Arabidopsis thaliana is in the cabbage family Brassicaceae. This species is known as a model organism, meaning it is widely used by scientists as a model for genetic studies in plants. The genome of Arabidopsis is one of the smallest in flowering plants, and was one of the first to be fully sequenced. This species has a short generation time, allowing scientists to plant seeds, grow plants, and harvest new seeds within a couple of months. Arabidopsis is also amenable to genetic modification, giving scientists the ability to introduce genes of interest into the plant to observe their effects. Studies with Arabidopsis have vastly contributed to our understanding of plants and have laid the groundwork for improvement in a number of fields including agriculture and horticulture, molecular biology, and genetics. Follow for more plant facts and photos!


The levying of flora and fauna Brasile, command and under the auspices of Francis 1, Emperor of Austria and studied by glenn
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By Mikan, Johann Christian, 1769-1844

 Publication info Vindobonae [Vienna] :Sumptubus auctoris,1820-[25] Contributing Library: Missouri Botanical Garden, Peter H. Raven Library BioDiv. Library


This copy of The Botanic Garden has been beautifully repaired! Along both boards and at the head of the book, you can see where the conservator has carefully laid Japanese tissue to reattach the boards and fill in missing leather. It is then toned to match the leather. Inside pieces of Japanese tissue, or kozo, are used to repair where the endpaper has split from the text block.

Published in 1791, The Botanic Garden is a two part work written by Erasmus Darwin (1731-1802). Darwin was a physician, natural philosopher, and a devoted botanist. He translated the works of Carl Linnaeus a Swedish naturalist. Darwin wrote poetry as a means for teaching the general reader the Linnaean plant classification system. The Botanic Garden is a unique combination of classical poetry and natural science.


P.S. And yes Erasmus Darwin is related to Charles Darwin. Erasmus was Charles grandfather!

PR3396 .A7 1791