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Double coverup on Corby of persimmons, started what feels like forever ago and finally completed. It’s been nothing but a pleasure. I LOVE TATTOOING FRUIT. I also love tattooing Corby. Thanks, lady!

#TBT to the Sandbox Days: Overalls

Okay, we know, we know. This is a trend that people either love or hate; if you hate it, well, maybe after reading this post, you’ll come to at least respect its versatile prowess (we can only hope)! The overall is a great transition piece because you can layer a sweater under it for chillier spring days, or go lightweight and strip down to crop-tops for summer. The other upside: they work well with any style of shoes! Love the look, but can’t figure out how to pull it off? Hate it, but curious to see how it can be redeemed for you? Read on to find out! 


Floral overalls are probably the easiest to figure out because they mostly look like any old romper. The reason it’s better than a romper is because it’s made for layering. Stick to solid-colored tops underneath to avoid clashing and messiness. A white t-shirt with cuffed sleeves would be especially adorable and fresh for spring.

Left: ModCloth Overalls Achiever
Right: Forever21 Distressed Floral Overall Shorts


Some people may be averse to blue denim overalls because they think it looks too child-like, but it doesn’t have to! Denim overalls not only offer a great texture, but can also be super versatile. You can match any top you want underneath them, the same way you would with a basic pair of blue jeans. They’re also super cute to throw on over bikinis for a trip to the beach!

Left: ASOS Denim Overall Shorts
Right: Forever21 Botanical Babe Overall Shorts


For those of you still convinced that overalls are for kids, look for a black leather pair to edge it up. Try one with long pants instead of shorts for a more grown-up look. While these can also match any top you choose to stick under them, they can get dressed up in a way floral and denim overalls can’t. Pair them with a nice button-up and a pair of black heels for a night out.

Left: Townsen Leather Overalls
Right: Topshop Faux Leather Overalls


There is nothing more classic than stripes in summer, and they are a complete 180 from the hard, grungy leather above. Pair with simple white tank tops or t-shirts for a clean, light style. Keep to flat shoes for these to look extra casual—classic Chuck Taylors, flat espadrilles, and skater shoes.

Left: Forever21 Railroad Striped Overall Shorts
Right: ModCloth Sassy Stripes Overalls

This fashion post lovingly crafted for you by:
Rosalyn L. 
Fashion Marketing Contributor at Wantering
Currently coveting the classic Ray-Ban Clubmasters

So, did you gain a new found appreciation for this adorable piece of clothing after reading the article? Go and find some trendy women’s overalls on Wantering! Tell us, would you rock this hip fashion item for spring and summer now?

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