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Bday: September 13th

Gender pronouns: He/him

Relationship status: Taken with Liam Neeson

Star sign: Virgo

Siblings: One younger sister, one older half-brother

Pets: A small doggy named Twinkie

Love or lust: Food.

Lemonade or ice tea: Iced tea ohhhh boy i love me some iced tea

Coke or Pepsi: Dr. Pepper

Day or Night: Night, i like the nighttime when those homeless dudes near my local strip club scream the names of US presidents.

Call or text: Text

Met a celeb: Charles Martinet, Steve Blum, Roger Waters, and MAN I WANNA MEET ELIJAH WOOD SO BAD JESUS CHRIST MAN

Smiles or eyes: Eyes!

Shorter or taller: Both are cool, but I’m usually taller than everyone.

Chapstick or lipstick: Manstick because I am a man and I have no concern for how messed up my lips get

Last song i listened to: Blue Spotted Tail by Fleet Foxes

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Top 10 Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V Characters

List your top 10 Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V characters (those being 100% from Arc-V & and not cameo characters), and an explanation why for each one! Then tag 10 of your friends to do the same at the bottom of your post!

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Okay, so this one is rather hard, because if there are two things that I’m horrible at, it’s picking favorites and expressing my opinion. But hey, you always gotta try.

That said: These are in NO PARTICULAR ORDER.

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I’m skimming the manga because of the overwhelming feelings that one panel gave me and there’s that part where Oikawa singled out Tsukishima because he’s bad at receives (Hinata too, but Tsukishima was at the rear during the rotation)

And Hinata gets annoyed, right. So…

he targets Oikawa, the same way Oikawa was doing with Tsukishima.

how the hell did it take me 150+ chapters before I noticed Tsukishima and Hinata’s interactions??? how have I been so blind

I LOVE Vikavolts Design, I cant believe both my favorite bugs are ELECTRIC.
But something tells me Kuzon is not going to like the newest addition to the team…

Friends please consider.

Because of the weird “no one lives here” graffiti outside megamind’s lair it ends up becoming a pokestop/gym.
People keep wandering around his patch looking for Pokemon and sitting around nearby and he’s SO CONFUSED.

Then also consider Roxanne accidentally finding the entrance because she’s so busy tracking a Pokemon and doesn’t even notice she’s walked through a wall.
Brainbots are swarming megamind is yelling at minion who’s yelling at the brainbots and Roxanne is just like “…. Okay this is weird and unexpected but I have to catch the Pikachu that’s in here can you guys chill for just like 5 minutes”

Ian looked around at all the people at the pool side, taking in all the loud voices and cheers of people making the most of their summer. It was busier than he’d expected it to be, but the more the merrier and all that jazz. His plan for the day was meant to be to stay on the sidelines and chill out, soaking up the rays of the sun that was beating down on them. After trying to ( as discreetly as possible ) pull the wedgie of his Speedo out, he turned to a person nearby. “If it rains today someone better give me an umbrella or something because otherwise I’ll freeze to death.” 

I had a dream that I accidentally sat right next to @therealjacksepticeye at a Marvel panel at some convention or the other, and I made a joke about mark not being with us at the hip and cool events, but then I heard someone clear their throat and mark was sat in the row behind us…