your chair. You powered up your computer and let out a deep sigh before logging into your email. You liked checking your email first thing in the morning, because there was often information within emails from colleagues and bosses that related to the events of the day. Surely enough, an email from her boss sat at the top of the list, curiously titled: “Proper Attire.”

Clicking on it, it opened to reveal:
Dear Y/N,
I apologize for having to send this email so late, but it is very important that you wear the proper attire for this meeting. This means that your attire should be of the utmost professionalism, and should not be sexual, revealing, or suggestive in any way. This meeting will be very important to both your career and mine.
Please come to Meeting Room 14 at 7:15.
Thank you. 

You couldn’t help but be somewhat offended by your boss’s choice of words. Sexual? Revealing? Suggestive? What kind of person did he think you were? 
Determined to carry on with the day, you decided to not linger on it. After checking a few more emails, you looked at the clock: 7:08. You decided that it was time to make your way to Meeting Room 14. 
When you arrived, you were met with 4 other people, all of which were large, middle age men, who you’ve never seen before. You stood a little further away from them, assuming they were there to meet with someone else, and checked your phone as you waited for your boss. You had received a message from your boyfriend, Jungkook:

Kookie: Hey love, sorry I couldn’t hang out yesterday… :(
You: Hey, don’t worry about it, another time :)
Kookie: Are you free tonight?? :DDDD I can come over and we can have pizza and watch Netflix?? heh Netflix and chill ;))
You: perv. But yes come!!!!! I’ll probs be home around 7?
Kookie: Sounds great! See ya laterrrr

You allowed a small smile to form on your face before putting your phone in your pocket. You could see your boss walk down the hallway, and went to go greet him. Before you could, the men from earlier cut in front of you, giving their own introductions. You gave your boss a questioning look, but he just shrugged and suggested that everyone go inside. 
He directed you to sit next to him, and allowed the others to sit wherever they wanted, but there seemed to be a distinct pattern already. You suddenly realized what you were standing in the middle of. You were brought here as a representative of the team progress, in as a result, your boss’s progress. 

Soon, the Chairman was online and video ‘meeting’ with you all. You guys started to do reports on what achievements that each of the teams have made, with you ending the circle. As soon as you began speaking, there were noises and words of disparagement. People did not want a woman to be in a position of power, and they were very clearly expressing it. When the chairman asked everyone to pitch ideas for an event that the company was having later, you pitched an awesome idea… which was ridiculed and brought down… until one of the men in the meeting brought it up again. Except they did not even acknowledge that it was your idea. Luckily, the Chairman took noticed, even commenting on it. That made you feel a bit better, but not enough.

When the meeting was over, your boss congratulated your efforts, and said that there would be more opportunities for you in the future to express your ideas. This piece of good news was completely ruined when the other men laughed at him, quickly making their own snarky comments towards your direction.
“A woman will never get the job.”
“They’re just keeping her around because of the pretty face.”
There they stood, mocking you, and you wanted nothing more than to walk over there and wipe those nasty smirks off their faces. But your boss, sensing your anger, grabbed your wrist and dragged you towards the elevator. 

As soon as the two of you stepped in, you let out a loud sigh. Your boss, understanding your frustration, told you to take the rest of the day off. 
“You did good work Y/N.”

Monday, 4:57 PM

After your boss had graciously allowed you to take the day off, you still found yourself working for a few more hours before finally allowing yourself to leave the office. As much as you wanted to ignore the words of those men from the meeting, you couldn’t help yourself from having the urge to prove that you deserved to have your position. It didn’t end there though. On your way home, a stranger had spilt their ice coffee on you, so you were a sticky mess with a very ruined blouse. Needless to say, you were in a pretty sour mood and wanted nothing more than to just go home, eat ice cream, take a shower, and sleep.
You just got into your apartment when your phone buzzed:

Kookie: What kind of pizza do you want?

It took a while before you realized what he was talking about.

You: Actually Kookie, I’m really tired. Work was kinda terrible… can we hang out tomorrow?
Kookie: NOOOOOOOOOOO!!! I MISS YOUU :(((((((((((
You: Sorry… love you!!

You sighed, feeling terrible that Jungkook missed you, but you really didn’t think your attitude would have really been much fun for him. You didn’t want to ruin the night with the repercussions of your bad day. You took out your ice cream and ate a couple of spoonfuls before dragging yourself into the shower. You rinsed off the ice coffee that coated your upper half, and decided to not wash your hair tonight, since you didn’t have to energy to go through the whole process of blowdrying it. It was early, but you happily crawled into bed after your shower, desperate to replenish your sleep. 

