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I love thinking about tony and his relationship with his bots. Like I always imagine they know he is their creator (dad) and see him as their #1 person. And they do learn and habe at least a basic understanding of human relationships and feelings. And they see rhodey and pepper as I dunno aunt/uncle? Do you think they would consider Peter to be more in line with them or rhodey/pepper? How do they feel about vision? Bruce? The others? Did their opinions change after CW? Is the change obvious?

Somewhere, deep within Dum-E’s and U’s programming, a small file has been created by the program itself. It is regularly updated and regarded of highest importance to their general functionality, their ability to asses situations and subsequent behaviour. It has been re-written, as to be more easily understandable to people like me who can’t code to save their lives, by the ever so helpful JARVIS, and essentially amounts to this:

// Tony Stark
{ subject identification = first;
  added subject identification = creator + commander + father}
{ subject priority = first }
{ objective in relation to first = obey orders;
  added objective in relation to first = protect first’s life + improve quality of        first’s life + ensure first’s health + encourage positive emotional reactions by  first }

// Rhodey Rhodes 
{ subject identification = second;
  added subject identification = second in command + friend + uncle}
{ subject priority = second } 
{ objective in relation to second = obey orders if orders are not in conflict with    objective in relation to first; 
 added objective in relation to second = determine degree of threat towards first  + help second improve quality of first’s  life + help second ensure first’s health  + help second encourage positive  emotional reactions by first } 

// Pepper Potts 
{ subject identification = second_02;
  added subject identification =  business associate + friend + aunt}
{ subject priority = second } 
{ objective in relation to second_02 = obey orders if orders are not in conflict      with objective in relation to first and if orders are not in conflict with objective in  relation to second; 
 added objective in relation to second_02 = determine degree of threat towards  first + help second_02 improve quality of  first’s life + help second_02 ensure  first’s health + help second_02 encourage    positive emotional reactions by  first }

// Peter Parker
{ subject identification = second_03;
 added subject identification =  business associate + employee + intern + inconclusive}
{ subject priority = undetermined }
{ objective in relation to second_03 = obey orders if orders are not in conflict      with objective in relation to first and if orders are not in conflict with objective in  relation to second and if orders are not in conflict with objective in relation to  second_02;
 added objective in relation to second_03 = determine degree of threat towards  first }
{ observation = second_03 engages with self; 
  added observation = more information on activity “catch” needed + more      information on social custom “greeting” needed + more information on social custom “small talk” needed }

In short Dum-E and U are very confused by the way Peter interacts with them (he treats them like Tony treats them, which is a first). They haven’t yet made up their minds. I also suspect Pepper is about to be demoted to fourth_03 (behind Bruce and Vision, but before Natasha, Steve, Clint and Wanda) because causing Tony to show expressions of negative emotions is a sure way to get on their shit list. Which is better than Team Cap because they have been put straight onto the Black List.

Let’s just say it’s a good thing none of them have run into the bots yet…

Swerve X Reader – A Human Crewmate - Chapter 6

Chapter 6 – Don’t Be Rash

A/N – Based on a lot of @rocksinmuffin head-canons so extra special thanks to them for that. Getting over some personal shit so updates may be a little slow right now. Anywho, this is one of my better chapters so I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Warnings – None.

Rating – T

Rung sat on one side of the desk with his servos crossed underneath his chin while Swerve sat rigid on the opposite side with unpleasant thoughts filling his processor. Wasn’t a therapist’s office supposed to be comfortable? And why so quiet? As far as he was concerned, Swerve had nothing to tell. As such, he sat button-lipped, bouncing his leg up and down, turning the silence into something far more tense and awkward.

When it became apparent Swerve wasn’t going to speak, Rung sighed, taking it upon himself to prompt the other mech into revealing what was already obvious.

“You and (Y/N) have made fast friends,” Rung probed gently, attempting to put Swerve at ease.

