botanical installation

Android Companion AU

Lucis is an advanced civilization, the crown city of Insomnia is self sustaining and generally safe, but the limited land with which to build on can barely fit the growing population. You are an independent adult who had landed a dream job in the heart of the city, your parents bid you farewell from their farmhouse just east of Lestallum, and now you are living alone in a very crowded, claustrophobic, and constantly noisy business district.

One day, you find an offer of comfort in your solitary life:

Model: NOCT-1.5 (limited number of units produced):

  • This model is the cutting-edge technology of all companions available in the market, the be-all end-all royalty of the trade. it is never advertised because very few people can afford it, but you’re a tech nerd and you’ve heard of the legends
  • It’s usually ridiculously expensive and waaaay out of your range, for some reason, this one is on sharp discount in your local computer shop
  • the clerk tells you it’s on a discount because it has been taken out of the box by a previous owner and returned, but is in top shape otherwise
  • it’s a small investment even after the price cut and you’re seriously trying to talk yourself out of it, but the more you look at the android behind the sheer plastic, the more you are entranced by the sharp features and slim design.
  • a part of you hungers to see what the eyes look like once turned on, and what kinds of apps and functions you can install on such a rare product
  • you take it home, and the moment you plug it- him in, bright piercing eyes glow red for three seconds, and then mellow out to a soft crystal blue

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New York Botanical Garden Mertz Library: Chihuly Sculpture: Blue Polyvitro Crystals

An art installation by Chihuly, seen by the Lillian Goldman Fountain of Life outside the Luesther T Mertz Library. Apparently he made this from “shards of automotive glass.”

The library behind it is a large, old-fashioned building. I don’t know much about architecture styles but it’s a tan color, the windows are rounded at the top and there’s a slightly-protruding section with columns in the middle.

The fountain between the library and sculpture has green statues featuring some kind of horse/mermaid/people bathing situation.

And the sculpture itself is large chunks of glass in different colors of blue (from fairly dark to fairly light). There’s a large cluster of them in the center and then single pieces floating in the fountain pool.

The first picture faces the sculpture and the library directly. The second one is from the side, showing it in profile to the far right, with the fountain sculptures more visible to the left. The last picture is exactly the same as the first, except at a left-tilted angle.


epiphytes never grew around you (2014) 

A lamentation and artwork. Through suspended flora placed woven into a collage, mixed with embroidery imitating plants and stones, a out of context garden is created, creating friction with the bare and sterile plastics and PVC which it relies and grows upon. The piece aims to be a floral choreography of the friction of relationships ripped out of their natural landscape and made to imitate something else. Whilst the garden looks in bloom, a blushing form, it is displaced and without grounding. 


Katie Scott Botanical Projection Installation

Animation by James Pulley