botched rescue
South Korean ferry that sank 3 years ago, killing more than 300, lifted from sea
A South Korean ferry was hoisted to the surface nearly three years after it capsized and sank
By Associated Press

A 6,800-ton South Korean ferry was hoisted to the surface Thursday nearly three years after it capsized and sank in violent seas off the country’s southwestern coast.

The reappearance of the vessel above the surface was an emotional moment for the country as it searches for closure to one of its deadliest disasters.

More than 300 people — most of them students on a high school trip — died when the Sewol sank on April 16, 2014, touching off an outpouring of national grief and soul searching about long-ignored public safety and regulatory failures. Public outrage over what was seen as a botched rescue job by the government contributed to the recent ouster of Park Geun-hye as president.

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I love your st Olga au. I was actually wondering if there is a full Version of it? How did they get there? Were they kidnaped? How? I want more.

There really isn’t a ‘full comic’ more like a series of story branches based on various ideas and/or suggestions from myself(whenever I get ideas) and others(Thanks everyone). I think a written work would probably have the best bet on depicting the full journey of: 

  1. capture of Star and/or Marco
  2. brainwashing (level of grimness is reliant on artist and/or writer)
  3. new life as “Lady” and “Soldier” 
  4. good or neutral or bad ending. 

Not to say it’s impossible with a comic, just that it’s so much scripting and drawing. I’m not sure if I’d be able to finish such a behemoth. So for now I’m content with these various isolated vignettes. It can be as dark or light-hearted as a person wants. It can be whatever pairing a person desires. It’s important to just have fun with it I think. 

How did they get there? Kidnapping and capture are the primary causes. But if someone can figure out other options that’s okay too. Like maybe something forces them to approach Heinous, but it’s a trap, and/or she betrays them. This post suggests a scenario where some other event left Star and Marco in a bad position that Heinous ended up capitalizing on. Season 2 has shown several instances of the cleaved wand backfiring on Star. A spell malfunctioning was one of the contributing factors to Star losing her spellbook and Glossy in canon. We also have to remember that Marco’s only human compared to his magical warrior Princess buddy. 

I’m eternally grateful for all the written and drawn works that get made for the au, from what I’ve seen so far most center on post-brainwashing events. But still generally make references to some kind of capture and/or failed rescue of some sort. It’s up to the content creator on what they feel is important to include or not. I guess what I’m saying here is that as long as the “final” result is Lady and Sol anything goes. (”final” in case one wants to do rescue and/or recovery routes in their own takes on the au.) 

It should also be noted that they don’t have to be captured at the same time. One can either start with “Lady” or “Soldier”, with a dark reunion through ‘botched rescue’ and/or ‘kidnapped by own bestie’. I think either one party feeling emotionally and/or psychologically compromised in seeing their best friend in this kind of state could lead to easier capture. 

I hope I was able to answer everything.

Don’t worry there’s plenty of st.O’s stuff on the way. 

dave and karkat both being knights mostly just makes me really want a medieval au where they meet trying to save the same damsel in distress and horribly botch the rescue anyway but it’s okay because the damsel just killed the dragon herself so whatever they just make out behind the treasure pile in the dragon’s lair instead

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Time for a recap?

((A few years ago, Xephos was killed in a horribly botched rescue mission by Honeydew, his best friend. The only reason Xephos was able to survive was due to Lalna’s timely emergency field surgery, but Xephos died that night, leaving only X.

Cut to years later, where Rythian confronts X on a rooftop after chasing him. He gives X a choice to stand down, but when he refuses, Rythian attacks- he underestimated X, who countered his attack effortlessly, and is left to die after X takes his Ender eye, which takes away Rythian’s ability to teleport.

Later, after making a recovery, Rythian is making a grocery run when he is confronted by DoG, the most powerful villain in the city, and sort of Rythian’s clone father. They exchange words, and DoG makes it clear he wants Rythian back to perform some more experiments– he is kidnapped by DoG, LAL, and Kim, after ultimately losing a fight against them all.

Miniata (Zoey) pleads with the Superyogs to investigate his disappearance– this requires effort because Rythian’s take-no-prisoners approach clashes with the Superyogs ethics of crime fighting. Nonetheless, they help Zoey because she is a good friend and a good partner.

The investigation turns up a chunk of LAL’s arm, which Zoey uses to track down Rythian. The trail leads to one of the arm’s last known whereabouts, which Zoey assumes will be DoG’s hideout and where Rythian is. It actually leads to X’s hideout, where she meets “X”. which is actually Smiffy in disguise. Following X’s orders, he helps lead Zoey to DoG’s base and essentially gives back Rythian’s eye.