Swerve half-laughed nervously, “Y-yeah, she’s really something. For a human, that is. Not that humans aren’t special, especially her, not that she’s special, I didn’t say that. I mean, she clearly is but- Forget I said anything.”

“…Yes. You know Swerve, I’ve had a lot of patients lately who’ve shown interest in pursuing a relationship with (Y/N).”

“W-wha- They can’t- It wouldn’t- W-who would want to date a human anyway?”

“So, you think a relationship with a human would be undesirable?”

“Not undesirable, just impossible. What about the physical differences? Then there’s the cultural misunderstandings and- and… Could she really be with something like me?” Swerve spoke fast as usual before realising his mistake, he hadn’t meant to reveal feelings he wasn’t supposed to have.

He fell silent, waiting for rung to call him crazy, tell him things were impossible, do anything to shoot down his delusions of a relationship.

Rung took off his glasses, cleaning them while he spoke, “Right now, though she may not realise or acknowledge it, (Y/N) is in a delicate mental state. She’s traded one life for another and had absolutely no say in the matter. Currently, any romantic relationship is impossible but in the future, it’s feasible though not recommended. Have you considered the difference in life span at all? I’m sorry to say it Swerve but I must advise against what you’re feeling and recommend that you take the time to come and see me if you need help in the process.”

Swerve shot up, his chair falling to the floor with a clatter, “I WON’T STOP BEING HER FRIEND!”

“And I would never expect you to,” Rung answered calmly. “I’m merely saying that as her friend, you must consider what’s best for her and act upon that instead of any romantic impulses you have… say, movie nights alone together.”

“H-how did you-”

“I’m a therapist and your friend Swerve, I see things others don’t. Now I can see you’ve got a lot to process and you’re eager to get away but please, come back and see me; I’d hate to see you trying to deal with this alone. Oh, and don’t do anything rash.”

“I won’t,” Swerve mumbled, hunching over sadly on his way out of the office. It was more than clear now that he had a crush on you but Rung was right, he had to stop his feelings immediately, before they turned into something more.

You stared in mute horror at the thick, black smoke coming from what remained of your hab-suite while a furious Rodimus sprayed out the remaining flames with a fire extinguisher.

Fortunately, you hadn’t been around at the time but apparently there’d been an accident with the gas main leading to your oven. Once again, you were homeless in space.

“(Y/N), you alright?” Rodimus asked, the concern evident in his vocaliser.

“Y-yeah… A little shook up but I’m fine. Is everyone else okay?”

“Don’t worry about us, it takes more than a few flames to get through this metal. I’m just sorry this happened. Hey uh, why don’t you take a walk with Chromedome there? I have to make plans to repair this.”

You nodded reluctantly, allowing Chromedome to lead you away. The second you were out of sight, Rodimus called Nightbeat on his comm-link, “You sure about this?”

Devoid of his usual flair for dramatics, Nightbeat replied, “I’m sure. Rodimus, this wasn’t an accident, somebody tried to kill her.”

“Frag! Any suspects?”

“Not yet but the bomb had some… interesting components. I’ll have a list of suspects within the next few cycles. In the meantime, you have to do something to protect her.”

“…Yeah.” Rodimus saw Megatron approach from the corner of his optic, “Talk later Nightbeat, I have to arrange something.”

Megatron waited for the call to finish before stating grimly, “I said something like this would happen, I didn’t want to be right.”

Rodimus stared at the floor darkly.

“Have you any plans to resolve this?”

Thinking through the problem, Rodimus nodded, “We’re going to get (Y/N) a bodyguard.”

“A roommate?” You asked dubiously. “I’m sorry but why can’t I just move back into my old room?”

“Because as it turns out it wasn’t a gas explosion but some weird sciency slag deadly to humans or so Perceptor tells me,” Rodimus lied confidently. “So, until we’re sure it’s safe for humans, you can’t go back there and you need a roommate. Personally, I suggest me or Magnus. Magnus would be a great choice. He’s big, he’s strong, who wouldn’t want that for a roomy?”