Just as you were finally drifting off to sleep, your doorbell rang, causing you to groan in displeasure. WhO CoULD PoSsIbLY BE AT YOUr DOoR RIghT NOWWWWW!?!?!? You stomped to your door, prepared to yell when….

Jeon Jungkook. 
Dressed in a
bunny costume.

All your anger dissipated the second you laid eyes on him. Wearing a bright smile, he held a pizza pie in his left hand, and a bouquet of fresh red roses in his right. 

“Jeon Jungkook… you dork.”
“Excuse me, I’m a cute dork.”
“Yes, you cute dork.”
“Thank you.. so are you going to let me in or..?”

You laughed before moving to the side to let him in. Watching him struggle to shove himself through your doorway was probably one of the funniest things you have ever witnessed, and when he finally made it through, he was sweating and heaving like a mad man. 

He was incredibly uncomfortable, but if his discomfort brought a smile to your face, he would stay this way forever. Jungkook absolutely adored you, and could not stand it when you were upset. He tried so hard to think of a way to cheer you up, and luckily all his hard work paid off. He was honestly half expecting you to be annoyed and slam the door on him, but what Jungkook didn’t know was that he was the light of your life. 

He was the best thing that ever happened to you, as cheesy as it sounds. Just seeing his face would have cheered you up, but you hated seeing him worried about you. You preferred it when he was smiling, because then you knew he was happy. You knew it was selfish, but a sad Jungkook would break your heart, and if it were you who made him sad, you would feel absolutely horrible. You stood there, wondering what in the world you would do without him when his voice broke your train of thought.

“So do you feel better now?” he questioned, tilting his head slightly.
“Much better,” you replied with a smile, “Now get that thing off will you?”
“What, is the bunny costume turning you off?” he teased, wiggling his eyebrows and doing a little dance for good measure. 
“Well actually, I was gonna give you a kiss, but if you’d rather just wear the bunny costume, that’s fine with me.”

You took the pizza and flowers and smirked, quickly turning around and running to the kitchen before he had time to object. He gaped at your retreating back before letting a wide grin spread across his face. He took off the bunny costume, glad to be able to let his body breathe again and ran after you. 

You had put the pizza on the table, put the flowers in a vase, and were leaning against the counter waiting for Jungkook to come in. When he did, he walked up to you, placing his hands beside you and successfully trapping you between him and the counter. He looked down at you, a gentle look of adoration in his eyes, and brought his face dangerously close. He glanced down at your lips and whispered, “You owe me a kiss.” 

Unable to take it anymore, you reached up and tangled your hands in his hair, bringing his soft lips to meet yours. The kiss was long and sweet, filled with love. One of his hands made its way to your waist while the other caressed your face, pulling you in to deepen the kiss. His teeth playfully grazed against your bottom lip before he finally pulled away. 

“Thank you,” you whispered, “for being such a great boyfriend tonight.”
“Tonight? I’m always a great boyfriend,” he smiled cheekily. 
You chuckled and gently smacked his arm. 
“Shush. Now, let’s eat?” 

You started walking towards the dining table when Jungkook latched onto your arm. You looked at him, raising an eyebrow curiously. He smile warmly before placing a gently kiss on the back of your hand. 

“I love you Y/N.”

“Love you too, Kookie.”


