Stachys officinalis is in the mint family Lamiaceae. Commonly known as betony, it is widespread in grasslands and meadows across Eurasia and North Africa, but is cultivated for use in the landscape across the world. Betony is an herbaceous perennial with brightly colored terminal clusters of flowers that bloom during the summer. There are hundreds of varieties available that have been cultivated to produce flowers ranging in shades of pinks and purples. Aside from its use as an ornamental, betony has a long history of medicinal use, with records dating back to the ancient Greeks. Betony was generally considered a cure-all and was used medicinally to treat ailments ranging from headaches and respiratory issues to heart palpitations and bad dreams.

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Moss of the Woods Herbal Pendant Giveaway!

July 24-July 31

In lieu of a proper shop update today, I’ve decided to do a small giveaway to mark the introduction of my new Herbal Pendants! Featuring small sprigs of real, locally harvested herbs and plants preserved in crystal clear resin, these pendants are intended not only as a statement piece for my fellow plant obsessives, but also as wearable charms and botanical allies for those so inclined.


  • One winner will be chosen and given their choice of an herbal pendant (or something else if they prefer)
  • Enter by reblogging. One reblog=one entry.
  • Likes are appreciated, but do not count towards an entry
  • Please do not spam your followers; be considerate. If I see too many reblogs from you in a row I will only count them as one or two.
  • Must be 18 years or older to enter (US law, I’m sorry)
  • Winner will be chosen on the evening of Sunday, July 31 via a random number generator
  • Please do not enter via a giveaway blog; please be considerate of my time, I only ask for a little publicity from you as a small business.