botched jesus

So here’s like an idea… Like Rick clearly was swerving the car so Jesus ended up on Daryl’s shoulder… so like what if Rick ships it. And he know Daryl will never make a move, so whenever they have to go on runs, he sends Jesus with Daryl under the pretense of Daryl “keeping an eye on him” and eventually Rick gets tired of waiting for something to happen, bc Jesus is like flirting hardcore, but it’s going over Daryl’s head, like HOW IS DARYL NOT SEEING THIS, so he gives Daryl some bogus directions for a run and Daryl and Jesus end up at a sex shop, and Daryl makes it back to Alexandria so mad, bc “do you know the kind of things they have in there, Rick” and the whole time Daryl is bitching Rick out, Jesus is standing behind Daryl swinging some fuzzy handcuffs and Rick is trying not to laugh and Daryl has NO CLUE. okay. That would be awesome.

PS I invite anyone to use this as a prompt, just message me so I can read it. :)