Zoey finds DoG’s base, where underground, he has Creepers and Endermen in pods. She hacks into their control panel to allow herself remote access, and then finds Rythian. She gives him his eye and they prepare to leave, but are ambushed by DoG. The Superyogs intervene, after following Zoey in secret, and after a fight with DoG, it is revealed that Sjinergy has powers derived from DoG, and therefore they are both immune to harm from each other’s powers. Zoey unleashes the mobs on DoG, which distracts him, and Sjinergy uses the rubble caused by the creeper explosions to encase DoG in a temporary prison, giving the Supers time to escape. The supers concede Rythian is on the side of good, and therefore a friend.

Meanwhile, Parv is training to be a bloodmage with Strife, the last Angel of the Aether who has fallen to the nether after banishment and killed all the angels in retaliation. Parv attempts to rob a jewlery store on Halloween, but Kirin Dave and Lying attempt to assassinate him, because KD abhors other mages and believes magical balance requires him to be the only mage around. It turns out that Strife is not the last angel, but one of two, the other being KD, who was banished before Strife for inventing magic in the Aether. Their assassination attempt fails when Strife, who is stronger and scarier, intervenes to save Parv.

Later, X hires a supervillain to kill Sjinergy, knowing he would fail, as he knows that Sjinergy is an unstable time bomb of borrowed power from DoG. He anticipates Sjin will murder the supervillain in overkill and have an existential crisis about who he is and how he should use his powers. Sjin reaches out to the only person who can help him- DoG. DoG convinces Sjin to be his patsy for a murder he committed, so that Sjin can be legally banished to the Forbidden Sands, in exchange for DoG teaching him the secrets to controlling his power.

X, Sips, and Lomadia visit Sjin in prison, and X convinces Sjin to allow him to be his lawyer and get him a not guilty verdict, in defiance of DoG, by telling Sjin about how DoG’s secrets about Sjin’s powers actually apply to DoG and that DoG was lying.

X succeeds in getting Sjin a not guilty by hiring a super villain to attack the court, knowing the jury and judge would ask Sjinergy to save them and show his innocence. At the same time, he conspired with Bebop, DoG’s assistant, to release LAL and Kim, knowing it would completely drop DoG’s guard and basically defeat him, to know that he had been betrayed by his most trusted followers. The mayor reveals his powers in court in a fit of rage, but contrary to what X expected, people were more impressed by his powers then scared or convinced that the mayor was DoG. Despite the disappointing reveal, DoG went into hiding, killing Bebop by destroying his preserved and functioning brain.

The supers throw a party to celebrate Sjin’s innocence, but he is still depressed and thinking about how he’s used his powers to hurt people more than help, and banishes himself to the Forbidden Sands anyway, to attempt to get rid of all the anger and rage that DoG planted inside of him. This causes a major blow to Sips, his best friend, as simultaneously to Sjin’s disappearance, Sips’ bankruptcy of Sipsco is finalized, and he loses his business, where it is acquired by Strife.

As this is happening, we see X has begun a systematic assassination of heroes. Lomadia has a crush on the mayor due to being impressed by his powers, failing to realize he is DoG. Kim and LAL have returned to live with Rythian and Zoey– LAL loses his robotic arm, but is happier for it. Parv kills a man dying in a hospital bed, believing in a blood induced frenzy that he was trying to perform a healing spell. The man turns out to be Nilesy’s only living relative, his grandfather. Nilesy swears revenge on the bloody murderer who ruined his life, completely unaware that it was his best friend– Parv in the meantime is also unaware that he has killed Nilesy’s grandfather, but he has a feeling that there is something horribly wrong between him and his friend.

Coming home, after getting the strongest liquour he could get, Sips is surprised to find Lying is in his room. Lying teleports him to the Minecraft Tekkit universe, where he meets an alternate universe version of Sjin, who is basically a maniacal despot who wants to rule the world through fear. After what seemed like a utopia turns out to be a nightmare, Sips flees from Sjin, only to be zapped by lightning. It turns out the lightning was struck by KD, who used it bring Sips back into the real world, because KD is responsible for Sips’ powers.

In the meantime, Lying has approached X, stating that, being blessed with infinite vision of all the multiverses, where the impossible is possible, he is completely flabbergasted and indeed, scared, to know that the superyogs universe is the only one where Xephos defied destiny, probability and reality itself, and became X. LAL is having strange dreams. Sjin has discovered some kind of cult in the Forbidden Sands. And DoG is still missing.))

why tri taichi is terribly IC

(tri spoilers!!)

