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This Unique Vintage maxi has such an early 20th century vibe, it took me right back to the time I was obsessed with Virginia Woolf and the Bloomsbury hipsters. The hat and shoes are from widely differing eras but on the whole I feel this is the sort of wearable period look that I immensely enjoy. 

♥  Hibiscus Maxi Dress c/o Unique Vintage ♥  Woven leather T-Bar shoes from ASOS {There’s a similar pair here and also one here} ♥  Vintage Borsalino hat from Fabgabs Etsy  ♥

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A Collection of Gelphie Quotes from "Wicked: The Life and Times of The Wicked Witch of The West" (part 1/?)

(Some of these seem irrelevant but I seemed to think they were important when I searched for quotes to help me understand the relationship between Glinda and Elphaba.)

  • [Galinda describing Elphaba’s hair] It was beautiful hair, in an odd, awful way, with a shine like the pelt of a healthy giltebeast. Black silk. Coffee spun into threads. Night rain. Galinda, not given to metaphor on the whole, found Elphaba’s hair entrancing, the more so because the girl was otherwise so ugly”
  • “Elphaba looked up at Glinda and smiled. ‘Elphaba the Delirious. I like it.' 
    Before she had a chance to bite it back, Galinda returned the smile […]”
  • “[Galinda describing Elphaba’s hair, again] glorious long straight black hair fell right over where breasts should be if she would ever reveal any evidence she possessed them.”
  • “[Galinda describing Elphaba after making her put on one of her hats] She seemed like a rare flower, her skin stemlike in its soft pearlescent sheen, the hat a botanical riot. 'Oh Miss Elphaba,’ said Galinda, 'You terrible mean thing, you’re pretty.’”
  • “[They look at the reflection of Elphaba wearing the hat in the window] A mapleleaf fruit, shaped […] like a heart grown lopsided, suddenly whirled out of the night and plastered itself on the reflection in the glass, gleaming red and reflecting the firelight, just where the heart would be - or so it seemed from the angle at which Galinda stood.”
  • “'Entrancing,’ [Galinda] said. 'There’s some strange exotic quality of beauty about you, I never thought.’
    'Surprise,’ said Elphaba, and then nearly blushed, if darker green constituted a blush - 'I mean, surprise, not beauty.”
  • “'Who am I to argue,’ Galinda, tossing her curls and striking a pose, and Elphaba actually laughed at that, and Galinda laughed back, partly horrified as she did so”
  • “[After Galinda actually engages in Elphaba’s nerdy conversation] 'You are thinking!’ Elphaba cried. Galinda raised herself to her elbows at the entusiasm in her roomie’s voice.
    'I am about to sleep, because this is profoundly boring to me,’ Galinda said, but Elphaba was grinning from ear to ear.”
  • “[Galinda returns to their room finding Elphaba already asleep] Galinda huffed herself into bed with a wump, annoyed that she could feel rejected by the green girl.”
  • “'How is your roomie?' 
    'Headstrong and difficult,’ said Galinda severely, for the first time speaking in a normal voice, not the faint social whisper.”

Bonus (out of context) quote!

  • 'Miss Elphaba!’ cried Galinda, flicking open her fan to wave the flush of shame from her face. 'Your tongue!' 

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