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Yooo I'm dying to know what subject lance teaches in the college prof AU?? Astronomy? Theater? Aviation Physics? Bad Flirting 101?

hahaha i have no real set idea for what anyone teaches, because what ive had in mind for this au is that everyone works between different departments at a time, so they all teach a variety of classes! 

Lance: part of the science and english department, specifically biology (or even marine biology?) and also helps out with theatre club (he’s a miracle w/ those knitting skills of his tbh)

Keith: math and astrophysics most likely?? he secretly helps out the botany club and has a little spot in the botanical garden for him to rest that the club members made for him 

Hunk: Computer Science and Engineer most def. Helps out w/ the engineering club. His cooking club, however, is a weird mix of the gentlest souls and mini Gordon Ramsay’s (he has separate meetings for adults on weekdays, and ones for little kids on the weekends)

Shiro: History, astronautics & aeronautics departments. Is pidge’s adviser. Sadly too busy to officially be part of any clubs, but is prone to check up on the others once in while prob

Coran: Mysterious figure?? that literally everyone sees all the time but he’s always doing something different that no one is really sure what his job is on campus??

aaaand thats all ive gotten figured out at this point - u-)9

taz college au thoughts: 

 - on one hand, i really want magnus to be a frat boi. on the other, frat boys suck. maybe hes part of a coed community service frat like one of my friends is, which is a cool thing to do.  

- merle is either a graduate student who has been around for Too Long or a adjunct prof or the weirdest TA youve ever had. either way hes everyones weed dealer, like that other post said 

- taako and lup share a dorm room until junior year when she starts living with her boyfriend and taako is Betrayed and lives with magnus instead.

- alternately: he signs up for random room assignment and gets matched with that Weird Goth Dude Wait Shit Weird Goth Dude is Really Hot Oh No We’re Dating Now taakitz commences 

- i think davenport was an RA freshman year when taako, lup, magnus, barry, and lucretia started school. i guess merle was just….there? or if he’s faculty maybe he was the faculty advisor or something? or maybe he was davenports weird boyfriend who hung around all the time. im not crazy about davenchurch but on the other hand this feels correct and good. 

- barrys last name is not bluejeans. there was just an Incident the first week of school and he has a Reputation on campus. its a noodle incident and he will not talk about it no matter who asks. 

- johann is in the marching band. and the orchestra. and like 2 chamber music groups. and he has a wildly popular indie following on soundcloud or youtube or something 

- killian plays football, im not sure why, but this feels right. 

- fisher happens because magnus drunkenly breaks into the bio building one night and brings fisher back to his dorm and lucretia is like “you are not fit to take care of him” and anyway long story short they install a tank in lucretia’s room but magnus still refers to fisher as his son. 

- hurley is definitely part of MERT or whatever you call those students who help the emts with picking up drunk kids who need to get ambulance’d at parties but hurley also participates in illegal street racing with her girlfriend sloane so i mean i guess the karmic balance is about the same. 

- taako accidentally gave everyone food poisoning once in senior year of high school and it Traumatized him. in college he somehow learns that it wasnt his fault it was his fuckin home ec partner, and at some point, lup punches sazed in the face. shes gotta. 

- merle is part of like 3 different ecology/botany clubs and all of them are just a front to smoke a lot of weed. 

- lucretia is an editor at the school newspaper and doesnt sleep. she has an office and its the unofficial hangout spot and the rest of the news kids just Accept the weirdos hanging out in lucretia’s office. 

- lup has set four different university buildings on fire. three of them were accidents. 

- lup and taako look like they should be studying like, theatre or fine arts or something like that from their Aesthetic but lup is actually in aerospace engineering (she wants to make ROCKETS!!!) and taako is studying molecular biology with a concentration in intracellular soft matter physics (this is not a real major but soft matter physics is a real thing you can do graduate work/phd stuff in). also theyre both theatre minors. im sorry. they’re too dramatic not to be. 

- lucretia looks like she studies economics but is actually studying english with a concentration in creative writing and fine arts. fucc OFF i can give her my majors if i want to, also this makes sense. 

- an au of this au: barry bluejeans is lups TA for uhhhhhhhh chem 200. lup goes to office hours a lot ;)  hot for teacher. 

stars and clouds | school series 11

characters: you x sungwoon

summary: starry-eyed moments with sungwoon

quote: ”the stars in the sky can’t amount to my love”

school series: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11

note: the school series!wanna one is now over! i had so much fun writing this series and i’m glad that this series received a lot of love, more than what i have expected and thank to you guys i have over 300+ followers which is shocking considering that i had 40 when i wrote the third part to the series and now eight scenarios later i have more than 300?? i really don’t know how to thank you guys! and now since the wanna one version of this series over, i will be shifting my focus to finishing my works in progress, so once again thank you so much and enjoy!

