✌🏾️ Two quick ways to shift into a calm, chill, better, higher vibrational mood are:

1. GO OUTSIDE Near Plants/Flowers/Trees

»Plants elevate our mood, they help us to breathe deeper (which calms the nervous system), they give us cleaner-high frequency oxygen and they raise our vibration all around
»Sunlight feeds your melanin and brain their main happy nutrient ‘Vitamin D’, it cleanses the energy field, heightens spiritual awareness and raises our vibration

The great news is that you don’t have to be in the rain forest, mountains, the beach, the botanical gardens or travel, to benefit from all nature has to offer. You can simply go and sit by a tree or plants in your home or local community and benefit greatly. The other great news is yes, all the places I mentioned are necessary and should be invested in at some point on your journey yearly- or as often as you can. But for practicality purposes, your nearest tree, park, plants, flower bush/tree, garden and clear open skies, will do.
»Outdoor/Nature therapy is everything. And free! 👈🏾

—  Lalah Delia | VibrateHigherDaily

I’m loving Torremolinos!! 🇪🇸 I wanted to show you what I’ve been eating lately since my diet changed a bit since we left Scotland. Watermelon, peaches, and cherries are cheap, delicious, and abundant here in Spain so I’ll be focusing on those, especially in this warm weather. I’m still eating oatmeal though, and cooked veggies and rice for lunch. Eating a high carb raw and starch-based diet is easy here, especially with a local fruit shop down the street from our flat! 🍉 Check out my latest video here: 😎

fleshmother  asked:

Hi there!! i'm from nyc and visiting key west in about two weeks, are there any vegan restaurants/health food places you recommend? also any sort of nature attraction !! Thank you <3

Hi! Date & thyme, sugar Apple cafe, and the cafe are all places that are based around vegan and health food. The first 2 are also markets! There’s a butterfly conservatory and garden on duval street, there’s a botanical garden at higs beach (which is free), and a way larger botanical garden on college rd. Where you pay $5 and it’s a donation to the garden (highly recommend it’s absolutely beautiful.)