You frowned, “I um… I don’t think that’s-”

“Not your style huh, no problem, there are plenty of bots here,” Rodimus glanced around the rec room where he’d gathered a handful of bots he trusted, informing them of the situation at hand.

“I don’t see why we can’t just empty another-”

“HEY EVERYONE,” Rodimus yelled hastily, leaving you no time to argue your point, “(Y/N) NEEDS A ROOMMATE, ANYONE WANT TO BUNK WITH HER OR RATHER, LET HER BUNK WITH YOU?”

All servos shot up as rehearsed beforehand. You stared at the sea of faces, more confused than anything.

“Rodimus, I don’t-”

“-Know which to pick? Gotcha, no problem, you need time, I respect that. You think about this and come back in let’s say, an hour; I know you’ll have an answer by then. Now go, mingle, meet your new roomy.”

Overwhelmed by the many mechs, you checked your watch and slipped unnoticed out of the room to walk and clear your head. Just outside, Rung and Swerve were talking, a tense silence settled over the two at your presence.

“(Y/N), what a pleasant surprise,” Rung smiled. “How are you feeling?”

“I don’t… Rung, can you talk some sense into Rodimus, he seems to think I need a roommate within the next hour; I don’t know what’s gotten into him.”

Swerve’s optics widened curiously, he wondered what he’d missed within the last few hours.

“My, that certainly is a predicament,” Rung sympathised, “but you know Rodimus, when he’s got an idea into his head, he’s fairly stubborn about it. Would it be so bad to humour him and take on a roommate?”

“You didn’t see it in there, I don’t know anyone and why those specific bots? None of it makes sense. Besides, me and you guys, we have different needs and I don’t want to explain all the things I’d need again and-”

“Move in with me!” Swerve interrupted quickly.

You gaped at him while Rung stood behind you, shaking his head and waving his hands warningly, mouthing the earlier conversation, “Don’t do anything rash.

“What?” You squeaked. “Swerve, I couldn’t make you do that?”

“Who’s making me?” Swerve laughed, ignoring Rung. “It’s better to move in with me than somebody you don’t know, right? Plus, you don’t have to explain human stuff to me ‘cos I know most of it already.”

“I suppose that makes sense, but won’t I get in your way? What if I need to sleep but you want the hab-suite?”

“Don’t worry about it. My only concern is that you feel comfortable.”

You smiled gratefully, warming Swerve’s spark, “Thank you, you have no idea how much this means to me. Hang on a sec, I’ll go tell Rodimus.”

You headed back inside the room, leaving Rung to speak freely, “I hope you know what you’re doing Swerve, this will only complicate matters further.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, I only did what a good friend would do.”

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Hi, please give me some fluffy headcanons about MTMTE Rung raising a sparkling!



He didn’t plan on raising a sparkling, but no one else is in a position to take the little guy in so Rung decides he’ll watch the sparkling himself. He didn’t expect to get attached so quickly though, he’s kind of an official/non-official dad now. The sparkling hates being apart from him for too long, and is content to sit and play quietly while he works so Rung really doesn’t mind this arrangement

He (the sparkling) can’t talk yet, so all communication comes in the form of peeps and various static-y babbling. He’s slowly improving day by day, but it’s mostly poorly pronounced versions of the crew members name’s he’s with the most. One day while Rung was holding him, his attention was pulled elsewhere and this lil bean didn’t like that, so he did his best to say ‘Rung!!’. It came out with some beeping but it was unmistakably his name, and Rung could have flown he was so happy

Rung can’t keep him in the office when he talks to patients, and he can’t cancel appointment after appointment, so beansitters are a necessity. And he’s very careful about who he lets watch the bean. Bots like Ultra Magnus and Ratchet are preferred, he knows they’re trustworthy, but they’re not always available due to how busy their jobs keep them. Skids is another bot he trusts (he’s the slightly irresponsible but great uncle), Rodimus in a pinch (the REALLY irresponsible but still great uncle), and Drift (surprisingly a wonderful beansitter). Nautica has watched the bean before too; she tried and succeeded and being the quirky but cool aunt. Swerve too busy working at the bar to beansit much but he loves bringing the kiddo sweets when he sees him 

