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Herbalist Life

Reading a collection of short murder mystery stories.

One of them has a feigned accident where leaves of a poisonous plant that I’m personally unfamiliar with were supposed to be mistaken for sage leaves.

Put book down, go to shelf, pick up herbal, check the leaves to see if they could be mistaken for sage. Grudgingly allow that they did say the cook was an elderly woman and not too bright.

So everyone knows about PTA Sans

And PTA Sans is one of the most beautiful things I’ve seen, but consider this

Bake Sale Mom Toriel- She works at the school and immediately knows about all of the fundraisers and bake sales. She over does the baking and puts everyone else to shame with her butterscotch cinnamon pies and her lemon squares.

Soccer Mom Undyne- She trains Frisk on how to be the best soccer player in the school (even though she’s not quite sure what soccer is) and she threatens anyone with a spear that insinuates that Frisk can’t play soccer.

Wrestling/ MMA Dad Papyrus- He makes sure Frisk can take care of themselves at school, especially around Johnny Lowlife and Fuckboy Todd. He teaches Frisk everything he knows about fighting and self defense. During PTA meetings he questions why there aren’t any self defense classes offered, and offers to teach them for free. Every time, he gets turned down but it doesn’t stop him from offering it again.

Science/ Mechanical Teacher Aunt Alphys- She was hired by the Principal after meeting Mettaton and believing he was completely under her orders and hoped she could teach the kids about science and how to make their own robots. She spends the entire day watching anime with her students. All of her tests are about the animes they watch. The principal still isn’t aware of this fact and all of the other students aren’t sure why their friends are so eager to go back to such a ‘boring’ class. They just don’t know what they’re missing. She doesn’t show up to PTA meetings; she stays home and plays computer games and has Undyne fill her in later.

Theater Uncle Mettaton- He teaches Frisk everything there is to know about show business. How to dance, the proper way to speak in front of a crowd, how to train their voice to sing. There was a 3 day long lecture about the importance of glitter. There was no stopping, only bathroom brakes. Food had to be brought to the class or brought by a family member during class. He was fired after that, but still shows up to class because the principal is too intimidated to remove him forcefully. He’s taken over the cooking class and news club and yearbook committee. He made all of those classes better than they have been before. He typically doesn’t show up to PTA meetings, but when he does, someone is getting hell. *Cough* Linda *cough*

Gardener Asgore- He shows up daily to plant flowers and trim hedges around the school. The Principal never hired him, and is too scared to tell him to leave, plus he made the school look prettier than all of the other schools in the area. He loves gardening, but he really just wants to be around Frisk and Toriel. He sort of wanders into PTA meetings. Toriel told him to leave, but his horns got stuck in the doorway.

Botany Nerd Asriel- After being a flower for so long he wanted to know about other plants. He spends hours finding new facts about edible and inedible plants, pretty flowers, and places with exotic and rare plant breeds. He wants to visit the amazon when he gets older and stop deforestation. Meetings are always called by teachers saying how disruptive he is about his new flower books; Toriel told the teacher off and made sure to get Asriel in her class for the rest of the year. Asgore went to the meeting too and tried to calm down Toriel. He got a black eye.

Flowerpot Flowey- He likes to pretend to be a normal flower until someone comes up to him. He scares the shit out of the school kids. The Principal asked Asgore to stop bringing him to school. The Principal got a black eye.

Lunchroom Cook Grillby- He showed up to be around everyone else, saw the food being served and decided no one needed to be tortured with that kind of next to inedible monstrosity. He makes gormet bar food for all of the school children. He never speaks to anyone, but he still always has a friendly aura around him.


Seeing this art piece yesterday got me a little emotional, so I felt like sharing this with you!!

It’s finally mulberry season, and I couldn’t be happier to see my most beautiful, octopus like tree give so many fruit!! <3 The last three photos were taken “inside” the tree, under its wooden dome… what I like to call my sky of mulberries!! ;w; Oh, how I love you, my dear tree.

I’ve been working on this orchid style for quite a while now and I’m very happy with the progress. This a custom pair of pink ivory plugs with brass orchids and peach moonstone. The petals all have subtle bends that are hard to capture in a photo but really mimic the look of a Phalaenopsis orchid, from the light backward bend at the tips of the top and side petals to the ‘lip,’ which protrudes outward from the bottom.

As a botany nerd, I would be delighted to make more of these pieces. If you have a love for orchids, please do email and let’s have a chat about building you a pair of these unique, wonderful flowers.

it’s witchsona week! (or the end of)

my witchsona is an apothecarist and harvests wild plants to make medicines and spells. she is a botany nerd and loves cataloging stuff. her familiar is a black pot belly big who can dig up mushrooms.

she also hates getting sunburned so she wears SPF 300 sunscreen and makes sure that she wears her hat and gloves at all times.


I found this lovely scruffy little 60s flower book in a bookshop in town and fell in love! So charmed. On the back I found a list of the others in the series that I need hunt down when I have a bit more spare money - these include Birds, Wild Flowers, Butterflies, Trees, Wild Animals, Grasses, Larger Moths, Common Insects and Spiders, Common Fungi and Astronomy! I need them all! Love! ♡〜


Can Plants Get Cancer?

We all know animals are susceptible to cancer, but are plant susceptible too? Plants can get cancer just like animals; but it may not be as fatal. Due to the cell structure of plants cells, they are much more rigid than plants cells and don’t allow cancers to spread. Instead they just cause knots and burls.

Enjoy this questions answer, remember to leave a like and share on Facebook (It helps out so much, and I really appreciate it!). If you have a question leave it in the comments for a future video.

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Kiss for Nikolay from... Cyrene!

It was not often that Nikolay Kovalev found those that were tolerant of his presence—as so few were of Mordesh—and more importantly they they shared his passions, such as they were.  It was a pleasant surprise when Cyrene had come into his temporary office in Malenkov’s clinic and caught him meticulously pruning a branch of bonsai and had not only politely waited until he set his tools down, but also began to inquire about the plants themselves.

The quarters she sometimes roomed in on the upper floor was rather bare, and upon repotting an excess of flora, the Mordesh loped his way slowly through the dark halls of the clinic and up toward her—as of the moment—empty loft.  Upon knocking to insure she was not present, and careful not to touch anything but the stairs, Nikolay slipped on feet eerily silent for his size and weight, and gently placed the plant at bedside.

He had almost forgotten about the gesture when she came to him, lingering in the doorway as she did sometimes.  That did not surprise him, but what did was the stalk to his side wherein she dipped down, tucking pale hair behind one of her ears and, utterly unbothered by the steel surface of jaw and cheek, places a chaste kiss of thanks before turning to leave.