  • I love Margaret Hale. I love her with a love that is pure and true and it’s at least 40% because she’s allowed to be kind of an asshole. She can be rude and superior and judgmental and so. fucking. stubborn and all of it is because, newsflash, she’s a person who loves her parents but for obvious reasons doesn’t particularly want do be like them and spends big chunks of the novel basically parenting them, and with Frederick out of the picture she’s an only child and that comes with its own bundle of shit and all of it makes her who she is so concretely
  • I love that she’s a humanitarian who sticks to her (admittedly p classist and very of-the-time-period) guns because of her faith. I love that her faith is hers; she may have learned it from her father but she’s clearly an intellectual with her own opinions about G-d and the Church, and we get to see how spiritually difficult her father’s resignation is for her. And she is presented with a coherent world-view which religion shapes in a consistent way. 
  • Margaret Hale doesn’t seem to exist to fall in love. Which is fucking awesome! Because don’t get me wrong, I love love stories. But Margaret Hale gets to live her life, of which navigating a complicated set of emotional and social mores is merely a part. She’s got shit to do! Political discussions to have! A household to supervise! Cross-class friendships to maintain! Letters to write! Things to angst about that have nothing to do with That Unfortunately Attractive Asshole Her Dad Won’t Shut Up About Ever (seriously Mr. Hale’s WOW YOU GUYS MR. THORNTON IS REALLY COOL IT’S SO GREAT THAT I HAVE A FRIEND attitude is my fav) Her parental figures keep dying, ffs! She’s gotta figure out her place in the world and what she wants out of life!
  • Did I mention how much I love that Margaret and John spend the first chunk of their acquaintance arguing about politics and industry??????? BECAUSE IT’S A LOT
  • You get where he’s coming from! You get where she’s coming from! You get hella fucking frustrated because Mrs Gaskell is making you care about an industrialist! And you would care even if he DIDN’T look like Richard Armitage in your head! (or was that just me?)
  • John Thornton doesn’t dismiss her opinions because they belong to a woman. He doesn’t! He disagrees because he thinks she doesn’t understand the situation, but that’s because she’s an outsider, a member of the Southern intellectual class who buy his cloth without bothering to understand the social and physical machinery that produces it, not because she’s a woman. He’s impressed with the force of her convictions and how she delivers them! He engages instead of dismissing! It’s fucking great!
  • Of course, much of the credit for that goes to Mrs. Thornton for being a fucking force of nature who when the universe gave her lemons she basically turned the lemons into brass knuckles shaped like her son and punched the universe in the fucking face. You will respect her or you will wither and die under the force of her glare, and John damn well knows how to respect a woman with her own opinions. Because she’s basically the reason he’s in the position he’s in. 
  • Which is awesome! Because these characters are the product of their circumstances! They didn’t just leap into being randomly to get jerked around by plot devices!
  • You know what’s great? Men pining. I love it when men pine. Especially when they’re secretly self-righteous fucks about it. She DOESN’T LOVE ME but I WILL CONTINUE TO LOVE HER and her disapproval CAN’T STOP ME FROM LOVING HER but not because I’m creepy or think I have any right to her, or any right to try to win her over, but because I am a MAN of INTEGRITY who will CONTINUE TO BE A GOOD FRIEND TO HER PARENTS even though I am DEEPLY UNWORTHY
  • and then they don’t actually, which is sad, but the mini-series has our backs in that department with one of the fucking finest filmed kisses of all time
  • and they both chaaaaaaaaaaaange this isn’t about one winning the other over through persistence it’s about a growing toward each other Thornton removes some of the There Must Be A Divide Between Me And My Workers And I Am Not Responsible For Them stick from his arse and Margaret’s like People Can Change and Wow The Greater Social Fabric Is Super Fucking Complicated But That Doesn’t Mean We Don’t Have To Acknowledge Mutual Responsibility
  • and also John Thornton really likes Margaret’s hands which like, I know that feel, bro
  • in conclusion, nothing can make me believe these two don’t have an unusually passionate relationship which involves John performing hella probably-time-period-unlikely cunnilingus on Margaret while she lectures him on G-d and the social contract.
  • I’m gonna fucking read it again.
Yuri on Ice characters vs Real Life Top Skaters (part 3)  The even more difficult case of Yuri Plisetski

follow up of my post part 1 and part 2

Now this is going to be complicated, but let’s move on our favourite russian punk

Yuri Plisetski

Originally posted by fyyoi

Why is it difficult ? For two reasons : when I look at Yurio I clearly see two skaters that ressembles him physically. But when I look at his personality it’s nearly impossible for me to find anyone in the skating world who acts like he does.

Another point to keep in mind is that Yurio is coming from the junior toward the senior. The fact that he acts like he can own the senior world with no sweat on his very first year is both extremely arrogant and delusional. Why ? Mostly because juniors have to face several difficulties when they move up to seniors.

First their short and long programs get much longer than what they were in juniors. It may not look like much but it is. Second, the senior field is already super deep and even with athletes retiring every year, there’s still enough big guns who won’t be sweating at all the presence of the newcomers. Third, and that’s a really big problem for new seniors : growth spurt. 

Growth spurt can fuck up your jumps, your balance and almost your everything in skating and make you go from a super consistent season to the biggest disastrous season of your life the next year. Yurio moving up to the seniors at 15 is extremely risky for this reason, his body has barely started the growth spurts and boy is he gonna suffer if he ends up like having the one that plagued Nam Nguyen who went from tiny noodle to giant spaghetti in six months (and consequently from 5th place at Worlds on his first senior season, to not even qualified for the long program the next season).

It’s not impossible to have a hell of a bang for your senior debut (Shoma Uno got the bronze medal at the GPF last season, and Boyang Jin got the bronze medal at Worlds and it was their first senior season), but the youth and inexperience and the difference of field and programs makes it extremely difficult. 