So, Tri: Saikai is about how Yagami Taichi awkwardly deals (or rather, does NOT deal) with things when too many variables are outside of his control. It’s a different picture of Taichi than we’re used to - even the other Chosen seem confused as to why he won’t take the lead like he always has before. But I would argue that, contrary to what Yamato says about Taichi “changing,” this is actually par for the course with him. He’s changed, certainly, but not in the way Yamato thinks. Taichi has always frozen up when he feels overwhelmed.

In this long, self-indulgent piece of Digimon meta, I’m going to talk about the four times in Adventure where I feel Taichi has a “freeze up” of the same style as what happens in Tri, and then speculate on why the same thing happening drives the whole story in Saikai.

During Adventure

When the kids first landed in the digital world, Taichi was an unstoppable bullet of energy. The others’ caution only propelled him to take initiative, to take greater risks.

But then the group was separated and Taichi glimpsed what was really at stake - from Yamato, whose fear for Takeru’s life drove him to be riskier than Taichi had ever been. He empathized with Yamato by imagining it was his own little sister who was lost somewhere. He empathized… but he didn’t quite understand, yet.

He got a burst of determination on learning that they were specifically chosen to come to this world and that they had a goal to work toward. But reaching that goal killed Takeru’s partner. Once again, Taichi observed, but was an outsider to another’s grief.

Freeze-Up Number 1

Then he trusted the Pagumon, which led to Tokomon’s capture and Agumon ending up in danger. Then he found his Crest. It was that Crest that set off the string of changes in his character that lasted till the end of the season.

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star wars re-watch: attack of the cringe

  • okay so i actually like the political machinations in this and all of obi-wan’s parts, so if someone added a bit of nuance i’d actually watch a mini-series all about it
  • also can someone point me to a roman empire au of star wars cause yes please
  • great plan yoda send the uninitiated teenager to keep an eye on the girl he’s been dreaming about for ten years like a total nerd this will not go wrong in any way
  • padme needs to check her princess privilege if she thinks that going undercover means dressing like an alphonse mucha deity (sidenote: padme’s wardrobe was fucking amazing)
  • and then we get to the “romance”. ngl when i first watched it way back when i thought anakin was actually good at flirting. he’s not. 
  • the entire thing is so forced it’s training to be a jedi (get it? FORCEd? get iiiiit?) 
  • people say that jupiter ascending had a that romance came out of nowhere, but they flirted and saved each other and went through space bureaucracy together and had some really kinky energy flowing between them. they didn’t say i love you after like two terrible dates, a mass slaughter and a botched rescue operation
  • the worst thing is that i’ve actually complained about sand (and many other things) in the same whining disgusted tone 
  • by going from evil to savior, the sand that ended up breaking padme’s fall had a more interesting and believable character arc than anyone else in the movie
  • also padme had way more chemistry with obi-wan, anakin was definitely on to something in the third one
  • obi-wan is the babe without any power, but he’s still a babe. so babealicious. mcgregor’s alexguinesseing begins well and truly in this one. big props for managing to give a good performance despite what i can only imagine was the worst actor directing in the history of cinema
  • why does obi-wan know so many shady characters and always feels at home in dive-bars?
  • for such an advanced civilization, the cloners sure were okay about the fact that they had no space wi-fi keeping them in contact with the rest of the universe
  • “i have a bad feeling about this” whine the two jedi while padme’s in the background picking her way to freedom with the power of nancy drew’s spirit (the real source of the force)
  • i fucking love padme so much. she’s such a leslie knope about getting shit done
  • yoda being the most badass muppet since miss piggy
  • jedi really need to learn not to chop off hands and ask questions later. it happened like three different times
  • jedi are not supposed to form attachments… yet yoda stops to save the two useless idiots that were just sprawled helplessly on the floor, thus letting his opponent escape
  • jedi are the worst… and the fact that almost all siths come from the jedi order should have made them change things up a bit… like idk not being ok with slavery and leaving one of their trainees’ mother to her fate cause since they have her child they don’t give a fuck
  • fave small moments:
  • windu and obi-wan running towards each other and standing back to back
  • that one clone that was chilling off the side of the space-chopper and shooting in the most relaxed way possible
  • obi-wan being proud that at last someone was taking him seriously as an opponent when the droids backed away, only to find out that he had an alien praying mantis behind him 
  • when obi-wan tries to get up his boot lifts up anakin’s head