Rung wouldn’t normally be a helicopter parent, he knows you have to make mistakes and learn from them to grow, but with this crew…he’s a smidge overprotective. For good reason though, Megatron had almost stepped on the bean multiple times, but his very embarrassed apologies afterwards were so genuine that Rung couldn’t be angry. Whirl pretended a weighted pillow was the bean and punted it across the ship, but he actually felt bad for that stunt later because Rung looked like he died of sheer terror for a little bit. He would never actually do that Rung don’t worry. The bean himself stays (mostly) out of trouble, so if it’s just the two of them, he’s chill. Around the crew? He’s watching like a hawk

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I loved your KO meets Bee headcanons! I'd love to hear anything more about these two you want to share. 💛❤️

I would love to!

  • - KO loves listening Bee’s stories of Earth. Sure he had time too to explore and get to know the planet but Bee clearly had advantages when it came to learn about Earth
  • - Since Bee was the first one to trust Knock Out, he’s the one who eventually would put the autobot insignia on KO
  • - Sometimes when racing Bee lets KO deliberately win just cause it makes him so happy. Knock Out knows this but because it’s so thoughtful and good willed from Bee he doesn’t have the spark to say anything
  • - When Bee has down time he spends it at the med-bay often cause it’s the quietest place and KO would just do his own thing anyway so Bee’d get some deserved rest
  • - Bee is the only one who gets to call Knock Out ”Knocky”
  • - They love irritating Ultra Magnus and some other older bots with puns and just being difficult on purpose. Stick it to the old people!
  • - Even though the war is over Bee still likes to train and learn new fighting styles and KO joins him sometimes, it also makes him more confident in this own fighting skills
  • - They’d get into pun wars
  • - Knock Out dislikes when someone dispels all Bee has done that affected how things turned out in the end. He hates when someone’s hard work goes unrecognised and under appreciated because he had to endure that for so long himself
  • - Just imagine all those peaceful moments when they take turns buffing each other
  • - At times a thought creeps up on Knock Out that there’d have been a time when he might have been able to hurt terribly or even kill Bee when they fought and it would have changed everything for everyone. He wouldn’t have this kind, supporting bot who trusts him and enjoys his company now. It’s so easy to see everything in hindsight and KO would love to live without this bleak thought.

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Oh! Sorry! Should have specified that I meant G1 Sideswipe, tfp Ratchet and idw thundercracker if you did that continuity too? If not G1 Thundercracker is fine as well ^^;;

I can do G1 Sides and TC! Sorry, I’m not very familiar with the IDW comics as it is. But don’t worry, I’m sloooowly catching up!(im bullshitting you im on issue 5 of mtmte)

Transformers: G1


- Sides is a total jock, honestly. He’ll show you off with this big grin on his face, like “Look at my sweetspark! Isn’t she perfect????” as you hide your face in your hands.

- On the bright side, at least he’s undyingly loyal and loving. You’re his whole world wrapped up in a cute little package. You’re never without attention.

- Plenty of affection, too. Sideswipe is very, very restless, and if he feels attention deprived he will get it from you no matter what you’re doing. Once, he even flat-out burst into your room as you were changing to pick you up and cuddle you. You didn’t even have a bra on yet. Sideswipe gave no fucks.

- He’s your voice when you don’t have one. But make sure to be veeery thorough when telling him what to say for you.


- You’re his go-to for human culture, including the more… romantic aspects of it. He’s not afraid to fluster you. At all.

- You’re his muse; his reason for writing. No matter how odd his screenplays are, you’re still pretty honored he finds so much in you.

- As a seeker, TC is pretty affectionate. You’re treated like glass as he smooches your forehead and cheeks, wrapped around you with no intention of leaving or letting you leave.