All this to say, Yurio is a tough case cause we might look at both senior AND junior skaters to try to get an idea from where the writing staff got inspiration.


Originally posted by sportsanimedaily

Meet, again, Yuzuru Hanyu

Originally posted by dayzdai

As you can see, Yurio wears the same training clothes as Yuzu does and if youngsters are starting to wear this style of training outfit since a season or two, it’s still a very distinctive Yuzuru look. 

Body shape wise, they have this long and very thin appearance. Considering that Yuzuru was on the beginning of his senior career when the show was on its first steps, I think it’s safe to say that his silhouette was the biggest inspiration for Yurio’s. Especially if Yuuri’s main inspiration was indeed Daisuke Takahashi/Tatsuki Machida, Yuzuru was the most potential new senior at the time to shake things up deeply in the japanese men field as well as the rest of the world field.

He was also already renowned for his quadruple toe (4T) and his triple axel (3A), as well for a sort of “wild” attitude on the ice. We have yet to see a lot of Yurio’s skating so we’ll have to wait a bit longer to see if his skating style is the same as Yuzu’s.


Originally posted by heykeykey

Oh boy they can’t be more different…

Originally posted by nonchan1023

Yuzuru is a dork. Like a “could kill you on the ice but will be the most polite, nicest cinnamon roll off ice” dork.

Originally posted by jardinaquatique

Yuri seems to be very competitive and wants to be the best, a trait he might share with Yuzuru but their approach of competition is pretty much on the opposite of eachother. 

When Yuzuru wins with a subpar performance, he’s not happy. If he wins he wants to win with the perfect performance, with no mistakes. He wants to be the number one but he’s also very aware (and thus grateful) for having so many tough competition that will push him to give more and more of his best.

Originally posted by hanyuedits

But, when he was out of junior and especially when he moved from his coach Nanami Abe to Brian Orser and he had to redo very basic skating exercises, at the time he wasn’t understanding much why he had to do it.

The difference is you would NEVER see Yuzuru be anything but polite, courtous, smiling, focused, adorable, laughing and just being one of the nicest and most respectful skater in the field unlike Yuri. 

This is the guy who’s main rival and only other member of the 300 points club is his training partner. 

Originally posted by howlaconic

Originally posted by pekebella

Originally posted by lysambre-j

Originally posted by heltra91

So when it comes to Yuzuru, he’s a clear inspiration for Yurio’s body shape and attire. There’s a common deep determination on winning too but that’s where the comparison stops too.

But I told you in the beginning of this post that I think another skater was used as an inspiration for Yuri and here it comes :

Meet Yulia Lipnitskaya

Originally posted by thegirlinredcoat

Originally posted by thegirlinredcoat

Yulia is a young russian skater who made a very big impression on her senior debut when she made an incredible free program during the team event of the Sochi Olympics. 

She has a very intense iron glare and she’s a great skater who everyone thought would be the next big sensation in the ladies field. (unfortunately, she’s having some setbacks for the last two season because puberty and growth spurt SUCKS)

Originally posted by thegirlinredcoat

But here again don’t judge a book on its cover. Yulia is like Yuzuru a beautiful cinnamon roll, too good for this world and too pure.

Originally posted by lautto

I mean she puts her name in a big heart in signs she gives to fans for god’s sake ! (one of my most cherished treasure).

What is very funny to me is that when the first pictures of Yuri On Ice got out, this one got us all speculating a LOT : 

As you can see, physically, Yuri Plisetski looks like Yuzuru and Yulia fusionned in some ways, but that the gentle big parts of their personalities got lost in the mix.

Originally posted by tinysnowdrops

Originally posted by sherringford-bm

In conclusion, it is impossible for me to think of any skater who would have the level of entitlement and arrogance that made Yurio yell at Yuri in the bathroom and telling them that he needs to retire because he’s coming onto the senior. or his overall personality. But physically, he does look like the product of a genetic mixing of Yuzuru Hanyu and a russian prodigy :p

He does seem to have a very “junior” mentality, that is focusing on the jumps first and foremost and later learning that the skating skills are as important to work on. 

With only two episodes out there, once we get more, I might redo this post or complete it in the future.

Viktor Nikiforov

Yuuri Katsuki

The DUFF Pt. 2

Dean x reader

College AU

Summary: The reader and Dean are neighbors in college. The reader learns about the new social status called the DUFF. The reader is desperate and looks for help.  Dean helps her reinvent herself while she tutors Dean. But she didn’t expect to fall for him.

