Macro Photographs Capture the Mystical Beauty of Carnivorous Plants by  Joni Niemelä

Finnish photographer Joni Niemelä brings focus to the details found in nature, which are often overlooked. Featuring one of Niemelä’s favorite subject, a carnivorous plant called Drosera or “Sundew,” he takes us into a microscopic and intimate view of the unique plant.

Through Niemelä’s macro photography, we are able to see each droplet of morning dew collected by the Sundew, hence the name, and its alien-like anatomy. He creates a vibrant, yet mystical and moody atmosphere of the ravenous plant by the use of color and an unorthodox perspective.. 


Ruellia simplex is in the family Acanthaceae. Commonly known as Mexican Petunia, it is native to Mexico and Central America, as well as South America and parts of the Caribbean. This plant is commonly cultivated in many parts of the world for its deep purple flowers. This species is also considered highly invasive in some areas including Florida, where it escaped cultivation in the beginning of the 20th century.

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From EarthShots.Org Photo Of The Day; August 4, 2015:

Michael Kittell

I was blessed with the opportunity to backpack the Goat Rocks in Washington on a recent weekend with a cadre of amazing friends. With all of the hiking and socializing, I barely had energy to photograph this sunset. But it was worth it! Here, fields of wildflowers provided a colorful foreground to Mt. Adams on the horizon and a few clouds set ablaze by the setting sun.


Ironwood tree - Memecylon umbellatum

Also referred to as Delek Air tree, Memecylon umbellatum (Myrtales - Melastomataceae), is a large shrub or small tree, up to 8-14m tall, that produces showy clusters of amazing bright purple flowers, about 1 cm each.

This tree, which can be found in Peninsular India and Sri Lanka, is not only beautiful, but also useful since it has several traditional and pharmacological uses. It provides hard timber used for building houses and boats, and a yellow dye can be extracted from the leaves and the bark that is used to treat bruises and various ailments. 

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Photo credit: Photo credit: ©Nuwan Chathuranga | Locality: Sri Lanka (2014)