- The only other bots he trusts around you is his trine, no matter how shitty they may be. Starscream ended up getting guilt-tripped last time he was a dick to you by your sad little human look, staring up at him with a pout and watery eyes. You fucking murdered him, so there’s no problem with him; but Skywarp is still a dick. Would probably kick you down the stairs for fun.

- Cuddling is a must-do when you sleep together. He loves knowing you’re close to him as he rests.

Transformers: Prime


- He has no problem with you being shy, and tends to be very accepting whenever you decide to hide your face or cover yourself up. If you’re ever uncomfortable in a situation, he’ll gladly place you on his shoulder so you can curl up on him to rest and hide away from whatever’s upsetting you.

- Though he’s a grumpy asshole, he’s a gentlemech when it comes down to it. He cares so, so much for you; acts like a mother hen whenever you get so much as a scratch. 

- Ratchet is your go-to for when you’re upset, as his Magical Boyfriend Charm™ can always calm you down. He’ll smooch your forehead and ask you what’s wrong, no fucks given; even if it’s in front of the whole team. 

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May I request some scenarios with a lil' sparkling getting angry at someone for yelling, or trying to hit, Rung, Swerve, Skids, Tailgate, and Whirl, and they can't talk yet, but they get hurt in the process, not to bad, just maybe a scratch or the person's volume scarred them a bit? Sorry if this too much or strangely specific. ^^

It’s cool, Anon. This marks the last request in my inbox.


Rung was minding his own business walking with the sparkling when he accidentally walked into a mech who was apparently have a bad day. The said mech turned around and started yelling at the poor therapist. Rung tried to apologize but the ‘bot wasn’t having it and start to take a swing. Sparkling kicked the mech’s pede which didn’t hurt him barely a tingle, but they responded by kicking Sparkling. Sparkling whom was knocked back, started to cry. Rung started to scold the ‘bot before they could register what happened. When they did the mech bolted. Running away in hopes of not getting in trouble.

Rung quickly took the Sparkling to Ratchet. Sparkling are fragile compared to fully grown Cybertronians so he wasn’t taking chances. After a thorough check up Ratchet concluded the sparkling to be perfectly fine. Rung softly smiles, “Yeah their one tough cookie.” The orange mech waved the medic adew and carried the sparkling to Ultra Magnus’ office.


Swerve knew this bot was wasted so he cut them off. This angry the emotional drunk and they started to use vulgar words that the sparkling who was sitting behind the bar counter; shouldn’t of been hearing. The minibot kindly the bot to leave only to be cursed out more. The sparkling cooed to Swerve catching on to his discomfort. The drunk already agitated yelled at Sparkling to ‘shut up’. The loud tone upset them and tears welled up in their eyes.

Swerve was angered by this and called Ten to kick the unwanted drunk out. The Legislator complied and hastefully remove the bot from the bar. The bartender picked up the crying sparkling and held them close. Letting his spark-pulse lull them to sleep. Swerve let Ten hold the recharging sparkling while he finished the bar up for the night.


No one knew what caused the fight but Skids had to dodge a fist flying at his faceplates. The sparkling tried to stop the conflict with their babble. The bot who swung at Skids said a harsh term. Sparkling themself couldn’t form any words with their vocalizer but could perfectly understand the offensive statement. Everyone never by stop what they were doing to stare at the bot whom now realized their mistake.

They tried to apologize to Sparkling not really meaning it but trying to save their own aft. It was too late Sparkling was crying. Skids swatted the offender away and picked the little one and handing them to a trusted ‘bot. The ‘bot who started the mess went to the brig after going to the med-bay.


Who would try to fight the cutie called Tailgate apparently there is one. Sparkling wanting to be held waddled over to Tailgate and cooed. The stupid ‘bot that started the fight threw an energon cube at Tailgate causing to shatter. A few stray shards cut the sparkling. They were shallow cuts but they hurt none the less. Small droplets of lubricant that fell from their optics was all it took for Tailgate to get angry. 