Part 1

Originally posted by littlehobbit13

Arggghhhhh! How could you have let this happen?! This is so embarrassing; I’ll never be able to face him again! Stupid, stupid! You mentally hit yourself. Now our whole plan is all screwed up because I had to be so stupid! He will never look at me the same! And what I did… no! You replayed the whole day over in your head, hoping there was anything you could fix.

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Random DCMK Things: If Gosho Boys Were a Boy Band-Saguru’s Profile


Photo grabbed from Pinterest

  • As I’ve said in my previous “If Gosho Boys were a Boy Band” blogs, Hakuba would be the leader of the Gosho Boys because out of all the boys, he is the most mature, most calm and most composed. I mean, do you see how prim and proper he is? 
  • As a detective, if you remember the DC episode where Hakuba and Heiji did a detective showdown with other detectives, you would notice that Hakuba’s very organized with coming up with his deductions. Other than that, he is very calm unlike Heiji who’s way more aggressive than he is. Well, this gave me the impression that Hakuba’s personality just screams leader. IDK how I should further explain it.
  • As a leader, Hakuba would bring order to the chaos Kaito, Shinichi and Heiji, all together are. Out of all the Gosho Boy’s Hakuba seems to be the most behaved. XD
  • Hakuba is very particular with the managers and the staffs orders, especially during performances. He is very strict about the steps and the blocking during live performances because he doesn’t want to cause trouble to the people behind the set. Hakuba’s a big hater of ad-libs because he disrupts the pre-organized original plans. He often gets into trouble with the other members because they can be really spontaneous with their stage performances, especially Heiji and Kaito. Though the boys could make it work, Hakuba still isn’t a fan of their spur-of-the-moment ad-libs and feels that they could be a bit too much (ESPECIALLY KAITO), to the point of upstaging the other members.
  • With this being said, Hakuba may come across as a bossy leader, but really, he’s just doing his best and following Manager Haibara’s orders. XD Other than that, Hakuba feels the need to be more authoritative of the boys, given the fact that things could be chaotic with all of them around, together in one room. He’s just doing his duties and he’s so good at it.
  • As a leader, Hakuba would be like Super Junior’s Leeteuk. They kinda have the same hairstyle too, but that is not the only reason why they could be similar. For those of you who may not know, Super Junior consists of 15 members (Well, used to. Some members already left. T.T). They debuted with 13 members and if you add the two members from their subgroup, Super Junior-M they make up of fifteen. Anyway, Leeteuk, as their leader takes care of all these boys (now, men). And can you imagine just how he could do that? *slow clapping* And with Hakuba and the Gosho Boys, the situation would be just the same. I mean, yeah, they are only four boys but they are four chaotic boys (Hakuba, not so much but Kaito + Heiji +Shinichi? That’s a riot.). Just think about how Hakuba would try to take care of all these guys. I think it would be really interesting. XD

Originally posted by thekbeat

Look at Leeteuk right here? Isn’t he cute? He’s just like staring at the toddler with ease and thinking, “Hey, kid. I take care of 14 boys. So, I could handle you just fine.”

I could imagine Hakuba being like:

“Btch pls. As if Kuroba isn’t enough to drive me insane. You had to add Kudo and Hattori too. But, okay. Yeah. I can do this.” *stretches his limbs*