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Ever have a project that puts you through hell and it takes all your strength to not scream but it’s also the best thing ever and you love it?

The emotional equivalent of grinning through a mouth full of blood while throwing another punch, I guess.

Botanical oils.

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Omgggggg!!!!! Jungkook was so shy and blushy and CUTEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! Kat u just killed meeee!!!

(muahaha Jungkookie as smol freshmen following the botany club just to see Jimin is what I needed) -kat 

Ok but have you considered how Sulu is obsessed with flowers/plants 

and so is a certain Star Ship captain by the name of James T Kirk

I put it to you that these two nerds meet up once a month to gush over various flora. Founding members and maybe only members of the Enterprise botany (and sometimes floristry) club. 

heres one of my many dumb ocs, donovan: a second year, member of the botany club. frequently asks other students to join the club, often asks the same person multiple times throughout the schoolyear, as she forgets who she has and hasn’t already asked, and who is and isn’t in the club already, seeing as she only attends the club sporadically herself. is very much interested in plants despite her issues with punctuality and spotty recollection.


[30.Sept.2016: coffee break before choir]

Today has been a good day. Brought my students clementines and oatmeal cookies (baked last night), we bonded through sharing this week’s struggles (like my house’s current lack of heat and/or hot water), and had a good discussion. Then lunch & grading, then organ practice, and then on the way to the health center to pick up test results (all good, all routine) I ran into a former student who was selling plants with the botany club so I bought a new plant. Name it for me in replies? Now I’m having coffee, before a long choir practice, and the architecture café is amazing, as are the kids who work there.

Happy Friday, studyblr.


Aside from running the dailyplantfacts blog, I am also the president of the GROW Botany club at University of Florida. Today, we hung plant fact signs on trees around the UF campus! Many people are unaware of the awesome plants that can be found around campus, so these signs will help to foster interest in Botany, and end the plant blindness that many people face every day!

Danger, Laura Hollis, Danger

OK, in order to help everyone with their feels after episode 33, I’ve decided to post one of my WIP fics that never quite got finished, but contains enough story for now that at least you’ll get something out of it. Keep in mind this was written AGES ago. Like, way back in September, I think. So that can explain any anomalies that might pop up.

Laura x Danny and Laura x Carmilla, with pre Danny x Carmilla (it’s basically OT3 before Danny and Carmilla realize they like each other ok)

Based on a headcanon I posted way, way, waaaaaaay back about Laura getting into dangerous situations all the time and Danny and Carmilla bond over how exasperated they get with their tiny daredevil girlfriend.


Laura and Danny were having a stand off when Carmilla walked in.

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ooough i hate to make a post about this. but i am having a lot of difficulty finding funds for extra tuition this semester and i can’t really afford to take out a loan because my financial situation has just changed in the past couple of months - i really dont want to pour my heart out but my parents have gotten separated and my mom is on disability and my dad has to pay a lot of alimony and it was overall a very messy process. im honestly doing my hardest to find a job but it’s just been impossible for me so far, ive put in apps for several places around town but it’s a college town and it’s really difficult to get something if you only have volunteer experience.

again i feel really bad about this but if you can spare any money at all i put a donation button on my sidebar here i only need a couple of hundred dollars to cover it. if you donate any amount i will send you a thank you sketch, but if you donate over 10$ i can send you a personal thank you letter and drawing !! just shoot me an email ( with the amount and ill get back to you asap. i really can’t afford to drop out of college either because my scholarships only cover so much and i really can’t bear living alone with my mom for anxiety reasons.

i also have an ebay where i’m trying to sell my grandpa’s silver collection so if anything there interests you or you’d like to pass it on you can check some items out here.

i feel like i should be way more self sufficient but it’s super difficult finding a job that fits my school schedule and  i’ve had a lot of panic attacks over this and really anything or just a reblog helps \\

thanks so much for reading!

(a couple things about me if you want to know btw: my name is annie, im 18, and a sophomore studying environmental sciences at UF. i’m bi and my pronouns are she/her. im the secretary for my school’s botany club and the volunteer coordinator for the con my school runs called swampcon. i love writing and drawing and slurpees and madoka magica.)