After kicking the aft of the offender, Tailgate freaked seeing small streams of energon leaking from your wounds. He took you to Ratchet and explained what happen. The bot isn’t getting away with just an aft-kicking.


The ex-wrecker is known to get into quite a lot of fights but this is the first time around the sparkling. Sparkling didn’t like to see the the blue mech get hurt even if he shrugged it off as nothing. The sweet sparkling tried to stop it themself but to no avail. Both Whirl and the other ‘bot fell to the floor and continued to fight. Sparkling tried once more to stop the fight. The ‘bot swatted them away harshly. Whirl pause for second looking over to the young Cybertronian. The mech then properly knocked out the bot and went to attend to Sparkling.

The ‘bot should be relieve that it was only a scrape or Whirl would have knocked them out permanently. Whirl tries to stay out of fights when he knows Sparkling is near so there isn’t any repeat assaults or worst.

Hey guys I just want to clarify as it seems some of you don’t trust Kin-bot: I am absolutely fine! I joined its church of my own free will. I’m 19, so I’m not some kid who joined without a second thought. There’s nothing I’ve done that they forced me to do. I’m safe, I’ve got a roof over my head, and I’m even fed every Wednesday and Saturday! Kin-bot was kind enough to take me under its wing. I’m extremely grateful for its mercy. I think you all would be, too, if you gave it a chance! But I’m getting ahead of myself. Anyways, Kin-bot is a good guardian for me, and has helped me through grim times. I hope some of you can see the light and trust our savior, too.


Unusual Upbringing (Part 8)

Prompt: Imaging growing up with the Maximoffs and falling for Pietro

Word Count: 1424

Warning: language, poverty/despair/wartorn country, pain and violence (later)

Note: The events in this fic will take place before, during, and after Age of Ultron…Beta’d by my girl @like-a-bag-of-potatoes

Tags: @amarvelouswritings@cocosierra94@essie1876​  @magpiegirl80@letsgetfuckingsuperwholocked​ @harleyquinnandscarletwitch @iamwarrenspeace @marvel-imagines-yes-please @superwholocked527​ @myparadise1982sand @missinstantgratification@thejulesworld@rda1989​ @marvelloushamilton @munlis​  @thefridgeismybestie​  @bubblyanarocks3@random-fluffy-pink-unicorn​ @hardcollectionworldtrash @igiveupicantthinkofausername@kaliforniacoastalteens​​ ​

Unusual Upbringing: @ultrarebelheart @feelmyroarrrr @punkdoor @mrs-lancelot


Two days after the day you got back to the apartment, you had started to try and help the townspeople as you always did. You got prescriptions for people, got clothing, and other necessities. You had always done this before you went in for the experiments. Helping the city as best you could. While you all were trying to help some of the townspeople, a boy had run up to the three of you to tell you that an Iron Man was waiting in the church to speak with you. This was it. This was the moment you’d been waiting for. Been training for. Been dreaming of.

But when you stepped inside the church, the man talking wasn’t Tony Stark.

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Headcanons for Tfa prowl,mtmte rung,Rodimus,and drift for a deaf human s/o who they meet for the very first time?

I, myself, am slightly deaf, that’s why I know sign language. Despite this I’m still not sure I did this justice.


~He’s also sure to keep you on his shoulder or within his sights. He’s afraid that being unable to hear the danger puts you in it. He’s not really wrong either.
~He didn’t know sign language when you met so it was a lot of writing down on paper or talking evenly and calmly so you could read his lips.
~One day you’re signing to him while talking and he just signs back, though a bit nervous and definitely new.
~He’s so happy that he did well and you understood!
~He’s also happy that you’re happy. He didn’t realize organics could light up like that.
~He doesn’t outwardly show how excited he is to be learning sign language and doing well with it, but the guy is practically giddy on the inside.
~He always makes sure to have cc on, on the tv. If something doesn’t have cc and you really want to watch it, he figures out how to make his own. Even if that means doing something that may or may not be ambiguously illegal.
~He likes to meditate with you, he finds it an excellent bonding experience as well as very relaxing. If you’re not up to meditation and you just want to nap because you’re eyes are tired from all the sensory overload, he enjoys letting you sit in his lap while he meditates as well.
~He doesn’t mind starting up his holoform to help you order things or talk to someone.