  • Hakuba, together with Shinichi would be the one promoting the group internationally. Since Hakuba flies from Japan and England all the time. This is possible. Shinichi on the other hand, would be promoting in America ‘coz he has a lot of connections there. Anyway, Hakuba has a good grasp on the English language and as the leader, he’s mostly assigned to be the one talking a lot during interviews. So, promoting outside the country is also part of his job.
  • Hakuba would also be the one composing most of the Gosho Boy’s songs together with Shinichi. I’m not quite sure if Hakuba does play some instruments in the canon verse, but yeah I honestly think he does and is good at it. Plus, he is also a Sherlock Holmes fan and he might’ve took lessons in playing the violin because of that. It’s not impossible. Hakuba’s pretty financially stable too. :)
  • As the leader, Hakuba’s would be a little underrated. Even if he honestly is just as talented as the other boys. In most kpop groups, I feel that a lot of leaders are actually brought out of the spotlight, mostly out shined by the main visual, main vocal, main dancer etc. Usually on photo shoots, the leaders are always on the far end of the side. IDK why. But yeah, even if it is like that, Hakuba would really shine in his own way, without even trying so much because he is great at what he does.
  • Hakuba would be as much of a great singer as Kaito is. Like if he isn’t the leader, he could be the boy band’s main vocal. (Sorry Kaito. hahahaha). With this being said, Hakuba and Kaito have a subgroup ballad duo because their voice blend together so well.
  • Hakuba has the least problems with Shinichi and works well with him, especially with playing instruments and composing songs together. They think alike.
  • Hakuba would often clash with Heiji a lot coz both of them could be really authoritative, but when he’s tired, Heiji usually takes over especially when Kaito and Shinichi are causing a ruckus and Hakuba has basically given up on even giving a fuck with the shit KaiShin is doing. In these cases, Hakuba is really grateful towards Heiji. 
  • Hakuba would most likely be the member to get a lot of endorsement deals from foreign countries. IDK, Hakuba has that model feels. I mean, can we all just admire how fabulous he is?
  • Hakuba’s very much the most polite among the Gosho Boys. After concerts or stage performances he would never forget to give the audience  good bow and a lot of  thank yous.
  • With this being said, when Gosho Boy’s wins an award, Hakuba would have a speech and a long list of people to thank because he is so polite and he gives credit where credit is due.
  • Hakuba would be a great leader. Even if he is strict he would still have a soft side. He would be deny it a lot but he loves having the boys around and he is as much as a dork as they are.
  • Hakuba wouldn’t let the Gosho Boys disband ever. As a leader, he strongly holds on to his boys.
  • Hakuba would be really supportive of the boys in their solo careers and the boys would be the same toward him as well.
  • Hakuba would also be doing hosting jobs in music shows and variety shows from time to time, because why not? 
  • Hakuba would be featured in a lot of music videos of other artists, because he’s great in acting too.
  • Fangirls love Hakuba a lot even if he would seem underrated at times. 
  • There would be dating rumors about Aoko and Hakuba because in an interview, Hakuba would openly say that Aoko of the Gosho Girls is his ideal type and that he had a crush on her. But as soon as rumors about them surface, Hakuba would be denying them and confess that he has got over her and is dating Gosho Girl’s Akako. (LOL huhuhu I kinda ship them huhuhu)

Omg! Sorry this took so long! I planned to do this on Hakuba Saguru’s birthday  ‘coz he’s an August baby like me, but I got pre-occupied with family gatherings (because my grandfather’s birthday is also in august) and I was also looking for a job that month and other than that, I was also participating in Detective Conan Week 2017, I was also busy writing my KazuHei fics. Plus, the hype over the ShinRan Bomb. In short, I was a busy busy bee and not to mention, insanely distracted.  Anyway, I hope you guys liked this series and I hope I gave a lot of love to Hakuba, since @ladygoldstein mentioned that he is pretty underrated. T.T.

If you guys haven’t read my other “If Gosho Boys were a Boy Band” stuff I’ll put in the links below. :)





X-Men The Movie

For the none of you who wanted to see me liveblog another movie, here I am again! This time I’m sitting down and watching the first X-Men movie. I’ve seen the whole movie in bits and pieces before, but never in one sitting, so this should be fun. Plus I actually know about the X-Men comics now, yay!

- Good opening; actually a very well done brief intro to the character of Erik

- Poor Rogue. Her power sucks.

- This movie is better than I remember? They do a great job introducing everything and showing both how mutants and the public feel. Especially considering how early of a superhero movie this is.


- And here comes the beefcake. Young(er) Hugh Jackman, I forgot just how lip-bitingly sexy you were

- I also forgot how stupid that comic book hairstyle looks in real life

- Rogue is surprisingly relatable for an audience surrogate character despite being a bit bland

- As if I ever thought Wolvie was just going to abandon her. He’s got too much of the Gruff Dad Hero genes to ever do such a thing.

- Awwww Rogue and Wolverine are bonding

- Heck yeah, Storm in her natural state: awesomeness. And Scott, your outfit makes you look like a fucking DORK. Which I guess is an appropriate look for you.

- “The fuck are these dumbass dorky suits?” thinks Wolvie. Same, Wolvie. Same.

- Kitty! Jubilee! Pyro! Bobby! All the cameos!

- Charles stop being creepy and invading others’ minds without permission. Oh wait, you can’t. Otherwise you wouldn’t be Professor X.

- “Send Mutants to the moon!” Says a protest sign. “Lol,” says I, knowledgeable of a earlier X-Men plotline where mutants did try to live on moon (or at least a rock in space, idk exactly)

- Damn but that 2000-era Mystique CGI ain’t half bad

- Well then. This is an all around unpleasant situation. Good thing the girl Wolverine stabbed happens to have power sucking powers.

