Finding the Perfect Plant with Botanical Artist Charles Loh

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For botanical artist Charles Loh (@mossingarden), every plant has its own character and preferences. “Plants are strange creatures,” he says. “I always look out for foliage, textures, color and how wild they could be — I love plants with roots and stems all over.” He spends hours at nurseries to find the perfect plants for his projects. But of all those he works with, his favorite is moss. “I’m telling the story of how even common plants, which are always around us, can be beautiful enough to be appreciated,” Charles, who lives in Singapore, says. “I would like to encourage people to slow down and take a second look at what is around us.”

Charles also collaborates with fashion houses such as @gucci, for which he designed this scene (pictured).“It’s been a blessing to be able to see and meet artists around the world connecting with one another through this project.”