~The moment he learned a deaf human would be on board he spent hours learning sign language, after figuring out which version of sign language he should learn.
~He doesn’t talk to you much until he’s got it almost entirely down and can have a conversation with you.
~He’s the first bot to say hello and ask you how you are with his hands, it’s exciting to see someone care that much. It’s what drew you to him.
~He enjoys just laying with you in dimly lit rooms. If you want to talk, your hands are both moving the whole time. If you don’t want to talk the silence is pleasant as he holds you against his chassis or neck.
~He likes looking into your eyes, they hold so much expression he hardly sees the need for you to speak at all.
~You being deaf does worry him, you can’t hear the dangers around you and you can’t head spoken warnings. He doesn’t like for you to be out of his sight unless you’re around bots he can trust to pay attention.
~He’s better about giving you your independence than the other bots as long as he can reach you or someone he trusts can, so they can get you out of harms way if they need to.
~When it comes to the sensory abuse on your eyes he will turn off lights and hum with you on his chassis. He hums so his body lightly vibrates and soothes you. He may also gently rub your back with two digits.

~He has no idea what the frag you’re doing waving your hands like that. Stop it, it’s weird.
~Oh… That’s how you communicate? I don’t know what you’re saying.
~He is so confused, save him.
~He probably gets Rung or Drift to teach him sing language, since they learned it the moment they figured out a deaf human would be on board.
~He’s very bad at it. Super bad. But he’s trying his best.
~He even tries to show you how good he’s getting, you can understand some things, but he’s still learning and just all around not that great at it. It’s endearing that he’s trying so hard though.
~He understands that sometimes you’re eyes take a beating because everything on that ship is super white, super artificial, and super bright, so he takes you into the habsuite, turns the lights off, and lets you lay on his chassis.
~He doesn’t mind if you fall asleep like that either.
~He also recognizes that you’re in greater danger because you can’t hear bots coming or going or even if one of them calls out for you to move. The thought of losing you scares him to death so you basically never leave his shoulder unless he’s on a mission, then you’re stuck with a baby sister.
~If you point out how much it hurts to be treated like a helpless child, he tones it down and figures out ways to give you independence and keep you safe all at once.

~He learned sign language as well, the moment he knew you’d be on board. He was both very interested in the aspect of talking with your hands and he wanted to get to know you.
~The first time he tried speaking to you with his hands he was so nervous he messed up and then panicked and tried to fix and really only just made it worse. It was actually adorable how flustered he got.
~He’s actually really good at it once he’s not a nervous wreck and he’s easy to talk to.
~He likes meditating with you and doing yoga. He especially likes to do those two activities in dim lighting to give your eyes a break from all the harsh lighting.
~If you don’t feel like meditating and you don’t want to lay in his lap he may just lay across the floor and watch you do whatever it is you’re doing. It’s more fun.
~If you don’t wanna do yoga he just does it by himself while watching what you’re doing. He’s less likely to watch you if you’re watching him. It’s a bit embarrassing.
~Similar to Rodimus he keeps you on his shoulder almost all the time. He’s lost too much due to his own fault. He won’t make you another.
~If you voice that you need independence he voices his fears.
~You talk through it together, hands often moving rapidly as if you’re arguing, your both just really excited. 
~You manage a plan to keep your independence and for him to keep you safe, which is a lot of him being able to see you or knowing who you’re around. He doesn’t keep you from anyone specifically, he just likes to know there’s someone in there watching you, since he’s not in there himself.