- I love all the beautiful yet unnecessary special effects of Magneto using powers for every single little thing in every scene he inhabits

- Cyclops, I cannot get over how dumb you look, and I love it

- Damn, Rogue. Your powers really suck.

- Scott, I’m sorry, your powers also suck. Ororo, however, your powers are THE BOMB.

- Wolvie, dude, you fucked. Magneto gonna kill your ass.

- Logan’s wearing jeans with a jean jacket, aka a Canadian tuxedo. Truly, he is a paragon of Canadianess.

- Sploosh goes the bigot

- “Yellow spandex” yes please make all the references

- I will never grow weary of Wolverine snark especially when it is in response to Cyclops I don’t care how dumb it is


- …who then had to ruin her own awesome victory with one of the worst lines ever uttered

- “It’s me.” “Prove it.” “You’re a dick.” is probably the best exchange in this entire film

- Wolverine is the bad ass-ist

- Awwww Logan you’re such a softy, offering up your healing power so Rogue can live

- Oh good no one is dead how cliche

So overall I actually thoroughly enjoyed this movie. Whatever anyone may say, it did well considering it was the first modern superhero movie. They managed to cram a lot of movie into a relatively short time. And most of the casting was superb. I can’t think of anything else funny to say, I enjoyed it too much. So I’ll sign off, and see you next time I decide to have a glass of wine while watching a movie.

Chris Kreider #1

This is for you. :) @shea-gropp :* Very easy, very friendly banter. I hope you like this one!

Word count: 1, 059

Originally posted by siriuslyilluminaeted

You smiled at the giants who were teaching six year-olds how to skate properly. There is nothing more attractive than grown men, professional hockey players at that, taking the time off to give back to the community. At a non-team sanctioned event at that. Yes, the sound you’re hearing are your ovaries crying.

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Justin Bieber: Best Friends on Ellen

Words count:1582

Warning: none

Summery: You and Justin are friends for six years, and are having an interview on Ellen. Fluff and fun. 

You’re a famous model, who has been on the scene since you were young. Growing up under the spot light was a strange thing for you to go through, but with the help of your family you grew up just fine. Being in the industry as long as you have, made you very popular and have a lot of famous friends. The oldest friend you have is Justin Bieber. You met Justin just as he released Baby back in 2010. You two became fast friends. In no time you became best of friends. When you needed something you could rely on each other. When you needed to talk the other was there to listen even if you were on the other ends of the earth. When needed you always took a plane to get where the other was. Your relationship was stronger than of siblings.

Being spotted with each other made the media go crazy and rumors were thrown left and right. It amused you what some people came up with. At first you could understand that the media just was confused, but now six years later still some rumors come and go, all pushed down by your and Justin’s team.

You appeared in couple of Justin’s videos, and were in a clip in his Never Say Never movie. So when you came with the idea of you two starting a charity together just couldn’t say no to you, and you and Justin worked hard to start your own charity organization. You had done a photoshoot with Justin for publicity and were even invited to Ellen’s for an interview. You were her only interviewees that day.

You were all ready and good to go, you were waiting for Justin to finish you were up in five. You were nervous, and kept looking around for him, he was never ever on time.

“I’m here!” Justin called as he speed walked to you, you shook your head at him.

“Finally.” You exclaimed, and quickly fixed his clothes just as your cue was about to be called.

“And with us today, the amazing and talented Justin Bieber and (y/n) (y/l/n).” Ellen said and you walked on stage with Justin. You were smiling and waved at the crowed. You quickly said your hello’s to Ellen and a wave to the audience and sat in the sofa. It wasn’t a small one but you were still very close to Justin which you didn’t mind.

“It feels great to be back here.” Justin said flashing a smile to the audience who was going crazy.

“You should come more often then.” Ellen said.

“This is my first time here.” You said.

“Why is that?” Ellen asked knowing, she had tried to get you on her show a few times before but it always was when you were busy with your work.

“Well it’s not my fault, but you always invite me when I’m busy.” You told her and gave her an innocent smile.

“So you have time for Jimmy Fallon but for us, I’m offended.” Ellen joked.

“Well Ellen, Jimmy isn’t the one who’s about to spend the day with us, is he?” you told Ellen and laughed.

“You’re right, ok I forgive you.” Ellen said and you mouthed a ‘thank god’ the audience laughed. “Ok, so before I ask you about the organization, I have a few questions for you two.”

“Fire away.” Justin said, and you nodded.

“I heard that this is your first interview together in a long time?” Ellen asked.

“Yes, we usually don’t do interviews together, almost all of them are on red carpet when one of us doesn’t have a date and need one.” Justin said.

“Yes, which is a lot by the way.” You added.

“Take that Fallon I got Bieber and (y/l/n).” Ellen said to the screen and you laughed, with everyone else. “How long have you too knew each other for?”

“Six years.” You and Justin said at the same time, you gave each other a looked then a laughed.

“Wow, so a really long time then.” Ellen stated, and Justin said ‘yeah’. “And how has it been? Your friendship I mean.”

“It’s an… interesting one.” You said and laughed.

“Yes, we both changed along the years and the interesting thing is that we didn’t drift apart even though we sometimes spent four months without seeing each other.” Justin said and you nodded along with his words. “We are very close friends.”

“Yes, I mean whenever we’re both in LA he’s either at my mouse, or the other way around.” You said, and then smirked and whispered the last bit to the mic. “Unless, he’s having company.” Everyone laughed.

“Is it true that you are the one who bails him out of jail?” Ellen asked you.

“Yes, I’m his emergency number for some unknown reason.” I told Ellen.

“And I’m hers by the way.” Justin said and faked coughed. You glared at him playfully.

“Surprise mom.” You said to the screen and Ellen laughed.

“Yes, mom I’m sorry you’re not my emergency number, but don’t worry Justin is here to bail me out.” Ellen said to the camera, and you smiled.

“What she said.” You said pointing at Ellen.

“OK Justin tells what (y/n) means to you.” Ellen said turning to Justin, as did you. You looked at him and raised an eyebrow. “How is she as a friend?”

“(y/n) is… she’s an amazing friend, she stood by me for so long and hasn’t given up on me, and she always pushes me to try and do my best and be the best version of myself. She means the world to me and I’m very lucky to have her as a friend” Just said and you couldn’t help but smile. It meant so much to you. “(y/n) is always one call away, and she has been with me for every break-up, milt-down every mess up everything she always tries to help me when I have a problem with the media, she keeps me drounded. She’s just amazing, and I love her so much.”

You couldn’t help but hug Justin the audience ‘awed’ at you two. Justin hugged you and the let go, after you gave him a kiss on the cheek.

“That’s a really good thing to hear, I love hearing things like that.” Ellen stated her face shining form just seeing you tow happy. “(y/n) are you ok? Do you need a tissue?”

“No, I’m fine, I can keep it in until we finish.” You let out a small laugh and welled the tears away.

“Good, because now is your turn. How is Justin as a friend? And what does he mean to you?”

“Justin is a dork.” Everyone laughed and Justin pushed you playfully. “But, he’s my best friend, he truly is one in a million, I love him and he’s very supportive of whatever I do, and just keeps me happy, he always know what I want and need without me saying it, I guess we just became that familiar with each other, he stood by me in my darkest times, and always tells me to do my absolute best, and to not care about what other people say and to trust my instinct and I just wanted to say I need no squad as long as I got the Biebs by my side.”

“Nice finishing line, I need no squad as long as I got Biebs by my side.” Ellen said, you leaned into Justin’s side as he had his hand in the back of the sofa behind you. “How about boyfriends and girlfriends?”

“Let me tell you Justin takes the big brother role way too seriously.” You said laughing at the memory of him meeting your current boyfriend.

“What do you mean? What did you do Justin?” Ellen asked Justin, who blushed a little.

“I never think they’re good enough for her, and I let them know who is the one who has her by his side.” Justin said casually as if that’s the normal. “I may or may not scared a lot of them.”

“I always wander how canI still find men to date.” You said and shook your head.

“And how was he when he found out you were dating fellow model Simon Nessman(OR any other model or whoever you want)?”

“He was so over protective, he even tried to convince me that he was so much older and that he wasn’t good for me.”

“Well, I got to look out for my (y/n) now shouldn’t I?” Justin tried to explain himself.

“Totally, next time just show them your bodyguard collection and they’ll go running.” Ellen joked with Justin.

“Please, don’t give him ideas.” You begged Ellen.

“Too late.” Justin smirked and you groaned.

“Okay (y/n) you do you handle his girlfriends?” Ellen asked you and you smirked at Justin who shook his head.

“Well first of all I only meet the ones who pass the one month mark, and I’m very, very honest about my opinions on them, and if they’re models that I’ve worked with before and I know they’re going to be a bad influence on him I let him know, I just look out for him.” You shrugged.

“Justin is more fun I’ll help you Justin. I’ll give you more ideas through the break.” Ellen said and it was a little break time and they set ready for the next part of the show.



PART 2??